Huge Increase In Americans Denied Entry To Canada

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According to a report in Montreal newspaper La Presse, the number of Americans being denied entry to Canada is growing rapidly.

As Statista's Nial McCarthy reports, in 2016, 31 percent more U.S. citizens were turned away than in the previous year. 30,233 American travelers were sent back from the border in 2016 compared to 23,052 in 2015. Back in 2014, the number was just 7,509.

Infographic: Huge Increase In Americans Denied Entry To Canada  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Increased sharing of criminal records and other data between U.S. and Canadian authorities is one likely reason for the increase, according to an immigration lawyer quoted by La Presse.

The number of Canadians being denied entry to the U.S. has remained relatively steady at 28,584 in 2016. In 2015, 27,311 Canadians were turned back and in 2014, the number was 28,875.

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Etteguj Guj's picture

That's the stuff, keep 'em bottled up with their assault rifles and paramilitary police. Have at it!

Victory_Garden's picture

Who the fark cares?

Canada has been taken over by the evil ones also.

It is notable that they let in millions of chinese and mexicans. Think they are regrouping for the surprise attack when the evil satanic/luciferic banksters cause the crash?

You really wanna thrill, and wanna see the future, watch this good Knight doing the right fight! He is on the path to creating the future. It can be no doubt that Sir Steel, is here aboard also. This is powerful! Pray, Sir President Trump sees THIS!


fleur de lis's picture

Maryam Monsef is a third world smart ass who got herself elected to the Canadian Parliament.

The kind of .gov smart ass Trudeau wants for Canada.

Like most third world smart asses who are given access to any amount of power, she went too far but thought that since everyone owes her and everyone should have a turn on the Parliament Merry Go Round, and she's so smart it was okay.

And she is still MP:

Canadians will rue the day when they agreed to be governed by people who have no cultural concept of rules and regulations. 

For now they can feel superior by letting morons like Monsef call the shots, because there are still enough competent Canadians to clean up the mess.

That won't last forever.



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space shitle (not verified) fleur de lis Apr 5, 2017 5:44 AM

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For the love of God, please take Lena Dunham and Babs Striesand off of our hands.

beemasters's picture

They are probably planning to build a border wall soon and will try to make it look as if Americans will pay for it.

bigkahuna's picture

Yeah - we also have plenty of home grown terd world politicians down here. There is a ginormous can of whoopass starting to open up down here - not the electoral kind, but the physical ass kicking kind. The time is drawing near.

Al Gophilia's picture

Assad should get some lessons.

ZeroGold's picture

They have enough snow there withoth snowflakes probably. 

tuetenueggel's picture

do they also have nuff goats and donkeys for all the sandnigger assfuckers to come ?

quax's picture

DUI counts as criminal offense in Canada. If you have a DUI, don't bother trying to enter Canada.

stubb's picture

A felony, to be precise. 

The Real Tony's picture

You just walk through to Canada in Winnipeg. I hope we can get more real white people into this country instead of those slant-eyed bastards or those stinky pakis.

LawsofPhysics's picture

^^^This!!!   Shit, we have flown into Nova Scotia literally "under the radar" to fish hundreds of times.

Justin Case's picture

impaired driving is way down, but yapping, texting on the phone has moved up to first place. Just a fine, no suspensions.

Driving data of more than 100,000 vehicle operators show that half of car crashes involved a driver distracted by a phone at some point in the trip, while one in four drivers used a phone within a minute of a crash, according to a new study.

 In coordination with Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) released a study on Monday underscoring that phone distractions are a major source of dangerous driving and car wrecks in the US. The company creates mobile apps that measure driving behavior.

 One in four drivers who crashed were using a phone during or mere moments before the accident, CMT said.

 Meanwhile, distracted driving occurred at some point during 52 percent of car trips that resulted in a crash, CMT's study found.

 "This is a big problem for drivers and bikes and pedestrians," said Hari Balakrishnan, chief technology officer of CMT, according to the Chicago Tribune. "It's a fairly dominant factor in determining whether you have a crash."

 The alarming statistics revealed in the study come as the number of traffic fatalities have jumped by 14 percent since 2015, the largest two-year increase in the US in five decades, according to the National Safety Council.

 The CMT study involved data of more than 100,000 drivers over 18 months. During driving trips that resulted in a crash, the average length of distraction was 135 seconds. Phone distraction occurred for two minutes or more during 20 percent of distracted drives, CMT said.

 The top 10 percent of distracted drivers are 2.3 times more likely to be in a crash than the average driver, and 5.8 times more likely than the least distracted of drivers, CMT found.

zippedydoodah's picture

Americans have the right to drive however they fucking want to. It's our freedom.

stubb's picture

On trips up to Vancouver I used to struggle not to burst out laughing at the puffed-up Canuck border guards who took their silly little country so seriously. Especially the Sikh rachet who made a big show out of being extra-vicious to emphasize that she was a "real Canadian."

You should be gratified that I even consider dropping my dollars in your sad excuse for a third-rate socialist nowhere, hosers. 

man of Wool's picture

silly little country so seriously

Canada is a LOT bigger than USA.

Panic Mode's picture

LOL. That's superb. I must remember that.

