Welcome To Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches

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Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute,

  • British multiculturalists are feeding Islamic fundamentalism. Muslims do not need to become the majority in the UK; they just need gradually to Islamize the most important cities. The change is already taking place.
  • British personalities keep opening the door to introducing Islamic sharia law. One of the leading British judges, Sir James Munby, said that Christianity no longer influences the courts and these must be multicultural, which means more Islamic. Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Chief Justice Lord Phillips, also suggested that the English law should "incorporate" elements of sharia law.
  • British universities are also advancing Islamic law. The academic guidelines, "External speakers in higher education institutions", provide that "orthodox religious groups" may separate men and women during events. At the Queen Mary University of London, women have had to use a separate entrance and were forced to sit in a room without being able to ask questions or raise their hands, just as in Riyadh or Tehran.

"London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together", according to Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi, one of the Islamic preachers who now lead "Londonistan", as the journalist Melanie Phillips has called the English capital. No, Rizvi is not a right-wing extremist. Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Laureate for Literature, was less generous; he called the UK "a cesspit for Islamists".

"Terrorists can not stand London multiculturalism", London's mayor Sadiq Khan said after the recent deadly terror attack at Westminster. The opposite is true: British multiculturalists are feeding Islamic fundamentalism. Above all, Londonistan, with its new 423 mosques, is built on the sad ruins of English Christianity.

The Hyatt United Church was bought by the Egyptian community to be converted to a mosque. St Peter's Church has been converted into the Madina Mosque. The Brick Lane Mosque was built on a former Methodist church. Not only buildings are converted, but also people. The number of converts to Islam has doubled; often they embrace radical Islam, as with Khalid Masood, the terrorist who struck Westminster.

The Daily Mail published photographs of a church and a mosque a few meters from each other in the heart of London. At the Church of San Giorgio, designed to accommodate 1,230 worshipers, only 12 people gathered to celebrate Mass. At the Church of Santa Maria, there were 20.

The nearby Brune Street Estate mosque has a different problem: overcrowding. Its small room and can contain only 100. On Friday, the faithful must pour into the street to pray. Given the current trends, Christianity in England is becoming a relic, while Islam will be the religion of the future.

In Birmingham, the second-largest British city, where many jihadists live and orchestrate their attacks, an Islamic minaret dominates the sky. There are petitions to allow British mosques to call the Islamic faithful to prayer on loudspeakers three times a day.

By 2020, estimates are that the number of Muslims attending prayers will reach at least 683,000, while the number of Christians attending weekly Mass will drop to 679,000. "The new cultural landscape of English cities has arrived; the homogenised, Christian landscape of state religion is in retreat", said Ceri Peach of Oxford University. While nearly half of British Muslims are under the age of 25, a quarter of Christians are over 65. "In another 20 years there are going to be more active Muslims than there are churchgoers," said Keith Porteous Wood, director of the National Secular Society.

Since 2001, 500 London churches of all denominations have been turned into private homes. During the same period, British mosques have been proliferating. Between 2012 and 2014, the proportion of Britons who identify themselves as Anglicans fell from 21% to 17%, a decrease of 1.7 million people, while, according to a survey conducted by the respected NatCen Social Research Institute, the number of Muslims has grown by almost a million. Churchgoers are declining at a rate that within a generation, their number will be three times lower than that of Muslims who go regularly to mosque on Friday.

Demographically, Britain has been acquiring an increasingly an Islamic face, in places such as Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets. In 2015, an analysis of the most common name in England showed it was Mohammed, including spelling variations such as Muhammad and Mohammad.

Most important cities have huge Muslim populations: Manchester (15.8%), Birmingham (21.8%) and Bradford (24.7%). In Birmingham, the police just dismantled a terrorist cell; there is also a greater probability that a child will be born into a Muslim family than into a Christian one. In Bradford and Leicester, half the children are Muslim. Muslims do not need to become the majority in the UK; they just need gradually to Islamize the most important cities. The change is already taking place. "Londonistan" is not a Muslim majority nightmare; it is a cultural, demographic and religious hybrid in which Christianity declines and Islam advances.

