Musk Taunts Shorts As Tesla Hits Record Highs

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Amid the stock's best day in 6 months, pushing the taxpayer-subsized company to record highs, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has three brief words for some speculators...

It appears "Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall," was not a consideration for Mr. Musk.


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This is proof that the stawk market is total bull shit. 

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Jamie Dimon providing advice to Musk how to arrogantly taunt.

Here's a taunt back to Elon:

Get to work Elon. The free money is about to disappear.

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Franklin Mint Chip (not verified) Pinto Currency Apr 3, 2017 12:18 PM

Elon Musk == Sub-Par Howard Hughes

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Careful with those rocks around your glass house there Musk........all stocks are up, not just Tesla.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Musk taking a page out of the Trump playbook.  I like it!   BTW, when has a Trump tweet been wrong.  You may not like the tone but the facts.......

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Musk, aka the Cief Executive Swindler can be very happy for a reason. His major "product" just got more expensive. While he rakes up ever higher losses with his poor-reliability, poor-quality toys for rich wannabe saviors of the planet, this is just the cover up for his actual business: selling ever more ridiculously priced tesla stock to the lemmings and morons who believe in his genius, while he cashes out with his cheap stock options. He is a genius - but only in self-promotion and deception. I'd say wait for the break-out to lose steam and once the Jan 2020 Leaps Puts become available it will be like shooting fish in the barrel. Come late 2019 Tesla stock will be back to double digits if not worse.

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Id put 100k down against that 'single digits by 2019' comment. The demand for Tesla debt is insane . This whole electric car tax credit crap is so overblown in the bear camp. Wait and see. 

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All is great while the sun is shining but Elon eludes to the fact that workers are quickly becoming irrelevant to the point we need to have machine implants to keep up (sounds like a good sci-fi movie doesn't it?!).  Now anyone who knows history understands it tends to hit the reset button when perspective gets currency terms I don't know if that means Tesla stock goes to zero (.gov owns the printing press) but certainly doesn't bode well for the Tesla model long term.  This stock will do well because people are parking money, not because it's a good business model.  Elon is a brilliant self promoter, you can't deny that.

aurum4040's picture

I agree..however the market itself (aside from Tesla) can remain irrational far longer than you and I can remain solvent. Dow will hit 35 to 40k before 'the crash' occurs. After many years of technological advance and rapid fire information overload we are now programmed to hypothesize things such as the crash of all crashes will happen must faster then they actually will. Its all right there isn't it? It was in 1987, it was in 1998, it was in 2000, it was in 2009, and its just around the corner now isnt it? Believe me, when the first smell of the next crushing I know the bear is here 25% plus correction hits, the Fed and the rest of the CBs will unload cash into stocks/markets like we have never seen before. And the show will continue. 

fx's picture

that may well happen aurum4040 but smart investors can cash in on that by positioning exactly for such desperate measures now. While everybody bets on rising interest rates, I start to build the opposite position on the cheap. and no, not in treasuries. Before they start to directly buy stocks, they will implement ZIRP and possibly NIRP. There is a decent, cheap smart way to play exactly that. and my tesla shorts will be the icing on the cake. 2019/2020 will be sweet, honey, really sweet...

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Dude,  this is Tesla, NOT the broad market.

Every piece of over-hyped shit that couldn't make a dime of profit has followed this same path, and the top is when guys like you are convinced that "it's different this time".

This is nothing new, and will end just like all the others-  that's nothing against Musk,  that's just market history.

It's simple:  Tesla makes NO money.  Tesla exists ONLY because of government subsidies.  When Government subsidies go away,  Tesla goes away, because Tesla will NEVER make money. 


That Musk would mock us, given these facts,  is dangerous hubris.

I can remain short longer than Musk can bullshit his way into more Government money.


fx's picture

Musk already laughs all the way to the bank while his ardent followers defend him against the 'evil naysayers'. When all is said and done two groups of people will have made a ton of money, A) Musk and his friends and family (they already did) B) the patient shorts. Guess, who will have paid for that? well, the true believers in the holy church of st. elon and the taxpayers. Or, in a nutshell, business as usual.

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Franklin Mint Chip (not verified) BaBaBouy Apr 3, 2017 12:18 PM


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You also gotta consider Elon holds 22% and funds hold 60+%, so when Tencent comes in  and byuys 5%, that is a big move. There is very little shares available right now, so the slighest breeze blows it hard.


Gotta wonder when the funds start thinking about exiting. Knowing them, never, LOL

fx's picture

don't worry, a fresh supply of a gazillion shares is about to hit the shores. Gazillion, as in "10-12 bn $ secondary offering".

