Super SEALs? "Promising Signs" From Navy SpecOps' "Brain-Stimulating Technologies"

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At a conference near Washington, D.C., in February,'s Hope Hodge Seck reports that the commander of all Navy special operations units made an unusual request to industry: Develop and demonstrate technologies that offer "cognitive enhancement" capabilities to boost his elite forces' mental and physical performance.

"We plan on using that in mission enhancement," Rear Adm. Tim Szymanski said. "The performance piece is really critical to the life of our operators."

Seck reports that Szymanski expanded on his remarks in a brief interview later, saying he has his eye on a number of technologies, including pharmaceutical aids. But the results of one breakthrough involving the direct application of electrical stimulation to the brain have particularly caught his eye.

"In experiments, people who were watching these screens ... their ability to concentrate would fall off in about 20 minutes," Szymanski said. "But they did studies whereby a little bit of electrical stimulation was applied, and they were able to maintain the same peak performance for 20 hours."

Transcranial electrical stimulation was one of the technologies touted by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter in July 2016 as part of his Defense Innovation Unit (Experimental), or DIUx, initiative. Since then, multiple SEAL units have begun actively testing the effectiveness of the technology, officials with Naval Special Warfare Command told

"Earlier this year, Naval Special Warfare units, working with DIUx, began a specific cognitive enhancement project with a small group of volunteers to test and evaluate achieving higher performance through the use of neuro-stimulation technology," Capt. Jason Salata, a spokesman for the command, said in a statement.

The elements testing the technology include Naval Special Warfare Development Group, the unit known more popularly as SEAL Team Six. Other teams are also conducting tests, Salata said. He declined to confirm how many operators are participating in the testing, or to cite specific findings to date. But there have been positive outcomes so far, he said.

"Early results show promising signs," he said. "Based on this, we are encouraged to continue and are moving forward with our studies."

The company that makes the brain-stimulating device -- a headset that could be mistaken for a pair of Beats by Dre headphones -- is Halo Neuroscience. And the technology offers not cognitive enhancement, but neuro-priming, Chief Technology Officer and Company Co-Founder Brett Wingeier told

Developed for elite athletes, the headset purports to work by stimulating the brain to enter a state of hyper-elasticity, allowing users to learn better and more efficiently. In physical training, he said, the technology has proven useful in developing explosive power for athletes whose sports require vertical leaps or sudden starts.

For operators, the same system could improve shooting performance, Wingeier said.

"Whatever you're training on as far as a movement-based skill," he said, "if you do deep practice, hard repetition, this accelerates the benefit of that."

Regardless of the technology or method, he said it is important that the military conduct robust tests and demonstrations on aids to human performance, contributing resources to making the warfighter stronger and more resilient the way it did to developing cutting-edge aircraft and gear.

"You really want to test these things in high-end training environments, which could tell you, do these matter in a warfare scenario," he said. "We need to really believe that investing in the human makes sense."

Szymanski signaled an interest in testing other performance-enhancement technologies, as well as pharmaceutical aids such as blood testosterone in the future. But he said he's approaching the field of enhancements carefully, with an eye to side effects, and warning operators not to take the first steps on their own.

"I'm always anxious, because I'm in a community of risk-takers," he said. "Guys may want to try experimenting on their own, which is against policy and has to be completely drug-tested and those types of things. So I'd want to do that in a very systematic kind of way."

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Dabooda's picture

War is when your government tells you who the enemy is.  Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.  Do our rulers REALLY want smarter soldiers??

L Bean's picture

Not smarter, they're not even claiming that. Just more "endurance", with as little scandalous and side-effect ridden pharmaceuticals as possible.

Line up for your ECT, Private Dumbfuck!

booboo's picture

In ten years they will need drool cups and diapers, but yea, all for one and one for all, hip hip hooray and when Johnny come marching home again hoorah hoorah and all that jazz

TruxtonSpangler's picture

Look into MK Ultra types like Beta and Delta. This "technology" has been around for a while.

Got The Wrong No's picture

DARPA Insider Reveals the Coming Hive Mind Control Grid: “If Even 20% Of What This Guy Says Is True…”


The video below features a keynote by Dr. Robert Duncan regarding what can only be described as our coming hive mind control grid. He isn’t just talking about advances in transhumanism, the singularity, or artificial intelligence. He’s talking about how to control the minds of everyone on the planet and evolving humanity in a technological sense… whether they like it or not.

Wait What's picture

DARPA is also heavily invested in battlefield 'medicine' including non-SSRI anti-depressents, nootropics, and drugs that stimulate neurogenesis. All of this should be common knowledge by now, but as usual, the Russians are way ahead in the race; Phenotropil has been available there since around 1983. between advances in machine learning, neurological and physical performance enhancement, there is no reason why DARPA can't already put a soldier out there that is 30-40% better (stronger, better-decisions, more endurance) than the average trained by SpecOps.

L Bean's picture

You have to consider the source. Along the same lines of "logic", we're halfway to colonizing Mars already. DARPA, the CIA,'s their job to make you pre-emptively shit your pants more than anything else. Your tax dollars, to shit your own pants! Only in America.

