Dow Drop Erases Post-Healthcare Debacle Gains

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US equities have erased all the gains since the pulled-Obamacare-repeal vote as VIX pushes well above 13...



It appears reality is setting in that perhaps a fractured GOP is not the best environment for a tax reform package that is more than priced in.

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The Trump reflation trade is dead in the water.  He and Ryan didn't do enough to get rid of Obamacare, now they can't get any tax cuts because HC is such a huge tax on the people, and never mind a stimulous, he's got to raise the debt ceiling first, which also shows DC's incompetence.  

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You mean everything isn't bigly better yet? Zounds!

FWIW I think the drop has more to do with the reality that auto sales are taking it on the chin:

Seems like something we've heard before....

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I agree stocks are digesting negative data that shows Auto sales down and Manufacturing is weaker than originally thought (no surprise to those you follow the hard data) This whole reflation trade was based on hopium. Once the casino gamblers realize the Trump stimulus is not coming the markets will throw a temper tantrum. A while the economy heads into another recession. 

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another call the bottom! Now I can by the Freaking dip now. 

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Takeaction2 (not verified) Soul Glow Apr 3, 2017 10:15 AM

Again....I think TRUMP or His people read ZH. are some instructions....


This is the time to Double down on it all.  No more press more nothing.  Double Down and create a great Health Care bill with Rand Paul.  Get that passed.  Pull the NUclear Option to get Gorsuch in today...we don't need a week of cry baby Shumer crying why he wants a different pick...Hey CHUCK...Fucker...your boy Harry Reid created this option....REMEMBER?.....CRICKETS.  Stay off twitter, just plow forward.  OH AND NOW WOULD BE THE TIME to INVITE PUTIN with his Terror attack....reach out with a YUGGGE Olive Branch.  JUST DO IT. 

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All good ideas except the twitter thing, keep talking to the people directly and keep telling the press to get fucked. 



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Yeah, they didn't do enough alright...


The '$$$Force' is strong with Ryan (and his old lady)...

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 "You're going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost, and it's going to be so easy."

-Donald J. Trump-

Sorry, but this will never get old for me.

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"I've fallen and I can't get up!"


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Schiff claims this is just a diversion by the mawkit to distract attention away from the committee not finding Russian hookers bouncing on beds with full bladders! 

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Janet had everything under control until that damn Putin hacked the "markets" .

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Not to worry- we'll finish green somehow. BTFD.

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was thinking...besides hating the chemtrails today as they fill the skies beyond belief,  I thought about how smart putin is, and how smart china is...They dont really need bombs and military, that is so 80's.  They could collapse the economic system via internet and hacking....maybe this is why china and russia and iran and syria etc are positioning themselves away from the petrodollar...I dont know, just a thought.  But its an interesting thought.

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The american markets are on turps, so I'm looking at CAC40.

It is jammed up against a long term trendline, making a massive triangle going back to 2000.

The markets are at an infection point, a leg down means 50% drop and breakup is in free air.


It's a freaky moment, but I'm can't see what can spark a leg up. 

Something big is in the wings


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Looks like Drumpf is a loser. Sad !!!!