Watch Live: Donald Trump Hosts Town Hall With Business Leaders

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On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump is hosting a town hall meeting at the White House Tuesday to discuss the "American Business Climate", where dozens of high-profile CEOs will discuss a verity of business-related topics. The one hour and 45 minute-long meeting is an "opportunity to discuss policies to create a pro-business climate with top Partnership CEOs from all industries," White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told Reuters.

Chief executives of Citigroup, Blackstone Group, JetBlue Airways, Mastercard, and the New York Stock Exchange and senior executives from General Electric, Hearst, HSBC Bank USA, Interpublic Group, Vornado Realty Trust, Centerbridge Partners and Paulson & Co. are among those who will be present, according to Reuters.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said the town hall is an "opportunity to discuss policies to create a pro-business climate with top Partnership CEOs from all industries."

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Finally! This will change everything! Rebound to Dow 21k by noon! BTFD, my muppets!

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Trump has made a few missteps, a couple of mistakes, and had one or two fuck-ups. There will definitely be some more of those in the future, but…

The most important thing is that the Presidential Agenda is “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” after 8 years of “Gay! Gay! Gay!  ;-)


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but-but-but, I though gay was cool now?

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The guy with the solid gold toilet is going to shit jobs, eh? I can't wait. 

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Does tha t make DT the GaySlayer?     ;-)

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Trump has NWO written all over him Looney...

Joe Cool's picture

"Drain the Swamp"...."Hope & Change"....

2020 will be "Food & Water"....

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I would rather see him meeting with start-ups instead . . Too long have the big businesses bought the politicians to stamp out their smaller, but better competitors.

NugginFuts's picture

How much money do you think is changing hands this morning? Or how much WOULD change hands with Kushner in town? That guy doesn't go anywhere without his hand out. 

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I hope that's not the case with the Trump family, but after seeing what happened with the HC law forwarding $$ collections to the big insurance companies, I fear more of the same. 

If a politician were a NASCAR, they would have all the big companies stickers all over their suits. 

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Start-up, shmart-up.  Law of diminishing returns has seized upon the app "industry".  Only so many ways  to play sudoku or order mattresses.

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From what I hear..... Trump's administration is different in the fact that they actually GET BACK TO THEM after the meetings... Trump wants updates, new opinions on strategies, and so on....

Previous administrations say "Thank you for the photo-op" and never return a call afterward. 

This is a change we all can believe in.

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of course he returns calls, he's in kahootz, DUH

he's trying to catch small business owners outside..

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More (((BS-Bullshit))) as usual.

The facts.....dots.....dots.....connecting.....the dots......

(((Jared K. landed at Ben-Gurion givin' USofAIPAC)))...."your-rue dé-salammaan", and sold you'all out for funny-money FED-notes.


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I've done quite a few 'Scot-/& Irish' & Japs before.

*I'want-cha* is an anomaly. Never did that kind'a hybrid.

Uuschhh! What a bunch of schlemiel.

Sold for a few shekels.... U goyim.....for....titts & a smile + a heartbeat.

U R eff'ed, like I told Chris Dakota last week.



"½-Xcross-eyed" because the bitches are soooo pre-occupied with their mammaries that they think do wonders with REAL MEN......they get themselves X-eyed.

Glad I'm old and know the truth.


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So in a nutshell..lets all sit around and lie to each other about how great things are and how much better it soon will be..

iow, lets waste a bunch of time on the taxpayer dime..


(((savin up for my flame thrower)))

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Wanna send message to Corporations , stop shopping for one day and see the effects. 

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And then buy twice as much shit the next day?  Not really affecting their quarterly's.  That, and do you really think the sheeple will stop buying useless shit through teevee 'programming'?  Not likely.  They NEED their chinese made football jersey's.

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The one that always gets me is people waving a Chinese made American flag or a politician giving away Chinese crap at rally's talking about MAG.

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Fill-up the car with gasoline on Monday so we can really show big oil we mean business, on Tuesday?


How about, stop paying credit card payments.  Fuck the FICO. 

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Will someone ask Trump if bailouts of large corporations are in the cards...known to us as legalized thievery.

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Kudos to the Trump administration for this historical effort to modernize govt to better serve the citizens.

nevertheless's picture

oh shut up, your the type of idiot who would pay for the amo for your own firing squad. 