The fact is that humans are herdable, but in the real world the old methods still work best.

meditate_vigorously's picture

The give away that it is bullshit is "if even 20% of what he says is true". That is not even logical. If 80% of what he says is a lie (and it obviously is), there is no reason to trust the rest of it.

Plenty of real things to worry about without the fake crap. This thread is full of fake stories. April Fools was yesterday.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

FBS (fried brain syndrome) at the VA will be big I'm betting.

knukles's picture

"Smart" as in controllable?  Of course they do.
A little chip here
And a little chip there
And pretty soon
You're fully funcitonal matrix drone

Amazing.  That one seal looks like Dolph Lundgren.  Makin' 'em ugly to scare the enemy as well.

OverTheHedge's picture

Rogue Trooper is in beta-testing now:


smokintoad's picture

I didn't notice that one, but I thought the other kinda looked like Van Damme.

44magnum's picture

You better go download the movie Universal Solider. 

L Bean's picture

And now it's ISIS with Captagon. Every once in a while the USAF will let slip that amphetamines are part of their arsenal, too.

skinwalker's picture

I believe modafinil is the drug of choice these days.

Cheka_Mate's picture

Modafinil was developed by Lafon Pharmaceuticals for use by the French Foreign Legion during their campaigns in Africa and the Maghreb.


knukles's picture

The entire US military in stressful, long hour tasks partakes in amphetamines.

Sanity Bear's picture

The amphetamines + night combat combo is so stressful it causes physical trauma to the brain.

Talk to some of the folks who have to treat these injuries - it's bad, man.

The Ram's picture

Yes, this is the heart of the matter.  The fact is that neural cells cannot fire continuously.  They can be enhanced with electricity and hormones to fire much longer and more powerfully, but then there is a blow back effect.  The blowback effects could come within hours, days, weeks, or even years, but they will come at some point.  Humans are not cyborgs despite the mythology we read today.  If you are a special operator, you may want to think twice about being enhanced.  The human body tolerates abuse fairly well in the teens, 20's, and even 30's, but if you want to be a healthy 60 year old (assuming you make it), you better be cognizant of what you do in your 20's and 30's.  I assure you it will catch up with you.  Unless of course, you don't value living well after 50.  

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Firstly, the "operators" are volunterily going into war. If they were worried about not living well after 50 they wouldn't be there.

Secondly, the machine trying to enhance them is heavily involved in setting up those wars. The aren't expecting the subjects to survive - that would entail paying for vet care which means less money for actual war.

Mercs are great, but aren't there for the "cause". They have already lowered the grade to try and get recruits, and a flat out draft would face massive backlash, so kill two birds with one stone and enhance the fools who do sign up - 1940's level GI soldiering with millenial generation brain stock and numbers.

Its quite understandable why they are doing it, because it isn't just the Fed who operate in a fantasy land of infinite growth.

The debt has spiralled well past the ability to pay it, just as the instigation of war has spiraled well past the ability to fight it - but the Marines don't train no quitters!


meditate_vigorously's picture

Methylphenidate is proven to mitigate traumatic brain injury.

Mr. Bones's picture

It's well documented in the US Navy's Flight Surgeons manual as well.  Download at will, not even hidden.

L Bean's picture

Yep, it's not so much hidden as not discussed in normie circles. Every once in a while an article will be written about it. But 60 Minutes et al won't touch it.

AR15AU's picture

Didn't Stalin have a program to cross breed his people with apes to make super soldiers. Yeah. Crazed government officials are always so good at science. I feel sorry for the guinnea pigs I mean seals.

Lumberjack's picture

Oh yea... We did that with a couple of chimps and got the 2 previous CIC's. Before that they did the same with a Rhesus monkey and got a Clinton.

CH1's picture

Drugging soldiers... how nice.

Not that this is anything new, mind you... just "better."

Why not implant explosives next?

meditate_vigorously's picture

When I was a soldier in the early days of the Iraq war, they didn't ask permission to experiment on us.

bigkahuna's picture

This shit has been around for a long time - the ones who tried to put this insanity into practice have always had nasty despotic dictators in charge ---  I guess it is our turn in world history to be the horrific monsters of the world?

Trump - do you want to be the man who this crap is pinned on? When are you going to get a handle on all of this shit? I do not care if you have to use the "dod" to do it - or call all of us out of our homes - there is a whole lot of everyday people who are READY!! Lets GO Trump - lets do this!!!

sgt_doom's picture

Nice one!


Once upon a time I might have been against this, but with China encircling the USA --- with the article posted at this site today regarding their business intrusions into Canada, with their building of the Nicaraugan Canal south of the USA, with the cyber penetrations awhile back, when the stole the plans to ALL the major American weapons systems (their hacking into the Pentagon and various defense contractors) their previous penetration of the FBI, some years back, it certainly begains to feel like a noose is slowly tightening. . . .

(And over the past decade or so, China has built an extensive highway network throughout Southeast Asia (Thailand, etc.) linking the Chinese mainland to the South China Sea --- interesting, huh?)