Thousands of Muslims participate in a public outdoor prayer service in Birmingham, England, on July 6, 2016. (Image source: Ruptly video screenshot)

According to Innes Bowen, writing in The Spectator, only two of the 1,700 mosques in Britain today follow the modernist interpretation of Islam, compared with 56% in the United States. The Wahhabis control six percent of mosques in the UK, while the fundamentalist Deobandi control up to 45%. According to a survey from the Knowledge Center, a third of UK Muslims do not feel "part of British culture."

London is also full of sharia courts. There are officially 100. The advent of this parallel judicial system has been made possible thanks to the British Arbitration Act and the system of Alternative Dispute Resolution. These new courts are based on the rejection of the inviolability of human rights: the values ??of freedom and equality that are the basis of English Common Law.

British personalities keep opening the door to introduce sharia. One of Britain's leading judges, Sir James Munby, said that Christianity no longer influences the courts and these must be multicultural -- which means more Islamic. Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Chief Justice Lord Phillips also suggested that British law should "incorporate" elements of sharia law. The British cultural establishment is rapidly capitulating to Islamic fundamentalists in accepting their demands.

British universities are also advancing Islamic law. The official guidelines of the university, "External speakers in higher education institutions", published by Universities UK, provide that "orthodox religious groups" may separate men and women during events. At Queen Mary University of London, women had to use a separate entrance and were forced to sit in a room without being able to ask questions or raise their hands -- as in Riyadh or Tehran. The Islamic Society at the London School of Economics held a gala, in which women and men were separated by a seven-meter panel.

After the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, recommended self-censorship and "some restraint" in discussing Islam. The British ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis, converted to Islam and completed the pilgrimage to Mecca, the hajj. He now calls himself Haji Collis.

What will be next?

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Mr. Pain's picture

Fucking religion. Someday soon the Brits will back pedal on this in a huury.

Mr.Sono's picture

fucking British morons. Should of chosen Valhalla instead.

813kml's picture

On the bright side, maybe they can convince Queen Elizabeth to wear a burka.

Anarchyteez's picture

We have a winner!


Skateboarder's picture

English output in 1969: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest.

English output in 2017: Muslims.

What a world!

SixIsNinE's picture

gator said:

The cause of 2017 is 1969.

nonsense. 1917 Balfour Declaration

UK is just celebrating the 100th anniversary of their Genius Balfour Declaration !

aaron russo - freedom to fascism - amazing @ 25m to 32m he tells how rockefeller tell him before 9/11 about it and how the war on terror would be hoax

GatorMcClusky's picture

The left decided it didn't want Christ. I guess we'll see how they like "allah" and his multicultural hordes. Jesus is a better way and in fact warned of this falling away before the antichrist appears. Take off your balfour colored glasses.

The Grim Teacher's picture


Enoch Powell - 1969 - Rivers of Blood Speech, predicted all of this, but who would listen. Onwards over the cliff chaps!

11b40's picture

Upvote for the passion.  Never got deep into heavy metal, but going on 50 years later these guitar Gods still speak to me.  Duane & Eric.  Jim Gordn on drums is just total excellence, too.



I s this heavy metal?



ebear's picture

Metal isn't so much a style of music as it is an attitude towards life.  (note the stage diving in some of the videos - you need trust to do that)  The common theme is unity in the face of adversity - a human approach to dealing with a hostile world.

Compared to the escapism and introspection of other forms of popular music, metal is simple and straight from the heart.  It doesn't have to be sophisticated (although it often is), but it does have to be genuine.




aloha_snakbar's picture

Yeah... a burkha would take at least 150 years off of her age...

European American's picture

I'd rather see the Queen Bitch wear a Lunette...on prime time TV.

Elmo Blatch's picture

Before or after they behead her?

NoPension's picture

But Catholics and Protestants saw a need to fight to the death.

And both Christian sects stand idly by while this takes place.

Oldwood's picture

I hope the Muslims burn it all to the ground.

When I see someone threatening suicide, I don't try and stop them but once, after that I loan them my gun. Of course the idiots spearheading this suicide pact think they will somehow profit from it, but they will necessarily have to convert to Islam to do so. It's always the same, tyrants using ideology to empower themselves over the masses, and those who won't go willingly will simply be swept into the gutter.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Yes indeed the Christian Church stood idly by while Islamization Of England took place.