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gonna be a Zyklon-B storm in your shower soon, Elon .. batten down the hatches

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yes musk's comment opens the door to the fact that the report was created SOLELY in order to influence short covering and had asolutely NO basis in fact or merit of GAAP......hello SEC.....hello..............................................hello?

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I know many here hate Musk and I get why. I also think Tesla is grossly overvalued and a leech off the government. However, I do give the guy credit that he is likely the person to enable true space exploration. I mean whatever you think of the guy what SpaceX has done and is planning is inpressive

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There no point to it, though.

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Unlimited mineral wealth.

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There is enough here if we stop bombing certain regions of the world. The amount of resources it takes to develop those bombs, get them on site, guard them, drop them and than rebuild those cities again is just ridiculous. Nevermind the resources we waste on our national security because of these fucking wars

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Just like saying "what's the point of learning that if I'm never going to use it" just proves someone doesn't have the capacity to understand very much at all.  

Consuelo's picture



Agreed.     Arrogance sorta goes along with the package unfortunately, but it is minds like his which at least push boundaries and there are some positive outcomes.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Something very DARK at work in the story of this company and its products.

Maybe Musk is a nephilim.

Peak Finance's picture

Last I checked, the modern spacecraft like Falcons STILL don't perform to the same spec as the Satrun V, from, 50 YEARS AGO

AND wheres all of this cheap solar shit I was promised 10 years ago?????  Still fucking waiting and waiting and waiting

Tesla Cars are completely useless to the people that really need them, long distance commuters and people in deep rurral areas.

Man I can go on and on about this bullshit........

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And with that kind of thinking is how you get short squeezes...

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Yep, that Saturn V sure was magic. Shame they had to 'retire' a rocket that 'worked' so good!  Almost like it couldn't actually do what it said on the tin, if you ask me...

But what do I know, no man has landed on the Moon for only 44+ years now...

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his "planning" is all bull shit. a fancy dog and pony show filled with catch phrases to fool the masses

fx's picture

Musk is robbing the taxpayer and the shareholders blind at the same  time and both seem to love it. That's quite an accomplishment. The pack at the Hill might want to take a book out of that page for future use.


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Got carbon credits, asshole?

auricle's picture

I'm sure even Elon is short (i mean hedged) at this point. Sell the rumor Elon.

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If you like shorting Tesla @300 you will LOVE shorting it @1000!

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I don't want to write jokes for the Feminazis in the sperm mines of Mars Musk. Go to hell.

HelloSpencer's picture

Next stop, sub-100, looking at the charts.


Hubris comes before the fall.

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Tesla is the Enron of the 201x decade. Accounting fraud, overpromise/under-deliver, public-sector fraud (massive breaches of Gigafactory agreement with Nevada), no possible path to profit (especially with Solar City around their necks like an anchor chain).

However, it's very dangerous to short it, because when even the mildest of recession hits and Tesla stock goes to $10 / share, some very profitable tech giant like Apple or Google will buy it at a ridiculous valuation. Hell, even the no-possible-profitability-on-the-horizon Uber could buy it.

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It's a front and never has to make a profit.

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Not your "by the book cup-and-handle" formation but nonetheless, cup-and-handle, which almost in 100% of cases hits a homerun. Don't want to be a party-pooper for the shorts but I think there is some merit to Mr. Musks twitter.

101 years and counting's picture

i'm gonna buy me one of them 25K cars for 80K because they save me $200/month in gasoline.

Anopheles's picture

They will save you $200/month in gasoline until the gubernment realizes that they are losing $150/month in gasoline taxes and begins to tax EV's an additional  road tax "because it's the fair thing to do" 

sirsmokum's picture

Its almost like its a sure thing. I wonder what he knows that we never will?

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TESLala = electric DeLorean 2.0  

if he doesn´t sell 500K unicorns this year, he will be toast by 2018/19





Anopheles's picture

And even if he does somehow manage to give away 500k uniciorns this year, who's going to buy 500k unicorns NEXT year?  And the year after that? 

LetThemEatRand's picture

Why does ZH not feature daily articles about the huge defense contractors in this country that exist almost solely due to government contracts?   


centerline's picture

Or... even better... Big Pharma/Big Medicine, which gets away with what they do exclusively because of government.

LetThemEatRand's picture

And let's not forget big oil while we're at it.

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because they'd rather jerk off to Elon Musk

Still Losing Money's picture

it does. the INDUSTRIES are talked about on a regualr basis, no need tosingle out an individual company when they all do it. nice try musk butt smoocher