Tesla Shares Hit Record High

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In addition to Amazon hitting its now daily all time high, today the tech online retail that recently made Jeff Bezos that second richest man in the world was joined by Tesla, whose shares just hit a new all time high above $292, surging over 5% on the day, following Sunday's report that first-quarter vehicle deliveries jumped 69% from a year ago to a quarterly record of 25,000 vehicles, bouncing back from delays in the previous quarter.

The company said of the total vehicles delivered, about 13,450 were Model S sedan and about 11,550 were Model X sports utility vehicle. Tesla has said it expects to deliver 47,000 to 50,000 Model S and Model X vehicles combined in the first half of 2017, and so far it appears on track even as the rest of March numbers for other OEMs are coming in weaker for the past month.

As a reminder, in Q4, Tesla deliveries had fallen 9.4 percent due to short-term production hurdles from the transition to a new autopilot hardware. Tesla had said production challenges, which started at the end of October and lasted through early December, shifted vehicle production towards the end of the fourth quarter, resulting in delayed deliveries.

According to Reuters, about 2,750 vehicles were missed being counted as deliveries in the fourth quarter either due to last-minute delays in transport or because the customer was unable to physically take delivery. In addition to the first quarter deliveries, about 4,650 vehicles were in transit to customers at the end of the quarter and will be counted as deliveries in the second quarter, Tesla said in a statement on Sunday.

Production in the first quarter also hit a quarterly record at 25,418 vehicles. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has taken big risks repeatedly since going public in 2010, but investors got spooked after he said in February the electric car company could get "close to the edge" as it burns cash ahead of its crucial Model 3 launch.

Last week, China's Tencent Holdings announced it had bought a 5% stake in Tesla last week for $1.78 billion, providing the company with much needed liquidity and a wealthy ally as it prepares to launch its mass-market Model 3. The midsize, high-volume Model 3 sedan is due to go on sale later this year in the United States.

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CPL's picture

cough...channel stuffing...cough.

mtl4's picture

Tesla loves those .gov subsidies.......sucks when they dry up.

Pinto Currency's picture

The $5B and counting in subsidies are not going to continue to flow under Trump.

American Psycho's picture

The innmates are running the asylum.

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LOL-  Tencent buying stock in the secondary market adds ZERO to their liquidity.  The delusion is that if Tesla gets into money trouble,  Tencent will ride in and hand them money-

Umm, no.  Tencent will simply sell their stock.  That's what they do.  They're a holding company,  not an investment bank.

But hey, don't pay attention to facts like this, it's all good-  Tesla is now worth more than Ford- makes PERFECT sense....

BaBaBouy's picture

Im Not A Shareholder BUTT...

Analyst warns of Tesla’s Autopilot machine learning potentially rendering all other cars obsolete

And... Tesla Cars 10X Safer ???


Solio's picture

When they're left on the showroom floor.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

This is not because of Trump – it’s because of the self-driving car revolution, which will soon have every American passively carried around in environmentally friendly electric vehicles, tracked at all times for their safety. Most men can’t fix cars like their fathers could – soon they won’t know how to drive them either. This brave new world just rocks! I can’t wait for what the future holds!

How Christian Missionaries Promote Hate And Bigotry

ejmoosa's picture

I'm still trying to understand how such an unproven technology has been mainstreamed onto the highways...

I'm thinking this is just another effort to jolt consumer demand for a product that is not needed...


Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade...

DavidC's picture

Irrespective of all that, a friend of mine bought a Tossla - used it as a company car for a journey that was just at the limit of recharging - first time he got stuck in traffic he pulled in to a garage that had a 'quick' recharge point (45 minutes) only to find two other people in front of him.

He's now gone back to petrol and the Tossla is used by his wife for short journies.


Oh, and the other thing I got told is that not all recharging points in Germany (Europe?) can be used for all makes of car!


laser's picture

Tesla's batteries are soon to be obsolete. Dr. Goodenough, the developer of the Li ion battery, has developed a new battery that is superior in every way. Look him up.

Joe Davola's picture

Hunt Stevenson must have gotten them to count those partially finished cars again!

Antifaschistische's picture

My buddy had to pull the "lemon law" lever to get Tesla to replace his model whatever.   I wonder, if they will count the new car as another delivery..

gammab0y's picture

Awesome allusion to a classic film!

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

Rumour is they added a fire extinguisher under the front seat.

1980XLS's picture

Enron shares hit a record high, at a point in time as well.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

The electric car is a bliss on short commute and parking it indoor with no fumes too, you need just to get current laboratory battery into mass pruduction in order to destroy gas guzzlers. 

I'm driving my Nissan Leaf 20miles  every day and haven't bought gas this year yet for my long distance BMW, i haven't payed electricity either thanks to my geothermal pump and solar roof since 2014, so free energy is here, OK it may sucks to be early adopter but hey the prices are going down, I have saved 5300$ from bills and gas and will continue saving, the projection is in 2.5 more years i will pay my initial investment. So i'm expecting to be on profit.