I have said many times on ZH posts that the West does not understand Islamic ideology.

I first read the Qur'an 6 years ago and said to myself "OH MY ... WHAT HAS AMERICA DONE?"

My suggestion for anyone who wants to understand Islam is to sit your butt down in a chair and read the book. You will be shocked. If you don't have the time, then watch the following video with your family. I personnally know Shahram and he is a Godly man with a ministry titled TIL or Truth in Love. Watch the entire video and pray that America wakes up before it is too late!!


Remember, GOD does not honor or reward stupidity.

Have a blessed day.


11b40's picture

Where the hell is Winaton Churchill?  He needs to weigh in on this this!

Vigilante's picture

The British are cowards.

They feel Islam is a rising power and convert to save their skin.

They invented the  'If you can't beat them, join them' expression after all


Raffie's picture

If they want to allow their country to become a big pile of crap at least allow the locals to arm themselves to reclaim the country.

London has serious cancer that is terminal to all the is good.

Michael Bay's picture
Michael Bay (not verified) Raffie Apr 2, 2017 2:37 PM

This pattern is in no way exclusive to the London though, dirt always accumulates in the big city. They know full well how countryside sees them, and this shit always ends the same way, with a lot of ropes.

So don`t lose hope.

Deplorable's picture

Perhaps all those English Luddites can immigrate to the colonies.

ipso_facto's picture

The point is: there won't be any 'Brits' left to backpedal.

Delving Eye's picture

Indeed. That's the tragedy of globalization. Everything and everyone becomes homogenized. One used to be able to travel and explore other cultures and people and countries and appreciate them and learn something. (National Geographic captured the differences back in the day.) Now, the world is turning into a giant mishmash, with no discerning feature worth keeping.

silvercity's picture

A new demographic on the Island is nothing new. When the Romans came it was Albans, then in 300-500 AD it was Angles/Saxsons. Then in 1066 Normans completed their takeover. They vacilitated as to whether they were French or someyhing else until Queen Eliza decided they were English. Now they will be something else in the near future. Probably do less evil than the dammed English did world-wide.

Omen IV's picture

"At the Queen Mary University of London, women have had to use a separate entrance and were forced to sit in a room without being able to ask questions or raise their hands, just as in Riyadh or Tehran"


and ...women support this religion, immigration, refugees   --- doesnt this prove that women are stupid?

TDK's picture

I call bullshit. I know Queen Mary and this is utter toss

consider me gone's picture

And whoo dey gonna call when da izlams resist?

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

It's a one way street.  Once you go down it you don't come back.

FonestarReturns's picture

Not if they remain the functional atheists that they are now; hell, not even the Archbishop seems to believe in Christianity anymore. When the only two things you can confidently believe in are death and entropy, it only makes sense that your society will resemble something on the brink of death. Meanwhile, the muslims believe in a vision for the future. A bad vision, probably; but at least they have one. The only thing that can bring Britain back is a return of Christendom (unlikely). Otherwise, parts of the UK will become something akin to an Islamic Republic within the next 100 years, probably followed by the rest of the parts later.

Omen IV's picture

The Neo Fascist Pope doesnt believe in Roman Catholism - so why not

Knob Creek's picture

I upvoted FonestarReturns for actually making a solid post instead of just pumping 'Teh Bitcoin'..........

There's hope

nicholforest's picture

Most people in Britain believe that religion has done more harm than good. Islam has no more chance of dominating than Buiddhism or Hinduism. But TPTB like to frighten the children with boogymen.

Melanie Phillips has a track record of being a schill for Israel, attacking Muslims and then having to apologise and pay damages. She sure knows how to wind up the naive, gullible and like-minded fanatics in the blogosphere.

The idea of a melting pot does not work - lack of diversity in a culture or species leads to in-breeding and decay. Positive, inclusive multi-culturism and diversity is the answer - to anybody who does not react in a knee-jerk manner to people like Phillips.

