Gunfire Breaks Out As Venezuela National Guard Clash With Anti-Maduro Protesters

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Venezuela security forces on Tuesday clashed with anti-government protesters seeking, in part, to remove justices from the Supreme Court accused of unconstitutionally favoring the ruling party, while supporting lawmakers locked in a bitter dispute with the administration of President Nicolas Maduro and the Supreme Court.

Previously, the opposition-controlled National Assembly had called for the march ahead of a vote by lawmakers to remove members of the country’s top court, less than a week after judges attempted to seize the power of Congress. The protest was the most violent since hundreds of thousands flooded the capital last year demanding the embattled president’s ouster.

Tuesday’s vote, however, was canceled after national guardsmen blocked the marchers as they attempted to cross Caracas’s main avenue, using teargas, pepper spray and water cannons to disperse the crowds. Ramon Muchacho, mayor of the Caracas Municipality of Chacao - an opposition stronghold - reported nine injuries including a gunshot victim, after the clashes with police and a rival protest by government sympathizers.

Security forces,  including the Bolivarian National Police, or PNB, and the Venezuelan National Guard, or GNB, fired tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons in attempts to disperse protesters in Caracas.

The gunshot was captured on the following video clip taken by a local activist.

Other clips also captured the noise of gunfire in the background.

It was unclear if the shooting was an isolated incident, and whether the national guard have now been given instructions to shoot at protesters, an escalation that would likely result in a violent mass uprising.

"PNB officials throwing tear gas and pepper against the demonstrators, especially affecting older adults," the opposition-controlled National Assembly legislature said in a statement.

According to UPI, there were two protests on Tuesday: one called for by the opposition and one in support of President Nicolas Maduro's regime, most of whom were made up of dozens of people moving through Caracas on motorcycles. The opposition demonstration was planned as a march from Caracas' Plaza Venezuela to the National Assembly's building, which is about a 3-mile march. But as the opposition prepared to participate, authorities closed several of Caracas' subway stations and set up security checkpoints and roadblocks. Officials closed off access to Plaza Venezuela, opposition members said.

Clashes ensued as security forces attempted to repel protesters, some of whom began to throw rocks and other objects at the security officials. The Venezuelan opposition accused Maduro's regime of preventing a peaceful protest from occurring.  "Hundreds of police and guards move to block access to Caracas for a mobilization, but against insecurity not a single one moves!" Henrique Capriles Radonski, governor of Venezuela's Miranda state and a key opposition leader, said in a statement Tuesday.

As discussed last week, the protests come after Venezuela's Supreme Tribunal of Justice, or TSJ, last week said it would assume the National Assembly's duties - a ruling it later reversed, particularly after Venezuela's chief prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, expressed "great concern" about the measure, which she said violated the constitution. The opposition said the TSJ's move was akin to a coup d'etat in favor of Maduro's regime.

The South American country is facing a political, security and economic crisis in which basic goods such as food and medicine are in short supply, unavailable or unaffordable. Venezuela has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. The opposition's efforts to remove Maduro from power have been dismantled by the TSJ, which is accused of ruling in favor of Maduro's regime.

Today's protests are expected to continue. Earlier on Tuesday, President Maduro, speaking on state television, pledged to continue governing regardless of opposition actions.

“Venezuela’s fascist ring wing got orders from the north to fill the streets with blood and violence. Today they failed to flood the streets of Caracas” said Maduro. “I won’t waste time on this oligarchy.”

Maduro also said in the case of eventual elections, he expects the ruling party to easily defeat the opposition; he didn’t specify what elections he was referring to.

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VWAndy's picture

Its a clean shoot. Because they are oathtakers.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

So it **really** would be paradise... but for the guns.  Right statists?

Central Planing gun confiscation project part 5 to begin in 3... 2... 1...

Comtrend's picture

Can we bomb them? Or just North Korea?

Is The United States About to Bomb North Korea? The White House Says “The Clock Has Now Run Out”

VWAndy's picture

 Maybe next time we can elect anti war person!  dripping with sarc.

AVmaster's picture

The famines/food shortages will all be over soon...


All we gotta do is remove some mouths to feed...

space shitle's picture
space shitle (not verified) AVmaster Apr 5, 2017 5:57 AM

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83_vf_1100_c's picture

Fuck off Xythras atal you spaming fuck!

Bryan's picture

haha.... the Economist's rally cry.  :-)

techpriest's picture

It's the logical conclusion of redistribution.

Whatever "ism" you want to call it, they all boil down to your money and time goes to "them," until they take too much, and you have to choose between dying or taking it all back. Thousands of years of history and its still the same.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Venezuela represents approximately 13% of US oil imports.

CITGO to the fucking moon!

johand inmywallet's picture

This will escalate quickly and very badly! Time to blow up NK for a distraction!

biker's picture
biker (not verified) Apr 4, 2017 8:43 PM

Obama approved a special State Department regime-change fund of $5 million to support anti-government groups in Venezuela. Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy financed Venezuelan opposition groups with +$1.2 million. Bush and Reagan

NoPension's picture

Marching and protesting. Things must not be all that bad. Wake me up when gov buildings and police stations start blowing up. This is an excellent real-time study in how much shit average sheeple will tolerate. We are not talking about isolated Norks. These folks have the internet and news, I'm sure. Personally, I'm in awe that Maduro is still breathing.

slammin_dude's picture

Really???? Im not... except for a few white guys back in the day the rest of the world only revolts to install a different brand of socialism/communism/collectivism/ slavery.... 

nmewn's picture

Why are these people fighting against benevolent father figure and freely elected socialist (nay a saint really) leader Maduro who only wants to feed & clothe the masses of poor created by rightwing fascist pigs?