Corporations are a big reason why America is so screwed, who do you think pushed for NAFTA/CAFTA....

fbazzrea's picture

lol you're funny. if you're gonna call me an idiot, at least, use proper grammar and spelling. it's "you're," not "your" and "ammo," not "amo."

so you think corporations are the root of all our problems? let me help you understand something. corporations are not evil. corporations ARE corporations. it is human nature at the root of our problem. our forefathers understood this well. that's why they devised our Constitution to protect us from the inevitable overreach of those in power. what has happened to the American citizen's rights and opportunities for prosperity since the late 19th Century is merely politicians selling our liberties and economic prosperity to the highest bidder. naturally, international corporations as they exist today, are the source of unlimited capital; hence, the culprit.

but i suggest, corporations are merely succumbing to the temptations offered by the corrupt nature of our elected representatives. whichever principle initiate said legalized theft is irrelevant; without the voter/taxpayer-sanctioned authority bestowed upon our politicians, whom we continually re-elect, corporations would not be capable of realizing the ambitions of character-flawed CEOs and major stockholders.

the alternatives to private-corporate economies are simple: communism and socialism. govt cannot create wealth. it can only spend it. taxing private wealth is not creating wealth. it is transferance.

g'day, my fellow, idiot. (:



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Trump's daughter and son in law are in on the modernization effort. 

fbazzrea's picture

yes, they are. thankfully. would you rather Hitlery and her fam on their global enslavement/wealth transference effort? ours to theirs--tax-free via their NPO CGI--saving their world one fetus at a time, not to mention the greater woar effort?

does anyone doubt Hitlery would have given Bill some big title and have him trotting around on international escapades for the chil'rn--all on the taxpayer dollar? and what about Chelsea? i can only imagine her and her hubby's role, thank goodness.

yes, i'm so very pleased Ivanka and Jared are contributing to the president's efforts to turn our nation around. of course, it's probably too little too late, but one must give credit where it's due.


fbazzrea, the comment section here should be called Demagogue Central (D. C. !)

The wall of noise coming from people like LetThemEatRand, Chunga, BigFatUglyBubble, crossroaddemon, Wulfkind, rejected, TheLastTrump, GiantMeteor, and of course the "it's the jewsniggersmuzzywetbacklibtardsocialistcommiepinkoproggies" is moronic and childish.

For example, rejected is running around with her hair on fire about the TAX the healthcare TAX! trying to equate the 30% hit for 12 months with the ObamaCare individual mandate. She will pull out her Lavoy Finicum pocket edition Constitution and cry night and day but won't acknowledge the FACT that nowhere in Speaker Ryan's AHCA is an individual TAXED for freely choosing NOT to purchase healthcare insurance, even though as a legal household you are receiving a cheque at the beginning of each month based on your age and number of dependants with which you may choose to buy insurance or not. If you choose to buy health insurance after the transition period then you are choosing to pay higher premiums for 12 months. Insurance actuarials 101: one 50 year old started buying life insurance when she was 25yo, one 50yo decided to buy identical life insurance when she was 45 yo - which one has the higher monthly premium?, (yeah lots of snarky "pass it to see what's in it" comments here when 5 seconds of hunting around would lead you to the pdf)

see videos at or Paul Ryan website etc

I recall several weeks ago you were strongly supportive and then noticed you knda biting your lip. I'm happy to see you here standing tall. This townhall sends a very strong message to the movers and shakers, the captains of industry, and The House and Senate... wrong side of history and all that.

Meanwhile very soon Demagogue Central will rage : "He's giving his billionaire buddies and Corporations an income tax rate of $0 and HE'S GONNA TAX OUR GROCERIES 

facepalm : (

Best wishes to you... and Speaker Ryan!

fbazzrea's picture

we're in agreement on the Town Hall meetings, but not on Speaker Ryan--or his healthcare proposal.

it may be an improvement, relatively speaking, but far from the mandated action voiced by the "forgotten men and women" of America. we cannot afford to squander this historic oppty to revamp an insurance-centric, patient-neglected pro-BigPharma system.

likewise, kind sir. *curtsy*


gotta say it's sad how few comments on this article but much obliged for the *schwing* reply!

Back to business. Ryan's AHCA is  ~50% about tax restructure ( not healthCare per se. That's Secretary Price's work, and the job of Congress in the final replacement legislation. Trump called out pharm during the campaign. He hasn't stopped looking to them for help!

point is, 16A. ~ President Jackson.

Ryan and Finicum cudabin bros

fbazzrea's picture

so is Ryan going to take a bullet for the cause? own his failure?

was there a particular deal breaker for the Freedom Caucus or was it just a fundamental difference in approach to the problem? 

in a simplistic view, why do we need independent 3rd-party insurers? why can't healthcare providers compete in an open market and have state-subsidized high-risk pools for those with pre-existing or catastrophic illnesses? what we spend on healthcare reeks of inefficiencies and improper structure. patients benefit from healthcare provider competition, not underwriter competition in a rigged game. and what's with penalizing uninsured seeking insurance? if they couldn't afford insurance before, raise the rates punitively?

i dunno... seems like we could do better. maybe this next time, they will.


