VIX Tops 13, Stocks Catch Down To Hedge Anxiety

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Both VIX (equity protection) and CDX (credit protection) decoupled notably from equity indices late last week and today it appears investors are catching on today...


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Don't worry - the crisis is over. The dip has been bought already. 

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Where is the Fifty Cent Party?


For those wonderingwhat he heck I am referring to:

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He already bought shitload of S19@May $.50 VIX calls last week

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I wonder who has the pockets deep enough to keep losing tens of millions at a pop?   Wonder what the motivation is?   I don't see any financial sense in doing this with such a huge stake.

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Kong suggests that The Japanese Nikkei has already topped, and that U.S equities are next

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these bottom tick stories are becoming a ZH staple contrarian trade; they are at best sophomoric and trite; i dont give a sh*t about up or down votes; i'm sure you can come up with much better analysis than knee-jerk index banging commentary which you purport to disdain.

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You can tell from the action that the market wants to correct.  They're somehow able to keep the AAPL AMZN GOOG circle jerk going.

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Question is why? Who does it serve to keep stock prices artificially high?

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AMZN, APPL also topped just before Aug2015 & Jan2016 corrections

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Perpetuates the myth that the economy is good.  Most people have no idea that everything is not awesome.

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Try and tell "most people" everything is not awesome.  They get real upset at you: the messenger.  That's why I drew a face on a volley ball and just talk to him.  Wilson is tough enough to handle the truth.

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Don't be fooled by any afternoon rally or MOC levitation.  I'm not saying the top is in, but this definitely needs to go lower first.

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One of my first posts on this site went along the lines of this:


'It ain't real until news of pink-slip Friday's at AAPl, Goog, Nefflx, AMZN, FB, Twatter - and a few others, become the weekly norm.'


And I stand by it.   Only when the Bullshit ad-revenue and i-trinket companies begin to falter, will you know we have arrived.  

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Testing 1-2-3