Justin Case's picture

Ice floats on scotch in Florida too.

any_mouse's picture

Smaller human population. Most of which reside in a relatively narrow band just north of the border with USA from sea to shining to sea.

Koba the Dread's picture

So is the planet Jupiter. So what?

Miskondukt's picture

You would do well to consider context.

Offthebeach's picture

Wrong,  Horton breath.  They are almost nearly equal,  with Canada larger, very slightly.  

You a  victim of viewing curved sphere,  represented as a flat surface .

Now, usable land? Fughedaboutit.


Justin Case's picture

Canada: 9,093,507 square kilometers
United States: 9,161,966 square kilometers

Huh Reeeally's picture

I guess we all see things differently. For years I told friends living in your wonderful country that it was a virtual police state, they still don't see it. I guess it takes a foreigner to notice these little idiosyncracies,

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Are you talking Canada?  Because these human rights councils are parallel judicial systems where you are judged based on the SJW principles.  Nothing says police state more than "parallel juducial system"

Dead Canary's picture

Yea, who needs their funny bacon and money that's every color of the f***ing rainbow.

tyberious's picture

Fuck Canada!

Had a drunken arrest when I was 18. Habebe Barrak, Canadian Boarder Patrol, from London, but originally from the Middle East.

The fucker, had the nerve to denied me entry. I told him, my family has 100 generations on this continent you sir are not from this continent nor hemisphere, hell you aren't even Canadian, or English, your from the middle east!

He took my passport and walked me back to the boarder. Cunt!

Etteguj Guj's picture

Was it because you can't spell 'border'?

Arnold's picture

The frog march is an acquired behavior.

Huh Reeeally's picture

Too funny! Only 100 generations? Really? Maybe they belive that down south, but up here that don't mean jack shit. Years ago a relative told me about homesteading Manitoba and crossing the prairies in a red river cart. That don't mean shit here either, cuz that was pure white privilege, living through winter in a grass hut, -40F and the wind howling, trying to simply survive.

Point is, both our countries are unrecognizable from what made us great. Europe has suddenly seen the light and in 2 generations countries like Germany and Sweden will be forever changed as immigrants' children grow and start voting and having 6 more children. Trudeau Sr. took care of Canada with multiculturism, a grand failed experiment not dissimilar to India banning the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes, worth about $7.50 and $15.00 respectively... another grand experiment!

Every country will be inhabited by essentially the same cultural diversity, mere holding pens for the Khazarians to effectively manage their herds. And people wonder how Trump got elected, or why others are so keen for the coming collapse to cleanse our world. Sheesh! BRING IT!!!

Riga's picture

-40 in Manitoba, at least when my mom went to school, was the threshold for not having to walk home 2 miles for lunch.

Riga's picture

As an aside, they walked to and from school, to and from home for lunch, had recess, and played baseball or hockey (girls too, and no baseball gloves), depending on whether the ground was frozen or not, until supper, and the schoolkids didn't need to be prescribed drugs.

ManofSorrows's picture

Exactly!! My Dad wanted a baseball glove so bad, he sold Burpee seed packets for two years to save up to buy one because my grandparents and all the others considered that to be "frivolous". My great-grandmother picked Walnuts down on "the crik", de-shelled them, dried them and put them in jars to sell. She did this every year so that she could buy enough fabric to make the TWO dresses she would wear ALL Year. She wore the others out of course working her butt off for her family. Her fingers would be stained green for months afterward. A ROCK.

Sacrifice. That's how you get great countries. You ruin great countries by allowing your children to grow up spoiled.

Was blessed to know them all except my grand dad who died early from the effects of mustard gas poisoning fighting the Huns in WWI.

The current state the country is in, is a reflection of the honor placed on the past generations accomplishments. What extra effort they willingly gave to us so that we would have something firmer to stand upon. Shame on me for not honoring them better.

Omega_Man's picture

the border guard made a good decision there

tuetenueggel's picture

Why didn´t you kick his balls ?

It´s the only language those goatfuckers understand.

Koba the Dread's picture

One hundred generations? That's like 3,000 years on the North American continent? I doubt it. You sound like a resentful, self-pitying cry baby and you're a self-confessed drunk. Why would any right-thinking immigration officer no matter what his country of origin want you in Canada. I suspect the American border patrol held their noses when you stumbled drooling back to their side of the border.

mary mary's picture

American Indians been here for 13,000 years.  Respect your elders, "Koba".

Offthebeach's picture

If you were drunk in Canada, you might well be mistaken for a Canadian.   Slow reflexes, slured mumbling speach, glassy eyed,  slovenly dressed, slightly wafting of stale beer and ammonia.   If you stayed the weekend,  you could end up in leadership.

golden kafir's picture

100 generations hmmm, let's see 4 generations per 100 years so that would mean your family has been in continental US for 2500 years. you must be first nation i.e. native american.

Abbie Normal's picture

Wow!  So somehow this CBP officer travelled back in time, made you get drunk, then forced you to drive drunk until you were arrested.

I know, I know -- in the USA, it's almost a badge of honor to have a DUI.  That's not the case in the rest of the world.

Panic Mode's picture

Those hypocrite Hollywood celebrities. Who want to let them in??

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

canadian minister of immigration is a refugee from somalia.  came to canada when he was 16.  canada is going to have a lot of fun.