Schiff Accuses Intel Chair Nunes Of Conspiring With Trump To Distract From Russia Probe

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Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, accused the White House and Devin Nunes, his Republican counterpart and the Chair of the House Intel Committee, of conspiring to divert attention from Moscow’s actions.  Schiff said Nunes had colluded with Trump as part of a White House ploy, in an “attempt to distract” the public from links between Trump and Russian meddling.

Schiff said on CNN’s State of the Union that Nunes and the White House had made an “effort to point the Congress in other directions, to basically say, ‘Don’t look at me, don’t look at Russia, there’s nothing to see here’.”

“It certainly is an attempt to distract and to hide the origin of the materials, to hide the White House's hand. The question is, of course, why? And I think the answer to the question is this effort to point the Congress in other directions, basically say, ‘Don't look at me, don't look at Russia, there is nothing to see here,’” Schiff said.

Schiff also slammed Nunes for the way in which he reviewed the source’s intelligence reports. “It doesn't need to be done, you know, by night through stealth at the White House. The only reason to do that, again, is if you want to hide where these materials are really coming from and who is behind it,” the Democratic lawmaker said, adding that both the Senate and House intelligence committees should be able to review the documents.

Schiff on Friday viewed the documents, telling Tapper on Sunday some red flags were raised.  “First, the deputy assistant to the White House informed me when I went to see them that these are exactly the same materials that were shown to the chairman. Now, this is a very interesting point. How does the White House know that these are the same materials that were shown to the chairman, if the White House wasn't aware what the chairman was being shown?” Schiff asked. 

“And the second point was also made to me. And this is -- I think was also underscored by Sean Spicer -- and that is, it was told to me by the deputy assistant that these materials were produced in the ordinary course of business,” Schiff added.

That said, Schiff largely ignored to discuss the essence of the docs, and whether they confirmed what Nunes said, namely that Trump had indeed been the subject of surveillance; instead reverting back to the narrative that the events detracted from his priority: investigating Russia’s interference in the election.

“I think part of the reason why that was done is this effort to deflect attention from the Russia investigation, to raise other issues, to effectively create a cloud through which the public cannot see what is at stake here. And what is at stake here is a foreign intervention in our election, a very serious issue about whether U.S. persons were involved, an investigation that is being conducted by the FBI into possible coordination with the Trump campaign,” Schiff said.

* * *

Meanwhile, Trump over the weekend continued to seize on Nunes’s original allegation that the identities of Americans caught up in the surveillance had been improperly “unmasked” by US officials, for internal use during the Obama presidency. “If this is true, does not get much bigger,” Trump said on Twitter. “Would be sad for US” On Sunday he added: “The real story turns out to be SURVEILLANCE and LEAKING! Find the leakers.”

Schiff in turn responded by saying that “alarm bells” should go off whenever President Trump calls something “fake”: “I would tell people, whenever they see the president use the word 'fake,' it ought to set off alarm bells,” Schiff told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Schiff added that the the White House is trying to mislead the country into believing there is no connection between Russian officials and Trump campaign associates, which - again - is an odd thing to say for the House Intel Committee member who complains that he is unable to conclude his probe due to distractions by Trump, unless of course he has decided what the conclusion of the "investigation" will be ahead of time.

And so, despite the FBI admitting on several occasions that there does not appear to be any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, the media circuit continues to be wrapped tighly around this narrative which serves as the true public distraction, and as a strawman foil to accuse anyone who is, or voted against Hillary Clinton/the establishment - now including supporters of Bernie Sanders - of being "influenced" by Putin, in what has become the biggest US witch hunt since Joe McCarthy.

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silverer's picture

Distract? Sorry Schiff. Your diatribe of bullshit is not worth listening to. You are the biggest distraction.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

President Trump has suggested that he and his campaign and transition team had been spied upon by U.S. intelligence services at the behest of — or with knowledge of — the then sitting U.S. president, Barack Obama.

Uuuuge charge, with supporting evidence mounting daily.  Bigger than Watergate.  

And Obama's aggressive response?  Radio silence from the southern hemisphere.


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Attention Demtards:


That is all.

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I wonder what color of hot dogs Schiff likes to suck?  Who knows, he may like them best with russian dressing? 

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Schiff, Schumer, and other congressional members creating massive Russia distraction and trying to obstruct and bring down Trump. Schumer's name keeps popping up related to Weiner's pedo activities. Remember Schumer was Weiner's mentor.

NEWS: Discovery Channel's Craig Sawyer (veteran Navy SEAL and Fed Law Enforcement Officer) has launched a group of SEAL, CIA, MI6 veterans to expose pedophiles and the arrests being ignored by MSM. 3,000 pedos arrested to date by Trump DOJ and accelerating. Sawyer's funding blocked by and other crowd source funding platforms. Here's Sawyer:


Are you involved too Adam Schiff?

