Dubai Police Arrest Hackers Who Broke Into "Highly Confidential" White House Emails

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In a development that could have substantial implications to the ongoing "Russia hacked the US elections" narrative, United Arab Emirates media reports that Dubai police have arrested a group of foreign hackers that targeted five White House officials in an email blackmail scheme.

The Arabic-language Al Bayan newspaper and the television channel Dubai One reported the arrests on Monday according to AP. Dubai police did not answer repeated calls for comment.

The Al Bayan quoted Maj. Saud al-Khalidi of Dubai police as saying an "African gang", broke into the emails of the five senior officials and "got highly confidential information." He said the U.S. asked Dubai police for assistance. Al-Khalidi said that investigators tracked down the gang to an apartment in the emirate of Ajman and arrested three suspects. Those arrested are between 24 and 26 years of age and had a list of "5 million bank accounts," as well as hacking software and millions of dollars in assets, he said.

The major said the three people had entered the UAE on visitor visas a few years ago. The reports did not identify the White House officials targeted. Al-Khalidi reportedly said those suspects would be handed over to the United States for possible criminal trials.

The U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi did not respond to requests for comment.

As we await more official details, the google translated report from Al Bayan report is below:

Dubai Police have arrested an organized African gang that broke the e-mail of senior White House officials in the United States of America, Dr. Saud al-Khalidi, head of information and development at the Dubai Police Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation, revealed. The intention to sell and exploit the information is the purpose of confidentiality obtained by them.




Maj. Khalid al-Khalidi told Al-Bayan that the details of the incident were due to the receipt of official mail from the competent authorities in the United States stating that the e-mail of 5 senior White House officials had been hacked and that the infiltrators sent blackmail messages to the US presidency. Information was highly confidential and it was noted that hackers were suspected within the UAE. All available information was immediately received and a team of experts and cybercriminals was established. Within two hours, the penetration site was identified in one of the emirates.


Majid Khalidi said that the location of the penetration was determined accurately and in coordination with the competent authorities in the Emirate of Ajman was raided the site was an apartment run by an African gang organized by 3 people and resisted the authorities and try to escape, but they were controlled, and found on the site on computers and devices The hackers are also known to have specialized in hacking operations and sell the information they receive in large amounts, and it is not the first process they do, but the first from within the state, where the perpetrators used to change the countries in which they manage their operations.




Khalidi pointed out that the gang members were between the ages of 24 and 26 years old and found a list of bank account numbers of about 5 million bank accounts, estimated at billions of dollars and programs of piracy, and check them showed that they entered the state on a visit visa to carry out the operations they had undertaken for years and actually managed From transferring millions of dollars into their assets, and that no one doubted or recognized the nature of their work or arrested them throughout those years.

Al Khalidi pointed out that the defendants were brought to the competent authorities and that after the end of their sentence within the UAE they will be handed over to the US authorities. This case has established the great expertise of the Dubai Police, especially in electronic crimes, which are considered complex crimes.




Maj. Gen. Saud al-Khalidi said that after the American authorities handed over a complete file of the investigation, which included all the hard evidence and documents that proved that the gang had penetrated hundreds of accounts of officials worldwide, the US authorities honored the UAE for fruitful cooperation, prompt response, A record time although no accurate information is available to locate the gang.

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Nightjar's picture

Not bad for "africans"

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Obama's team or Trump's team?  Would answer a lot of questions when that info is released.

Sam.Spade's picture

They're hired guns.  They don't work for anyone, they just sell to the highest bidder.

See my post below, or get your hands on Thieves Emporium to understand how it really goes.

The Wizard's picture

George Webb is outing the Awan brothers and there is still little attention being applied to them.

DontGive's picture

My guess is Russian-African. Get with the program.

Sam.Spade's picture

This highlights the real source of most cyber-break-ins.  It's not the Russians, or any other government, or even any other formal organization, but just an ad-hoc bunch of guys who bought some tools and are trying them on every target they can find.  If they get lucky, and steal something of value, they'll get rich by selling it to the highest bidder who will then either use it for blackmail or release it through Wikileaks to embarrass an opponent.