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Fat chance of this ever happening in the USA.


The boys in black would be met by a firestorm of high-velocity lead, not pitchforks and torches.

Ghost who Walks's picture

Man is an emotional creature. Why would Maduro and company want to maintain nominal control of Venezuela when its slipping into complete failure?

It's the same in Zimbabwe. I can only assume that they fear outcomes for themselves if they lose control.

Looking around the world, I see similar behaviours in Myanmar and Egypt with the klepto-psychopaths fully in control of those economies.

While Maduro may have a valid point about perceived outside interference, the solution to the Venezuelan problems hasn't magically popped up during his term of Government, and doesn't seem to be in the early stages of implementation.

I look at these examples of political ideology working against the basic needs of the population and try to learn more that applies to my own circumstances.

techpriest's picture

I've listened to ME veterans talk about the culture over there. The American ideal of cooperation and mutual success (aka free trade) instead of fucking over everyone beneath you is a rare mindset.

Even the snowflakes embrace this dark-age thinking that they deserve to take whatever they want from others, and they would be doing a lot more of it if it weren't for the morbid obesity and cowardice.

SantaClaws's picture

"Why would Maduro and company want to maintain nominal control of Venezuela when its slipping into complete failure?"

The most obvious reason is that it will always be profitable for Maduro and his closest supporters.  Chavez was a billionaire when he died; the state may still be paying MILLIONS of dollars (dollar-value) per DAY for Chavez's daughters' support and expensive lifestyles.

Maduro is probably a billionaire as well, and likely hopes to become a trillionaire if he can hold on long enough.  Doesn't Venezuela hold the most proven oil reserves?

Atomizer's picture

Another example on how successful socialism works. Wave your one sheet of toilet paper to surrender to this despotism regime. Unfucking believable. 

Chavez was no angel, the country ran fairly good. All off these countries are getting destabilized to put in a puppet master. 

Afghanistan, Iraq, Kwait, many others. It's the footprint of complete Central Banking cartel. It's not going to happen folks. 

MrSteve's picture

the country ran good, including making Chavez' daughter a billionaire! that is real good. I don't think Marxist dictators get along with BIS banks....

Dre4dwolf's picture

Proof that it only takes one idiot communist leader to destroy a country.

And he did it in less than a generation.

NoPension's picture

Yeah, but it was rare times. The asshat had high oil prices to fund his socialist paradise. Not so fun when the money runs out.

I hope I live long enough to see a new form of energy, that relegates oil to just its chemical and production value..not as a prime fuel. I'm watching Brilliant Light Power closely.

To see those fucking raghead Saudis go down would be a pleasure. Now, I know we ( our benevolent government) are right in there with them..but, still a shitshow worth watching.

Ghost who Walks's picture

How is Randall Mills and the boys getting on with their work?

This intriuges me from multiple angles.

2muchtax's picture

Probably has a team of idiots

MrSteve's picture

Cuban advisors control the security forces.

VWAndy's picture

 About that monopoly on the use of force? 

directaction's picture

When I meet a screwball liberal,
I think of how very close the USA is to civil war,
And that soon we shall be shooting at each other,
And of how lousy with weapons those snowflakes are.   

NoPension's picture

It would be a target rich environment. Resisting the temptation will be hard.

MoreFreedom's picture

Venezuelans gathered in the capital to get gas, pepper and water when they learned it would be available - reported Maduro's newspapers, though there was a shortage of paper so the paper wasn't published. Just kidding.

Maduro is likely going to get killed, because the military doesn't want their families to starve. Socialism always eventually runs out of money and resources, usually results in dictatorship, and there's a lot of pain along the way. On the other hand, Venezuelans deserve what they voted for, good and hard.

I hope they learn, you can't have the prosperity that comes with freedom, unless you are first willing to give freedom to others. That means, not using government to take other people's money/stuff except for government to use to protect us from others that would harm us.

dchang0's picture

Maduro's got an exit strategy in place. All these looter oligarchs do. He's got the route to his private jet and airstrip planned out no matter where he is, and he has already arranged for a nice private island or receptive country to escape to.

Maybe he'll go to the USA or Europe and join a far left movement and make $100,000/yr. on the college speaking circuit.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Absolutely Unpossible. They have strict gun control and the gubernment would never harm its beloved citizens. Fake news unless Wolf Blitzer says otherwise.

just the tip's picture

According to UPI,

well there is phrase i haven't seen in a while.  UPI?  are they still around?  fuck, after helen thomas quit making shit up for them, how could they survive?  i guess with all the fake news circulating, theirs is just as good as any other.

francis scott falseflag's picture


                                 ONE DAY SOON


Gun fire breaks out in Times Square. New York national guard

clash with anti-Trump protestors.  Several casualties. 

yngso's picture

Is it different this time? Is change finally going to happen? All we know is that it's only getting worse. The breaking point can't be far away, sooner rather than later.