Bannon Responds: "I Love A Gunfight"

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Since it was revealed yesterday that Steve Bannon was removed from Trump's National Security Council, the mainstream media rumor mill has run wild with speculation over whether the transition was voluntary or a devastating blindside to a man once considered Trump's right-hand man. 

Not surprisingly, Bannon's 'official' statement, which suggested that his removal was simply a natural progression after Michael Flynn's dismissal and the appointment of General McMaster, did little to calm the rampant speculation of a rising civil war within the Trump administration.

"I was put on to ensure that [Susan Rice's NSC] was de-operationalized. General McMaster has returned the NSC to its proper function."

Pence also downplayed the alleged drama last night on Fox News saying that Bannon would continue to play a key role in the Trump White House.


Despite the G-rated statements from the White House, the MSM continues to promote a more sordid tale, with full attribution to anonymous sources of course, that puts Bannon on the outs in the Trump administration, leaving him on the verge of resigning his post. 

And while we suggest consuming anonymously-sourced media speculation with a healthy dose of salt, the latest rumor mill would suggest that Bannon finds himself in the midst of an epic fight for survival in the White House with none other than Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  Here is Axios' take:

The two sides: The Bannonites believe the liberals staged a coup and will turn Trump into a conventional squish who betrays the very voters who brought him to power. The Jared wing thinks the Bannonites are clinically nuts.


Killing Bannon won't be easy: His staunchest ally is one of Trump's closest confidants — Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Kellyanne Conway will go to the mat for him, as will policy advisor Stephen Miller. He's also built strong relationships with other cabinet secretaries including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. In the end, though, family matters most and all but dad are done with Bannon and his politics.

Meanwhile, recent moves that seemingly consolidate the power base of Jared and Ivanka have only served to fan the speculation of unrest.

Jared Kushner seizes control over structuring government at home and America's public face aboard.


Ivanka Trump adviser Dina Powell is named Deputy National Security Adviser, and keeps her portfolio as senior counselor for economic initiatives.

But while many in the media would love nothing more than to see Bannon resign from his post, and will undoubtedly progress any narrative required to help bring that to a fruition, the rumor mill would suggest that he's unlikely to go down without a fight after allegedly telling allies: "I love a gunfight."

Of course, only time will tell fact from fiction, but much like Mark Twain, we suspect that the reports of Bannon's early death are greatly exaggerated...

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trader1's picture

Sure he does!  

Only those with fake guns tho!

Looney's picture


I was put on to ensure that [Susan Rice's NSC] was de-operationalized.

Susan Rice, if forced to testify, will use the Hillary/0bama Playbook:

1. The Race Card – she will be wearing an Afro Wig and white clothes to make her skin look darker.

2. The Woman Card – she’ll be testifying from a Gynecological Chair, spread wide open and facing the cameras.

3. The Empathy/Disability Card – the Gyno-Chair will have large wheels to make it look like a Wheelchair.

4. The Little Children Card – she’ll be breastfeeding three babies simultaneously.

Did I miss anything?  ;-)


BullyBearish's picture

if he loves "a gunfight" so much...well, give him a gun... 

Osmium's picture

AND send his ass to Chicago.  Much more likely to be a gun fight there. 

froze25's picture

It was just reported that Bannon just attended the last National Security Committee meeting.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

"The Jared wing are Satanists and they have been caught, so have no choice but to call the other side 'crazy'." -unattributed

"The two sides: The Bannonites believe the liberals staged a coup and will turn Trump into a conventional squish who betrays the very voters who brought him to power. The Jared wing thinks the Bannonites are clinically nuts."

Squid Viscous's picture

steve you lost to Golem Sachs, get a haircut and lose 50, thanks for playing

swmnguy's picture

"...And Steve, give your liver a break and lighten up on the sauce, buddy.  You look like shit.  Your friends are worried."

Lady Jessica's picture

#4 implies at least one forked nipple.  Truly the mark of the beast.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Got the martian hooker thing covered too.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

We saw Susan Rice's dress rehersal on MSNBC with Andra Mitchell. Anything the least bit uncomfortable she lapses into the "its classified, I can't discuss it" mode. Add in a chorus of Dems in the background singing "She's a woman, she's black, she's a black woman" and the hearings will go nowhere. They will even drag in Obama to lead the chorus if need be.

Syrin's picture

Kushner, a NY liberal is gaining too much influence and has nothing in common with the average US voter who put Trump in office as orchestrated by Bannon.   Trump was voted in office to do ONE thing.   Drain the swamp.   No one is facing charges, most are still employed, and now he is starting to listen to the swamp creatures.  If he continues down this path he will be the most hated US president ever,   The left can't hate him more, and he represents the hopes and dreams of 20+ years of frustrated conservative voters who really wanted him to drain the swamp.   The Mean and Way Committee wrote a letter asking Trump to fire the head of the IRS.   Why weren't CHARGES brought against him on day one?   Wh yis Hillarnazi still free to walk about rather than facing a dozen felony charges.  Apparently all gov't officials are above the law.  You won't even lose your job.   Notice I didn't even bring up Pizzagate.

Uncle_Cuddles's picture

In fairness to Trump, if Killary wears a green or brown pantsuit, she'd be very hard to spot in the woods she's been frequenting lately.

Paper Mache's picture

And it would disguise the leakage from her stinking incontinence diaper.

drstrangelove73's picture

I'll think I'll wait until someone besides these 'the Russians are coming!The Russians are coming!" Bitches report on Bannon's demise,before I panic.The msm and its megaphones are almost always dead wrong on any matter having to do with Trump...

