Cernovich Explains How He Learned About Susan Rice

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Ever since Mike Cernovich dropped the bombshell report over the weekend outing Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, as the person behind the unmasking of the identity of various members of Trump's team who were 'incidentally' surveilled during the 2016 campaign (see "Confirmed: Susan Rice "Unmasked" Trump Team"), a report which was subsequently confirmed by Eli Lake of Bloomberg earlier this morning, everyone has been wondering who within the Trump White House or the intelligence community supplied him with such a massive scoop. 

But, as it turns out, Cernovich didn't need a 'deep throat' within the NSA or CIA for his blockbuster scoop, all he needed was some well-placed sources inside of a couple of America's corrupt mainstream media outlets.  As Cernovich explains below, his sources for the Susan Rice story were actually folks working at Bloomberg and the New York Times who revealed that both Eli Lake (Bloomberg) and Maggie Haberman (NYT) were sitting on the Susan Rice story in order to protect the Obama administration.

"Maggie Haberman had it.  She will not run any articles that are critical of the Obama administration."


"Eli Lake had it.  He didn't want to run it and Bloomberg didn't want to run it because it vindicates Trump's claim that he had been spied upon.  And Eli Lake is a 'never Trumper.'  Bloomberg was a 'never Trump' publication."


"I'm showing you the politics of 'real journalism'.  'Real journalism' is that Bloomberg had it and the New York Times had it but they wouldn't run it because  they don't want to run any stories that would make Obama look bad or that will vindicate Trump.  They only want to run stories that make Trump look bad so that's why they sat on it."


"So where did I get the story?  I didn't get it from the intelligence community.  Everybody's trying to figure out where I got it from.  I got it from somebody who works in one of those media companies.  I have spies in every media organization.  I got people in news rooms.  I got it from a source within the news room who said 'Cernovich, they're sitting on this story, they're not going to run it, so you can run it'."


"If you're at Bloomberg, I have people in there.  If you're at the New York Times, I have people in there.  LA Times, Washington Post, you name it, I have my people in there.  I got IT people in every major news room in this country.  The IT people see every email so that's how I knew it."


And while this could certainly be interpreted as a clever ploy to protect his real sources, Cernovich's video comments seem to be validated by both his tweet from yesterday afternoon...

...and the fact that Eli Lake of Bloomberg was able to conveniently confirm Cernovich's story with his own article this morning. 

All of which just begs the question of what other stories the mainstream media is sitting on in an effort to protect their chosen candidates.

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Bigly's picture

Mike  You rock. Keep on keeping on!

Manthong's picture

Up periscope.

johngaltfla's picture

If everyone remembers, that is what happened with Bubba also. Newsweek sat on the article, Drudge got it and became famous.

I wish Mike all the success in the world. And he may want to make sure he drives a car that was made before 1979 (no chips for the CIA to accelerate with) so he doesn't end up Rolling Stoned into a tree.

greenskeeper carl's picture

These outlets further reveal themselves to be fake news. As Orwell said, printing what others want printed isn't journalism, it's propaganda. You'd think after these revelations stemming from the pre election wiki leaks dumps, they'd have learned a lesson or two and be trying to gain back some snippet of trust from the public, and yet here they sit, doubling down. If these journalists had this info, higher ups at the paper were doubtless aware of it and are therefore complicit as well. Their demise is long over due.

kliguy38's picture

NOT fake news.........they are pure traitors within the deep state......they need to be tried andconvicted

knukles's picture

OMG  We have officially entered James Jesus Angleton's Hall of Mirrors.

Pinto Currency's picture

There go his IT sources.
These reporters are all now going to go to private e-mail addresses and phones for important stuff.

nmewn's picture

I dunno, could be a crafty move on his part to free up some IT jobs from H1B's ;-)

RAT005's picture

I love the blanket, maybe true, but true enough no matter what, that he has spies everywhere......  If you are a Bomma Ball Licker with shit in your closet plus up your ass, you never know when the hammer will fall on you next :-)  Priceless!!!

jeff montanye's picture

and don't forget that the nyt protected bush's reelection:

because this is not about republicans and democrats but about zionists and those of which they can't be sure (trump).

froze25's picture

What you think it's just blind luck that the Main Stream Media outlets are all owned by 6 Corps? If you can control the flow of information you can control people's  perception of reality. It's all about control.

