Is The U.S. Forcing Egypt Toward A Russian Alliance?

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Submitted by James Durso

The lion is back in his den!

Hosni Mubarak, former President of Egypt, walked free last week after six years in detention on charges of murder and corruption. What does the U.S. have to show for it? Nothing.

In January 2011, Egyptian activists planned protests against corruption, lack of economic growth, and the heavy-handed police tactics of the recent years.  The protests were scheduled for 25 January in Cairo and across Egypt.  A broad swath of Egyptian activist groups participated, including the Islamists.  The protests quickly escalated and became increasingly violent to the extent that the police were replaced by the military.  At the end of two weeks, Mubarak had dissolved his government, appointed an interim leader, and announced he would not seek re-election in the September 2011 elections.

In early February 2011, on the same day that Vice President, and former intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak would resign as President, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces suspended the constitution and dissolved both houses of Parliament for six months until elections could be held.  In May 2011, Mubarak was charged with the murder of protesters and ordered to stand trial.

The elections of June 2012 handed power to the only organized opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood and its leader, Mohammed Morsi, who promptly tried to install an Islamist constitution and grant himself broader power than had Mubarak.  The secular opposition was upset that the Islamist opposition they helped usher into power would be so…Islamist.  More violent protests ensued. The whole sorry mess came to an end in July 2013, when the military seized power and Morsi’s hand-picked minister of defense, General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, became Egypt’s leader and was elected President in May 2014 with a Chicago-like 93 percent of the vote. 

Where was the U.S. in all this?  Inside the White House, Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Gates favored Mubarak’s gradual transition out of power, concerned that giving a longtime friend of the U.S. the bum’s rush would tell other friendly leaders in the region that the U.S. would buckle if it were them.  President Obama decided, however, the U.S. would be “on the right side of history” by forcing Mubarak from power after only two weeks of protests.  Thus, America forgot that its key audience in the Arab Middle East is the rulers of the Gulf Cooperation Council, not every activist with a Twitter feed. 

As a man once said, "How's that working out for you?"  For America, not so well:

  1. President El-Sisi is cordial with the U.S., but he is hedging his bets by getting closer to Russian President Vladimir Putin whom he has met with several times, in Russia and the Middle East.
  1. Egypt has signed contracts with Russian companies for nuclear power reactors and advanced fighter aircraft. Egypt was stung when the U.S. delayed the delivery in 2014 of paid-for attack helicopters Egypt claimed were needed for counter-terror operations in the Sinai Peninsula - the first time the U.S. had used the Foreign Military Sales “nuclear option” of withholding spare parts or denying delivery of equipment. Egypt took the lesson and is diversifying its supplier base.

A key part of supplying military equipment is not just shipping the hardware, it is training the people.  Egypt has traditionally sent its military leaders, including then-Brigadier General El-Sisi to U.S. military schools, where they learned U.S. doctrine, the better able to cooperate with the U.S forces, were exposed to U.S. society and made contacts with future U.S. military leaders.  That opportunity to form relationships with future U.S. leaders may now be diluted.

  1. Egypt is seeking Russian training for its forces. In one ironic twist, Russia will be training Egyptian pilots of the Russian Ka-52K Katran attack helicopter that will be based on Egypt’s new French-made Mistral-class amphibious assault ships that were once bound for Russia but not delivered after Russia seized Crimea.
  1. Egypt is cooperating with Russia’s support of Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar by allowing the deployment of Russian Forces to the Egypt-Libyan border. Haftar, a renegade Gadaffi regime official who cooperated with U.S. intelligence and lived in the U.S. for two decades, returned to Libya to help oust Gadaffi and later gained command of the largest militia, ­­­­which opposes the UN-recognized, Tripoli-based unity government.

U.S.-Egyptian relations aren’t in dire danger, but Egypt’s relations with the U.S. and Russia may be returning to that of an earlier era, not exactly Nasser’s "positive neutrality," but more independent of the U.S.  And Egypt’s more independent stance will be helped by the recent discovery of an estimated 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas - worth about $100 billion - off its Mediterranean coast.

