Syria Denies, Condemns Use Of Chemical Weapons

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With global sentiment turning against Syria again, and even president Trump yesterday saying his opinion on Syrian policy has changed (it was not immediately clear just how), on Thursday Syria’s foreign minister dismissed allegations that the Syrian Army deployed chemical weapons in the city of Idlib, saying the military will never use such weapons against its own people or even terrorists.

As reported by AP, Syria's Foreign Minister Walid Muallem denied claims that the military used chemical weapons in the western city of Idlib. Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, Muallem said an airstrike by Syrian military had targeted an arms depot where chemical weapons stockpiles were stored by Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front militants. He said it’s impossible that the army – which has been making significant gains in almost all theaters of the Syrian war – would use banned chemical weapons against its “own people” and even terrorists.

Asked if Damascus would allow a fact-finding mission into the Idlib incident, Muallem said past experience of similar investigations was “not encouraging.” He also said that he could not predict “the reality of US intentions” in Syria. Muallem added that such a mission must not be politicized and must start its operations “from Damascus, not Turkey,” apparently referring to the latest statements by Ankara condemning the incident, as well as the fact that some victims were taken to Turkey for autopsy.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin on Thursday called the attack in Syria's Idlib province earlier this week a "monstrous crime," but said Washington's conclusions about the incident were not based on objective data.

"This was a dangerous and monstrous crime, but it would be incorrect to hang labels (to identify those who did it)," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call. The use of chemical weapons was "unacceptable," he said, urging the Syrian army to ensure such arms did not fall into the hands of terrorists.

Peskov said evidence about the incident provided by the White Helmets civil defense group could not be considered reliable and added: "We do not agree with these conclusions."

"Immediately after the tragedy no one had access to this region ... any data which the U.S. side or our colleagues from other countries might have had access to could not have been based on objective facts," Peskov told reporters. The disagreement was unlikely to change the nature of ties between Russia and the United States, Peskov added.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said earlier on Thursday it was too early to accuse the Syrian government of being responsible for the attack in Idlib and said a proper investigation was needed, the RIA news agency reported.

“Immediately after the tragedy no one had access to this area, so no one could have hard verifiable data. Consequently, any information which the US side or our colleagues from other countries might have had access to, could not be based on objective facts,” Peskov told reporters.

Though Peskov rejected “hasty assessments” of the alleged use of chemical weapons, he emphasized that there are always disagreements between Moscow and Washington, but mutual discords over the Idlib incident are unlikely to affect “the spirit of our cooperation.”

* * *

Also on Thursday, the WSJ reported that autopsy results of three victims of the gas attack in Syria show evidence their deaths were linked to chemical weapons, according to Turkey’s justice minister. Specialists from the World Heath Organization and the United Nations joined Turkish forensics teams in an examination of three Syrians who died after being brought to Turkey for treatment following the attack on the village of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province this week.

After the attack, Turkey joined an immediate international emergency response. Dozens of injured Syrians were brought by ambulance to Turkish medical facilities close to the Syrian border. The autopsies took place in the city of Adana. It was not immediately clear why Turkey - which has had a clear conflict of interest in the Syria conflict and has repeatedly stated its desire to remove the Assad administration - had been tasked with this fact-ficning mission.

Biological samples from the victims were taken during autopsies that started late Wednesday and continued until Thursday morning, according to the Turkish state Anadolu news agency. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag didn’t immediately provide further details on the results or what chemical substance was allegedly used.

Bozdag told Anadolu that the teams are continuing to examine the samples, but his view is the evidence shows forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were behind the attack.

“The autopsies’ results establish that chemical weapons were used. The forensic report presents this in a very clear way,” Anadolu quoted Mr. Bozdag as saying, adding that “Assad’s use of chemical weapons is established through this scientific examination."


The Syrian army has denied using any chemical or toxic substances in air strikes launched Tuesday, according to state media, and blamed “terrorist groups and those behind them.” The Syrian government routinely refers to most opponents of the regime as terrorists.