RiverRoad's picture

And finding a "Russian" behind every tree.  McCarthy tactics.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I will take this opportunity to announce my "Up Periscope" (tm) Anal Self Exploration kit.  It comes with a free captain's hat!

strickler's picture

George Orwell..... Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

A Nanny Moose's picture

He breaks the 3rd rule of OpSec. Shut the fuck up.

Now the corporations will spin this as a Data Loss Prevention story, and attempt to put information in the every tightening vise.

Riga's picture

stfu unless speaking loudly is what keeps you alive

Helicopter Rides's picture

It's like he wants to cut his links in purpose.

JohninMK's picture

I don't believe a word of it.

With a surname like that it had to have come from Russia.

This is another Russian plot guaranteed 100%

Mr. Universe's picture

Now, after the fact, no one who could change anything will care. After all, who wants to go up against that machine? The public could be outraged, but the propaganda magic has done it's work and at least half have no qualms about what the Obama administration has done, if it was to stop Trump. I hate to continue to point out that this has dire consequences for any nation. A nation divided against it self, will not stand.

Arrow4Truth's picture

If anyone doesn't know that by now, they ain't been lookin'. Oh yeah, it's gonna fall alright. Question is, what follows?

Next to Arch Stanton's picture

Quick perusal of WaPo, NYT, CNN shows ZERO reference to this story.  I also couldn't find it on the Bloomberg page - perhaps it's burried in some secondary page.  So FUCKING sick of the obvious bias in reporting.  Not even close to be being fair.  I could be suffering from ZH bias, but this story seems pretty significant to me and astounding (not really, actually) that not being reported anywhere else.  Burn this house to the ground, NOW.  So tired of the false narratives, clueless sheeple, and criminal elites raping the system.  


Thanks - feel just a tiny bit better now.

DC Exile's picture

I did a scan to of all MSM Fake News sites too - no mention of Rice ordering the unmasking. However, when I was at the sports club, the TV monitors were all tuned to CNN - this was the cryon: Breaking News "Source: reports about Susan Rice are false." Funny thing they never even reported the original story just an unnamed source saying the reports are false. Nothing to see here. Move Along. Now back to Russiagate.

CNN = CIA, Deep State. Trump must yank CNN's black budget funding stat. Watch CNN shrivel up and die without the secret subsidy. Yank the NYT's too. And cancel all the Bezos/WashPost CIA contracts today!!

Drain it!



bowie28's picture

He's not going to tell them what his real source is. 

This is psych warfare now, making them suspicious of everyone in their organization and constantly in fear that their own emails are being snooped on and shared with the enemy. 

Great to see it happening to Fake news MSM.  More please...


NurseRatched's picture

I agree with bowie28. If he did truly have sources inside MSM, then he would have a new blockbuster story every week, no? It is not like the Obama Administration had only 1 skeleton in the closet.

bowie28's picture

Eaxctly.  How's this for a conspiracy theory...  What if his source is in FBI or NSA or some other gov agency and Cerno then leaked the info via an anon source to Wapo and WSJ?  Then just wait a few days and see what happens.  They don't go public so he does and claims they were sitting on it and he got it from inside their org.  He KNOWS they have it because he indirectly fed it to them so he can confidently claim they had it and that his source was inside their org. 

Forces them to report something that destroys their narrative AND he gets to out them for sitting on a big story for political reasons.  Two birds with one stone.  Nicely played...

Seems just as likely to me as the claim that he has IT sources inside multiple MSM groups. 


RiverRoad's picture

Fake-out Fake news with Fake news.  Hilarious.