President El-Sisi was the first foreign leader to talk to President-elect Trump, who previously described El-Sisi as a “fantastic guy,” so goodwill is there.  America’s leaders will now have to dedicate time and attention to get Egypt on-side rather than assuming it will be a perennial “Yes” vote for U.S. policies in the region. 


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Zero Point's picture

Anyone who thinks this is mere bumbling on Obamas part is a fuckin retard.

HowdyDoody's picture

<--- Yes.
<--- Hell, yes.

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yovatti (not verified) HowdyDoody Apr 4, 2017 3:18 AM

Why is ZH obsessed with all things Russian?

It's a little pissant country, which is mostly to be ignored.

AVmaster's picture

Thats because hosni mubarack was suckered by the muslims as part of the obama... err... muslim spring...


Remember on Jan 1st 2011: A coptic church was bombed, with heavy casualties.


The day after, Mubarack came out and condemned the bombing(wrong move man!)


Almost immediately, the islamists lost it and the violence... err... protests, began(how dare he take the side of those "dirty" christians!)...


Since egypt is 50/50 muslim christian, it was pretty close to a civil war almost immediately. And it was genocide against christians when morsi/muslim brotherhood took over. Luckily, the egyptian military is badass and kicked morsi to the curb... Otherwise, SHTF would still be going on...

avenriv's picture

Sir, your 50/50 looks like:

"According to the CIA World Factbook, approximately 90% of the population is Muslim and 10% is Christian (5% Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, 5% other Christian). Estimates of the Christian population in Egypt range from 6% to 20%.


AVmaster's picture

And where's your 2010 pre-morsi numbers???...


CIA... Really?

Also X2:

"Estimates of the Christian population in Egypt range from 6% to 20%."

Dude... Are you freakin serious? They might as well not even bother trying to say that they estimated.... Anything...

Out of a population of an ESTIMATED 97 million, the 6% - 20% differance can be anywhere from 5,820,000 to 19,400,000... yea, we really got a "margin of error" going on in here!




Next time, try not to retort on something that makes zero difference what so freakin ever just to satisfy your "MEEEEE! I GOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY! ME ME ME ME!!!"... urge....

Ghordius's picture

there is a reason for that. some Christians in Egypt are openly Christians. half a dozen millions, roughly

some other Christians converted... but only nominally so. Spain had the same phenomenon in reverse, in the Middle Ages

makes counting a bit difficult, you see. some of them pretend to be Muslims since generations, but I would be surprised if there is more then another half dozen million of them. so no, it's a bit difficult to support that 50/50

Mr Blue's picture
Mr Blue (not verified) Ghordius Apr 4, 2017 6:49 AM

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

Is The U.S. Forcing Egypt Toward A Russian Alliance?

What a STUPID question just like these part time job adverstisements!!!!!

effendi's picture

I'm a Copt. Christians make up about 15% of the population. Mubarak was as corrupt as hell and was positioning his son to take over (and his son is rumoured to have orchistrated that bombing). Sisi isn't perfect but he is probably the best man for the role. And Egypt will still be going further into debt and devaluing no matter what the government does.

Ghordius's picture

"Why is ZH obsessed with all things Russian? It's a little pissant country, which is mostly to be ignored."

from an european perspective: wish you a good morning, and fuck you, too

from a EU perspective: nope, you are talking about our esteemed main energy provider. Russia is important, to us

from a NATO perspective (and if you really want, one without the US in it): nope, you are talking about a country that is not clearly signaling that the Baltic Republics won't be visited by misterious green men calling a quick referendum that won't be repeated, ever

seriously, this is another of those things where I could scream: this meme that everything, including Russia must be categorized in two, and only two available categories

1: either it's dangerous, and then it's threatening the whole world, or it is innocuos, "little & pissant" and not anybody's concern

2: either it's bad, evil and Russians eat babies for breakfast or it's super cool, and Putin's horse can walk over water, and today's Russian Authoritarianism is the only way to save the White Race, etc. etc.

this categorization of everything in two extremes, in Black OR White, in Red vs Blue, is the frigging scourge of modern popular American thinking, politics and society

it really makes Other People think you never left the playground, where you played Cowboys vs Indians, or something

I know, I know, the FPTP coupled with gerrymandering makes you think so, and the two immortal US political parties foster this thinking

but.... what part of your daily life is so frigging clear cut that you don't ever rebel about this bullshit, and start to believe your own lying eyes? sheesh

yes, it's a Bear. no, don't poke the Bear. no, only because you should not poke it, it's still a Bear, not a Teddy Bear

is that so difficult to understand?