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The fact this company is now roughly equal in market cap to Ford and GM should give everyone pause. This cannot end well.

aurum4040's picture

I, as opposed to probably most ZH'rs, think Tesla will be fine. In fact I see a market cap of 100-150 billion in 4-6 years. Solar panel 'shingles' that cost the same as regular shingles which will expand in application, the gigafactory, and autonomous vehicle adoption, all while oil is fairly cheap. There are still many, many Tesla naysayers. And the market cap is at 46 billion. We shall see. For the naysayers - go ahead, try and short Tesla, see what happens

jcaz's picture

Sure, as long as the taxpayer money holds out, because Tesla can't make a dime on its own-  

You glossed over that little fact......

ejmoosa's picture

What's their profit margin again?

And what will it be with gas at 1.75 a gallon?

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

I'm shorting Tesla by never buying one. I will only buy an electric car when I can plug it into my neighbors house, or we run out of oil.

silverer's picture

I'm so excited, I put a deposit down on TWO Tesla cars! lol

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture


nmewn's picture

Another GSE hits an all time high. Ain't socialism grand?  ;-)

American Psycho's picture

Coming to a Mars colonization near you.

Smedley's picture

Everything is Awesome!

 See, we were right, jump on board, it's OK!

Buy the dip!


Ban KKiller's picture

Non-GAAP, gotta love it. 

niemand's picture

ELrONd Musk-have should be stoned to death for using the name of tesla.

no fancy current, just full-analog old school stones.


Yukon Cornholius's picture

You could ask 100 people on the street and you'd be lucky if you found one who knows about nikola tesla. Shameful.

NurseRatched's picture

Is there a reason why a greater % of Tesla's production is always "in transit" at the end of the quarter and not counted as a delivery? Are they all on a slow boat to China?

jcaz's picture

Ya, that's funny, because if you go to their OWN website,  they show plenty available for sale right now, no waiting-

Must be "in transit" from Mars.....

Anopheles's picture

Slow boat to Norway.   They sell LOTS in Norway.   Why?  Becasue all equivelent gas/diesel cars are priced 2 to 3 times as much becasue of import taxes.   It's not becasue they are electric, it's becaue they are cheap. 

youngman's picture

I dont know anyone who has bought one....but I bet they are big in liberal hideouts....a class symbol to a greenie

ChemtrailPilot's picture

Nothing screams innovative business like selling a $60,000 Honda Civic that burns coal instead of gasoline, and occasionally plows into a semi truck in the next lane automatically!

Still something amazing about the fact that this cash-burning, money-losing outfit is valued at same level as other major car manufacturers when they sell what, 20,000 cars per quarter?

A. Boaty's picture

Yes, electric cars burn coal and every other fuel generating electricity. Lots of cars charging at night smooths out the day/night electricity demand cycle, improving power plant efficiency, as the generators don't have to power down at night.

ejmoosa's picture

So this is a bail out the power company scheme as well....awesome.

ElTerco's picture

People aren't complaining about the science. They are complaining about the business model and the hype.

ZH is essentially a giant bullshit detector, and TSLA tops the list.

Dr. Tungsten's picture

Having read the update, the more they say that Trump is the less original it sounds. Good broker cannot and must not be predictable. Go Trump! 

mily's picture

69% increase my ass, let's wait for the Q1 numbers

walküre's picture

for the price of one Tesla, you can buy 3 or 4 pretty cool and fun cars from major European or Japanese manufacturers .. and no stress mapping out e-stations for any major road trip

Tesla is pure and simple for status

their design is actually boring now


2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

Wait till these E-tards figure out that the cost of electricity (especially here in OntarWEowe) is more expensive than gas, not to mention....WTF are they going to do with all those dead batteries one day, you can only "recycle" them so many times till the left overs end up in a land fill.

Waiting for Tesla to come out with a model with a giant wind turbine on the roof ... Lol

Anopheles's picture

The cost of electricty will be cheap compared to the taxes levied on EVs

For every EV, the government loses $1,000 to $2,000 a year in gasoline taxes.  Anyone who thinks that governemnt is going to willingly give up that tax windfall is deluding themselves. 

Speaking of OntariOwe.  Many years ago there was a huge government push for propane vehicles.  After a few years they became very popular.  What did the government do?  They put a road tax on propane used in vehicles. 

Calculus99's picture

I still think Musk could be the pioneer here and they're the ones that usually end up with arrows in their back.

It's the second/third wave of pioneers that succeeds. 

Having said that, he has a massive advantage over the legacy car firms, they're very stale, he's very fresh.

As for his other products, I like his big batteries on the wall, fed by solar power but it's going to be like Apple and Dell. Apple if you want to be cool but pay, whereas a Dell does the same job at a lot lower price. I've always bought the Dell.  

Calculus99's picture

Interesting letter in yesterday's paper. 

Humans in cities will learn to game the driverless cars at junctions/road crossings so all they'll have to do is put one foot out in the road and the car will stop, and the one behind that, and the one behind that and so on. In effect a steady amount of humans could hold the road up for a long time as they all cross the road. 

Nunyadambizness's picture

Has Tesla even made a profit yet?  Last I heard they were being held together with grants from the US TAXPAYER because the company hadn't made a dime.  I hope they have, because this teet is about to run dry.

Anopheles's picture

No, they've never made a profit  (there were two quarters where they showed a tiny profit)

Right now they are losing $40,000 for EVERY car they manufacture.   But that's OK, they'll make it up on volume..... 

AE911Truth's picture


Is Tesla about to announce an unlimited range model based on BrilliantLight Power technology?


roadhazard's picture

Musk's Smart Roof technology goes on sale to the public next month.  Moving forward...Y'all keep bitching.