Hikikomori's picture

Pervitin was methamphetamine, in tablet form.  It's reported that Adolph Hitler was addicted to it and Eukodal, which was oxycodone.  If so, he may have been the most famous pillbilly in history.  Most people don't know, but methamphetamine is a legal drug to prescribe in the USA, indications are weight loss, and narcolepsy.  It's a Class II controlled substance.

Hikikomori's picture

Pervitin was methamphetamine, in tablet form.  It's reported that Adolph Hitler was addicted to it and Eukodal, which was oxycodone.  If so, he may have been the most famous pillbilly in history.  Most people don't know, but methamphetamine is a legal drug to prescribe in the USA, indications are weight loss, and narcolepsy.  It's a Class II controlled substance.

seataka's picture

For ISIS google CAPTAGON, made in Saudi Arabia....


PGR88's picture

The Germany Army distributed 30 million doses of Pervitin (a form of methamphetamines) to its troops before the invasions of France and the Soviet Union.

DuneCreature's picture

Yes, and we handed meth to our pilots too in WW II. ... Every little bit of edge counts. .... High and then crash you can sleep off. .. Slow, shot down and dead you can't.

Live Hard, We Still Do The Drug Enhancement Thing, Or So It's Rumored, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

clade7's picture

Yep!  Not many know this, but JFK's meth infusion kicked Nixons ass even!  Nixon!  As wonderfull as Caffiene is, its nothing against Meth for the immediate sharpness...So what you are saying is honest and valid here Dune...


Nixon brought caffiene to a Meth fight...Actually, certain musics beats accomplish the same thing...well studied when I worked production 2nd at Control Data in the 80' god we rocked the fucking cashbah to that piped in soundtrack!

Consuelo's picture



Oh Gawd those Control Data 200 lb. tape drives...    Please - spare me the memories...

DuneCreature's picture

My father was a WW II US Navy pilot. ... He wouldn't tell me shit as a rule. .... But his squadron mate Randy took a liking to me and would take me on hunting trips (Randy never had any kids) and he told me all kinds of interesting shit on our excursions ... It pays to make friends with your old man's war buddies. ...

You know, just in case of an emergency or sumpin'.

The US Navy didn't call it meth but that's what it was.

Live Hard, Leverage Is Useful At Any Age Of The Lever, Name Of The Lever Or Size Of The Counterweight, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

WillyGroper's picture

"It pays to make friends with your old man's war buddies. ..."

old folks in general.  living history books having endured with the pattern repeating ad nauseum.

storage vessels of wisdom, especially in the old ways that have been lost thru our great advancements in tech.

The Gun Is Good's picture

"Not many know this, but JFK's meth infusion kicked Nixons ass even!"

Whatever they were shooting Hellary up with last year obviously backfired... thank heavens!

earleflorida's picture

great... electro shock therepy used for psychos

ask the zombies in the psych-wards of the veteran adm's. 'mentally challenged wards' how it work'd out....

the shit has been around for decades ever since 'psychistry' was established as the science of fiction only to be interpretated by a 'shrink-wrapped-psycho' given a badge for deceit!

Radical Pragmatist's picture

Fat chance.  More Generals and Admirals with their "Next Big Thing" Bullsh*t Tech Boondoggle.  But what the heck?  It ain't their money.

DoD can't make conventional weapons without going BILLIONS over budget.  They can't even build a radio that isn't a Boondoggle:

L Bean's picture

It's because western millenials are all autistic to a certain degree, and actually need neural stimulation just to keep up with historical military norms. The over-vaccination campaign was started in the 80s and don't think they haven't been planning for the fallout ever since.


Of course, it won't work. Because the people, the bright young go-getters in charge of these current programs, are high functioning autists as well.

Ever wonder how Elon Musk got so popular? His target demographic is brain-damaged millenials.

Consuelo's picture



The wonders of Al & Hg...

WillyGroper's picture

many of the fortune 500's want to hire the autistic...Gates being 1 of them.

altruistic donchano.

L Bean's picture

It's a bunch of blah blah blah "inclusiveness". Only the top few percent on the spectrum will be  drone-like, compliant workers. The rest are a mess, and the severely impacted are in diapers watching Sesame Street, or wandering into a pond and drowning. For some reason the media never address what "real" autism looks like.

Anarchyteez's picture

Think how rich we would all be if our constitution were followed and we never had a standing army.

DuneCreature's picture

Yea well, the Super Seals better super up their enemy IDing skills and figure out who throws them under the bus all of the time (Or loads them onto helo with slew of suicide bombers sitting among the bros.)

Here's a clue, guys:

The Awan brothers ISI(S) are still running loose with taps on a bunch of Capital Hill routers and servers. =

The CIA (ISIS) knows you are coming. And then drops a dime on your Super Seal ass to ISIS ambushers.

What do you call casualties in a fiendly vs friendly fire fight?

Black and Blue on Blue and Super Stupid KIAs?

The element of surprise is suppose to be yours not your super booby prize.

Live Hard, Nothing like The Enemy Knowing What You are Going To Do Before You Do It, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

L Bean's picture

The plan is to dumb down the population to the point they'll believe in whichever fantastical enemy du jour is required, but not so dumb they can't figure out how to point-n-shoot.


It's a fine line.