Europe: Combating Fake News

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Via Fjordman,

  • If present demographic trends continue, in a few decades, native Swedes could easily become a minority in their own country.
  • Swedish ambulance personnel want gas masks and bulletproof vests to protect their staff against the escalating attacks, similar to equipment used by staff working in war zones.
  • Most dangerous, however, is our inability to deal forcefully with problems undermining Western societies, because some Western media refuse to admit that the problems exist.

In January 2015 The New York Times denied that there are "no-go-zones" -- areas that are not under the control of the state and are ruled according to sharia law -- dominated by certain immigrant groups in some urban areas in Western Europe. The American newspaper mentioned this author, alongside writers such as Steven Emerson and Daniel Pipes, for spreading this alleged falsehood. The article was published shortly after Islamic terrorists had massacred the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7, 2015. Other established media outlets such as the magazine The Atlantic also dismissed claims of no-go-zones.

Fox News issued an unusual on-air apology for allowing its anchors and guests to repeat the suggestion that there are Muslim "no-go zones" in European countries such as Britain and France.

Regarding the subject of "no-go-zones," this is largely a question of semantics. If you say that there are some areas where even the police are afraid to go, where the country's normal, secular laws barely apply, then it is indisputable that such areas now exist in several Western European countries. France is one of the hardest hit: it has a large population of Arab and African immigrants, including millions of Muslims.

I have been writing about the problems in Sweden and the rest of Europe for many years. The problems are unfortunately all too real. Here are a few facts:

Sweden surpassed ten million inhabitants in early 2017. The recent population growth is almost entirely due to mass immigration. If present demographic trends continue, in a few decades native Swedes could easily become a minority in their own country. The economist Tino Sanandaji suggests that this transformation could happen within the coming generation.

Statistics from January 2017 indicate that for people born in Sweden, the unemployment rate is 4.3%. Yet for people born abroad, the unemployment rate is a staggering five times higher, at 22.1%. This constitutes a huge economic and social burden for the taxpayers. The famous Swedish welfare state has been quietly cut back for many years.

In an essay published in February 2016, Stockholm police inspector Lars Alvarsjö warned that the Swedish legal system is close to collapse. The influx of asylum seekers and ethnic gangs has overwhelmed the country and its understaffed police force. In many suburbs, criminal gangs have taken control and determine the rules. The police, fire brigades and ambulance personnel in these areas are routinely met with violent attacks.

Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city, houses over 300,000 people, as of 2017. Despite its modest size, the town has a crime rate equal to that of vastly larger cities. The local police are barely able to investigate murders. Less serious crimes often go unpunished. Malmö probably has the highest percentage of Muslim immigrants of any city in Scandinavia. The most Islamic city in Scandinavia also happens to be the most criminal and the most violent.

In November 2016, Malmö's chief prosecutor Ola Sjöstrand publicly admitted that his office was approaching a total collapse in terms of criminal investigations. "If people are hit by crimes which then aren't investigated, they will lose faith in the rule of law," Sjöstrand told the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

During New Year's Eve celebrations at the beginning of 2017, parts of central Malmö resembled a war zone. Young immigrants shouted "Jihad!" while throwing fireworks at people. Swedish teenagers gathered in a large group to avoid being robbed.

A janitor in Malmö was shot and sustained life-threatening injures while clearing snow in February 2017. Police detained several suspects, understood to be linked to gang violence, for questioning. A 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Meanwhile, officials at a local electrical firm announced that they would no longer expose their staff to risk by taking jobs in Malmö; there is just too much violent crime in the city.

Beginning in March 2017, the emergency ward at the hospital in Malmö will lock the doors at night. This is a security precaution that became necessary due to repeated violent threats from certain gangs or clans against patients and staff.

In July 2015, the police in Malmö asked for assistance from the national police to stop the wave of violence. Apparently, even that response was not enough. In January 2017, the police chief, Stefan Sintéus, publicly appealed to residents in Malmö for help in containing violent crime and deadly gang shootings: "Help us to tackle the problems. Cooperate with us."

Peter Springare, a police officer in the town of Örebro in central Sweden, finally vented his frustration in February 2017. Migrants are to blame for the vast majority of serious crime in Sweden, causing the police force to become overloaded, he wrote on Facebook. When dealing with drug crimes, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, murders, extortion or violence against the police, the suspected perpetrators very often have names such as Ali, Mahmoud or Mohammed. They usually have a family background from Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia. Others do not have valid papers.

Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, has been for several years one of the most important recruitment centers in Europe for jihadists seeking to join the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). A survey carried out in 2016 showed that about one in nine school students aged 12-18 in certain Gothenburg suburbs openly expressed sympathy with militant Islamic groups.

Nordstan in Gothenburg is one of the largest shopping malls in Sweden, located in the heart of the city. 3,250 crimes were reported to the police from Nordstan in 2016. That number is from a single shopping mall in one year. Aggressive groups of Muslim immigrants, especially young men from North Africa, Syria or Afghanistan, partly dominate the mall. "I've had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can't prove they're lying so we have to release them," Rikard Sörensen from the police said.

Stockholm suburbs such as Husby, Rinkeby and Tensta house large concentrations of recent immigrants. These districts are riddled with crime, violence and social problems. The Swedish police have repeatedly been attacked by criminal gangs there, even with hand grenades.

One day in December 2016, shopkeepers in Husby closed their stores as a protest. Salam Kurda is the chair of the local shopkeepers' association. He says he has had enough after his shop was burgled. Politicians and the police have abandoned Husby to the criminals, states Kurda, who plans to give up his shop. He says it is not profitable and he doesn't feel safe.

In December 2016, the American Jewish documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz told the story of his venture into Husby. A few seconds after they arrived, five men approached them. They said "You guys gotta get out of here right now." The film crew, being Swedish, turned around and ran for it. Horowitz decided to stay and try to figure this thing out with the men.

The five men then immediately attacked Horowitz, punching, choking and kicking him. Nobody came to his aid, even though this attack took place in a public area outside Stockholm. Horowitz recalls his assailants saying something in Arabic as they beat him to the ground.

"Let's define what a 'no-go area' means, really, at least in Sweden," Horowitz says.

"What's interesting is, there's an actual debate out there whether or not these places even exist, right? You go to CNN, the BBC, and you listen to people discuss no-go areas in France, in Belgium, in Sweden, in Germany. And there's an actual debate whether this is real or the figment of the conservative imagination. I can tell you for a fact they exist. And in Sweden what that means is, and this is what the police tell me, they use the words 'no-go area.' They said, in their words, 'If we're chasing a suspect, and they cross into this no-go area, we simply stop pursuit.' And if we want to enter this area, we have to go in with an armed convoy, as if you're going into like the kill zone in Afghanistan."

In 2014, the Swedish police themselves estimated that there were 55 areas in which they are no longer able to uphold law and order. That number is increasing. The country also experiences shocking levels of violence against ambulance personnel in some areas. Swedish ambulance personnel want gas masks and bulletproof vests to protect their staff against the escalating attacks, similar to equipment used by staff working in war zones.

In February 2017, the local police chief Erik Åkerlund in Botkyrka near Stockholm denied that "no-go zones" exist in Sweden. This claim does not sound very credible.

When dissident writers such as this author wrote about these issues 10-15 years ago, the real problems we raised were falsely dismissed as the "xenophobia" of alleged "right-wing extremists."

Unfortunately, the "multicultural" problems in Sweden have grown so large and visible that some international media now regularly write about them. Swedish authorities apparently find this hugely embarrassing. They try to conceal this unpleasant reality as much as possible. In 2016, the Swedish embassy in London complained that Britain's Daily Mail newspaper was running a campaign against Sweden's immigration policy.

In February 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump made some critical remarks about the situation in Sweden, regarding immigration and security. This triggered protests from the Swedish government and the mass media. At the same time, violent riots once again erupted in Rinkeby, a Stockholm suburb with many Muslim immigrants. A Swedish press photographer was assaulted by around 15 people when arriving in Rinkeby to report on the riots.

Cars burn during a riot in Stockholm, on February 20, 2017. (Image source: YouTube/gladbecker82 video screenshot

Two leading politicians from the Sweden Democrats supported Trump's comments in the Wall Street Journal. Immigration, they argued, has indeed caused major problems in Sweden.

In Malmö, violent crime is no longer limited to districts such as Rosengård. Gang-related shootings happen in different parts of Malmö, and in other cities such as Gothenburg.

