Trump Doubles-Down On Obama 'Wiretap' Narrative: "This Is Unprecedented"

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As much as we suspect the establishment the establishment would preferthis can of self-incriminating worms was firmly kept shut, President Trump has doubled-down on his accusations of Obama administration surveillance of Trump and his campaign officials in his latest tweet...

Obviously citing 'sources' is not the 'smoking gun' but given that entire narratives have been proscribed by mainstream media and politicians on the basis of nothing more than 'anonymouse sources', why is a Fox 'source' any different from a CNN or WaPo 'source'? Is it any wonder Democrats are so desperate to silence Nunes?


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Adam Shiffs head is exploding

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Schiff is total shit!

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This is the Faux News that line up pretty white women for Hannity and O'riely to touch right? Tis a bit ironic really ... this bieng the outlet Trump's confident alligning himself with.


Quit watching TV and go to an intel briefing.

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Looks Like Political Volcano ...

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"As much as we suspect the establishment the establishment would preferthis can of self-incriminating worms..."

Rough morning, Tyler?  ;)


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Yes, our household stands with President Trump.

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Our Household as well as our clan support our president.

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Obama erred in engaging in the hideous practice of enforcing laws only selectively.

Trump would do well to correct that mistake by consistently enforcing the rule of law, without regard to personal views or political orientationduring his time in office.  

He can put his re-establishment of the rule of law on display, and show that laws are not just for the little guy, by

1) investigating and prosecuting Clintons for foundation graft and Hillary for ServerGate

2) investigating and prosecuting Obama's SpyGate, the potential mis-use of gubmint resources against a political opponent, and unmasking of private citizens

Endeavoring to throw elections and being reckless with classified info and trading on access and power whilst in office are serious matters.  It is shameful that these matters have fallen into Trump's lap and will distract and use resources, but the shame does not rest with Trump.

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I agree..if Trump will follow through and get some of these people in jail....then it will be a good thing...there were laws broken..enforce them now

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For those paying attention, this is just one more 'unprecedented' event in the history of the Obama administration. When all of it is eventually dragged into the daylight for disinfection, the resulting revelations will be stunning.

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I am a beta moron and support being ruled and controlled.

That's what you just said.

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These revelations are why Schiff is keeping his fucking mouth shut now.  

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But he did come out yesterday and claim that Nunes & Trump were colluding together to disrupt the Russian Interference Meme in favor of the Unmasking Meme.

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Title: Trump Doubles-Down On Obama 'Wiretap' Narrative: "This Is Unprecedented"

My Response: I agree 100% In fact, President TRUMP should TRIPLE DOWN!

OBAMA is DIRTY. OBAMA has done so much damage to America ... DEBT LOAD, FOREIGN POLICY MESS, IMMORAL LAWS, etc.

The American People who voted for OBAMA must be morally and spiritually sick individuals.

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So if that's the case, what are the ones that voted for nut job McCain and his looney running mate ? 

I can see voting for Romney....but the first Repub ticket ? SAD.

Based on your statement half the country is morally and spritually sick.

Are those Republican Christian priests that rape little boys OK in your book ? 

MarsInScorpio's picture


Thanks for providing this powerful example of what a bunch of sick bastards you and your ilk are.

E S & D.

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I voted for McCain but really for Sarah. I wouldn't piss on McCain now if he was on fire. I held my nose & voted for Romney. was a FUCKING PRIVELEGE to vote for that man. THANK YOU for what you've done for me SO FAR. Scales falling off the eyes....

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Let's ask Barry what his take is on it....

Oh, we can't find Barry?  He's "somewhere" in the French islands?  Without his family?

Why is that?

Why isn't MSM asking WHY? 

TheLastTrump's picture

Because first the LYING BLOODSTAINED MEDIA would have to admit that President Trump has evidence that the Obama adminsitration acted illegally & they're just not prepared to admit that at this time.

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Obama is still over there? How long has he been out of the country for now? Seems like 2 or 3 weeks.

TheLastTrump's picture

Last word was he would be there at least a month at a cost of $390k/month.



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Obama doesn't want the the spy aspect in his memoir. Clown

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Yeah, Obamas' response to all this is..............crickets.

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I wonder if there's an extradition treaty with the US wherever Obama is now.


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But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.......

Better yet, he's on the lam with Secret Service protection-

That's right- WE are paying for this bullshit.

But hey, that's not really much of a story, is it MSM?????

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Pisses me off to no end. Time for his Secret Service detail to man up and ditch his sorry ass and have the Marines, no make that a Navy Seal Team arrest the little bitch. Poetic justice for Seal Team Six, bitches.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

They aren't asking why because they leapt over that question and dutifully provided the answer without posing the question.  The MSM says he went there to pen his memoirs.  Like his mansion in DC doesn't have room for a writing desk.