Oldwood's picture

Don't be a fool. The only way you can have a peaceful and harmonious society is if there are commonly shared values. Multiculturalism is fine and good as long as the "multi" part remains fringe...more of a seasoning rather than a side dish. Blending Islam with atheism in roughly equal parts is a recipe for disaster. It's the stuff that civil wars are made of, but progressives do believe that history is our burden, not our illuminator.

meditate_vigorously's picture

All they have to do to save themselves, is shut down the Synagogue known as The City Of London.

When those Jews leave, the rest will fix itself.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

hey retarded british rednecks enjoy your fucking multikillty you fuckers !!!

hey retarded german fuckers enjoy your multikillty as well just dont spread it other states you fucking german fucks

Michael Bay's picture
Michael Bay (not verified) Apr 2, 2017 2:35 PM

Oy vey!

jangojango's picture

Very sad to see so many abandoning their faith in God because Jesus is returning very soon, and he's coming for those that are waiting for him.  You can change all that at www.itshisstory.com 

European American's picture

Better have a plan "B". Jesus already came and left. He saw the complete catastrophic mess on earth that humans have created, Christians too, and said "Bullshit! They are all going to get exactly what they deserve, too learn their karmic lesson. Remember the Golden Rule?"

meditate_vigorously's picture

Eventually people will figure out that they did not fail, Christianity failed. Its key tenet is designed to dissuade people from even having that thought.

It is a CONTROL SYSTEM. All the "Abrahamic" "religions" are control systems that are only slightly compatible with the genetic nature of Europeans.

Faith is a need, but it doesn't have to be this one.

Killdo's picture

it's all about glorifying slavery and submission

OverTheHedge's picture

For 2,000 years we have been living in the end of days, with Christ's return imminent. During that time there have been endless worldwide wars, cataclysmic natural events, and many, many violent deaths. Still no second coming. What if he actually came back 1500years ago, and was murdered for being a heretic? What if he's never coming back? What if he came back, is living quietly as an accountant in Milton Keynes, and wants nothing to do with any embarrassing religious buttery he might have had a hand in last time?

I'm going to assume that there is no one coming to fix the mess and sort out the unruly children, which means it is actually up to us, collectively, to take responsibility for the mess. If an all-powerful, loving, caring creator suddenly pops his head up saying "So sorry I'm late, all sorts of things cropped up at the last minute, I'm not too late, am I?", I'm going to ask "Where the fuck were you 2,000 years ago?"

In conclusion, your God is either late (incompetent), utterly uncaring, or a violent, psychopathic lunatic. None of these options fill me with confidence that he is going to do a better job than last time.

Oh, and then there is this:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-suvkwNYSQo

Shouldn't we actually be celebrating the closure of churches, as a sign that a mature, enlightened society is throwing off the shackles of narrow-minded bigotry and unthinking, thoughtless following?

[Rant complete]

justdues's picture

This is what happens when you let (((traitors))) into your land

44magnum's picture

 Buy or steal? Its easy to aquire if you control the creation of the currency.

lakecity55's picture

I just finished reading Alan Bullock's bio of Hitler for about the 10th time.

Adolf Hitler could not wait to side up with the Saracens. No doubt they would have been a "sub-race" to the NAZIs, but they were both on Team Totalitarianism.

This should give you pause considering the current alliance of the "democrats" and muslims in the US.

Martian Moon's picture

Yes, the people suffering the most from the influx of Muslims to the extent that Hebrew schools, community centres ect... are now under 24 hour armed guard are the same people who invited Muslims in


lakecity55's picture

It's over. England has fallen.

Not to Hitler's Germany, but to Mohammed.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) lakecity55 Apr 2, 2017 2:56 PM

This book is 10 years old but could have been written today.

Free kindle version: https://www.amazon.com/Caliphate-Tom-Kratman/dp/1439133425

TeethVillage88s's picture

And when former CIA Agent Robert Baer wrote reports asking to investigate the Muslim Brotherhood and those interested in a new Caliphate... he bosses told him to just stick to his mission as outlined... just ignore the weapons dealers, gun runners, and the Brotherhood.

"Hear No Evil"
"How We Sold Our Souls for Saudi Crude"