AVmaster's picture

We have nothing else better to do...


We are Intellectually, socially, and culturally dead...


Most people here can't even find russia on a map(not joking)... They take the drive by propaganda seriously, and forget about it in 15 minutes, then watch reruns of the kardashians....

messystateofaffairs's picture

I'm a little behind. Whose poking at Kimmys pussy these days? Is it on the internet yet? Is the stepdaddy or stepmummy thing a stepdaddy or stepmummy at the moment? Inquiring minds want to know.

new game's picture

not at all, thanks. MIC needs a boggyman. simply sad...

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


1: either it's dangerous, and then it's threatening the whole world, or it is innocuos, "little & pissant" and not anybody's concern

America's Greatest Threat® or a regional-power gas station masquerading as a country.

2: either it's bad, evil and Russians eat babies for breakfast or it's super cool, and Putin's horse can walk over water, and today's Russian Authoritarianism is the only way to save the White Race, etc. etc.

Putin is everywhere, he, as befits the Almighty Supreme deity, can assume any form, or Putin killed many of the cutest kittens with sad eyes.

this categorization of everything in two extremes, in Black OR White, in Red vs Blue, is the frigging scourge of modern popular American thinking, politics and society

it really makes Other People think you never left the playground, where you played Cowboys vs Indians, or something

Victims of binary logic with simple algorithms: "Putin hero - Putin is a shit". This is too difficult for them...

Joe A's picture

A "little pissant country" with SATAN-I rockets that can wipe out whole North America and working in SATAN-II rockets that can do the same plus they have around 7k tactical nuclear weapons that can wipe out whole divisions and small towns. MAD assured of course.

Brazen Heist's picture

Hey ZioShill, we know the schemes that your overlords are playing. Russia keeps the cretins in check.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Why is yovatti obsessed with all things Russian?

He's a little pissant angry butthole, who is mostly to be ignored.

messystateofaffairs's picture

You're right, we should all be focusing on Itsashitholeinhell, the little cuntry you come from.

just the tip's picture

first thing is this is a duh article.

and the only thing missing from that resume' is that mr. durso is a card carrying member of the deep state.

Ghordius's picture

"A key part of supplying military equipment is not just shipping the hardware, it is training the people.  Egypt has traditionally sent its military leaders, including then-Brigadier General El-Sisi to U.S. military schools, where they learned U.S. doctrine, the better able to cooperate with the U.S forces, were exposed to U.S. society and made contacts with future U.S. military leaders.  That opportunity to form relationships with future U.S. leaders may now be diluted. "

the first key part necessary to understand Egypt is people... because there are two Peoples in Egypt: the military, which is in all practice a caste system, and the rest of the people

and so Egypt has in all practice two states, the military one and the one for everybody else

and so no wonder all US-Egyptian talks are done between Egyptian military officers and US military officers

the second key part necessary to understand Egypt today... is more difficult for Americans and more painful for Brits

it's the Suez Crisis of 1956. read about it on wikipedia, it's an excellent article there in English

for all practical purposes, Egypt was semi-detached from Turkey's empire and became an "Affair" between France and the UK, including the Suez Channel that was built after several hard agreements between those two colonial powers

enter a wave of Nationalism and Nationalization in Egypt, and war was declared because of the nationalization of the channel

Israel as ally, the British and French were already landing in Egypt in one of the biggest amphibious operations of the times, and...

