The Real Reason Governments are Blaming Youtube for Terrorism

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Via The Daily Bell

Ban all the things, and when we all live in padded prison cells, we will be safe from terrorists!

That is the plan. Because access to information is really the problem, according to the British government. As soon as people don’t have access to extremist material online, all this madness will surely stop!

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The fight against terrorism and hate speech has to be a joint one. The government and security services are doing everything they can and it is clear that social media companies can and must do more.

“Social media companies have a responsibility when it comes to making sure this material is not disseminated and we have been clear repeatedly that we think that they can and must do more. We are always talking with them on how to achieve that.

“The ball is now in their court. We will see how they respond.”

How laughable that the government claims to be doing everything they can. We all know that is not true.

But even more ridiculous is attempting to put all the blame on websites that host content. With massive amount of content on Youtube, how can they be expected to police every single video? They already review 98% of flagged content within 24 hours, and also within 24 hours they usually remove content that the government asks them to take down.

It sounds like Youtube is already on board with government censorship, but the British authorities want to go further. What we need is new laws, new fines, and punishment for companies who host extremist content, they say.

Damian Collins, who heads the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said bosses should face a new offence of failing to act to remove terrorist videos and manuals from their sites.

He was backed by former terror tsar Lord Alex Carlile who said: “We need to reinforce the attack on internet radicalisation.

If a new law is necessary to compel internet service providers to co-operate with these efforts, it must be made.”

And what about failing to remove terrorists from the country? Should governmentofficials face a new offence for that crime?

It’s not like these terrorists are carrying out precision attacks which require training and special knowledge. They are driving cars through crowds of people. They are opening fire in public.

Videos surely can lead to extremism. The government should know, they run the media which leads to widespread support of bombing the hell out of anything that moves in the middle east. While handfuls of westerners were killed in terror attacks, hundreds of innocent Iraqis were bombed to death by America.

So governments can literally fund all the terrorism they want, but if Youtube allows a video promoting terrorism to remain on their sharing platform, they are the ones causing the extremism that leaks violently back into the west.

As governments cry about the splinter in their neighbor’s eye–how advertisements were shown next to extremist videos, saying that Youtube was profiting off of extremism–they are blind to the log in their own.

Craig said the only winner is the defense industry. “Well, it’s good business,” she said. “In the first year of the war [in Yemen], the U.S. sold $20 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia has been buying more and more weapons as a result of this war, and the same goes for the British government as well,” she said. “Really it all boils down to financial gain and that’s the greatest win really for the U.S., but it’s an extremely costly one obviously for the civilian population of Yemen.”

But no, I’m sure the real root of the issue is videos on Youtube that encourage terrorism. It has nothing to do with the defense industry profiting off of war, destroying entire regions to make a buck, jamming propaganda down the throats of westerners to garner support for war and destruction that are like games to the governments involved.

The Fix is In

Oh and how convenient that when governments are able to force Youtube to take down extremist content online, they may just have given themselves the power to regulate any free speech on the internet, whether it is truly extremist or not.

And that is what this all comes down to. The government wants control over the internet, control over what we say, and how we communicate.

The terrorists which the government supports and creates will be the excuse for government censorship and oppression of citizens under their control.

And that is why the government needs to make social media platforms the enemy. It both distracts from the government’s own role in supporting terrorism, and gives them more power to police any opposition on social media to their oppressive rule.

The people are creating their own media, and it is cutting into the government’s propaganda business.

It’s always the same: right now they will use their power of censorship against “the terrorists,” and then they will use the hammer of the law against anyone who speaks out against their murderous, oppressive policies.

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I wonder when it started?

Governments of all kinds have always tried to control the narrative. 

Was it the invention of the printing press that started making things difficult? Or before?

Certainly, newspapers during the American civil war were hardly unbiased, and by the mid 1890s or so, 'Yellow Journalism' was in full flower. Then came the 20th century, with newspapers and radio (and by WWI movies and movie news) in full charge of the narrative. But at least, it was somewhat spread between the so-called left and right of the spectrum. Then in the '30s, Russia and Germany went out-front censorship and media control with lesson learned from WWI, with many countries following. It got a lot worse with WWII - how many  voices were raised over the false flag of Pearl Harbor, that 'allowed' the US to get into the war - hoorah!