Paper Mache's picture

Pushing the dead donkry Russia thing is all they've got left. Clinging onto it in the frantic hope they can still breath life back into it. 

Adam Schiff is sounding more desperate by the day.  I bet 'they' have shitloads on him, and are squeezing his gonads hard. 

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Left wing bitter clingers desperately clinging to their occult beliefs and pedophilia.

Keyser's picture

Schiff is a walking, talking joke... This is the guy that accused Tucker Carlson of being a Russian agent while on-air... Joe McCarthy would be proud... 

atomp's picture

Schiff is a foreign agent. Pass the word.

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Stealing Home Plate...who has Tel Aviv covered at third? Why is there an infield shift? Something comes out of left field...

Victory_Garden's picture

"Something comes out of left field..."




SixIsNinE's picture

Adam Schiff & Schumer are most likely pedos - and probably worse.  Now WHO are the CONTROLLERS that have the dirt on them ?


Catherine Fitts has done some interviews recently spelling that out about these sickos politicians who are rabit puppets whose lives will be ruined when the truth comes out - so they will do anything to attempt to distract and deceive any foolish enough to give them audience.  

junk the TEEVEE.  use any opportunity to encourage others to do the same.


I had to call my net provider recently and the rep attempted to sell me a cable teevee service upgrade and i said  "TeeVee -  we don't watch TeeVee here".  




Bigly's picture

Thanks for posting these links.

I heard craig friday and that is some revolting nightmarish shit. I urge hedgers to listen to him and donate a little silver to that cause.  Listen first and see what he is doing and see if you agree

Victory_Garden's picture

"Are you involved too Adam Schiff?"


Does a fish shat in the water?

All zioturds swim in the same cesspoolian shat bucket.

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Wonder how many hot dogs the newest blonde Trump admires at Faux News can scarf down

aqualech's picture

Try harded next time.  That was just plain purile. Is this your first day on the internet, son?

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D-bag Schiff beginning damage control. Nothing else.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

WOW ... How did this guy get elected? Voter fraud probably used? American people cannot be that stupid or are they?

Why is any MSM news organization wasting time talking to this DESPOT with a REPROBATE MIND?


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His district is .05% Americans. Most residents couldn't care less about US politics.  I live in his district.  It's east/north east of LA.  His name is Schiffman and he made his $ in real estate.

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Dems are Farkas Shiff For Brains

FrozenGoodz's picture

Not the much of an accusation when Nunez is dropping by papa bears House late one night to view docs ... whoever the newest girl okay with being sexually harassed at Faux News is who Trump listens to

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@FrozenGoodz:  Hey, douchebag, when you had your sperm frozen... did they forget to tell your dumb ass that it was NOT supposed to still be in your tiny nuts?  No wonder you speak like a demented colon roach!

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Sperm banks will not take his jizz. There are IQ minimums. No retards trisomy x or downs.

He does not make the grade

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"Russians hacked the election".

I've heard the beginning of this claim a thousand times on the MSM in the past months.

What is the rest of the hypothesis?

What does "hacked" mean and what effect do they think it had?

Trump won the electoral college 306 to 227.
Voters rejected Clinton when she ran in 2008 and rejected her again in 2016.
Where's the surprise?

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

A gubmint leader using gubmint resources to spy on a political opponent in an attempt to defeat him is a big, big no-no.  Not only is it unethical and unfair, it is illegal.  So is unmasking private citizens.

chubbar's picture

Check out this letter sent to Comey from Sen. Grassley. Looks to me like the shit is getting ready to hit the fan. Let's see Comey squirm out of this one, fucking crooked fuck.

Victory_Garden's picture

Freakin freaky Freddie!

THIS...has to go viral and then...

America is so darn bloodthirsty for Justice after decades of these treasonous traitors flaunting thier crimes and corruption in the peoples faces saying, na na na na, you can't touch this.

Well fuckelnats, the chit is about to hit the rotating device and as well it better.  Not should, but it better be hitting fast and hard. These turds need to be flushed! The People of America are sick and darned tired of all the criminals and the evil child murdering corruption that no one up to this point has been able to stop.

Start with hitlery and soterobama and then....clean out the duel citizen ziotrash~!





SHOCK: Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley Sends Second Letter To FBI Director Comey Asking Why FBI Was Involved With Paying Research Firm For Trump/Russia Dossier.   

by Pamela Williams

Wow, did I honestly just read this?  Senator Charles Grassley has sent his second letter to FBI Director James Comey to inquire about how the FBI became involved in colluding with Christopher Steele, a former agent for the U.K.’s foreign intelligence service, MI6, concerning the lurid dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia.  