In any case, the results from Turkish autopsies on the victims of a suspected poison gas attack in northwest Syria will be sent to the Dutch capital of The Hague for an additional examination, Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag said on Thursday. The suspected chemical attack believed to have been carried out by Syrian government forces killed at least 70 people in the rebel-held Idlib province on Tuesday. Thirty-two victims have been brought to Turkey and three have subsequently died during treatment.

That said, while the presence of sarin gas will almost surely be confirmed, the question remains how the west will prove whose sarin gas it was, although since like in 2013 the "chemical attack" appears to have been a goalseeked event intended to result in a goalseeked outcome, namely to get the US involved in the Syria conflict once again with the intent of removing Assad, we have little doubt that the narrative of Assad - who had little to gain and everything to lose from the alleged gas release - being behind the attack will hardly be challenged in the legacy press.

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ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

Is there any body out there in ZH land that actually thinks Asssad or the Russians perpetrated tese attacks?

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 [the rules of JOOMANJI...]

Alan Parrish, 1969: [reads] JOOMANJI: a game for those who seek to find / a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token, doubles gets another turn, the first player to reach the end wins.

Judy Shepherd: [reads] Adventurers beware: do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game / will vanish only when a player has reached JOOMANJI and called out its name. 

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Sick of these scheming joos. Satan personified.

beemasters's picture

'By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War'
I don't believe for a second Trump doesn't know. He probably just chooses not to see it.

nod2glod's picture

"Legacy press". lol. Is tyler cioning a new term?

JRobby's picture

Soros sponsored deal. Yet he still walks free?

USisCorrupt's picture

Soros, Mossad and the CIA to name a FEW, but I am sure there are more.

Is Obmanation in exile?

Rich Stoehner's picture

Maybe Trump should meet with Assad before he starts calling him out. He would be better off blaming Hilary Clinton for the gas attack.

Manthong's picture

Trump jumped to a conclusion, likely with encouragement from Neo/Lib cons who want to see 50,000 boots on the ground and vicious Saudi Yemen-like airstrikes in Syria.

Hopefully he will learn with experience to cool his jets a bit before blasting out comments on something of such great importance.

And just maybe he will tone the utter destruction down in Mosul.

I am thinking.. isn’t Mosul mostly Kurds?

The way the action is there, maybe it’s a cover for Iraq to get rid of or displace a bunch of Kurds in oil country.


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The Russian military found evidence of chemical weapon attacks carried out in Aleppo by "moderate" "rebels".

The Russian military called on the OPCW to send its experts to Aleppo to investigate these attacks.

Why has the OPCW been dragging its feet for over 4 months on analyzing and reporting on the evidence presented by the Russian government of chemical weapons use by "moderate" "rebels" in Aleppo?

Ignatius's picture

"Why has the OPCW been dragging its feet..?"

Because the world is owned and run by purveyors of "very fake news."

AllTimeWhys's picture

I'm still convinced this is all McCain's doing. Funny how we never got ANY details on his little sudden trip to Syria not so long ago.

Ignatius's picture

Until people start doing their own research they have no clue as to how much relevent information is withheld.

BobEore's picture

Hopefully he will learn with experience to cool his jets a bit before blasting out comments on something of such great importance.

Not how it works out in real life unfortunately. He needed to have all his ducks in a row on this - long before the thing went down. You saw McCain back in Syria last month - you could guarantee something nasty was brewing.

Instead, he remained coddled and absorbed by his handers Bannon and Kushner - and attention misdirected by a dozen distracting 'fake news' stories planted exactly for the purpose. Learning on the job at this point is very unlikely. From here the pressure builds... daily. With experienced and reliable advisors no where to be found.

Bibi has hatched his coup against the Orangeman. Who should have seen it coming... but relied upon guys like good friend Red Rudy Giuliani for counsel ...

the guy who is now leading the very attack of tel aviv against his administration!

We're on the brink here... and most appear to be willing to continue playing red/blue blame games till Pompeii gets buried.

