Susan Rice Responds To Trump Unmasking Allegations: "I Leaked Nothing To Nobody"

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If anyone expected former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, the same Susan Rice who "stretched the truth" about Benghazi, to admit in her first public appearance after news that she unmasked members of the Trump team to admit she did something wrong, will be disappointed. Instead, moments ago she told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that she categorically denied that the Obama administration inappropriately spied on members of the Trump transition team.

“The allegation is that somehow, Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,” Rice told Mitchell. “That’s absolutely false.... My job is to protect the American people and the security of our country. "

“There was no such collection or surveillance on Trump Tower or Trump individuals, it is important to understand, directed by the White House or targeted at Trump individuals,” Rice said.

“I don’t solicit reports,” Rice said Tuesday. “They're giving it to me, if I read it, and I think that in order for me to understand, is it significant or not so significant, I need to know who the ‘U.S. Person’ is, I can make that request.” She did concede that it is "possible" the Trump team was picked up in "incidental surveillance."

“The notion, which some people are trying to suggest, that by asking for the identity of the American person is the same is leaking it — that’s completely false,” Rice said. “There is no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking.”

That said, Rice did not discuss what motive she may have had behind what Bloomberg, Fox and others have confirmed, was her unmasking of members of the Trump team.

Rice also flatly denied exposing President Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign in February after media reports revealed that he misled Vice President Pence about the contents of a phone call with the Russian ambassador. Asked by Mitchell if she seeked to unmask the names of people involved in the Trump campaign in order to spy on them, Rice says: "absolutely not, for any political purpose, to spy, expose, anything." And yet, that is what happened. She was then asked if she leaked if she leaked the name of Mike Flynn: “I leaked nothing to nobody."

In a follow up question, Rice said that when it comes to Mike Flynn with whom she had "civil and cordial relations", that she learned "in the press" that he was an unregistered agent for the Turkish government.

We doubt that anyone's opinion will change after hearing the above especially considering that, in addition to Benghazi,  Rice is the official who praised Bowe Bergdahl for his "honorable service" and claimed he was captured "on the battlefield", and then just two weeks ago, she told PBS that she didn't know anything about the unmasking.

Unfortunately, Mitchell's list of questions did not go so far as to ask about her false claim in the PBS interview, in which she said "I know nothing about unmasking Trump officials."

It is thus hardly surprising that now that her memory has been "refreshed" about her role in the unmasking, that Rice clearly remembers doing nothing at all wrong.

On Monday night, Rand Paul and other Republicans called for Rice to testify under oath, a request she sidestepped on Tuesday. “Let's see what comes,” she told Mitchell, when asked if she would testify on the matter. “I'm not going to sit here and prejudge."

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NugginFuts's picture

Tell it to the judge.

knukles's picture

Muslim agent of interest.

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LIES LIES LIES... that's all we're going to get.

nope-1004's picture

Lying scum trained by criminal Eric Holder?


samiam6's picture

“I leaked nothing to nobody."


convenient use of double negatives. ;-)

Deathrips's picture

I dindu nuttin..



Dane Bramage's picture

How much nothin did a dindu do if a dindu didn't do nuthin?

FrozenGoodz's picture

Trump needs to find the leakers, record how they leak, and begin the de-leaking process asap ... even if it requires gold showers .. whatever it takes ... study the leak


NoVa's picture

Trump Admin needs to go back 8 years!



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Real niggas don't snitch.

This is all racism.

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So is it just me or no body else believes her either? You are also right, they don't snitch. They just complain about what is happening in their neighbor hoods but don't do squat to help and then complain all day about it to the local Gov't.

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... > part-Jamaican Rice says: "I Leaked Nothing To Nobody" ...

... Nobody smirked and says, "heck, Nobody is perfect" ... indeed, Nobody is perfect to blame ...

... however, although Nobody is being blamed, Nobody says it could be, perhaps, Everybody, Somebody or Anybody who did it ... however, in this case, we could all hope and expect that Nobody gets arrested and Nobody goes to jail. 

... Shit, even Yogi Berra weighs in on this ... "If the people don't want to come out to the park, Nobody's gonna stop them."

... and to summarize exactly what the part-Jamaican Rice meant to say about Nobody, here's probably, but most likely, what happened ...

"It's a rather tall story about four dindu-mulatto demoncRats named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.  There was an important spying job to be done on the White House (that used to be Black for the last eight years) and Everybody was sure that Somebody or Anybody would do it.  Yes, Anybody could have done it, but, apparently, if one would believe the part-Jamaican Rice's forked tongue, Nobody did it.

Somebody got annoyed about it because it was Everybody's job.  Everybody thought that Anybody or even Somebody could do it, but Nobody finally realized that Everybody or Somebody or even Anybody wouldn't do it, so Nobody did it.  It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody and Anybody for that matter, when, actually, Nobody did what Anybody, Somebody or Everybody could have done."

... yup, dindunuffin ...