A survey from 2016 indicated that nearly half of all Swedish women are afraid to go outside after dark. 46% of women feel very unsafe or somewhat unsafe when they exercise alone in the dark -- an indication that there is a widespread sense of fear and uncertainty across much of the country, not just in a few urban areas. "Feminist" Sweden has very high rape rates.

Swedish women have never had more feminism, and have never been less safe.

In January 2017, Magnus Olsson, a politician from the Sweden Democrats in Malmö, suggested that the military should be deployed in the city. "There is a great lack of police officers in Sweden and Malmö. For this reason, it is perhaps time to let the military and police stand together to reestablish order in the country," he said.

Sweden's military forces have been drastically reduced since the Cold War. However, the authorities suddenly seem to have realized that there could be potential for armed conflict in the future. There are now plans to reintroduce compulsory military service.

In early 2017, the Swedish police were instructed to increase their preparations for war. They were not told who this potential war would be against, although the authorities like to talk about an alleged threat of an invasion from Russia.

It is not, however, the Russians who now routinely burn cars and commit gang-rapes in Swedish cities. These crimes are largely committed by recent immigrants, many of them Muslims coming from war zones. These immigrants have for decades been allowed in by the ruling political elites, applauded by the mass media and supported by the EU and the UN.

The Islamic terror threat in Western Europe is now endemic. In late 2016, the police at Brussels International Airport detained 30 terror suspects in one month. That is one potential terrorist per day, at one European airport. Belgium's highest-ranking police chief warned in February 2017 that the terror threat remains "grave" after the Brussels bombings on March 22, 2016. Because of the many radical Muslims living in Belgium, the authorities are concerned that Belgian citizens may lose their visa-free access to the United States.

Due to the threat of terrorism, robberies and street crime, many Chinese, Japanese and Korean travelers have dropped their holiday plans in France. Chronic instability and violence have damaged the country's reputation as a travel destination. Even a prolonged state of emergency and large numbers of police and soldiers deployed in the streets are not enough to uphold law and order.

In February 2017, Paris and other French cities were once more rocked by days of rioting by Muslim and African immigrant. The trigger was an allegation of police violence. However, discontent seems to be endemic. Riots among immigrants could erupt again at any moment.

After a firebomb attack on four police officers near Paris in 2016, France's prime minister insisted there were no no-go zones in the country. However, this is not what the police themselves say.

"Of course there are no-go zones in France where the police cannot intervene and do their jobs in safety," says Denis Jacob from the union Alternative Police-CFDT.

"And it's the same for fire fighters or pretty much any representative of the state. The police can't apply the law in these areas, they are attacked. If the police can't do their work it's because there are criminals and delinquents who don't respect the law."

Yet it would be very bad for business and tourism if the authorities openly acknowledged this. "Governments will never admit there are no-go zones because it's a sign of a failed state," Jacob adds.

As Soeren Kern writes at Gatestone Institute:

"The problem of no-go zones is well documented, but multiculturalists and their politically correct supporters vehemently deny that they exist. Some are now engaged in a concerted campaign to discredit and even silence those who draw attention to the issue."

What does it take for the New York Times and other established media to define an area as a no-go zone?

It is an indisputable fact that a number of areas exist in several Western European countries where criminal ethnic gangs dominate the streets and where even the police find it very difficult to walk in safety. The number and size of these areas, fueled by mass immigration, seems to be growing.

If the New York Times and other mass media deny this fact, then they are engaged in producing "fake news." People who truthfully warn about these problems thus risk being unfairly vilified and smeared for doing so.

Most dangerous, however, is our inability to deal forcefully with problems that are undermining Western societies, because some Western media refuse to admit that the problems exist.

Mass immigration from incompatible cultures, particularly from the Islamic world, is gradually undermining law and order in many Western cities. If Western media refuse frankly to acknowledge this fact, they are putting the long-term survival of our societies seriously at risk.

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DownWithYogaPants's picture

What the world be without Western Civilization?