I am sitting here reading this in disbelief, as this whole thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger like  Director Comey’s nose.  This is Senator Grassley’s second letter!  Does Comey really believe he can hide behind closed doors at this point?  Director Comey needs to wake up and confess his dirty deeds.

So now we discover the FBI was actually involved in that crazy dossier and the golden waters story!  I still am not clear on where this actually originated.  There was an actual rumor it originated on the Internet site 4chan as a prank.  Remember that?  But then it turned into the Christopher Steele spy story, and finally there was actually a man associated with Steele who was found deceased in his car.

Steele had been commissioned by an opposition research firm at the request of Republican opponents of Trump to dig into allegations that the Russian government had a substantial amount of compromising information on Trump during his effort to win the GOP presidential nomination. After Trump became the party nominee, a backer of Hillary Clinton continued to pay for the information.  This is unbelievable!

In October just a few weeks before the election, the FBI agreed to fund Steele’s investigations even as it remained unsure about the legitimacy. No payments were ever exchanged, but the damage was done after the dossier became public knowledge.  Who would ever imagine the FBI would be mixed up in such a thing?

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics,” Grassley wrote in a March 6 letter to Comey.  However, that letter went unanswered.


Here is a video about the matter:


How can FBI Director James Comey continue to disregard the law when he is the Director of what used to be the most respected agency not only in the United States but the world?  What has he done to the FBI?  It can never recover from this type of damage.  While the FBI was created to uphold the law, it became involved with Hillary Clinton, and helped to destroy it…just as she does everything she touches, with the germs of dirty money.

In Grassley’s second letter dated March 28, he says, “The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama Administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends.”

Why doesn’t someone just charge Clinton and Obama once and for all?  

Further Grassley demands that “all FBI policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable when the FBI seeks to fund an investigator associated with a  political opposition research firm connected to a political candidate, or with any outside entity.”

A very important aspect in Grassley’s communications to the FBI is his focus on Andrew McCabe.  McCabe was a friend of Hillary’s.  He is currently under investigation by the FBI’s Inspector General for playing a role in Clinton’s email investigation.  Here we go again with Hillary Clinton’s poisonous touch.

McCabe’s wife accepted nearly $700,000 in political donations arranged by a close friend, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, for her run for state senator.  Remember that?  I do!

Grassley goes on to write:  “While Mr McCabe recused himself from public corruption cases in Virginia…he failed to recuse himself from the Clinton email investigation, despite the appearance of a conflict created by his wife’s campaign accepting $700,000 from a close Clinton associate during the investigation.”

A key passage from Grassley’s letter is as follows:

Mr. McCabe’s appearance of a partisan conflict of interest relating to Clinton associates only magnifies the importance of those questions. That is particularly true if Mr. McCabe was involved in approving or establishing the FBI’s reported arrangement with Mr. Steele, or if Mr. McCabe vouched for or otherwise relied on the politically-funded dossier in the course of the investigation. Simply put, the American people should know if the FBI’s second-in-command relied on Democrat-funded opposition research to justify an investigation of the Republican presidential campaign.


The following questions are being asked by Grassley of the FBI:

  1. Has McCabe been involved “in any capacity” in investigating alleged collusion between TrumpWorld and Russia?
  2. Has McCabe been involved in surveillance or intercepts of any sort in the case?
  3. Has McCabe “made any representations to prosecutors or judges” regarding the Steele dossier?
  4. Has McCabe had any interactions with Steele himself?
  5. Did McCabe brief anyone in the Obama administration on the Trump-Russia investigation?
  6. Was McCabe ever authorized by the FBI to speak to the media about the case?
  7. Did he ever do so without authorization?
  8. Has anyone in the FBI raised questions about McCabe’s possible Clinton-Trump conflict of interest?
  9. Has any complaint been filed about it?
  10. Has anyone at the FBI recommended or requested that McCabe recuse himself from the Russia-Trump investigation?

I truly appreciate Senator Charles Grassley and his commitment to the inquiry into the FBI’s role in this whole horrid affair.  America waits speechless and in shock for answers.





WhackoWarner's picture

Idiots.  All of this is idiotic.  Why is a nation spending time discussing this manufactured garbage?


USA.  Wiith all repsect to the average person is a joke. It is like having a raving lunatic in the living room.

Victory_Garden's picture

"Uuuuge charge, with supporting evidence mounting daily.  Bigger than Watergate. "


Good to be sitting down....woulda near fallen over in disbelief by actually reading some real news and truth in the yellow journalism times from Washington.