... tah dah! Washington and Moscow agreed about it and... called them back. or forced to, depending from your POV

from an european perspective, that was the start of the New World Order, built on a Consensus Between the US and the Soviet Union

and this made Egypt... an Affair among those new two leading powers of the world

now, it's easy to say "vassal". but Egypt was neither a vassal of the Paris/London duo nor is it (or was it) of the Washington/Moscow duo, and you can take the very war as evidence to that

Egypt... is built on the basic fact that the Military sits on the Rest of the People, and all the rest is just either damn nuisances and realities or opportunities

like the gigantic Aswan Dam, which was built under the direction of Russian engineers

so yes, a re-approachement of Cairo with Moscow is kind of... the usual game, by now. particularly since Washington was kind of... unconvincing, in the neighbourhood, lately

Vageling's picture

A whole lot of nothing. Just like your EU. Just has to sound like it has a point right? Ommit shit, cherry pick other shit. And great SHIT! And proud that you are, having a turd with smarties all over it! Typical Ghordius. Why you Complaining why screw you? Shut up and take it in the ass.

Old guy... I hope you die soon. I would piss on your grave! That's how much your contribution is rewarded. Just die, fucking EUROCRAT! Liars like you come and go. Consistant is that you sociopaths can't help themselves. Always have to brag and when it becomes incovenient? WOBBLE, WOBBLE! 

FUCK YOU old disgusting timer. 

Ghordius's picture

let me see... my comment? I brought you a small recap of what happened in Egypt's history that might show why a reapproachement between Cairo and Moscow is not only in the cards, but also kind of "the usual game". next step: young Egyptian military officers going to study in Moscow... like their uncles did

your comment? I count 21 ad-homs and... nothing else. you... wrote nothing, except giving me the opportunity to reply with a few ad-homs from my side

yeah, right

Koba the Dread's picture

What an insane, bug-eyed comment. I can see the steam blowing out of your ears.

sunra's picture

Israel as ally, the British and French were already landing in Egypt in one of the biggest amphibious operations of the times, and...

... tah dah! Washington and Moscow agreed about it and... called them back. or forced to, depending from your POV


Doing so, they floored the City of London and Nasr was celebrated big time for it. England didn't recover up to today, the City did...

Vageling's picture

Egypt may live to survive another day.

Ghordius's picture

let me guess: you are hinting at the relationship that Egypt has with Saudi Arabia? or that with Israel? or something even more profound?

I'm asking because in the other comment, your reply was kind of "G, you are not saying anything", so I must believe that you are saying something very profound indeed

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

"after Russia seized Crimea"

The fuck up, James!

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Don't despair, James is only talking his book...

Meet Corsair LLC

Joe A's picture

Russia playing chess while the US was playing checkers. I'm sure Obama was overjoyed when the MB took over in Egypt (considering that the MB on multiple occasions visited the WH under Obama). Then he got upset with the Egyptian military staged a coup and put Morsi and his fellow MB in jail because they didn't want their country to turn into a Wahabis and Jihadis paradise. Sisi did Europe a great favor. Now the Russians are trying to restore order in Libya after the US and its allies fucked up so badly there when they got rid of a nasty piece of work called Ghadaffi who kept migrants out of Europe. Russia might save Europe from an influx of more fortune lookers from MENA.

The whole fucking mess in MENA started with Bush and Blair who has a vision for that part of the world. Obama, Clinton, Cameron and Sarkozy continued that "vision" because they were all looking for their place in the history books. Oh, they will get that place alright.

IranContra's picture

Obama gave Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran helped pay the bill. The Muslim Brotherhood then opened Egypt's doors to Iran, and Egypt was becoming like Syria.

Sisi saved Egypt from Iran and the Brotherhood and restored order.

Mubarak had flaws, but he kept Iranian agents out and he kept the Muslim Brothehood in check.

The Muslim Brotherhood was created by the West and Iran. Arab governments jailed and executed many of its members, but the West pressured Arab countries to give them safety. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE rebelled against the West and saved their countries from the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.

Egypt can have good relations and partnerships with both Russia and the US. It doesn't have to choose sides. Russia is working with Trump in more harmony than it is made to appear by both enemies and friends of Trump, for different reasons.


IranContra's picture

And Tylers, thank you for another irritating (i.e. thought-provoking?) article, the Fight Club must go on. Cognition and real understanding only happens during a struggle when you take a stand and get clubbered for it. That's my experience. Real understanding is not reading/listening and comprehension. Never.