I think a sad place indeed.  Let's face it every male wants to be a white male even if their grift does not let them admit it.  However as you have noticed even some white males have trouble being that.  Asian culture?  Respectable but still somehow not cutting edge by any means.  African?  Oh god give me a break. Everyone knows and so few will admit how they lack the advanced brain pan running gear required.  Islam?  Seems like a violent multi level marketing scheme.  Like Herbal Life on roid rage.  "you will use this awful powder in your shakes and like it! "  What an awful world we're headed towards with low trust societies the complete and total rule. And please no complaints for no one is griping about the budhists.

Thoresen's picture

Neighbour returning from Stockholm said there were migrants huddled on every street corner, and restaurants being visited by beggars sweeping bottles from the tables (to claim deposits) even when the diners were still eating.

jefferson32's picture

Consider the three monotheistic religions; realize that one of them is pitting the other 2 against each other. Can you figure out which one?

Hint: the word "judeochristian" is wrong, fake, contrived (a bit like "pedophile", a word introduced in the 80s by the child molesters in power). The Christian and Jewish worlds, values and histories and as far apart as they can probably be. Talking about a judeoislamic civilisation would be correct on the other hand, but you never hear that word (Can you discover other fake words invented by those who specialize in storytelling? Side note, do you know why there are so many old synagogues in the Caribbean?)

BarkingCat's picture

You are correct. The Western World is based on Greco-Roman values and not Judeo-Christian one.

Greco-Roman values gave birth to all the legal structures that the West was built upon.

The concept of democracy as well as the republic.

It gave birth to Westerm philosophy and science.


Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

While the Greco-Roman history of western civilization is undeniable, you'd be foolish to ignore Jewish or Christian influence. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism born from the Essene sect. After evolving into Christianity, it assimilated about every European tradition out there since around...400 AD. The three are completely comingled. To ignore the influence of Christianity or Judaism on western culture is simply a denail of reality.

BobEore's picture

The Western World is based on Greco-Roman values and not Judeo-Christian one. Greco-Roman values gave birth to all the legal structures that the West was built upon. The concept of democracy as well as the republic.

It gave birth to Westerm philosophy and science.

This is not correct.


Whereas Greece has had the benefit of making itself iconic in the conception of that heritage... the actual place – and process – by which “Grecian civilization” became just that was elsewhere... in the Anatolian fringes of the Aegean and the adjoining islands. From introducing coinage, to the Lycia, of democratic governance in a republican style, right here was the starting point for the systems which only later would become identified with Greece, and later, Rome, by force of those polities' efforts at 'public relations!

iwalkonwater's picture

When we bring in dangerous animals we lock them up in cages or zoos. 

Whats the difference here and why bring in so many of the same animal?

Ghordius's picture

yes. but there is a phenomenon of projection, in all that

the white male, the white American male, the White Christian, etc. all what is being written about him has some substance... in the US

as such, the demographics are at the point that the "White Christian" is NOW on the brink of becoming a minority... in the US

and this is changing American politics, at the moment

the problem starts with projections. like in this article, where it's projecting for Sweden the "same course"... for the future. that "in a few decades, in Sweden..." is about projections stretching to 2060

yes, Sweden has some problems. if you want to read the best, most dispassionate and critical-while-factual view on them, read the Danish press. that includes snarky remarks like "Sweden tried to be a humanitarian super-power and found out it's a small country, after all"

no, those articles here on ZH and other websites with a strong presence of US "Alt-Right" readers, particularly the GateStone Institute do not tackle those Swedish problems, they are only there to give aggrieved Americans the impression that their problems are "of the whole West", and try hard to present them in terms that are similar, and easy to digest

(90% of Europeans live in Europe, where they make up 90% of the population of Europe. try squaring your preconceptions with this)

LetThemEatRand's picture

my last paycheck was $9500 posting Gatestone articles under a different name.  Click here and I can show you how to pretend you are still fight club by pandering.

Ghordius's picture

+1 meanwhile... the US Dem-friendly press in the US is not helping... in bringing forth facts

the US "MSM" is so damn entangled in it's own distorted view of the world that they are in fact helping to make people in the US believe Alternative Facts

and, as I often have to point out here on ZH, everything is presented in a dual form: Black&White or Red/Blue

which makes US debates about foreign, multi-dimentional affairs... a frigging joke

Gibraltar as example? there are five main views that matter: the Gibraltarian point of view is not the British point of view, particularly not the English point of view, nor the Scottish, nor the Spanish nor that of the rest of the EU

(evidence: Gibraltarians voted for staying in the UK and staying in the EU, at the tune of 96%)

and even the English point of view has to be sub-divided into the Tory and the rest, or the Leaver's vs the Remainer's (52% vs 48%)

but for... American Consumption... it has to be presented into two sides, the binary "American Format"

LetThemEatRand's picture

I hear you, Ghordius.  The binary equation defines American politics.  It's bizarre because Americans are actually quite diverse, even among those who claim political teams.

