FLieD RiCe...

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I would suggest that Rice is Obama's love slave, but then Rice would have to be a tranny, right?

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A Cognitive Analysis of Denial and Deception

We have no perfect knowledge of anything. If we tag something about which we have some imperfect knowledge as true fact, that's called faith and believing. It is a rational mental process.

If we tag something as true fact, then we don't like the emotional experience, and finally tag it as "not real" instead, that is called denial. It is an irrational emotional process.

All deception starts with denial, and only those in denial can be deceived. The goal of allowing deception games is to rally those in denial and organize them in big groups, parties etc. The liberals who defend Hillary and Obama are a great example of people in denial. CNN and others rally them in a process of garbage collection, compaction and disposal. The Devil and the Antichrist and their followers manage that process under God's control. Luciferians are garbage collectors without any real power.

One form of deception such as Christian Zionism seeks to direct a  group to support a bad cause: Israeli occupation.

Another type of deception seeks to rally people against a good cause. ISIS is like that.

I have talked to people who dealt with ISIS and almost got killed by them. They said: ISIS are not Arabs, not Muslims, they are devilish criminals.

ISIS are not bad Muslims. They are luciferians trying to make Islam look bad.

Only those in denial will be deceived by ISIS. President Trump is not one of them.

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2 Thessalonians
The Man of Lawlessness
…10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, 12in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.…

... many lies apparently.

2 Timothy 4:4
So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

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The Koran says the same thing in 2:6-20. The Almighty has repeated his wise teachings in many languages to all nations.

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What did you expect from a "nigger in the white house"?? Fair play?? If so, you are really, really dumb!!

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Her Daddy was a Federal Reserve stooge, nothing will happen to her. She is off limits!!

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Get your head around this ... there is no such thing as ... Incidental Collections

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Dirty hot
flied rice

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Who is Eli Lake and Ben Rhodes - Les Moonves and Jeff Fager - And David Rhodes and Ben Bradlee (Watergate / 60 minutes) these people are throwing Susan Rice under the bus - she is guilty but they are the cabal that is involved in snooping on everyone via warrantless witetapping. This whole deal is Nixon's vindication! CBS is toast!

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Lol123 I'm getting addicted these, they are hillarious but soooooo much truth behind them.

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Here is today's Mike R show. Listen and share his ideas about election fraud.


Everybody knows that the only way all these EVIL ziocuckroachs have gotten to the places of power that they are in, is ONLY because of the tainted hacked cheating evil vile voting machines. If all them wicked horrible nasty cheating fraud machines can be eliminated BEFORE the next election, there would then be an outstanding chance at an honest election. For the first time in decades, theere would be a great possibility of an honest election. Imagine that!




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 Verifiable paper ballots with ID and proof of citizenship would be RACIST, therefore we will never get them as long as Democrats have any power.  Never mind that Guyana requires ID + proof of citizenship + an address check.  Guyanans can't be racist because they aren't white.

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Poor people and minorities are too lazy and stupid to get ID.  Ask any liberal.

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Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice are the culprits--- next let's look at CBS's Moonves and David Rhodes (Bens Brother) and then the picture becomes much more clear.


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John Prine Donald & Lydia
"dreaming just comes natural..." j.p.

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No one ever said draining the swamp would be easy. They are playing this perfectly. Get the investigation done then...let the heads roll.

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Perhaps Shidoan Banzai could speed things up a bit with portrayals of these @$$#01e$ fighting to the death on the sands of the arena or standing atop the Mare of Steel, peering at the blade & spikes below, awaiting their fate.

Susan Rice vs. Huma Abedin (Amateur Dumb Bitch division)

Paul Ryan vs. Anthony Weiner (Weazillo style)

George Soros vs. David Rockefeller (Geezerillo)...oh wait, too late

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Agreed! This will require patience and some masterful chess moves as 0Bama & Hitlery are creeping back into the picture. Yeeech!!

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Another round of applause for WB7. Well done.

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Know what I enjoy? Blowing these pieces up to about 200 and really looking at them. The Bama buttons, the fly on the finger and yes, sittobastardo.com is click bait. Sigh. After a day of driving Balt Wash with 70,000 lbs aboard dodging and weaving, it's a welcome respite.


And I enjoy that as well. I wonder if her middle name is Krispie.

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Do we have an extradition treaty .... with Tahiti ?

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It's essentially a French territory, but if Fake News were to redeem itself, they'd have reporters going where Paul Gauguin did his best artistry. Now, if the island has a golf course....

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The most crooked administration, ever!

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after due time one thinks they are all crooked,
all crooked and worse than the last. in due time
they all become, somehow, worse than the last.
'i don't know how they do it'?, but, the sad
part is i do know how and why; and so do you know.
something to do with the money.

