China Unveils New Drone-Killing Weapons

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While the "Silent Hunter" laser-gun is a more 'offensive' weapon, China has stepped up it's 'defense' too. As PopSci reports, Chinese authorities have developed and rolled out anti-drone "jamming" guns domestically...

The $19,000 gun drone-jamming gun, one of several owned by the Wuhan police, can shut off drones up to a kilometer away.

At a March 11 soccer game in Wuhan, China, police faced a new kind of threat: drones trespassing near the stadium. Their response was to use a new kind of weapon: an anti-drone gun that jammed the control signals, forcing the trespassing drones to land automatically.

Given China's role as a global leader in consumer drone and military unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) exports, it only makes sense that China is also developing a range of anti-drone capabilities to stop unauthorized or hostile flying robots from coming over sensitive or vulnerable sites. In the case of Wuhan, the jammer "guns"—known as such not just because they "shoot" but also because they look like an assault rifle—cost approximately $19,000, and can reportedly jam control signals up to a kilometer away (though that figure assumes that the user has exceptional aim). Impressed with its capabilities, Wuhan police intend to buy more.

The weapon is only one example of anti-drone tech. Comparable American jamming rifles, like the Battelle Drone Defender, are already used by Coalition forces in Iraq looking to shut down ISIL quadcopters used for surveillance and grenade attacks.

Meanwhile, some European forces have gone for more novel solutions, like training eagles to attack errant small drones.

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Go after those Amazon delivery drones...Free stuff for everyone.

Pinch's picture

Where can we get a weapon to shoot ZH drones and Trumpaloompas (Trumptards, Trumplings, Trumpet Blowers, Trumpites, Trumpkins, Trumpettes, Pussy Grabbers?)?

oromae's picture

That's ez. I already have several. They also shoot Pinchs.

JackT's picture

Is that a x2.5 Tasco scope?

ACP's picture

It's made in China, so every time you shoot it, your balls shrink.

Broken_Trades's picture

Doesn't matter where it's made - Evidence suggests there is already a way around these jammers.  Somehow ISIS is always one step ahead.

March 14:
The ISF shot down 3 UAVs over North Mosul.  The UAVs indicate the IS have found a way to negate US supplied frequency disruptors employed by the ISF.

MrSteve's picture

I have Tasco optic devices and you can see Uranus with them!

NoDecaf's picture

Eagles have zero carbon footprint, until you measure their farts.

Ignatius's picture

And if you smell it, well, in physics it's known as "entanglement."

knukles's picture

When we were kids (long time ago, far far away) we used to go white water canoeing, fishing and camping.  Serious portage and fly-ins up Canada, Boundary Waters, etc.  Were real back woods, no people then.  One time we're camped on this lake which had backed up eons ago (beavers) and all sorsta dead trunks standing in the old lake.  Up one was an eagle's nest with mom and babies.  So me and one of the guys rows out there to see it.  Duh.  When you're at the bottom of the trunk looking up at the nest you can't see anything.  So my bud bangs his paddle on the tree and next thing, he's covered with momma eagle's bowel movement.

silverer's picture

Where can I find an honest moral person that will prosecute Hillary Clinton for her 30,000 federal crimes?

TheLastTrump's picture

Where can I find an honest moral leftist that can give me non media brainwashing reasons for why Trump is an old meanie poopoo head?

mavenson's picture

Because he played the libertarian sentiment and shat all over it, further obfuscating true conservatism. He also put himself before his country and was in with the Jews all along. It was never anything but a snowjob from the get go and the progressive/communist bogeyman played into it perfectly.

OccamsCrazor's picture

Same place you get Obozo snipers, Snowflake melters, Libtard neutralizers, and Anti-pelosi mace. The Hillaryite stun gun, must be purchased on the black market, behind the K-mart in DC.   These come very cheap, because the fragile followers and advocates are delicate little flakes who are easily offended. Doesn't require much to take them out. 

1980XLS's picture

Do the have a Connecticut Model for Sale?

Dugald's picture


"The $19,000 gun drone-jamming gun"  from a literary giant obviously.....!

Raffie's picture

Probably find one using TOR (Darknet) using Bitcoin to buy one.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

The US version costs $190k and is mostly made in China.

Sudden Debt's picture

And the American version looks like a... well crap!

And the Chinese version looks badass!


truthseeker47's picture

The US version is called a 12 gauge shotgun and new ones can be purchased for less than $300.

Croesus's picture

Hell, you could buy a Maverick 88 for around $100, and for the money, they're actually not that bad.

skinwalker's picture

Not even for the money. They go bang whenever you want and are powerful and cheap. Great guns.

shamus001's picture

these things are going to get stronger, cheaper and more effective and before you know it THE DRONE AGE WILL BE NO MORE

(phew! thank G*d! - was having some serious "revelation" fears going on here what with their "stings" being in their tails n all!

Global Douche's picture

These don't appear to be Drone Killers. Nevertheless, I like how clever some can be in jamming them. One soldier in eastern Europe used the magnetron output from a simple microwave oven to jam drones. After all, most consumer models use the same 2.4 Ghz range of frequencies that the oven uses to cook.

Having been involved in communications for decades, I can state the "aim" to jam a drone isn't at all critical, except at a significant distance. As with any conventional FM signal, the strongest signal wins! I'll also take a circularly-polarized axial-directed helical antenna over the yagi design on the military jammer, even with the ground plane a bit larger.

Dugald's picture


And this latest domestic micro wave oven even comes with built in sights, with user optional long or short range drone targeting, why not have some fun while you are cooking a meal!

Is-Be's picture

  As with any conventional FM signal, the strongest signal wins!

How strong is the signal from a satellite? More salient, what is it's form?



sinbad2's picture

I don't know the exact numbers, but it would be in the milliwatt range, which is one of the reasons so many countries can now jam the GPS signals to  drones.

seataka's picture

Combine a old DTV dish with a microwave magnetron would yield a blinding headache at 100 yards. But that's classified.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Damn, if Radio Shack had gone Bankrupt. One could build one for $12 bucks.

Joe Mama 3's picture

your avatar reminds me of yon fonestar !!!!!!!!

10mm's picture

Boy's with toys.  Lol

stant's picture

Be a hot item on the black market


silverer's picture

The Syrians would buy them like Americans bought Hula-Hoops.

Global Douche's picture

What's needed worst of all are cellphone jammers. Put them in every prison and theater!

sinbad2's picture

There are lots of places a cell phone jammer would be useful, but it will never be allowed, it would stop the NSA getting off listening into phone calls.

skinwalker's picture

You can buy cell phone and gps hammers off the internet. Illegal as fuck, but who cares?

Kefeer's picture

Sounds like fun - all the road rage one could cause while sitting and pointing at the next traffic light.

NobodyNowhere's picture

Maybe Amazon should sell anti-drone guns.

silverer's picture

Every Chinese citizen will have one on the window rack of their pickup truck.

buttmint's picture

...drone hunting, a new summer sport!

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Those new DJI drones cost $1k and up. One could pick up beer money on weekends flipping downed drones on ebay.

smallbedbug's picture

I need one to jam the Telsas...

TheSilentMajority's picture

Sorry China, you is too late.

USA already gots a drone-killer killer.

Oh snap mofos!!

sinbad2's picture

If you look at the American drone killer, the real professional looking thing with the Yagi antenna sticking out the front, you are of course immediately aware that Yagi's are limited to the frequency they are tuned to.

It seems the designers have decided that the enemy can only use the frequency that they have built their machine to jam.

youngman's picture

going to be a good market for used drones...or half drones..controls not included...