Forgive the indulgence, but it's late here in the US, and I can't help but share a little Americana:


Neochrome's picture

Yes, it's only a "projection", move on, nothing to see.

Fuck Sweden is how much as an American I care, pass the popcorn bitch.

Haus-Targaryen's picture


I know we both went to government schools, but if you draw domestic Swedish population trends on a timeline along with their new "Medborgare" it doesn't take a genius to see these paths cross in about 30 years. 

Europe should be a continent for white people.  If other groups/ethnicities/races want to come, that is fine.  You come based on demand in a controlled fashion, you commit no crimes and you integrate.  

If you fail to do any one of those things, you get deported. 

Ghordius's picture

"Europe should be a continent for white people"

really? well, no, we europeans in europe do not think so. try this format:

- Sweden is a sovereign country by and for Swedish nationals and their guests, if they want to have them

- France is a sovereign country by and for French nationals and their guests, if they want to have them

- Germany is a sovereign country by and for German nationals and their guests, if they want to have them

you, for example, are a guest of Germany until you become a German national. are you one?

otherwise, yes, if you, for example, don't fit, well, yes, you might get deported too, particularly if found committing criminal offences while being a guest

meanwhile, the definition of who is a national and who is a guest is a National, Sovereign Affair. as for who has to be deported

and no, "being White" is not an argument, here. speaking the national language, understanding and caring about the national culture, up to a certain point conforming to the national values is way more important... for us

that "I'm White and of XYZ descent" might make a lot of sense... elsewhere. but here? seriously? nope. check reality, please

fleur de lis's picture

You are suggesting that the citizens of European countries really have the power to decide who can immigrate and who gets deported.

They do not have any such power and you know it.

European leaders are importing tens of thousands of uneducated, unskilled, illiterate, maladjusted, socially stunted, angry morons whose only contribution is to clog the welfare rolls and jails, then drag down medical and school systems.

How many arrests have been made in Sweden for violent assualt and arson and how many of those have been deported.

The fact is that these imported people are from primitive and maladaptive societies and are now on information overload and they are snapping.

Which means that in addition to importing extreme and irreversable poverty the Europeans are importing mental illness.





Ghordius's picture

actually you are suggesting a lot of things

I am stating facts around the sovereignty of the countries in europe. deportations are happening, for example. it's a fact. example: Germany is deporting

now, you want to translate this sovereignty into "I, citizen, was not asked"

your "They do not have any such power and you know it" confuses utterly the sovereign country and the single citizen, possibly even one that is not involved in any politics

it's a bit like saying that "British Citizens can't Brexit". no, they can't. The United Kingdom, though, is Brexiting

so yes, european countries can deport foreigners... if they choose so. a choice that goes through national constitutions and the national will expressed through national elected parliaments, remember?

bookofenoch's picture

Can you even hear yourself?! You're muttering gibberish.

Nobody wants the plague.

Ghordius's picture

the gibberish is completely on your side

again, the Danish point of view... based on facts: the Swedes invited what you call "the plague". Swedish law was made for that

now, those laws were changed, and might change again. you know how a fact looks like, do you?

Max Steel's picture

Oi lad are you happy with Brexit ?

Onan_the_Barbarian's picture

Evidently false.  They invited the plague and still celebrate it, at least officially.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Germany deported less than 2,000 last year.  It took in in 2016 400,000. 

For a smart person you sure do say a lot of stupid nonsense. 

Ghordius's picture

and? do you have any idea how long it takes to even start deportations?

in countries that, in some cases, refuse to collaborate, or are seriously fucked up?

yes, even the Obama admin deported more then we did, up to now. but it's easier, to Mexico

bookofenoch's picture

You're hilarious, Ghordo. Really funny.

