US Factory Orders Rise At Fastest In 3 Years (Thanks To Global Warmongery)

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Great news - US factory orders grew 7.3% YoY, the highest since July 2014, surely showing the Trumpian hope translating into economic reality? However, adjusted for non-defense and aircraft orders, year-over-year growth was just 0.3% - not exactly what the record high levels of sentiment would have hoped for.



Unless Washington can keep the global wormongery up, this spike will be short-lived just as in 2014. Time for some more Putin bashing, or is North Korea now the focus.

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US of Arsewholes:  largest weapons exporter in the world

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Yes, but most of those weapons have been used to destroy entire nations. 

Libya for example.

Personally I could not work knowingly building the tools of destruction. This isn't defense no matter how you try to bake it.

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Numbers will really increase as soon as body bags and caskets are factored in...

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At least with Trump we won't be handing them out to "moderates" in the middle east like candy. Probably better that the weapons stay in the hands of the US military. Our interventions may be foolish and ultimately counter productive, but at least we aren't trying to commit genocide or destroy anyone with sympathy towards a more liberal and democratic way of life.

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unrestrained military spending, the Keynesian wet dream come true

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Speaking of aircraft they should make a TSA molestation chart.

YoY peepee touches have gone up a disappointing %.3, but hiney swipes have seen a major bolster at %1.4, most likely due to increase in brazilian butt lifts.

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This eCONomy is nothing but a farce the US needs war and conflict to stay afloat or else it would collapse. The real economy is contracting once you factor out inflation.

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Is the figure one in ten USA jobs being dependent on the military industrial complex?

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Wars and rumour of wars

Cluster.bombs. Depleted uranium.. Phosphorous.. Napalm... And today's special - MOAB

I've seen the term FUBAR appearing frequently on ZH recently.. I think everything is all too recognizable..

SNAFU is more apt..

Pretend news pretend money pretend freedom pretend Republic.. Pretend Love... Seems as though only destruction and hate are the only things real

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Great News

More people must die so that some Americans can live high on the hog.

How can that NOT be a good thing !



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Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, OH I suppose Ukraine.

I am 65 years old, English, all my life you chaps have been bombing and killing, all in a good cause of course.

I wonder, do bombs and bullets have a USE by date, you know "best before".

If I am selling 1 mill bullets a week and no one is shooting, pretty soon I am making 0 bullets a week and that is bad for my bottom line, bad for jobs, GDP, bad for the country.

Business is great, ain't it.

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If your a manufacturer of Tanks, Planes, Ships ...

there's only one way you can increase sales and profits.

If your a bank rolling these corporations, there is only way they are going to borrow more money that doesn't exist.


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someone puts up a graph and ZXH posts it and people believe it?   is this CNN?    you have no clue if this is accurate....altho, if you deal in stock market you can take fake news to make bets I suppose....WHo makes up these graphs?   wake the fuck up

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Fake Newz you can believe in,

sounds an awful lot like change you can believe in.


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We have many more people to kill. North Korea, the pesky Russians, Chinese that won't hold our debt, hippies, gun nuts and Christians, the list is Yuge.

There ain't no end to doin' right.