The MSM are bitchy little poodles that sniff out lefties and rush to stand at their side and be collared.  Chuck Todd is Best in Class.

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BigWillyStyle87 (not verified) FrozenGoodz Apr 3, 2017 8:14 AM

LoL hes using Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals on you stupid faggots and you dont even realize it. 

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I disagree, he's actually telling the truth and they can't bear to do that- it gives them hives.

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I do get it, and upvoted you. Trump will absolutely deceive you about where he's headed next, no question about it.

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Go to an Intel briefing, by the people who are trying to undermine his Presidency?  Seriously, who can Trump trust in the Intel community?

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". . . . go to an intel briefing."

What, like the ones you attend?

It would nice to be able to respect you, however, you are an absolutely amoral slut. The sex workers in Times Square have more personal integrity about admitting they are prostitutes than you have about your own whoring out.

Reality Check, OatmealForBrains: Obama is staying in an extradition-immune country because his Black ass knows he is slated for arrest. It's all crumbling around him . . . his narrative is vaporizing . . . records are being uncovered that prove he and his gangsters are serial felons; and soon, the records will prove they have ordered the cold-blooded murder of far more people than we currently see on the radar screen.

Barack Obama is hiding out. The Chicken-in-Chief knows he is only a short time away from being fried.

It was just three weeks ago when Eric Holder, his serial-felon former AG, told the world Obama was coming back to clean-up Trump and his supporters.

Obama, and the also off-the-radar Michelle, housed downed just 2.5-miles from the WH.

Valerie moved in to coordinate the "Resistance." Bill wore purple ties, Hillary wore purple dresses and pant-suits, Ultra-Left Wing Totalitarian Fringe Elitist Racist Bigots - celebrities, politicians, propagandists masquerading as journalists, campus totalitarian admins, sold-out city and campus cops, so-called AntiFa Black-Shirt violent thugs, and of course members of the FSA - all deck themselves out in purple.

Yes, this Color Revolution is Violent Totalitarian Haters Purple.

So much purple; so much in-your-face "showing your true colors" purple. Anyone wearing purple is sending you, and the rest of their violent totalitarian groupies, an unmistakable message: Don't lie to yourself about it, this is a revolution against the American Constitution.

And you, Feces For Brains, are our enemy. You and your ilk will either imprison us, or kill us.

Once that reality sinks in, the Second Patriotic American Revolution begins.

The Purples versus the Patriots; the swamp won't be merely drained - it will be buried.

The doors for you and your fellow travelers to escape to a foreign "safe space" are closing. There will be no mercy - when it reaches that point, there is never any mercy.

Justice is a bitch, and She is going to Bitch Slap you and your ilk hard.



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"The sex workers in Times Square have more personal integrity about admitting they are prostitutes than you have about your own whoring out."


"It was just three weeks ago when Eric Holder, his serial-felon former AG, told the world Obama was coming back to clean-up Trump and his supporters."


"The doors for you and your fellow travelers to escape to a foreign "safe space" are closing. There will be no mercy - when it reaches that point, there is never any mercy."


RICO. No, not Starship Troopers.

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And this is out at numerous sources today . This one is not exactly a right wing deal as you would likely try to say ? The DEMs ship is sinking fast as their crimes unfold for all to see in day light. Which group pays you to suck DEM dick in public ? Share Blue ? Your name will get publsihed one day just as the DEMs published a list of gun owners a few years back ? So don't be surprised when your door bell rings and you have to answer some questions by some pissed off people.  HA HA HA , but that would not be fair right, only DEMs can publish such list's ? The world is changing very rapidly you miserable twit.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Any news from the bunker?


Who's running things? COG or Trump?

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Keep this news flowing.  Maybe John Q. Public will get a clue as to what the Bush created with this Stazi State.

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The trolls are out in force this mornning. Damage control. Like cockroaches.

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I take solace in knowing the Trolls are supporting pedophiles with their trolling. That is the who we are dealing with, spirit cooking, satanic, child abusers.

Mr. Crisp's picture

They're a bunch of sick perverts, those trolls.

TheLastTrump's picture

Nice new little meme you got going on paid leftist shill troll.

TheLastTrump's picture

Fucking Democrat paid trolls.

TheLastTrump's picture

Wasn't the first iteration of the Patriot Act so called done in 1996, then shelved because some judge said it was unconstitutional?


Then dusted off & passed in 3 weeks in Sept 2001, swept into force as law of the land on a tidal wave of emotion.

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oh thats just his face.