Doom Porn Star's picture

"This is psych warfare now, making them suspicious of everyone in their organization and constantly in fear "


Fear.   Doubt.  Suspicion.   Cynacism.

THAT is how you win: destroy hope, disarm will.

X- x3's picture

The 'NYT-NewYorkTimes Cover-up Meme' has been around for at least....42 years!!!

Sydney Pollack's Robert Redford character Joe Turner tells this in the final scene from his 1975 masterpiece:


Three Days of the Condor - Final Scene1 -

Take 1:37 minutes of your time and see for yourselves how "reality always trumps fiction".

Maybe I should be saying *Trump's Reality Trumps Fiction*.


ps, Time for some 'chicken-fried-rice' on The Mall.

RiverRoad's picture

And double-agents galore.  Can't wait for the movie.

FreedomGuy's picture

The MSM will coordinate a counter story. "Cernovich", hmmm. Sounds Russian. More proof of Trump Russian collaboration. They were just sitting on the story because they thought it might be Russian-Trump inspired fake news. They did it for the good of the Nation because they are just tooooo smart to be fooled and too honest to not filter bad news.

They can create any alternate universe story they like and roughly 40% of the nation will buy it as well as the DNC because they want to believe it.

Sanity Bear's picture

As the lockstep MSM has descended into outright espionage in their desperation to bring down Trump, a counter-espionage operation is more than appropriate.

AGuy's picture

"These reporters are all now going to go to private e-mail addresses and phones for important stuff."

LOL! No. that would not stop IT personal. Often its IT that set up thier IPhones, and all there smart devices. There are many other ways for IT personal to access personal eMail accounts.

RiverRoad's picture

NOTHING is private.  EVERYONE must be considered an "agent".   NO ONE can be believed.  The Deep State is on it's way OUT.

Herp and Derp's picture

Nah, there are tons of 'red pilled' IT people that keep their shit on the down low.  The 'journalists' dont know how to investigations much less doing anything with tech without these people.  The leaks are safe and will hopefully out more of this bullshit.

Do you think it is an accident that journalists no longer have skills or reason to investigate and traders have no reason to understand markets to succeed?

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

So the state-run media industry has "leakers."

But these are genuine leakers leaking real news, not Deep State tyrants making up stories to control the government.

Let's see how they like it now that "leakers" are working against them.

nuubee's picture

If you're an IT person worth his/her salt, you can actually monitor the very keystrokes of the people on your network.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Good! ....enter, the Russian hackers!

Dan'l's picture

CernoCuck is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. All those steroids had a very negative effect on ihs brain. 

pot_and_kettle's picture

that's IF those are his sources - MC could be laying a screen for the real sources

Tarzan's picture

The most striking news is Mike Cernovich lived to tell the story!


That, folks, is the most shocking tidbit in this whole sorted tale

Bilderberg Member's picture

We're goin to need a bigger "swamp drainer"

wcole225's picture

Critical mass has been reached and TPTB know it. Otherwise Trump would be deep sixed by now. They know that to do that would bring a shit storm of epic proportions. They're trying to take him out with a soft coup to soften the blowback but it's backfiring. A stirring is happening and they're in panic mode. Funniest shit of my 58 years.

Arrow4Truth's picture

About time for the shaking.

RiverRoad's picture

Let's hope Cernovitch continues to avoid Slick Willy Clinton's Mena/CIA buddies.

Antifaschistische's picture

What else are they hiding?

Hillary's hit list?  Obama's proof of birth location, Obama's academic record, Hillary's real health issues....and about a thousand other dirty deeds done dirt cheap by the DNC insiders and Hitlery.

nmewn's picture

I'd rather do just what they do, convict and execute first, then do a trial later, maybe.

They seem to think its fair! ;-)

Implied Violins's picture

If it was good enough for Robespierre, it's good enough for them!

Whalley World's picture

And 60 Minutes dared to mock Mike as a purveyor of fake news?
What divine timing.

agNau's picture

The media is the greatest threat to freedom.