Ghordius's picture

perhaps true, and perhaps you are right. now, how do I clobber you about that "false" Jew meme? I don't even know where to start

because you bring that, further below, next to a phenomenon which I am really interested to, but too far away from it: that of Christian Zionists

are you in the position of arguing anything about those two categories? personal experience, other knowledge?

IranContra's picture

I lived in many countries. I was close to both types at times. I'm writing an essay about a related subject.

This may sound like a Bob Dylan song, but it is my experience.

I met a rabbi who believed Ishmael was also blessed and he refused to set foot in Israel until they treated Palestinians as humans.

I met a Christian Zionist who said we (America) will nuke the Middle East and then give it to Israel. He kicked his own mother out of his home because she married a black Muslim.

I met a Christian Zionist who said: we wanted to spread the Gospel, not shed blood.

False Jews started in the Caucasus Mountain range. They call them Khazars. Some slipped south into Iran before Alexander the Great created the mountain pass barrier. Now they are everywhere and have billions of followers. They are called Gog (leaders) and Magog (followers).

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

coptic's living with muslem's what could go wrong? muslem's of today are fighting all over the globe - from indonesia to berlin- to wipe out other religions..they are much less tolerant than many sultans and caliphates of odd "religion" more a political system..but then we got the Mormon's here in the west..just as nuts, but less blood thirsty. and they do produces wonderful pols like Mitt.

some religions give religion a bad name.

IranContra's picture

Christian Zionists are not about Christianity. They are about false Jews.

Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are not about Islam, they are about . . . the same false Jews (Rothschild and his cousins).

Ghordius's picture

there is one billion Muslims. if they were really doing what you are claiming, as a group, we'd be in huge dodo shit

further, Sultans like the one in Istambul were, generally speaking, very tolerant. Christians and Jews were able to have their own judges for their own legal affairs, for example. like in Syria, like in Aleppo, for example. something out of history that makes all that talk about "Sharia Law" a bit... pathetic in every direction

are your home-grown Christians in America really tolerant? how so? they are currently engaged in a great "Muslims, bomb them" frenzy, aren't they?

isn't your country allied with roughly seven Muslim countries in the ME, against another set of roughly seven Muslim countries?

yes, Coptic Christians live in Egypt next to Muslims since... over one millennia. no, not always easily, but 1'000 years of co-existence isn't that easy to achieve

no, overmed, I do not understand your point of view. have you ever met any Muslim? have you ever traveled in a Muslim country?

a hint: they are... full of people. from the dunce to the genius, from the bloodthirsty to the peaceful, they have all the range of... humanity, too

we, Christians, did give religion a bad name, too. from serious Crusades to fun things like the Inquisition. do you want to do that again?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

 I am sorry , but you seem to miss the part about Today's is useless to try to show you the truth, first you have to open " Your eyes wide shut"..

today muslems the world over kill for allah..when some in the west respond in kind..,you see only the west's evil..never the filth of radical islam..wonder why?

Ghordius's picture

yes, some Muslims kill for their God, in the same way as some Atheist Communists killed for their Ideology and some mercenaries will always kill for a fistful of currency

I have several Crusaders in my family tree that cried "Deus Vult" (God Wills It) when they were fighting for Christendom

yes, however you want to see it, there is filth... in the willingness to fight and kill for a religion, or ideology, or money

except if it is my religion, my ideology and my money, of course. then, the bastards had it coming, stands to reason

yes, overmed. look at today's reality. the world's reality

Russia... has a whole Muslim republic with 1'000 mosques. the US... had problems with the thought of a dozen Muslims prisoners being transferred from Gitmo to the mainland

meanwhile, you and I are being bombarded by "Muslim is evil, period" propaganda

yes, you are right. insofar that in your country, the two positions are completely whacked

on one side, "kill those Muslims" and on the other side "Islam never did anything wrong, there is no such thing as radicals among Islamists"

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

well, as usual you make good points, but dilute the basic's muslem is being used as a tool, for control..with little to do with faith and much to do with power..

we in the west suffer at the hands of an elite who do the same and are as evil, but shudder at burning women and kids in public trials, but can avoid the horror by drone, at least the muslem mad killers like to see the blood work.

