Hungary Passes Law Targeting Soros University

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Hungarian lawmakers from Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz party approved a law that could force a university founded by financier George Soros out of the country despite a protest against the plan in Budapest and condemnation abroad. The legislation passed with 123 votes in favor and 38 against, while 38 deputies did not vote. Voting was briefly interrupted by the sound of a siren blaring from a megaphone held up by an independent lawmaker in protest.

Addressing parliament before the vote, Orban's human affairs minister said institutions backed by Soros were trying to undermine Hungary's government by "averting democratic rules".

The bill passed despite days of protests (sponsored by Soros' very own Open Society according to some skeptics) and culminates a conflict that’s become emblematic of concerns that "liberal democracy" according to Bloomberg, or at least George Soros' influence, is in retreat in the eastern European nation.

On Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a staunch critic of Soros and his various liberal civil organizations said the Central European University had violated regulations in awarding its diplomas, an allegation the college firmly rejected.  Parliament, where Orban’s party has a commanding majority, approved the bill tightening regulation on foreign universities on Tuesday, the same day legislators had the first chance to debate it. Ruling-party lawmakers on late Monday amended the bill, tightening deadlines for universities to meet new regulations. The bill modifies rules regulating the 28 foreign universities in Hungary.

Orban has regularly blamed the Hungarian-born billionaire investor and philanthropist, who also funds organizations that seek to promote human rights and government transparency, for trying to undermine him.

This weekend, thousands of Hungarians marched to protest for academic freedom in response to the legislation. The government denies it’s targeting Central European University, the institution Soros "founded to train a new generation of democratic leaders in eastern Europe after decades of communism."

Soros' Central European University said parts of the bill directly target it, and could force it to close. Orban, a former Soros scholarship recipient, has been increasingly critical of the Hungarian-born philanthropist, accusing him of wanting to influence Hungarian politics. Last week the PM accused the CEU of "cheating" because it did not have a campus in its country of origin and because it issued diplomas recognized both in Hungary and the United States, giving it an undue advantage over local institutions. The CEU is accredited in New York state but does not have a U.S. campus.

The U.S. State Department as well as hundreds of academics and universities have expressed support for CEU, founded in 1991. It currently enrolls 1,400 students from 108 countries.

As Bloomberg adds, Zoltan Balog, whose ministry oversees education, appeared to link CEU to the non-governmental organizations supported by Soros in Hungary. Speaking at the start of the debate in parliament, he described them as "faux-civic, agent organizations" seeking to hinder the democratically-elected Hungarian government. "We are committed to preventing this activity with every legal means," Balog said.

Meanwhile, leaders at CEU have vowed to keep the university open. "If the bill passes, it would mark the first time that a member of the European Union dared to legislate an attack on the academic freedom of a university," CEU rector Michael Ignatieff said in an opinion article in The New York Times on Sunday. "It would also mark the first time that an American ally, a member of NATO, openly attacked an American institution on its soil."

Ignatieff added that the bill aimed to "send a chill through Hungarian higher education and eliminate one of the few remaining institutions in Hungary that can stand up to the government."

The draft bill requires the governments of the U.S. and Hungary to agree on new terms for the university's operations within the next few months. If a deal doesn't materialize, CEU would be banned from enrolling new students after Jan. 1, 2018 and would have to conclude its educational activities by 2021.

Balog said Hungary's government was ready to negotiate with the U.S. government on an agreement about the university. However, he added that “We are committed to use all legal means at our disposal to stop pseudo-civil society spy groups such as the ones funded by George Soros.” It does not appear that there will be an amicable resolution.

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Ghordius's picture

in my favourite alternative universe, both Orban and Soros meet... and shoot each other. well, you can have fantasies, don't you?

a pox on their heads

CuttingEdge's picture

Soros yes.

Orban no.

You are obviously a big fan of Merkel and her mass immigration policies.

Looney's picture


In a car accident, Soros doesn’t need airbags. He can inflate his huge under-eye bags in a millisecond.  ;-)


wildbad's picture

this is GREAT news.

there is certainly more to come.

this already happened in Russia a few years back but this will start an anti Soros wildfire.

please let him be indicted in several major countries. pin him down like a dried moth and confiscate his Nazi based fortune before he dies.

then the gallows after a speedy trial

SMG's picture

If you can, it's probably best to throw Satan out of your country.

mtl4's picture

I was wondering where that slimy intellectualist Ignatieff went to, big surprise he's working with the financial Kraken to spread cultural marxism everywhere.

