Companies Have Begun Implanting Microchips In Workers

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Craving more of a science fiction-style existence? Perhaps you should seek a job with one of the companies at Epicenter, an employment hub in Sweden.

The Associated Press reported Monday that companies there have begun implanting microchips in their employees, marking the first time the practice has been used on a broad scale.

“What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter,” AP reports.


The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.”

Epicenter, home to more than 100 companies and about 2,000 workers, began offering the implants in January of 2015. Now, about 150 workers have been chipped.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is convenience,” Patrick Mesterson, Epicenter co-founder, told AP. “It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.”

A “body hacker” shows up at your office, ready with a preloaded syringe. He injects the chip into the fleshy part of the hand near the thumb. Now you’re a cyborg.

The chips use near-field communication technology, the same as in credit cards. When swiped by a reader a few inches away, data flows via electromagnetic waves. The chips are passive, meaning they contain information but can’t read other devices.

The technology isn’t new. Such chips are used for things such as tracking deliveries and virtual dog collars. And there have been other, isolated cases of companies chipping their employees in the past.

But Epicenter is bringing it to a whole new level, and workers there seem alright with the idea. In the article, the general attitude is perhaps best captured by the comment of one 25-year-old worker:

“I want to be part of the future.”

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and easy to copy and duplicate. The ACLU should be all over this, well if they actually cared about people not just destroying the nation.

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Brands, tattoos, microchips...the progression of the cattle business.

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In their defense, it's Northern Cuckistan (formerly known as Sweden), so, bulls eye on the market. Also, bullish for meat err... soilent ball industry...

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>Ever not being cucked

How did these people ever even come to exist?

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Maybe the MSM in Sweden brainwashes those poor saps 24x7.

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Oh well... they tested it in dog collars so it's just logic to USE IT ON HUMANS???

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The millennials are gonna fuck us. 

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The baby boomers fucked too much and didn't raise their children and ran up a $20 trillion dollar tab without fixing any infrastructure since the 70's good fucking job you lucky cock sucker, you.

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I'm a very late gen xer....worked for everything I have

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You'll need to post the definition of work. That is a forgein word to snowflakes. They think it's a disease and avoid it like the plauge. Hiding in the basement at Mommy and Daddy's house so not to get infected and start working.

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Never worked for any government institution.  That's all I'll say. 

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>he says, actually believingthatally

Sure, old man. Must be nice to work full time and have enough left over to pay rent on a studio apartment afterwards, only the gods know what a luxury that must be.

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Poor you, cry me a river snowflake.Everything is moar difficult today and yoar kids if you can afford it will tell you the same. Get a job punk, be a man not a pussy.

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Dumbass. You're as bad as the kikes and you're going into the oven when they're done cooking.

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You still believe in fairy tales as well? Lazy and ignorant. Yoar on a roll here, keep goin. You are doin a great job, proving every perception about snow flakes. Then start getting violent because yoar self esteem was wounded? Go and smash some windows and set some cars on fire and blame Trump.

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Wonder what yoar parents think, lookin at you, probably wish the never fucked.

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ACLU - AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union

This is being done in SWEEDEN. I know it is probably hard to believe that SWEEDEN is not part of AMERICA, but it's not - in fact it's a completely separate and sovereign country. Where - newsflash - the AMERICAN civil liberties union DOESN'T really operate.

But yeah - the ACLU should be all over this.

Learn to READ.

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If the technolgy is so great, why must it be implanted in me to identify me?  Oh wait, that must be in the next upgrade.

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more convenient than carrying the "smartphone"...

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Shove those phones up their asses - problem solved.

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Fucking Companies!  I knew they were up to something when they put those 'microchip portion' baggies in the vending machine!  Its like a guy had to buy two just to get through the lunch 1/2hr break at the dirt factory!  Even the size of the Snicker bars went all to hell on the short side...I fuckin KNEW IT!

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 By the time this rolls around to a 'mandatory' form of identification, very few will even have knowledge of nor care about the 'Mark of the Beast'.    Perhaps when they're forced to kneel in front of Moloch or face execution, but by then it's too late anyway.

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“I want to be part of the future.”

Because the "future" is cool, hip, progressive. Eventually we'll get around to the safety aspect.

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I want someone to cut off my thumb to get access to a building.


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I can hardly wait for the day I'm walking down the street and find out I just bought 2 cars, half a dozen sandwiches and a dog. I don't think purchasing shit by waving your hand is all that smart of an application.

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Italians are going to be might sorry

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Only into my cold, dead hands.

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We will be able to track down commie fascist tyrant supporters and eliminate them.

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so instead of crooks stealing your keys they lop off your hand? no thanks.

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Hey let me pay for your smoothie. Awe Shit, left my chipped hand on the nightstand.

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I am an idea guy, i'm thinking one chip in the palm and a chip in the one eyed python and having a holographic image shoot out of your dream girl.

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In this order:


- Pets

- Prisoners

- Populations

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... and immigrants! It has to be done.

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......because we are all cattle and sheep anyway.

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When I was young and worked at a grocery store there was a guy who had the bar code for a pack of Marlboros tattooed on his forearm,  boy ,he thought he was cool.

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Sweden should chip their violent Muslim rapefugees, similar to the ones they put into Snake Plissken, except the authorities can destonate the charges whenever the monkeys get out of hand

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The chip allows three rapes per week. Any more and you get moved to a swankier apartment but lose one rape per week.

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Correction,Sweden should tell their fellow NATO members,To stop aiding and abetting ISIS/and to stop bombing these rapefugees homelands.While claiming to attack the same group's that they aid and abet,So that the rapefugees can stay at home!PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sweden should chip their violent Muslim rapefugees

They'll say Allah won't allow it and they won't have to, based on religious reasons. Gov't "Okie dokie." Don't want to offend them on religious freedoms.

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Earbuds and beard- I know who you are without you having to open your mouth

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and what if they want to change the system? Shoot another chip in your ass?

Who in their right mind agrees to this shit :) :) morons do!

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Aaron Russo will be proved right. Freedom to Fascism.

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Slave masters peasants on a leash. Some comedy. 

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