Nobody wants hordes of dirty browns shitting in their doorways and swimming pools, raping everyone young and old, and sucking in all of the social services. Nobody.

They're a plague.

Ghordius's picture

yes, book of enoch. that's exactly what I wrote. except that I did not

but I can go on and wonder why you reply to a comment you did not even read

you know what the current definition of that new word is, "Snowflake"?

"someone not capable of understanding someone else's point of view"

used by US Alt-Right websites for that other phenomenal point of view, that of the US "Blue" "Multiculturalists", particularly those US Students that hide in "safe spaces"

where is the difference between a "safe space" and an "echo chamber" again? reading skills? comprehension skills? willingness to pause and try to understand?

bookofenoch's picture

No, really... I heard you. It's still pants wettingly funny.

Europeans WANT the Browns. Just ask 'em! Europeans overwhelmingly vote for the brown infestation, given their legitimate access to democracy and all. Bwahahaha...

(Wipes tears from eyes)

Tell me another one about how happy the white Europeans are about the brown hoardes gobbling up the social resources and shitting all over the place. Rape. Arson. Murder. And more rape.

FFS, Actual Germans can't bear the sight of litter, let alone diseased African shit in a Bavarian doorway.

Thanks for the rich ones you're laying out. Heh.

OverTheHedge's picture

Try this format:

- Sweden is a sovereign country by and for Swedish nationals and their guests, if the Swedish, European and American corporate elite and their political vassels want to have them

- France is a sovereign country by and for French nationals and their guests, if the French , European and American corporate elite and their political vassels want to have them

- Germany is a sovereign country by and for German nationals and their guests, if the German, European and American corporate elite and their political vassels want to have them

The indigenous population are not asked, are not consulted, and normally have to riot to get their point of view heard. It is theoretically possible for a new party (Fascist, Alt-Right, psychopathic, or other offensive labels attached) to get voted into power, but by god it is proving difficult, as the elite (see above) have the system sown up. Sovereignty is for rich people, not for serfs, and rich people often want different things to serfs.

Signed - a serf

Ghordius's picture

fine. how many Swedes, French or Germans did you convince of your views?

how many would even listen to half of your words? how many would see themselves as serfs, too?

independently from what you think, there is a national consensus in every and each of those example countries

you might find it construed, or manipulated, or wrong, but it is there

this phrase of yours: "Sovereignty is for rich people, not for serfs, and rich people often want different things to serfs." well, it sounds neither Swedish nor French nor German

you know why? because that rich vs poor is way less an issue in every and each of those three countries taken as example, here

evidence: Gini coefficient. further evidence: the lack of "prominent rich" being adored, there. also the lack of jokes like "if you own a billion, you get one out-of-jail-card". more evidence: their prisons, and the inmates of those prisons

look up, they are often called "socialist". well, it cuts several ways

Ghordius's picture

"Europe should be a continent for white people"

second attempt to debunk this foreign view

Europe is the continent for Europeans. 90% of Europeans live in Europe. they make up 90% of Europe's population

we distinguish, here, between Russians and Portuguese, Norwegians and Greeks, etc. etc. i.e among Nationalities

yes, Christian values. yes, "White"... in our eyes

when I look at Spaniards, for example, I see "White Christian People". and no, I do not care how much Visigoth "blue blood" flows in their veins vs all the other genetic influences

interestingly, for some American "White Christians"... they don't count, on both being Catholic and reminding them of Mexicans because they speak Spanish and where the colonizers of Mexico, and mingled somewhat with their indigenous populations in Mexico

now, imo the identity crisis is not here. the real identity crisis is exactly there, among those who see themselves as "White Christian" in the US

the current development of "White Christian" becoming a minority is now, in the US

I can be sympathetic, but I can't change facts, and I won't engage in the frigging self-sabotage that is believing in "Alternative Facts"

BobEore's picture

Some of your best production ever, on display here Ghordo. Awesome.

One thing I have to inquire about.... using this line as example of your reasoning....and understanding that you believe 'ballot box democracy' implicitly reflects 'the will of the people.'

Sweden is a sovereign country by and for Swedish nationals and their guests, if they want to have them.

You honestly believe that to be a true assessment of the way things work in our world? Knowing full well that anyone who would stand up and organize a political campaign to limit or remove the means by which unemployable persons with little or know interest in 'integrating' in their surroundings...

meet with career ending accidents or in other ways are targeted for 'neutralization?'