I very much doubt Speaker Ryan would step down if that's what you mean by taking a bullet. I like to remind myself that Ryan would be POTUS should tragedy befall Trump and Pence *whispers a prayer for them and their families*. It helps clearer thinking -  by rising above the hate-filled rhetoric so prevalent in this comment section. It also helps to remember that he was Chair of the WAYs and MEANs Committee not long ago. Arguably the most powerful committee in The House, there is no doubt Speaker Ryan is one of the most influential people in America. Unlike Clinton, Ryan held a presser that fateful Friday after the vote was cancelled. He owned it.


As former Chair of WAY MEAN, he certainly knows what H.R. 25 FairTax is…


Without speculating that there is something more sinister afoot, I'd say it is ideology and fundamentalism that drives the "Freedom" Caucus. In their attempt to represent the "repeal DON"T replace" types, they delivered a damaging blow to their own Republican Party and President Trump.  They strut around all puffed up with vanity believing that their constituents will cast rose petals when they return home for Easter. Ironically, as Trump pointed out in that tweet that Friday morning, their ideology means the the ACA remains the law of the land and the Planned Parenthood the pro-life Freedom Caucus also despises. Worst of all, not voting yea for Ryan's AHCA means healthcare remains welded to the ball-and-chain known as the Federal Tax Code / IRS. Thanks "Slavery errr Freedom" Caucus!


This is why tax "reform" had to come after ObamaCare 'repeal and replace'. Tax "reform" is also 'repeal and replace' ; repeal 16A, replace with FairTax.


Speaking of Freedom, I watched quite a lot of the Reps speak on The Floor that Friday. Most of them, from both sides of the aisle, spent their time repeating the same demagoguery on the opposites respective healthcare. ACA BAD! AHCA BAD! It was embarrassing. The outstanding remarks came from a Republican - didn't catch his name - who spoke about Irish folks paying for passage to the USA in days of yore where their money got them a 2x5 foot berth on the ship. He said they did it for "FREEDOM!" and he called Reps to vote 'yea' for Speaker Ryan's bill…


Honestly, I don't know much about the ins and outs of the whole healthcare issue in the U.S. I have lived my whole life in Ontario Canada and we have OHIP, Ontario Health Insurance Plan. I don't use it much but my kids get their routine stuff and currently my Dad, now in his 80's, is having all sorts of testing done anticipating a hip replacement which as far as I know isn't requiring him to pay out-of-pocket at all. OHIP doesn't cover dental : ( Speaker Ryan, as well as POTUS and VPOTUS, have tried to communicate that the finer points regarding the final legislation, yet to be hammered out, will very much encourage not only increased competition to drive down prices, but that people must take greater responsibility for their health decisions. That would mean not just lifestyle choices, but the decision regarding the purchase of health insurance.


As I tried to explain previously, taking responsibility for one's choice not to purchase insurance means paying higher premiums for 12 months should one change their mind later. For example, kids are covered under their parent's plan until age 26 (AHCA). Insurance is an actuarial exercise, so if the 26yo immediately begins a plan of their own, which is the responsible thing to do, their monthly premium will be as small as possible. The "penalty" of 30% for just 12 months, is actually, from an insurance point of view, peanuts. BUt it is hopefully enough to make the 26yo THINK about their decision. The responsible one says " gee, if I don't buy insurance I'm going to take a hit one day, and what if something horrible comes my way between now and then?" Hopefully the 26yo has responsible parents telling them "it's a no-brainer child"


Or as Robert Plant once said, "That little boy has reached the age of 24, and I don't believe he's a baby anymore. anymore.anymore!"


Can AHCA be changed and improved? Sure, some tweaks might occur. But Ryan's bill is only the first of what he calls a three-pronged approach. The second is Secretary Price's administrative tools AHCA would have given him and the third is the final legislation itself. Reading Ryan's ~125 page bill makes it obvious that all that legalese is really just laying out the framework for the juicy stuff. AHCA is the cutting torch that removes healthcare from the tax code (for all intents and purposes).