And so it went to 1980, with the controlled air waves taking care of the narrative on TV and  the diminishing radio, and concentration of power into bigger newspapers, with still some sembalance of 'two sides' and 'journalism' being present - but the Deep State was growing without significant hinderance from the 'fourth estate', with dear old Walt Cronkite and Huntley-Brinkley telling us the government approved 'truth'. 

Then came the media equivalent of the Wild Wild West - the goddamned Internet.

All kinds of 'truth' out there. People started to question the 'truth'. 

Of course governments in general and the Deep State in particular (working through the governments) are going to fight back. 

And they are going to win, for awhile.

December 15th, 1791: The first ten (of 17 originally written by James Madison) amendments to the Constitution were approved by the States. 

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The state(s) (US, England, Euro Zone, all those fuckers, but especially the US, supposedly governed by the 1st Amendment) are opposed to this idea.

But let us ignore what others are doing for the time and check out the US - today, one piece of news is that dear old Facebook is going to 'educate' users on how to spot fake news:

This apparently is anything Facebook's beloved founder and the US Gubernmint decrees is not in agreement with what they believe.

By now, you probably get I'm sick of this shit; but I DO take solace in knowing that every historical attempt of the powers that be to take control of the narrative ultimately fails. Try to remember that, dear ZHers...


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It was the movie.  It wasn't the terrorists.

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~~~~~~ ( Alt Reality - And What To Do About It ) ~~~~~

"These people (TPTB) are wackos. .. They're batshit. .. They're crazy. They don't behave like normal regular humans. People at the top are pedophiles. .. Many of them are being blackmailed. ...... Probably most of them at the top are constantly stoned out of their minds on bazaar drugs we've never even heard of. ... And that's our world." ~ Clif High at

That's what I like;..... Someone who can clearly see the situation as fucked up as it really is, embrace the suck and work with it in a smiling, productive fashion.


When the main stream media is more stoned out than the hippies down at the ole commune. .... You might be living in 2017 AD.

Live Hard, Alt Media Needs An Alt Way To Make Money Producing Valuable Content Or It Will Die An Alt Death, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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Basically, the alt-right is slowly being crowded out of social media before the European elections... Good. Stalin would be jealous.

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The article overlooks the fact that terrorism has been since 1971 a Muslim enterprise. Since 1906 until 1971 we had no Muslim Terrorism thanks to a policy established by General Pershing. The governments cannot be so stupid as to believe "social media" is the cause. If the governments really wanted to stop terrorism, especially Muslim terrorism they would take the Muslim's belief in Paradise for terrorists away from them.

It would be very simple to stop terrorism. 1. Dig up every terrorist including Muslim terrorists and rebury them in a pig skin. 2. Let it be known that each and every terrorist will be buried in a pig skin from now on.

That would give the terrorists a choice between everlasting pleasure or everlasting torture. General Pershing proved the everlasting torture outweighed their 15 minutes of fame.

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Of course governments are not so stupid as to believe "social media" is the cause. It is merely the venue.

From the point of view of elected politicians, terrorism is anything - including free speech - that might tend to interfere with their getting reelected. They don't want anyone rocking the boat, or upsetting the apple cart, etc., if the result is the loss of campaign contributions, sweetheart deals for friends and relatives, and so on.

Now be a good sheeple and do as they tell you to do. And never think again that you can ever think again.

Here is your future:


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Youtube = Emmanuel Goldstein 

Winston Smith = us

Big Brother = IC, MIC, & GOV


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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Can't imagine why the colonists enjoyed slaughtering Brits............

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 If you was a lying scumbag whos entier way of life was based on and built on straight up lies. Then yes anyone telling the truth would be terrorfyin to you and your way of life.

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Hating Jews is simply a natural outcome of doing some very simple math.

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Please explain your math. I am a simple engineer and I will try to equate my friend, a gracious elderly jew, to the answers you come up with.  If you cannot prove mathematically that he is somehow responsible for what is going on in this world, then please STFU.  I also have a black friend who is smarter and harder working than most.  Maybe your math will also prove him to be a nigger.  Who knows? 

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No problem. 

16 labor camps x 15 ovens ea (I've seen the published floor plans) x 8 hr burn cycle x 18 months minus 6,000,000 holocaust movies = Jew fatigue

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And I suppose Eisenhauer was wrong when he said to take all the pictures possible because some SOB in the future will deny it happened.

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You need pics?  You must be one hell of an engineer.

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skype truth is the reason