Overfed's picture

It would be better if the Huns would force Soros off the planet.

St. Alphonzo's picture

sounds like a solid plan....

Atomizer's picture

Actually, you forgot about his son named Alex Soros. He's been groomed to carry on his father's legacy. Make sure he is included in Operation Dragnet. Winks. 

Zorba's idea's picture

 nominate the Prime Minister for the Nobel Peace prize! Well done

Ghordius's picture

all binary, eh? it's all on one frigging heap... or the other

look, if you are a big fan of Orban... because he is not a big fan of Merkel's immigration actions in 2015 then really, I can only shake my head. particulalry considering how the whole spat between Orban and Merkel started, and how it continued, and what facts on the ground we have today. there is a teeny weeny little bit more politics then that, in europe

wildbad's picture

i am FOR Orban..I am against Merkel.

easy. not complicated.

one is a globalist one is not.

Ghordius's picture

Mr. Orban recently visited Rome for the EU's 60th birthday celebrations and put his own personal signature under the "Treaty of Rome", with other 26 heads of government of the sovereign members, just to highlight that all 27 are proud members of the EU

you know, that thing that 60 years ago the UK was invited to, but answered "won't bother, won't work". but I digress

so you just gave me the proof that the EU, as such, is not a "globalist" affair, because non-globalist Orban signed that?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You are very entertaining to read. 

Atomizer's picture

Duplicate of million dollar?? I forgot his exact username. 

Atomizer's picture

Sounds like your in a panic mode. Lagarde will pave your way. Hehehee 

alangreedspank's picture

Apparently, indulging in "more" politics has served Europe a great deal, and the American view of it is too "simplistic" and "obtuse" I guess.

In a few years...

"Your population is now 70% third worlder muslims..."
"Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, you unsophisticated troglodyte".


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Perhaps the best re; Ghordo comment I've seen in some time. 


Ghordius's picture

did I say "obtuse"? I wrote binary, didn't I? I am ranting quite a lot about that, lately, so no, don't hang it up here on a "Merkel this or that"

what are the worst projections for... 2060? 30% Muslims. that means... 70% White Christians, in your jargon

and that's unsophisticated, troglodyte projections and forecasts, yes

now, you want to talk about America? it's 50% White Christians... NOW. This moment

now, numbers aren't words. but I'll try, slowly, for you: those troglodytes project for us in europe a terrible future in two generations, whereas two generations is a lot of time where lots of things can happen... which is less terrible then what you guys on the other side of the pond have now?

perhaps it is more complicated then that? or perhaps you believe? just believe, period?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I think the reality of what you said above is lost on most Americans who read these forums. 

The U.S. is very "segregated" (not saying its a bad thing, no one wants to live near street rats or 'we be' Thug'gin' dindus) and so many on here live in their suburban and rural bubbles and fail to appreciate the demographic shifts going on south of downtown yet still inside the loop.  

When the next crisis hits, I think for those individuals where ethnic/cultural homogeneity is important, it'll be time for a strategic retreat back to Europe.

Europe will solve its Muzzie problem the way Europe has always solved its problems, with mountains of dead bodies (I love the word "Leichenberg").  You can say "well, its different this time" -- at which point I'll point out this is a dangerous mutation of cognitive dissonance, which will end with what you are seeking to prevent by ignoring vital cultural differences. 

I also love making fun of the "American exceptionalism" taught to Americans, and when I engage with the random mouth-breathing "USA USA USA" chanter at a beer garden somewhere who loves to do nothing except talk about the war, I always make them angry by pointing out the ridiculousness that their world view is predicated on.  

Whenever I talk about "American exceptionalism" in front of "Europeans" and "Americans" at the same time, everyone gets a good laugh at the American's world-view and the American there typically gets quite frustrated. 

That being said, the "European exceptionalism" taught to various groups of people here is equally absurd.  The "Harketh! We Europeans have risen above violence and war.  We are in the process of building a magical fairlyland utopia run on skittles and unicorn piss, if only you troglodyte Americans would get out of the way and leave us alone" which is the cornerstone belief of "European politics" predicating more or less all domestic and foreign politics right now is equally ridiculous. 

The above mixed-company conversation is also fun when I reverse it and I point out the ridiculousness of the idea that European borders will never change and Europeans will never solve their problems with violence or war again, the Americans typically burst out laughing and the Europeans go "Well, its a bit more complicated than that..." (sound familiar) 

Both sides have consumed so much of their own Jim Jones coolaide neither side has any clude what planet they are on anymore and this ends with Leichenberge überall. 

any_mouse's picture

Interesting. I went to DuckDuckGo to look up "Leichenberge".