Don't think that because you tell the truth one time, your gonna get off the hook for the decades of lies and dis/mis-information you have been spewing out to support the apartheid babylonian world oder.

Raffie's picture

Oh its on CNN, so I guess they are now SERIOUS REAL NEWS and changed from being FAKE NEWS.

But I disgress, please CNN continue.... I will be over here eatting popcorn.

Embrey's picture

Schiff & Co. don't intend on this 'investigation' to be complete until well after the 2018 midterm elections.
When discussing themTrump/Russia 'investigation' the strategy is to prolong and insinuate. However, when faced with the allegations that Obama et al spied upon Trump and his team he wants to eliminate any investigation.
Republicans seem not to notice that there has been no credible evidence presented to justify a Trump/Russia investigation. Only allegations and fallacious inferences. Where are you Republicans? One might draw the conclusion that it is actually you that are undermining the President.
Demand evidence that might justify an investigation or make the Democrats admit there is no there there.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Well, Obama may or may not have uncovered some interesting facts Russia-related via the spying.  

But revealing any such facts raises the question, how did you get those facts, that info?

Uh, I used US intel to spy on my opponent.  Admission of guilt.


3LockBox's picture

Adam is a booger picking moron.

remain calm's picture

Schiff is Satan disguised as a congressman

nmewn's picture

This is where this bulging eyed progressive gerbil from Kalifornia is with his logic...

"Ok. You've found out & verified the fact that the Obama administration was spying on his political opponents. Now stop looking at all of that as motivation and go back to our original premise of them not finding anything connecting Trump & Russia so we can perhaps manufacture something out of thin air that Trump was colluding with the Russians!"

...well no, you fucking twerp.

Now we want to know on what evidence the warrant (if there was one) was issued. Its length of time. If it was extended into Trumps presidency. Who besides Farkas was relaying classified information to the press because Farkas was not in government at the time, she was working for Hillary and who is responsible for leaking the names of American citizens names gotten from that spying operation on your political opponents. 

Because we know these are felonies. These are not suspected crimes, these are REAL crimes.

Kayman's picture

Schiff on CNN. Maggots on shit. Somehow they always get together.

The Dirty Noxious Criminals party sure is trying to hide some major criminal activity. Look, look, look over there.... another Russkie.  Russkies are everywhere. Why even squeaky clean, never-tell-a-lie Bill Mayer says it is so.

nmewn's picture

They're not getting out of this one. The investigation will go on, we want it to go on now. I suspect even today they are trying to figure out how to destroy/amend evidence but its too late, there are now known-knowns.

It only gets better from here ;-)

Victory_Garden's picture

Arsehole Shiff-ty is the premier example of a, Zio-nigger.

A Zio-nigger is not black, he is what this arsehole is. A total filthy evil nasty wicked skummy no good for nuttin sham bam bam bula lying pigs bloody butt hole. All ziotrash lies, and obfuscates truth for satan. It is just their evil way and they actually believe and expect everyone else to go along with the horseshat shit show parade.

Jail this SOB, NOW!

rehypothecator's picture

Diverting attention is not a crime, and, therefore, the act is not conspiracy.  

If diverting attention were a crime (and, if crimes were actually prosecuted), the Clintons would long ago be locked up, as well as a lot of other people.   

Kayman's picture

Diverting is NOT a crime. Diversion to HIDE a crime should be. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

Adam and Eve Schiff are a husband and wife.

Eve runs the 'Sunlight Foundation' for the Rockefeller Family Fund (one of only ten funds).

The wealth of the Rockefeller's is est. at about $3 Trillion US $$$ A!

That's no typo folks (if anything its a lowball figure), and its run by the Kaiser Family.

Her husband 'adam (of eve)' is like all Rockefeller tools on the intelligence cmte.

Note: You'll always find these well connected stool pigeons on defense or the appropriations cmte.

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If I had a free ticket to beat one person to death with my shovel it would be Schiff.

WillyGroper's picture

honey badger don't care...let this fella do the work & save your energy for something meaningful.

Victory_Garden's picture

Had one of those terrorizing the garden for seven years. To fast and tricky to catch, or shoot.

The old sow got her paw caught in the cookie jar this time last year, and terrorizes no moar. She swims with Luca the fish down river.

It was good last year to not have such a destroyer tearing down and destructing twenty stalks of corn a night.

Minus a couple of coons also and it was a great year looking at another this'un, although the bears are a differnt story.


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If i had a free ticket to beat one person to death it would be Schumer.

Insurrexion's picture


This Adam "Schiff" freak looks like the definition of a pedophile.

Would anyone allow this freak to babysit their children?