A Record 67% Of Low-Income Americans Are Worried "A Great Deal" About Hunger And Homelessness

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Something unexpected happened on the road to Obama's economic "recovery" - according to Gallup, over the past two years, a record two-thirds, or an average of 67% of lower-income U.S. adults, up from 51% from 2010-2011, have worried "a great deal" about the problem of hunger and homelessness in the country. They are not alone: concern has also increased among middle- and upper-income Americans, but they still worry far less than do lower-income Americans.

Some details: since 2001, worry has been highest among those residing in lower-income households, likely because those with limited financial resources are more at risk of going hungry or becoming homeless. A consistent majority of lower-income adults worried about the problem before 2012, but that has only increased in the past five years. Concern among middle-income Americans in 2016-2017 falls just short of the majority level at 47%, while 37% of upper-income Americans are worried.

Rising concern among all income groups could be a result of the political and media attention devoted to U.S. income inequality in recent years. Americans may also worry more about hunger and homelessness when other issues are not dominating the national consciousness, such as the economy and budget deficit were in 2010-2011 and terrorism was in the years after 9/11.

Overall, 47% of Americans now worry about hunger and homelessness "a great deal," according to Gallup's March 1-5 survey, tied with 2016 as the high in the trend. Previously, concern had been as low as 35% in 2004 and as high as 45% in 2001, the first year Gallup asked the question.

Concern about hunger and homelessness now ranks as high as, or higher than, concern about most other issues tested in Gallup's annual Environment survey. The only issue with a significantly higher "worried a great deal" percentage in this year's poll is the availability and affordability of healthcare, at 57%.

But among lower-income Americans, hunger and homelessness eclipses healthcare, making it the top-ranking issue of the 13 tested in the March 1-5 survey. Among middle- and upper-income Americans, the availability and affordability of healthcare generates the greatest worry, with hunger further down the list.

Crime and violence, as well as healthcare, also are prominent concerns for lower-income Americans. Crime is a prominent concern for middle-income Americans as well, but much less so for upper-income Americans. It does not rank among upper-income Americans' top concerns.

Lower-income Americans do tend to worry more about all of these problems than do those with higher incomes. On average, across the 13 issues, the percentage of lower-income adults who worry a great deal is seven percentage points higher than among middle-income Americans, and 17 points higher than among upper-income Americans.

But differences in concern about hunger and homelessness far exceed those norms. In fact, the 20-point difference in worry about hunger and homelessness between lower-income and middle-income Americans is higher than for any of the other issues. Similarly, the 30-point difference in worry about hunger and homelessness between lower-income and upper-income Americans ties for the highest, along with concern about crime and violence.

What, according to Gallup, are the Implications?

Americans at all income levels are expressing greater concern about hunger and homelessness, and it is the top worry among lower-income Americans, who are most likely to struggle to pay for adequate food and housing.

Curiously Gallup says that "it is unclear why Americans are worrying more about hunger and homelessness now, since it is an ever-present problem" although one can make some educated assumptions.

The polling compny the notes that "at times the issue may fade from public consciousness when other matters dominate the national agenda. It is possible that greater concern will lead to greater public pressure for action on the issue. However, President Donald Trump's first federal budget has been criticized for deep cuts to federal anti-poverty programs. If Trump's budget passes largely as it has been outlined, then state and local governments, charitable organizations and private citizens would need to increase their efforts to help reduce poverty and its effects -- or hope that the president's economic policies expand opportunities for the most financially vulnerable in society."

That, or simply the economic situation for the poorest Americans - those who have virtually no savings to their name - has gotten so bad that they are worried "a great deal" because they believe they may be next...

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) hedgeless_horseman Apr 3, 2017 12:03 PM

Tip: Get a skill first. Then get a job. Or be sure that your job will teach you a skill that is valuable. Burger flipping is NOT a skill, nor is it valuable (except in Seattle).

And to all of you ILLEGAL alien supporters/Hillary voters: You will have jobs if they aren't taken by ILLEGAL aliens. There is no shame is being a skilled carpenter.

ACP's picture

Worried about hunger? The poorest in the US are also the fattest.

Well, I guess that's why they worry about hunger, because they eat so damn much.


NoDebt's picture

I believe the crisis in Venezuela is real.  You could watch the pictures in the ZH articles over the last few years and SEE the people getting thinner.