Think super-Silk Roads where anything is for sale: Master Hackers forging tools to break into common systems, then selling them in bulk to unemployed and desperate third-world script-kiddie wannabes who, in turn, crawl over the Internet like army ants, probing for any weakness.

The fact is that the Internet is inherently insecure and always will be.  Don't see it?  Then explain why we still have Spam, kiddie-porn, on-line drug sales, massive numbers of break-ins, and ransomware.

Thieves Emporium is a novel that covers this hidden world very well.  Even though the plot and characters are fiction, the technical facts are all true.  So much so that The Daily Anarchist called it "Barely Fiction" and loved it.  The editors at the Daily Bell liked it so much that they published it as a serial, which you can still read for free.

Or you can buy a copy at Amazon (rated 4.6 in 118 reviews), Nook (same rating, fewer reviews), Smashwords (ditto), or iBooks.

But if you don't get your hands on a copy, you won't ever understand what is really happening online.

11b40's picture

Plus 100.  Bought it on Amazon and it is an excellent read.  A fast-moving page turner that left me wanting more.

Sam.Spade's picture

Thank you for the kind words.

The Wizard's picture

I can't disagree with your logic of hackers using tools to check out how far they can dig into others files.

However, I believe George Webb has made a very good case for the Awan brothers having direct ties to the Clintonistas and their cabal friends. The big question is how did these Pakistani brothers get top security clearance. That is a question that should be all over the headlines.

gimli's picture

Betcha they were trained by the Russians

gimli's picture

Nancy & Chuck told me to say that.

Squiddly Diddly's picture

Ah Ha, Russian Dubaiains!  They are spies, off with their heads.

MFL5591's picture

"African gang"

Not nice to refer to Waters and Cummings like this despite our disdain for both!

Byte Me's picture


No sane person puts sensitive data in a freakin' email.

These are scammers fingered by tools of the State.

d edwards's picture

Probably got right into the data trough Hitlarys f ing server.

When did they do it-during obama administration or the Trump admin?

Sam.Spade's picture

"No sane person puts sensitive data in a freakin' email."

Tell that to Hilary or Podesta or most of the DNC.

Byte Me's picture

Hilary ... (hmmm)

Pedoesta .... (hmmm)

I'm getting nothing in the SANE department.


Sam.Spade's picture

OK, bad definitions all around.  The original quote should have referred to "prudent" person, not 'sane" one.

You are correct, otherwise.  Insane people are usually not very careful, but one is not a synonym for the other.

Ban KKiller's picture

Clapper in black face, I tell you.

youngman's picture

they found the Nigerian Prince...I get his letters all the time....sad fella

esum's picture

Crips or bloods

African gang....... obama crew

tomfool's picture

Rasist! motivation clearly a putin false flag operation

quadraspleen's picture

"African Gang" - it'll be the Bank of Nigeria telling DJT there's 50000000 Nigerian dollars waiting for him to claim if he just gives them his bank details...

RagaMuffin's picture

Is there such a thing as an April 3  joke?

gcjohns1971's picture

This will never make the Leftist news.

This African gang is not Russian.

spanish inquisition's picture

Any relation to the guys fired by the DNC?

wolf pup's picture


Latest Finctional Episode #387 of Trump Monstuuur! Soap Opera, written by Rhodes, directed by Obamanites of the US Gov, for the Press to chew on, rather than work for a living to ferret out actual news: the CIA didn't hack anyone. They'd never! Someone got hands on these clever Africans' hacks and leaked it. But not anyone official.. unless Rice actually falls on her rusty sword after all. UAE will be sure to hand them off to US authorities just as soon as they're done with them...
Poor Obama. So wrongly accused by Trump - who should apologize right nows!
/s for the dim...

Beowulf55's picture

Now I know they are lying..........Africans don't use computers....