One more thing to note: AHCA unpegs "tax credits" (I know what you're thinking) from income and calculates them based on your age and your dependants. Every legal household in the US gets a cheque *at the beginning of the month* with which they may choose to buy health insurance. Note Ryan says "choose". This prEbate is what your federal government does for you directly. The feds set up the framework so they can interact with the individual states, but the feds want the states to take much more control (medicaid, high risk pool funding, etc, the details I am not familiar with) as Trump has said repeatedly, and is often heard in this comment section. But the Planned Parenthood issue is tricky. Very tricky! AHCA defunds PP and restricts insurance plans from offering abortion. This gets many people's backs up. Thinking it through, women still on their parents plan wanting an abortion would often(?) have it done without her parent's knowledge and pay cash, and if that's not the case, it's an issue that family will have to deal with. Note that the AHCA does allow plans to cover any medical adversity that result from an abortion. If the woman is no longer covered under her parent's plan one would hope she's mature enough to not be using abortion as a go-to method of birth control. In the end, she may have to choose between using the healthcare monthly prEbate money to pay for an abortion or buy health insurance. Her choice.


You're right, President Trump represents a golden opportunity to make some huge changes. FairTax would not be merely the biggest tax reform in a generation. It would be the biggest tax reform in many generations, looking back in time to the Sixteenth Amendment. If he is able to accomplish that, and that is a debate an order of magnitude more important than ObamaCare, then what logically comes into focus is…


The Federal Reserve Act


That is why President Andrew Jackson's portrait hangs in the Oval Office.


FairTax, FairCare, FairTrade 


Hold the line....., there's a lot of headfake here, not only in the comment section LOL



fbazzrea's picture

thanks for the detailed follow-up. i'm a Robert Plant fan myself. (:

as far as:

 Insurance is an actuarial exercise, so if the 26yo immediately begins a plan of their own, which is the responsible thing to do, their monthly premium will be as small as possible. 

it has been my experience that underwriters will benefit from the 26yo low actuaries then fully pass-thru any increases as the insured ages, meaning without oversight/regulation, insurers reap the rewards both now and in the future. that appears to be the Freedom Caucus position, as well. that being said, i agree totally that individual responsibility for one's health is the fundamental flaw in today's system. our parents' generation largely still possesses the "doctor knows best" mindset with near blind faith in Western medicine and technology. which is rather odd, since their parents were more attuned to self-sustaining lifestyles. WWII may have been the great disrupter in our society in more ways than is realized. 

you seem well informed with Speaker Ryan and his agenda for a Canadian. any particular reason? related? former employer? current employer? (;


I never see what goes on with increases in health insurance but it sure is infuriating when I see my car insurance go up when I maintain a clean driving record. Ins. co.s always have reasons, but the theory is that I am free to shop around. Perhaps Secretary Price will have some tools to keep the insurance companies reigned in or perhaps a leash in the final legislation. Presumably the laggard purchaser will get sticker shock from the inflation driven price coupled with the 30% for 12 months penalty. Ouch!


Modern medicine looked magical in the eyes of the older generations, like cell phones would, and I guess in some respects it is. Long discussion there on how it dominates the philosophy of modern medical science…


Nah, I'm a semi-retired (25 years in and around farms, not born and raised farm kid) farmer, make a little hay for the horses in the summer, do the snow clearing in winter, single Dad year round. The particular reason is that I became aware of FairTax ~5 years ago courtesy of Gary Johnson's 2012 run. Knowing that H.R. 25 FairTax has been before the WAY MEAN committee for years means there is virtually no way Ryan doesn't know about FairTax. Didn't take too long to study up on him when this healthcare debate came up. I'm a trusting soul *fool* Ryan seems like the FairTax type…




Mean while, let's have a big distraction from domestic affairs, get the Easter recess out of the way, and hope April showers bring May flowers : )


R40: Even Dad came with ~17 of us to see RUSH 40th Anniversary / Farewell (?) tour in Toronto 2015 lol. Saw Plant with Phil Collins on drums on the Pictures at Eleven tour and then saw Page & Plant in the 90's, Unplugged and Walking Into Clarksdale. Sweet! Oddly, I'm going to see Bob Dylan near Toronto on... July 4th 2017!

rejected's picture

equals fascism.

The WWII warriers won the battle but lost the war.

zzzz88's picture

nothing will change. the root of this society is corrupt. 

rejected's picture

Soon we will be paying taxes directly to this group just like health insurance.

You wanna know who runs your country.... This is a good list to start with.

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Apr 4, 2017 10:38 AM

I watched this event.  Our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer is sincere in his desire to MAGA.   Cometh the hour, cometh the man.  Embrace the Lion.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

If a government is pro-business does that also mean they are pro-serf?





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Meet the agents of The Great Red Dragon (Snakes In Suits).

CEOs are your plantation managers, not the controlling owners.