The only web results were in German. Okay. Try something else. No English results intrigued me. What don't they want me to learn?

I switched to Images with safe mode off.

Very graphic. [However piles of bodies during a time when the German civilians had trouble getting food and medicine does not a Holocaust make. Blame the relentless Allied bombing. Credit the Hollywood Jew producer who created the Holocaust on film under Eisenhower's order.]

"They" think they are creating a more perfect world and all they are doing is setting the stage for major blowback.

Jack Oliver's picture

Israel basically wants a deserted ME wasteland .

NWO is actually 'doublespeak' for 'controlling' the worlds resources - It won't happen whilst Russia and China stand .

There will be a lot of blood spilt before this is all over !!

Atomizer's picture

You let them into your country unvetted. Face the music. 

Ghordius's picture

yes, Germany let them in, unvetted. correct

but Germany isn't the US nor the UK, i.e. a country where, like bees, only the borders are guarded and nothing else, really

like all continental european countries, Germany is a "Papiere, bitte" country. ubiquitous IDs

meaning that the police has quite a good control over the territory, and can stop anyone and ask for an ID

it works, you know? it's the whole frigging basis why the Schengen Area works, too, including databases and registration duty at any locality

meanwhile... you know that it was Hungary's Orban that did not vet them, do you? lol

Haus-Targaryen's picture

That is bullshit and you know it. 

When I was renewing me Aufenthaltstitel last month I chatted with the guy in the Ausländerbehörde and he says the new trick these people use is as follows: 

- Show up to an Ausländerbehörde and claim Asylum and say you are from Aleppo.  (Guy told me he has blacks coming in constantly saying they are from Aleppo)

- When asked to give your fingerprint, say it goes against your religion to do so, and the idiot Germans afraid of being labeled a racist or Nazi waive the fingerprint requirements. 

- Get free shit for a few months until their court appointment

- Skip out on their count appointment

- Go to new Ausländerbehörde and repeat. 

Germany is a "Papiere bitte" culture if you are white or East Asian.  If you are brown or black the rules don't apply, don't wanna be a racisssss or a Nazi, you know? 

Ghordius's picture

and if what you just wrote is not bullshit....
... did you file a complaint? aka "Anzeige" in German?
you can do that anonimously, you know?

and it would greatly help those who try to deport them, do you realize that? besides fighting a certain culture of "none of my biz"

or is your dream of "Leichenberge" something that you must help come true?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Well, if the choice is: 

1) Eventual turning of Europe into something similar to Turkey (remember when Istanbul was Constantinople); or

2) Leichenberge

Then I'd rather have Leichenberge.

If the choice is: 

1) We end up being in the Leichenberge, or 

2) They end up being in the Leichenberge,

then I'd rather have them end up in the Leichenberge. 

If you think this ends with everyone holding hands and smiling at one another singing "Its a Small World After All" you are going to be horribly disappointed. 

You think an Anzeige would do anything?  What makes you think that the same culture and set of rules that makes it impossible for the guy processing my Aufenthaltstitel to tell some black guy he isn't from Syria to GTFO and that he puts his finger on the scanner or he calls the police would suddenly decide to take issue with what is going on?  

I bitched and moaned that someone who paid 70.000€ in Lohnsteuer last year has to wait 4 fucking months for my Aufenthaltstitel and I'll have to take a vacation day and wait in line for 7 hours again because of the mass of "Flüchtlingie" and the idiots running the place don't differentiate between tax payers and people who want to suck off the system.  "Nach unserem Grundgesetz, sind wir alle gleich. Tut mir leid, aber Sie müssen warten genauso wie die Flüchtlingie." 

This nation has collectively lost its mind since I first showed up here five years ago. 

Ghordius's picture

"You think an Anzeige would do anything?"

I tought so. you bitch and moan and... nothing

look, either you were passing some juicy gossipy hearsay or you heard a confession of a criminal. if it was the latter, in the light of your other comments... you lost any right to bitch and moan, in my eyes. or to pass as an adult, and never mind a citizen


meanwhile, an important Ghordius announcement:

I hereby declare this forum, those participants today as.... not suspicious enough for ZH

take Draghi. one of the "Goldman Sachs Alumni" -> Suspicious

take Orban. one of the "Soros U Alumni" - NOT Suspicious? are you frigging mad? where is the logic, then?

he is a frigging head of government -> NOT suspicious? since when, since Putin's horse can walk over water?

the whole 2015 Affair. Started in Turkey, courtesy of Erdogan, continued in Greece, aided by Soros, according to the wisdom of this place...