BobEore's picture

So now, suddenly out of the blue... and acting from some mysterious cue...

a new faction of zheeple zombies assembles itself into a team of Donald Doubting, Bannon boosters.

Amazing. Having already been bitten in the space of a couple of months by multiple instances of fake news distractions and false herd direction opeerations, the brain trust IMMEDIATELY jumps on the chance to participate in the NEXT lemming charge! A-maz-ing! Lack of learning curve.

Selling Bannon as 'the populist' friend of the lil guy - Kusnher as the "NY Liberal" - perfect hegelian dialectical deivice in action. Two guys on the same team, tasked wit the same strategic goals(using separate tactics)and with the identical loyalties. Posed - in the best Leninist tradition, as opponents in a power struggle for hearts n minds.


"The money and influence which allow for the hiring of a team of bright young things to bring this all about is not just about "conservative" politics however - it's specific to "Israel Lobby" politics - guys like Robert Mercer and Sheldon Adelson who throw their weight around to such a degree as to now virtually control the electoral process of American politics."

Diverted, distracted, deceived... not following the bouncing ball at all! Convinced that all dangerous apparitions of actual factual storylines can be held at bay by their mighty vote buttons, our brave gang charges from one end of the field to the other... on command!

Pavlov would be proud. Now which button be attached to the feed shoot again?

stocktivity's picture

That redneck Sessions has to go eventually.

Paper Mache's picture

5. Transgender Card - strap on dido for best effect. 

dr kill's picture

You missed the PONTIAC card. The soft bigotry of low expectations. Afro-firmative Action. The what can you expect from a AA card.

Malkavian's picture

Doubtful given he was a Naval officer.

booboo's picture

you forgot the rainbow flag


Paper Mache's picture

I swear that guillotine is getting quicker! I so wish it was really chopping off swamp creature heads. 

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

The MSM is getting desperate at this point, nothing but 'anonymous' sources and made up bullshit.

nmewn's picture

See the thing to do here is believe everything the Fake Nuuuz pumps out because they only have Trump's best interests at heart!  ;-)

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I agree but if there was no truth to any of it, don't you think Trump would be tweeting pictures of him hugging Bannon?  The fact that Roger Stone was out there talking about this gives it a little more cred.

nmewn's picture

I don't know that its that big of a deal one way or the other...but it should be noted, he attended the national security meeting today ;-)

mtanimal's picture

I thought the title meant Bannon chose pistols and was calling Kushner out on the WH lawn for a gunfight.

Greatly disappointed.




TheLastTrump's picture

Fuck your Kushner narrative. :)


Fucking lying punks got nuthin'.

Anarchyteez's picture

Your single down vote should not be there. Good humor sir.

Dr. Engali's picture

This has got to be the most dysfunctional white house I've ever seen. Even Bush the retard didn't have this much chaos in his administration. Entertaining and distracting that's for sure.

Jack McGriff's picture

Great to see you finally drop the "Hitler" silliness but now Trump is just rote incompetent, is that correct?  By the end of the year you will be admitting Trump is competent, but that you just don't like it! Waaaa waaa you fucking baby.  

Dr. Engali's picture

I never claimed that Trump was Hitler 2.0 because I know the president is just a rubber stamp puppet for the state Mr.26 weeks. You can go on believing that these people care about you or you can grow up and come to understand that they don't give a damn about you. Judging by the maturity of your post there is little hope in that.

Syrin's picture

You are being completely stupid.   NO ONE has faced as much irrational opposition from ALL fronts as Trump.   No one, and there isn't even a close second.

Dr. Engali's picture

You're the one who believes a billionaire who loaded his cabinet with billionaires actually has your best interests at heart and you call me stupid. Now that's rich.

TheLastTrump's picture

You know nothing about Trump and are just another loose lipped fact denying fact embellishing fact manufacturing dirtbag, like the rest of these fuckface shills running around up in here.


I see all the faux libertarian punks going ABSOLUTELY APESHIT with their SOCK PUPPETS on all the Bannon and Syria threads. :)


Honestly, I've never seen so many laughable posts in one spot in my entire net life. It's fucking WOO WOO time around Zerohedge today, and you're a part of it. pffft

Bay of Pigs's picture

Fuck off you shitbag troll.

Doc has been a solid voice reason here for a long time. You couldn't carry his jockstrap you fool.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Reality is a bitch for all of us. We are powerless to stop this insanity. There is little we can do but pray and try to enjoy our lives the best we can.

Tillerson's comments today were quite clear. These guys are taking us to war. I won't support Trump under any circumstance invading Syria and toppling Assad. It is madness.

Dr. Engali's picture

I remember when this site was full of free thinkers, not loaded down with slack jawed low brow party hacks who fail to see that Trump has pulled the wool over their dim witted minds as he continues the policies of his predecessors.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Even if he wanted to drain the swamp and change things he can't because he has no support from his own shitty party.

Look at the dirtbag statist RINO's. None of them are onboard with real reform. The Deep State/MIC/One Party/War Party is winning, not Trump and his campaign promises.

Dr. Engali's picture

If there were ever anyone who were a challenge to the deep state they would be JFKed. That's why it's always been my contention that Trump is another tool of TPTB.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Agreed. Many of us have said for years that there will be no solution for our problems coming from Washington. So easily the people forget or are led like mice to a cute little tune from a tin flute.

Anarchyteez's picture

Agreed, the fuck face shills many of which (but not all) are 24mo or less are overrunning ZH.

Ahhh, the good old days were fun. The Dr has been here a long long time and deserves cred for that.

TheLastTrump's picture

Lying fuck. The adults know what the source of the problems are and it isn't Trump or his people.

Dr. Engali's picture

The "adults" don't resort to name calling when their beliefs are challenged.