SafelyGraze's picture

next up: andrea mitchell's hard-hitting interview with former fed chairman greenspan

isn't it true, sir, that you forgot to put your dirty socks in the clothes hamper last night?

(folds arms, taps foot)

I'm sorry, honey. I really meant to.


The_Juggernaut's picture

Why do denials from Clinton and Obama people always sound so much like confessions?

BullyBearish's picture

Why does ANYONE even look for the truth from these people anymore...don't ask, assume they're liars and save yourselves a lot of time and trouble...

NumberNone's picture

She didn't leak anything.  Obama conveniently changed rules so that the unmasked data could be shared throughout government agencies.  All she did was ask that they be unmasked and let the corrupt process do the rest of the work.  

Manthong's picture

“I leaked nothing to nobody." 

Is that a clever double negative pseudo non-admission, or just her natural ethnic ebonics?

Took Red Pill's picture

meanwhile the big story in the MSM is not this but that Syrian gov't was behind chemical weapons attack on it's own people! They're going to try that strategy again? I thought Syria gave up it's chemical weapons.

land_of_the_few's picture

White Helmets story, prob means instead the Syrians have just send very many foreign headchoppers to Hell with brand-new hot lead piercings.

nunyabidnez's picture

Yep, we have to have a distraction. Btw,didn't we supply them that sarin?

NumberNone's picture

Trump gave a speech at a builders conference today.  After it was over CNN immediately refused to comment on the speech and went straight to questioning why Trump was dodging commenting on Syria.    

lurker since 2012's picture

Well look at this. White helmets beheading children.(again) Give them a academy award! MSM distraction, Rice must be burned!

Zorba's idea's picture

Brilliant! I could only suggest that perhaps  "Who's on first, what's on second, I don't know's on third" could be a hot lead to this remarkable Who dindunuffin dunnit.

exonomic halfbreed's picture

Abbot and Costello send you Kudos from beyond the grave.  "Who is on first " has a challenger with "Dindus Rise To The Moment".   The comedy starts with Miss Cunta Kinte demonstrating her mastery of the English language.  The previous title of "Morlock Golem on a Kosher String" was not able to make it through committee, but I am not sure why.  

davinci7_gis's picture

We gotta find this "nobody" guy and get him to talk!

Gorgeous's picture

"I" leaked nuttin to nobody.  Course, some li'l birdie might've leaked a li'l bit o sumpin to somebody. But it shore warn't me.

The Wizard's picture

Here is what she said, Susan Rice says the claim that intelligence was used for political purposes is “absolutely false”

Ms. Rice that isn't the issue, the issue is you used it without a warrant and for NON SECURITY reasons.

JRobby's picture

Now you have confused the hell out of her.

These ambitious little tart-imbeciles know nothing of rule of law.

Lea's picture

Whereas white 'Mercans don't do squat to help and then complain all day about the State.

Murderface's picture

They sure do if it's on Whitey.

pelican's picture

Since we are on this topic, not to seem sexist, but she is the kind of women who knows how to suck a cock.

Joe Davola's picture

Let me translate that, I speak jive:

"Someboday better pay me soon, so I can shut up!"

No reason for her to go on TV right now, plenty of commentators willing to say 'it appears funny but may have been within the law'.  Her audience isn't the public.

froze25's picture

I picture her audience wearing Pink hats marching for womens rights while its being run by Muslim organizations that if in power would have them in Burkas. You know basically retarded women that think they are feminist.

NidStyles's picture

Dindu status confirmed.

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Its worse than Dindu.  It is also her whining half white bitch side coming through.  Come on, we all know some of their victims, the poor white guy (blacks have a get-out-of-jail-free card for paternity) whose pays up his ass for the privilege of watching that bitch turn his kids against him.  In this case Rice was doing precisely the same thing to that whitey Trump.  And all those mulatto and feminist handlers in the Obama baboon show did their ape dance to drive the feminists into a white-man hating frenzy.

Then she gave everyone a copy of the excel spreadsheet of Donalds conversations. 

Oldwood's picture

She did it ALL for national security.

EVERYBODY can believe that, RIGHT?

As with Clinton's looks like shit, smells like shit, TASTES like shit, but their is no PROOF that it is the shit. Only at the highest levels of government is circumstantial evidence not seen as evidence of a crime. They sure as shit would put any of us in jail for far far less.

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I expect her to start using the phrase, "I can't breathe!"

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Attempt at political damage control (among the leftists)... message not intended for all Americans but only for the unhinged types on the left.... so they remain obsessed and do not abandon the cause before the situation gets to DEFCON 1.

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"When it gets serious you have to lie".  Now, where have I heard that before?

glenlloyd's picture

Is that the same thing as, "I dindu nuffin?"

Crash Overide's picture

"Trump Admin needs to go back 8 years!"

Trump time machine?

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Water board Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder and Susan Rice and I think you will all the info you need to answer everyones questions on an endless list of topics.

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Susan Rice Responds To Trump Unmasking Allegations: "I Leaked Nothing To Nobody"


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Just like her uber-master, hitlery cunthag.