Ghordius's picture

as often, opinions about "the west" come apart at their seams... when you talk with someone like me, a continental european

Dresden. the firebombing of Dresden was not a public trial, agreed, but it burned more war refugees, including women and children, then those idiots of ISIS could do in 1'000 years of mock trials and executions on YouTube

which might also give you a hint why the very word "war refugee" is loaded, for us

look, historically, those drones are just a continuation of a policy that Churchill spearheaded: simplified, bombs are cheaper then troops, when it's a village in the desert

elite? another loaded word. which elites, plural? as a reminder, when Bush/Blair said that Saddam had WMDs, some european governments called bullshit. and got their Freedom Fries

effendi's picture

The death toll from the Inquisition (over about 400 years) was less than the number of Christians killed under the sultans each month (for a similar number of years). Copts lived as dhimmi for over a thousand years and even today they have less legal rights than muslims (compare the requirements for building a church compared to building a mosque or the legal punishments for preaching Christianity to muslims).

Ghost who Walks's picture

Hi Ghordius,

I agree with your points. Egypt is an interesting country and has my second favourite people in the world after the people of Myanmar. Both of these countries require that the common people support each other as the military elite rip them off. Yes, there is a range of behaviours and motivations throughout the population. My experience was that most Egyptians want a better life for their families and are struggling to get by. Your point about the two classes is very accurate if you include the police and other security organs under the Military description.

I would suspect based on my experience that the number of Copts is under 10% and maybe closer to 5%.

I didn't find the population to be violent extremists. I was lucky enough to be included in some of their social activities and they are soft and gentle, especially when they have very little in the way of wealthor savings.  They strongly support each other. They have to because of the psychopaths running the show in the Military and Police. Having said that, one of the best people I have met and worked with was an Egyptian Officer of the Fire Brigade. His primary focus was his men and the community.

JailBanksters's picture

It doesn't matter what the US does or doesn't do about anything, you can rest assured it's only in best interest of the 1% or the 1%

MuffDiver69's picture

It certainly doesn't help, as the Egyptian President stated yesterday, that his was first visit by Egyptian leader in eight years...Does the writer think that might have something to do with Egypt seeking out others,....utter bullshit

IranContra's picture

A Cognitive Analysis of Denial and Deception

We have no perfect knowledge of anything. If we tag something about which we have some imperfect knowledge as true fact, that's called faith and believing. It is a rational mental process.

If we tag something as true fact, then we don't like the emotional experience, and finally tag it as "not real" instead, that is called denial. It is an irrational emotional process.

All deception starts with denial, and only those in denial can be deceived. The goal of allowing deception games is to rally those in denial and organize them in big groups, parties etc. The liberals who defend Hillary and Obama are a great example of people in denial. CNN and others rally them in a process of garbage collection, compaction and disposal. The Devil and the Antichrist and their followers manage that process under God's control. Luciferians are garbage collectors without any real power.

One form of deception such as Christian Zionism seeks to direct a  group to support a bad cause: Israeli occupation.

Another type of deception seeks to rally people against a good cause. ISIS is like that.

I have talked to people who dealt with ISIS and almost got killed by them. They said: ISIS are not Arabs, not Muslims, they are devilish criminals.

ISIS are not bad Muslims. They are luciferians trying to make Islam look bad.

Only those in denial will be deceived by ISIS. President Trump is not one of them.

sunra's picture

Egypt has always had strong ties with the east - after all, the Egyptian secret service is the one of 2 in the world trained by Stasi, besides Israel. That training & connection helped to identify the Muslim Brother threat, an outcome of USA, Saudi and Israeli cooperation, with the goal to destabilize the country. Egypt was set to fall after Lybia, and if it would, Europe would have been swamped with Millions. This means that Russia's first action actually was in Egypt, Syria followed and stopped the NWO plan - as a 'thanks' US downed the plane full of Russians in 2015.

Saudi, on the other hand, backed the coup in Egypt (getting rid of Mursi), after Egypt provided details about the Saudi future, obtained from interviewing some Muslim Brother old school style.

Some more details on that @