... then, magically, something happens in Hungary, all those war refugees land in Germany and...

Orban is a hero? of frigging what? what did he do, exactly? Does anybody here know anything, remember any news in details?

I'm fine with some knuckledragger "Uh, Merkel, bitch, she does not love Putin, double-bitch"

but again, why is Orban the hero? of what? of acting as pass-through? well, isn't that aiding, too?

it's really very simple: can you prove, in any way, with any evidence, that Soros and Orban are not doing double-deals?

if not, WHY aren't you suspicious of that?

take this university. closing, yes. now... is there a trail of... money, somewhere? are you sure that this university closing isn't part and parcel of what Soros... wants? like... what is it's funding?

portion of ZH here and today: you FAILED

you just proclaimed a head of government a HERO... based on hearsay, gossip and assorted "the enemy of..." fallacies

seriously, this is not the place I joined, anymore. have a good day

malek's picture

You mean:
The system is corrupt in its core, so let's fix it with... playing by its rules with "eine Anzeige" (German for "sue them".)

Really Ghordius? And in this case sue who?

While you're at it, why can't we also sue Angela Merkel??

MEFOBILLS's picture

Orban is a hero? of frigging what? what did he do, exactly? Does anybody here know anything, remember any news in details?


Wow - Cognitive dissonance much?

Orban is leading in a nationalist direction - not "internationalist".

Simply sealing off borders and saying no to unassimilable immigrants is an "action."

Here is an excerpt of more action:

Budapest has kicked off a nationwide campaign aimed at reducing Brussels' influence on the nation: a questionnaire dubbed "Let's stop Brussels!" has been recently sent out to the Hungarian public.


The questionnaire consists of six questions about how to deal with EU policies, including the most controversial issues — the refugee crisis and the activities of foreign nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the country.


NGO's are an instrumentality of war.  Color revolutions are spear-headed by NGO activity, and some NGO's are fronts for spy operations like CIA.  This is why the DUMA passed specific laws targeting certain kinds of NGO activity.

TeaClipper's picture

I dont think we need any history lessons on how ruthless the Germans can be when it comes to population control. It's the reason your attempt at a fourth reich is coming apart at the seams

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If you think the EU is some Fourth Reich benefitting the German people at the expense of everyone else, I'd know you:

1) are an idiot; or 

2) have not a clue what is going on. 

The Germans have gotten screwed and hard by the EU and the EUR.  The idea its some grand utopia here is a fallacy. 

malek's picture

Currently, that's bullshit.
In the final tally Germany will find it holds a large part of the unfulfillable promises, but we're not there yet.

And up to now you might want to consider what else would have been necessary to stabilize the Rentenkasse (after Oekosteuer and 19% Mwst), if the German federal budget hadn't reaped the windfall from exports which were "paid" with factually unrepayable new debts, a lot of them doled out by German banks...

sunra's picture

there is a teeny weeny little bit more politics then that, in europe

that's why Europe is fubar - and dudes like Orban are heroes for daring to not comply bend-over to yoo-laws

MFL5591's picture

Why dont you hang that scumbag?

Laddie's picture

Orban is one of the top leaders in White lands today.
Soros, true name Gyorgy Schwartz is a good pal of Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law:

Soros backed Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in real estate venture with $259 MILLION:
George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

Dr. Duke had British author and activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about the prominent role being played in the Trump administration by first son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is being put “in charge” of everything from reinventing the government to bringing peace to the Middle East. Dr. Duke points out that Kushner, who is an orthodox Jew, has a close association with the Chabad Lubavich movement, which embraces a theology that elevates Jews to divine status while denegrating the goyim as beasts.

Kushner’s family has given large sums of money to Chabad Lubavich, and has been very active in its events. They also discussed the bombing incident in St. Petersburg, which is more evidence of the cultural enrichment white countries are benefiting from, among other benefits of vibrant multiculturalism.
AUDIO April 3, 2017
Photo: Kushner- Zarchi

Mr. Collett’s new book, The Fall of Western Man is available FREE here

Orban Accuses Germany and Turkey of Secret Pact to Flood Europe with Another 500,000 Illegals February 11, 2016

Orbán: Europeans should “throw away political correctness” and shut down migrant invasion

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is, by far, the most effective political leader in office today in defending the interests of the indigenous peoples of Europe. His creation of a border fence has all but shut down the migrant invasion of his country. Zsolt Bayer, a co-founder of Orbán’s Fidesz party, has even explicitly discussed White interests in the context the migrant crisis: “This [immigration] is the weapon that they, the invisible hands, have employed against Europe and against the White race.”