Not talking about right wing kooks n phony 'populists' in the pay of mossad here - talkin about real Europeans... really standing up to be counted...

and being shot down for their efforts. That's real.

Ghordius's picture

now, that's a high-level question

yes and no would be my answer

no, in most countries the "ship of state" is a damn cumbersome thing to start with. and control of the deck... well, sometimes guts are needed, then yes, some "blood" can be shed in the process of gaining control on the rudder

it should not be real human blood, but sometimes yes, real human blood is shed, among character assassinations and several political assorted tools and methods

what many here forget is that support of the previous immigration policies in Sweden was damn strong

that support... dwindled. and the very immigration policies changed. and I think (and hope) they will change more (but I do not hope they will go up to the other extreme of... radical and extreme genetic cleansing)

so yes. sometimes, you stand up to be counted and you get a bullet for your efforts. I've not been ever shot at for political reasons (only private and "foreign" ones), but I had friends that suffered this fate, from the police and from domestic terrorists, too

being a Citizen, here, is not a risk-free affair. but you are a Citizen so that being a child, here, is as risk-free as possible, in my view. I know, this sentence might generate many US tropes and anti-tropes, but I have no better words, at the moment

Ghordius's picture

"...understanding that you believe 'ballot box democracy' implicitly reflects 'the will of the people.'"

not completely, no

I believe that democracy has to be tempered. by a constitution, for example

I also believe that democracy is all about the sovereign people having the right to change their mind

that "will of the people" changes. particularly when new facts or new developments are presented, or a situation is re-assessed

Onan_the_Barbarian's picture

No, but nothing wrong with saying Europe should be a continent for Europeans.

If immigrants want to become Europeans and share European values with all that entails, why would this be bad?


Buck Johnson's picture

Your an ass, It's more complicated than that.  Yes I agre that immigration is destroying the west but those same western countries and their companies are destroying their countries via taking resources meddling in their politics and overthrowing their govt..  They don't want competition and since many of the resources are in those "third world countries" many in the west know that they could easily blow right past the west.  And yes minority or I should say other groups since white people only make up 9% of the world population want to be white and self hate because they see all the things we get, the advantages and how our countries are.  But in reality if those self haters would see how we got what we got it was through essentially theft from their countries.



Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Gatestoned Institutionalized: "Go away - 'bating fake news..."

X- x3's picture

Exactly Shemp4V.


Via Fjordman

Europe: Combating Fake News

by Fjordman
April 1, 2017 at 5:00 am

X- x3's picture

HERE below is the original SWEDISH POLICE Report from 2014 with regards to what the (((MSM))) in am.english call 'no-go zones'.

Press Release(1) + Report in PDF(2).

Read for yourselves and decide.....not the (((MSM))) & ((([h]atestone))).

Dots......dots.....connecting the dots......

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1-  Press Release 23th November 2014 translated in english with BING

"Criminals take space in vulnerable areas

Problems with local criminal networks have been increasing since the turn of the Millennium. In a new survey, police have identified 55 sites in 22 cities where it determines that the network has a big impact on the local community.

The national police's Intelligence Division has developed the first national survey of local criminal networks. "We have to give ourselves a national overview of how it looks. This survey is the start of a long-term job, "said Lars Öjelind, Deputy Chief of the national police's intelligence section.

Areas already marked by exclusion

The survey shows that there are areas with structural problems and social vulnerability. Areas already marked by exclusion. In these areas, the loosely-coupled networks of criminal youth large impact. Their criminal conduct affects the safety and security in the areas.

"This means that the police may find it difficult to act in the area, local traders are exposed to pressure and there are shootings in the streets. Threats and violence are used to get witnesses to retract testimony and affect the public's willingness to cooperate with the police against the criminals. There will be problems to clear up crimes, says Lars Öjelind. 

"A social problem that we must act against"

Intelligence section continues to develop proposals for how the police will act against this. The work will be presented early next year but it is clear that collaboration is the key to success.

"This is a social problem that we must act against. The police need to interact with other social actors to the development in the areas, changing, says Lars Öjelind.