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at 6:15,
that's how every empire falls.
John Prine - Fair and Square (Bonus Songs)

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She'll play the Black card with the 90% Black federal jury in DC.  Sessions has to move prosecution out of DC. 

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I don;t know if that will work. Many of the black people I work with are furious with Soweeto Obama. They (rightly) feel he did zero for them except lots of raycist talk against whitey but never did anything substantial for blacks. In fact, they agree with the fact that Soweeto sent many of their potantial jobs overseas or took them away via his immigration policies of allowing cheap labor to undercut the black workers.

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Flied Rice say ....ten dollah I blow (whistle) you all night 

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susie says...but...but..val jarret made me do it for b.o.

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The Obama Heads as the Buttons on the jacket is an especially nice touch

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No substitutions!

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Definitely a Hillary design.

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Flunky Cleopatra

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WB7: Artiste Extraordinare!

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No imunity from the FBI Comey!!!  Prosecute her and take this cartel down. 

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Prosecute all of the White House intelligence team and then get Obama

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Who is Eli Lake and Ben Rhodes - Les Moonves and Jeff Fager - And David Fager and Ben Bradlee (Watergate / 60 minutes) these people are throwing Susan Rice under the bus - she is guilty but they are the cabal that is involved in snooping on everyone via warrantless witetapping. This whole deal is Nixon's vindication!

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I've got no idea what this "Radar Online" site is but they're quoting Larry Klayman, so who knows.

Damning New Evidence: Obama Surveilled Trump BEFORE Prez Nom & Comey BURIED Evidence


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is covering up a massive “wiretapping” conspiracy — and one that did target President Donald Trump — conducted by spies acting on Barack Obama’s orders!

That’s the bombshell claim of NSA/CIA contractor-turned-whistle blower Dennis Montgomery, 63, who — like Edward Snowden after him — spirited 47 hard drives and 600 million-plus documents, many classified, from America’s top spy agencies.

“Those documents have been buried in (FBI Director James) Comey‘s files for two years, now,” Larry Klayman, Dennis’ lawyer, told RadarOnline.com.

“He refuses to publicly acknowledge them.”

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The MSM is pushing the arguement tha Rice was within the bounds of the law to unmask these people. If Comey indeed lied to Congress, would that not be grounds for removal of office? Don't know. If we are going  by some sort of Constitutional guideline here, it would seem a hard sell. I mean didn't we just go throught a shit storm of fraud and conspiracy with homes being stolen outright and not one person that I know of went to jail.



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They're trying to walk on the knifes edge of truth hoping nobody comes along and shoves them causing them to lose their balance.

Rice had the authority to ask for the names. She DID NOT have the authority to RELEASE those names into the public domain. Thats still a ten year felony on a per name basis for everyone involved...looking at you Rice & Farkas.

Man thats gonna leave a nasty scar ;-)


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Been reading the same thing, they started before he was even nominated and I'd lay money down that he wasn't the only one on the Gop'd side. The man-child Rubio said he was also surveilled but he said by "the Russians!"...like he would know.

Hadn't seen the connection to Comey but that still leads to Low-Renta to sign off on it. It would also be interesting to find out who wasn't surveilled because that can tell you a lot too. For instance, I betcha Jeb! wasn't...lol.

And as an aside (thinking out of the box here) what if, it was US spooks that did Podesta, Clinton & the DNC at the behest of Obama?

Now stay with me here...we know there is no love lost between the Obama's & the Clintons going way back to his first run (one of the reasons he picked her as SoS was to have her close, not running afield, be his subordinate...and the DNC has been major league pissed that Obama didn't share his database (OFA) with them, he running a parallel quasi race-based operation, what if...Obama thought he could pass her loss off on "Russian hacking" and then once they cranked up the investigation into "Russians" that damages Trump?

A twofer and he skates clean to play king maker next round.

Personally I don't think he's that clever but Jarrett is ;-)

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None of that doesn't not make sense or seem implausible at all. I figure the Bush family knows a lot of 'Murika's darkest secrets and Jeb was the RNC's man...so how does Trump come up with Priebus on his team?

The Bushes and the Klintons, at least publically, have seemed to be somewhat friendly, so did Barkey (wherabouts unknown) go off the reservation with the Chicago gang and go rogue on everybody?

I wonder how deep Trump is on this whole thing and how compromised he is because it remains inexplicable to me how he refuses to bring up the circumstances of Comey investigation #2 and his statement: "You can't review 650,000 emails in 8 days".

I'm trying to find a hero somewhere but I don't know who that could be? Mike Rogers? He looked very uncomfortable at the 3/20 investigation...like he didn't believe in what they all were doing.

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Sometimes there are no "real heroes" my friend, just the survivors. And sometimes thats good enough ;-)