Thus a ruling political party in Europe, in a mainstream conservative group, is discussing and to some extent governing according to our legitimate interests. This is good food for the soul of every White Advocate, more used to demonization and ostracism since the ethnically-motivated pseudoscience of Franz Boas, Theodor Adorno, and Stephen J. Gould has become culturally hegemonic.

But Orbán is not merely content to save his own nation. Indeed, he has endlessly lectured his fellow European leaders to take mass immigration seriously as the existential threat that it is. In particular, the Prime Minister recently chose to dedicate an entire speech at the European People’s Party (EPP) annual congress exclusively to the subject of immigration. The EPP is the European umbrella grouping of mainstream conservative and Christian-Democratic groups, which includes both Orbán’s Fidesz and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats. Congress attendees included Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (who gave, in contrast, an unbelievably feckless speech, and many other European political bigwigs.

Soros under fire in homeland HUNGARY for supporting illegals

Toonces Feline's picture

Any enemy of Soros is a friend of mine.



Ghordius's picture

and a non-threatening but extremely vexing pox on your head and on that of all the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" proponents

you think in pure black/white, red/blue categories, eh?

Hitler and Stalin shook hands, and signed the Molotov-von Ribbentropp Pact. now, which one would have been your friend? which one would have been your enemy?

and considering that there are some, nowadays, that think that both Stalin and Hitler were angels? (yes, this is the sorry state of mind of some)

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I often thought that that is why made the Second World War so horrible ... all the heads of state at the time were mouth-breathing fanatics. 

Yes, that includes Churchill and Roosevelt. 


Volaille de Bresse's picture

"in my favourite alternative universe" Orban comes to France and throws Soros baby Emmanuel Macron under the bus.


Vic PLEASE come to France very soon!

thisandthat's picture

In mine, it'd be all you eurofagcists, Soros leading, in the dump yard, with your own koolaid... alternatively, and for lack of brains, with a shot to the cerebellum (with ROHS certified leadfree ammo, of course).

small axe's picture

Soros is like the CIA's Voice of America on steriods.

Atomizer's picture

Al Franken to Leave Air America as the Radio Network Nears Sale | Fox News

Liberal voice of defeat. LOL. Now the Marxist Stream Media is targeted. Couldn't happen to a better number of fucksticks. 

escapeefromOZ's picture

quote " one of the few remaining institutions in Hungary that can stand up to the government."


Yes stand up to the Government with Zionist propaganda . 

silverer's picture

Good move. Go Hungary.

Ghordius's picture

""If the bill passes, it would mark the first time that a member of the European Union dared to legislate an attack on the academic freedom of a university," CEU rector Michael Ignatieff said in an opinion article in The New York Times on Sunday. "It would also mark the first time that an American ally, a member of NATO, openly attacked an American institution on its soil." "

sorry, Mr. Ignatieff, but no, this has nothing to do with both EU or NATO, so I do not see why you put them in play

it's Hungary. a sovereign country and Nation, with it's own language, to boot. and culture, and this means, added together, that it's Their Own National Affair how they want to shape their university landscape, with their own National laws

so no, I do not think that you can even resort to the European Court of Justice, for this

ThirdWorldDude's picture

+1 Ghordo, for recognising Mr. Ignatieff's world-police attitude that all of these parasites have been piggybacking on since "the dawn" of Papa Bush's NWO in 1991.


Apart from that and on topic, I only feel pity for the poor third world students - now they'll have 1 place less to get their brains washed...  /s 

Atomizer's picture

Good sarcasm. He/she/or transgender mut are worried about NATO cut backs. 

United States people come first. The aid to support others come second. Listen the Lagarde of IMF on March 29, 2017

Opening Remarks by Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director


DEMIZEN's picture

The hungary had probably the worst experience transitioning from communism to western democracy. zhe zhermans clintons and sorosz caught them with their pants down. They bear a lot of grudge and they are coming back with the vengeance. It was almost as bad as 1945, when their AH empire aspirations finally fell appart. Probably the shittiest 70 years in their history.

anarchitect's picture

Michael Ignatieff was briefly the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the same group that later lamentably chose Trudeau as its leader.