Read the report National Overview of criminal networks with major impact on the local community"


2- A National Overview of Criminal Networks with Great Influence in Local Society- Svenska Polisen

Excerpt from beginning:

"In Sweden there are currently 55 geographic areas where local criminal networks are considered to have

negative impact on the local community. Areas are spread across 22 cities from big cities to smaller towns and are considered socio-economically disadvantaged. The major criminal the impact on the local community seems to be linked to the social context in areas rather than a willingness of the criminal to take power and control of local society.....


I suggest using Bing Translate to get this in english:



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I'm definitely one to pour contempt upon the Gatestone Institute, but I wonder if, by producing such outrageous propaganda, they are getting me to ignore what might actually be a bona-fide problem.

So now I am wondering if they want me to ignore it - wheels within wheels and complicated double-blind hidden agendas. I now don't know what to think, except that Ghordius believes that Europe is fully democratic.

I, too, try to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

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"Putting long-term survival at risk"?  It's too late - migrants are already getting ready for the civil war THEY think is coming.  Lefties are blind to what they have done, so the sooner the fighting starts the better and then it will be "Winner takes all" - no more multi-culti crap whichever side wins.

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The problem is becoming acute and not just in Sweden: in Germany there are approx 10m people in the 20-30 demographic, so approx 5m males.  What percentage of that 5m is muslim?  They let in over 1m 'extra' muslims in the last couple of years so it must be well over 30% by now.  In 10 years it really will all be over.

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And considering 95% of native German boys could not fight their way out of a paper bag.. while most of the invaders have see and often fought in an actual war, you get the picture.

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They defend their narrative, even though reality itself disagrees.  I smell an agenda. . . 

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You smell an agenda?

That is my impression too. There is something very weird about the full spectrum domination of our world view that makes my intuition alarm sound.

Something Much stranger than mere white genocide. And then one adds a sudden explosion of technology that borders on magic

 This wee phone has a microscopic chip with gigabytes of memory.

The reason that evolution tolerates a sprinkling of schizophrenia is only schizophrenics can join the dots.

Incredulity is not an argument



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The agenda is to dissolve nation states and integrate the ruins into a global polity. Mass immigration will create the chaos and civil war required for the fundamental transformation and transition to global governance. All you armchair philosphers - I'm looking at you Ghordius - are going to get fucked. You are weak, stupid, disarmed, unprepared and helpless. You probably think the police will be there for you when you need them. The same police who can't handle the Muslim rabble today. You will be signalling your false virtue until you get the bullet to the back of your head.

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Who cares about the raping, looting, rioting, attacks, no-go zones, keep watching for those pesky Russian subs, Sweden!

Merkel, Netanyahoo and Soros approved this message.





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Give a little more time and they will be begging for the Russians to invade. 

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Not sure what to believe. The photo looks fake. People standing calmly, like they are waiting for a bus. We saw fake fires in an earlier photo of a supposed riot that had zero people in the photo. This fake appears to be a little better but still fake.

By the way, every major American city has no go zones. We deal with them by ignoring them.

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Pull your head out of ass gramps.

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By the way, every major American city has no go zones. We deal with them by ignoring them.


Fortunately they (local Government) put up a sign marking them, MLK Avenue.

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In 2002 there was a severe ice storm in the Midwest, which knocked out electricity in much of Kansas City, Missouri. In the KC metro area alone, 350,000 residents were without power. In my rural area, the power was out for only about 24 hours, and a bit longer in nearby rural towns. I was working in Kansas City at the time, and I was shocked to hear co-workers (many of them blacks) talking about how their power was still out a month or two after the storm. Many people talked about moving in with friends and relatives because they had no electricity.

Some time afterward, I was talking with an electrician about the ice storm and the incredibly slow restoration of power in the city. He told me that the reason power was so slow to be restored to many areas of the city was that electrical crews refused to go into many urban areas without a police escort, since they would be attacked.

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It's so darn easy to convert to Islam. No tedious Bible classes, confirmation and that sort of thing. You will know if you read aright that as Christianity is a heresy of Judeasim so Islam is a heresy of Christianity.

So let's hear it for the world's three great Semitic religions and their political ideologies of conquest, exploitation and enslavement. Yes, I know Christianity has gone a bit wobbly of late but a little touch of circumcision and pork avoidance, like the other two, will work wonders. Get with the program.