This "crisis" in the US?  Mmmm... not so much.  I don't hear about people showing up in hospital ERs suffering from malnutrition.


thecondor's picture

You don't have to be skinny to be malnourished.  But it is really fucking sad where socialism has taken Venezuela.  My business partner traveled there to hike to Angel Falls, (I think that is the name of the water fall) and that was back when all this shit started to come to light.  I told him to be very careful and I really don't want him to go.  But he went and had fun.  But I was talking to him a few days ago and he said he was glad to go when he did cause he wouldn't step foot there for a million dollars. 

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

A steady diet of cheesy poofs and store brand cola does takes its toll. Meth users generally don't have much appetite except for sugar. We see some serious protein deficiency in the homeless and poor crowds coming to the ER. It isn't pretty but certainly not like in other countries.


Yog Soggoth's picture

I think you are referring to the entitled welfare class. The poorest are those who try to make a living the honest way thus having no knowledge of how the handout system works because they were never looking for it in the first place. They are the ones carrying the system as it is. Once they break the entire system collapses to the benefit of the carpetbaggers.

MFL5591's picture

They have Obama to thank for their current dilema and most voted for that POS!

1980XLS's picture

Fatties gotta eat. If it's via EBT, it's a bounus.

FireBrander's picture


Way too many fat-asses...How can we have record obesity and hunger issues at the same time?



Yeah, i can understand that.

The FED's "Great Reinflation" scam is fucking over everyone that didn't buy prior to the mid 90's. Rents are just plain insane and even at $15hr, the new "blue collar" working class will struggle to pay rent or a mortgage.

I lived in a shithole, one-bedroom apartment 35 years ago...place is still there...even bigger shithole...rent has nearly quadrupled while income, for the class of people that live there, has barely doubled.

thecondor's picture

At my pay rate, which is a little more than $15 an hour, my net would cover my rent by $400. 

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

My skill is shooting rich fuckers and taking their shit.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


More importantly, then, can you suck off your cellmate without losing your lunch?


Better start practicing taking cock instead of taking shit.

clade7's picture

I'm pretty good with a bow staff....?

garcam123's picture

Yea, that's right, be a skilled carpenter....then you can go hang shit particle board cabinets in shit particle board apartments for some mega-homes corporation for 12.00 dollars an hour and tell you you have to poay your own worker's comp out of that 12.00. Gee you could be rich! in about 100 years.  You got the answer.  Been there, done that, the fuckin t-shirts are rags now.  You guys in the depends wearing investor peanut gallery have no idea of reality anymore.  The comments section is the entertainment section of ZH!

There are no jobs anymore.......the whole shitpile is getting ready to just collapse.  When all of the medical insurance agents have to become Uber drivers we'll know we're in the shit and that won't be long!

Smedley's picture

Great comment, finally someone who's not drinking the Kool-aid!

They say get a job, after sending all the good manufacturing jobs to China and then the US has underwent the LARGEST MASS MIGRATION in history!

They are so stupid now don't try to make sense to them!

This is a CLOWN SHOW now....


FireBrander's picture

I Love the idiots that say "burger Flipping" jobs are "starter jobs"....LOL...that was 30 years ago...in 2017, "burger Flipping jobs" are Blue Collar jobs and collecting bottles out of trash cans is now a "starter" job.

Bowler800's picture

Waiting for someone else to solve YOUR problem? No one OWES you or anyone else a job.  Don't like what's being offered THEN MAKE YOUR OWN JOB.  It's called being an entrepreneur.   Take some ownership & get about solving a problem that people will pay you to solve.  That's reality.

ElTerco's picture

Oh, there are jobs. But the greed is unparalleled, and people aren't being paid for their work in proportion to the sale price. All the money is going to the guy at the top making the sale.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

I want to know how many of these people who are worried about food and housing voted for Obozo. I'll bet the VAST MAJORITY bought into his lies and voted for him!

Sudden Debt's picture

They got a 20 dollar phone and change... all it cost was their entire future and a life of poverty.

did I mention the free phone?

SixIsNinE's picture

Gunny - Obozo is a Constitutional Scholar - forget about that, eh?


Xena fobe's picture

These are working people. Notice, the title says so.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



A Record 67% Of Low-Income Americans Are Worried "A Great Deal" About Hunger And Homelessness

Having an income is not the same as having a job.


Smedley's picture

I use to think you were pretty keen, I can plainly see I was wrong!


hedgeless_horseman's picture


If you are going to try to troll here, then you need a much better schtick than this.  Please, can't you come up with something new?  The feigned loss of respect from a 6 week ZH member like yourself just doesn't carry the same hit to my credibility that you have been led to believe it does by your team leader.