CHoward's picture

One email - on good authority - contained the Ambassadors wife's grandmother's super double secret receipe for her Christmas fruit cake. 

small axe's picture

Can I have the $3 million back that I sent to the Nigerian trading house short of funds for a big deal?

Haven't heard anything since 2012 when I sent the money care of "Prince Aguba".

Stan522's picture

These hackers were idiots... Most, I am sure are able to better digitally hide their whereabouts. But if these idiots were able to hack, gain access and then steal valuable information, how many are more sophisticated and are now getting away with it....?


4 wheel drift's picture

african hackers  in dubai ?.....

look a flying squirrel.....     -lol

TheLastTrump's picture

no shit


but since you're into drifting...that's a known Saudi game...oh look, over there, a squirrel :)

Bill of Rights's picture

The forgot the" American " at the end.

niemand's picture

still waiting for false flag cyber attack NYSE..

VW Nerd's picture

Another non event.

crossroaddemon's picture

Good for them if this is for real. Hackers and whistleblowers are heroes. Governments aren't trustworthy enough to be allowed secrets.

TheLastTrump's picture

Hackers are criminals.


They got a free pass from some on the right during the election because their efforts benefitted the right, but they're still CRIMINALS that cost non criminals millions a year in theft & security costs.

crossroaddemon's picture

Anyone who exposes the secrets of governments are heroes. 

MuffDiver69's picture

Ummm.....We had a god damn retard with a private server running the State Department and your worried about the RIGHT and hacks/leaks...give us a freakin break

Grandad Grumps's picture

Fake news. At least the part about Google translate, as anyone who has ever used it would understand.

dlfield's picture

When did these alleged "hacks" and "blackmail" attempts occur?... a.k.a. Which administration officials were stupid enough to fall for the ol' 419??  LOL:

Good Day,

My sincere apology for this unsolicited email letter to you. It is not my intention to approach you through the internet, but because i do not have your full information, hence i decided to contact you through this means.

My name is Mr. Enrique Boyd Esq., Attorney at law, I am contacting you solemnly on business related issues. It is true that many people are engaged in different types of internet scam and that has further made it impossible to know the genuine business proposal.  This business might be wrong but i will not allow my clients life time earnings to be confiscated by people who did not work for same.

My client, Eng. Chung Timothy, an American citizen who died in a plane crash(Korean Air Flight 801)with the whole passengers onboard on August 6,1997.And for your perusal you can view this 

website . ) before his demise he made a deposit of EURuro 4.300.000:00(Four million three hundred thousand euro's) in a bank here in Spain which i witnessed as his personal attorney and all the documents will be sent to you for your perusal at your demand. His only daughter whom he used as his next of kin was also involved in the same plane crash as above, and i have tried my best to contact any of his family members or extended family members to make claim of this deposit but all to no avail.

The bank where he made the deposit has contacted me on this subject mater to provide the next of kin to my late client or the deposit will be taken to the national treasury as an abandoned deposit.

This is the reason why i am soliciting for your co-operation to be presented as next of kin to my late client. All documents that will authorize you as the next of kin will be secured by me, by the power of attorney which is bestowed on me as his attorney. Upon your agreement to work with me to achieve this aim, i will plead with you to give me these few information of you, e.g Full name and direct telephone number.

Please bear in mind that this issue is very confidential and i promised you that within 21 working days, this fund will be moved any bank account of choice and i will be glad to share this money with you.

Reply to my private Email:  Please do not bother to reply if you are not willing to work with me.


Sincere regards.

Enrique Boyd.


Nunyadambizness's picture

OH yeah, I'm all in for that 4.3 million Euros, baby!!  Sign me up!

I wonder if that's how Podesta got phished?  (LOL)

MuffDiver69's picture

Obama was born in Africa and has lots of family there to this day....We know he had a private email account, because he contacted Crooked Hillary using it ....Freak show continues

Cardinal Fang's picture


Ha, get it? Goats?