As a taxpayer, I demand better .gov trolls.

Got The Wrong No's picture

That's funny. When you apply for Gov. assistance you have to disclose your income. Hedge wants to play this Clinton "is" game.

Yog Soggoth's picture

I have upvoted some of your comments before, but you are just another bible thumping hypocritical assole.

Angry White Guy's picture

Is ZH running out of stories?  Same story ran last week.  Not that it's not relevant, just apparently out of material?

Xena fobe's picture

I didn't see it last week.  It is of interest to some if us.

Smedley's picture

This is not ZH anymore, something is up with this site, it's obvious....

ABC news owns it (scroll to the bottom of the home page), and it's probably taking a hard LEFT turn!!!


BigFatUglyBubble's picture

"We just hit a record [DOW 20k], and a number that's never been hit before. So I was very honored by that, Now we have to go up, up, up. We don't want it to stay there," DJT Jan 2017

I don't think wallstreet is worried at all about downsizing their yachts. 

silverer's picture

To low income Americans: Worried? You should be. You're likely going to have your fears justified. And most of you voted for it.

flaminratzazz's picture

I just loved the choices. So being I didn't vote, am I excused from your sweeping generalizations?

FreeShitter's picture

You did the right thing, by not voting you cleared your conscience and you knew it solve a damn thing anyways.

flaminratzazz's picture

a pet peeve of mine is this never ending bullshit about how we have a fvkin choice.

As if voting would have EVER changed the current situation..

It always pisses me off when confronted with the shit above, especially on a blog that is supposed to be enlightened like ZH posters tout.

And as the up votes prove, all this shit show is all our (voters) fault.,


Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Soooo..... posting here on this board pissies you off and you don't vote and you don't have any choices and.....

I'm not enlightened BTW.....

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

Some day men will evolve to an understanding that they must represent themselves before God, instead of shirking the responsibility of Free Will and allowing psychopaths to represent them and enslave all of humanity. At least I hope... Or the whole world burns. I'm cool either way it goes.

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

I never voted in my life and I do not live in fear. Can't wait til the SHTF so I can hunt down pedophile elite.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Not really.  White genocide has been forstalled.  I'll get my nightmares back when you Pol-Pot mutherphoekers vote another Social Studies teacher in....   Gawd yer a stoopid phoeke.

GlassHouse101's picture

Only going to get worse. The Fed WANTS it to get worse (inflation). Hedge, Hedge, Hedge.

NAVIGATOR0832's picture

Majority of them are obese and eat too much.  A little hunger is actually healthy.  

FreeShitter's picture

Some of the lardass Ill take that back, most of the women I see are 30 pounds over fucking weight so I approve of this.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

My fat neighbor drives about 30 yards to the bus stop to get her child.  Mind boggling. 

I am Jobe's picture

Most parents are obese. Have you seen the drive thru lines in the evenings? 

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Yea, it's sad.  This is pretty cool though:


Max Keiser founded the hedge fund Karmabanque, which sought to profit from any decline in equity value of companies that are susceptible to boycott from environmental groups.[27] The hedge fund's progress was followed monthly in The Ecologist magazine.[28] Its targets included Coca-Cola[29] and McDonald's.

The Karmabanque hedge fund project was designed to simultaneously short-sell companies while funneling profits into environmental and ethical-business pressure groups that further act to drive down the companies' stock prices. Describing the project, Keiser stated, "The Internet allows people, activists, from all over the world to gather, or swarm, and hit a company where it hurts most—in their stock price."[30]

The Guardian newspaper described Keiser's Karmabanque hedge fund as a "fantastical scheme" and accused him of trying to exist "beyond the normal forces and controls of society".[31] A spokesman for Ryanair said, "Since they put Ryanair on their list, our share price has gone up by 10 percent. We are always delighted to be part of a list which includes Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart."[32]

SixIsNinE's picture

wait - Max has been outed as the infamous Chindit

at least that's what some zerolounge posters were saying

fake news?

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

When I was a little kid, the drive-through line I waited in was for gasoline!

How many times did I sit in the back of a stuffy 1969 Toyota Corona with no air conditioning to get some phoeking petrol?

Fast food?....... WTF?........

FreeShitter's picture

Yeah its pretty amazing to see how humans have evolved the past 20 years.