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The kurdish area of Mosul has been liberated for months.  Kurds are already returning to areas that were once held by IS which is basically the whole east side of the river (new mosul).  The whole west side is the arab area. If you ask any Kurd from Dohuk or Erbil about the IDPs they will tell you they are pissed and all the Arabs are taking the jobs, working for slave wages and refuse to learn Kurdi. Whats happening in Europe is happening in Kurdistan. Kurdistan is getting arabified.

Interesting theory but not bourne out by the facts.  Kurds have control of Kirkuk. The main O&G producing areas in Kurdistan are all safely under Kurdish control.  Not a whole lots going on RE: oil near Mosul.

Around Tal A Far To the north west you have 150 Turkish tanks - Thats the interesting part.  Why did Barzani let the Turks in?  Does he really think they are going to leave? They came down the road in the middle of the night with the blessing of the Kurds.  Why????  Whats going to happen after Mosul is liberated?


JRobby's picture

Oblivio, the modern definition of narcissism, needed some "time off" after his labors of 8 years, locked in a false domestic scenario for appearances.

Was this trip calculated as they were so desperate but knew the survaillence might be found out?

He's a bone smuggling pole smoker.

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Back to Government by synagogue, we are fucked now.

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Hate this WMD shit happening again and again. Trump's an idiot to change his fucking mind because of this.

nod2glod's picture

Trump was a fool to not take hillary down. Now everyone thinks they can push him around. I'm sure he's not stupid enough to think that assad did this, but there is another angle / pressure at work here.

Son of Loki's picture

As long as Soros, Hitlery and Obama and their co-conspirators walk free, the world is not safe.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Just don't forget to look behind the curtains!

To hell with all co-conspirators if someone else is giving the orders.

BlindMonkey's picture

"Trump's an idiot to change his fucking mind because of this."


Just wait for the actions.  If it was just lip-service, nothing changed.  There would be a lot of reasons for Trump to agree and then change his mind again.

Mr.Sono's picture

Trump needs to get facts before jumping into conclusions. Let's see some facts Mr. President or are you becoming just like another useless politician?

beemasters's picture

He has chosen to join the Dark Side.

Mr.Sono's picture

I hope not, but it does look like it.

beemasters's picture

Anyone agreeing with McCain IS a member.

Low-Withers's picture

Politically he had no choice but to condemn the attacts with dead children.

Any other response would have been spun and played on endless loop of "Trump the baby killer enabler"

Or a version thereof..


Mr.Sono's picture

I agree, but proper politics is to investigate before sticking your neck out.

loves the truth's picture

Nothing but lying propaganda,, non stop... gets a bit tedious. However the masses believe all this lying crap.

REv 12: 9 So down the great dragon+ was hurled, the original serpent,+ the one called Devil+ and Satan,+ who is misleading the entire inhabited earth;+ he was hurled down to the earth,+ and his angels were hurled down with him. 1

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Trump owes billions to joo bankers so he's got a very short spiked-collar leash.

Winston Churchill's picture

He has had no problem reversing himself when he realises he has made a mistake.

Businessman have to make decisions,right or wrong,successfull businessmen  are not

wedded to them like politicians.Lets just hope nothing kinetic happens before he revisits this.

Volkodav's picture

      Hop Before Jump

      Russian expression President Trump need himself apply

SoDamnMad's picture

I am sure the "White Helmets" were the source of all this information   George Soros had to muck everything up using them and the good old "chemical attack by ASAD or the Russians.

GreatUncle's picture

The globalists are the ones in charge, makes no odds who you choose for say president the outcome will be the same in many things.


That fucking pipeline will be built through Syria no matter who the fuck is president.

The UK will not be allowed to leave the EU ever until the EU burns.

You will all be slaves because the globalists control the QE.

** The future looks appalling and even if they lose a minor event no big shakes your NWO is coming. ***

TBH the information presented by anybody should now be considered fake ...

quadraspleen's picture

"evidence about the incident provided by the White Helmets civil defense group"

"evidence" Bwahahahaha

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I poison more people with gas after eating wings and beans than Assad did.

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Reminds me of the movie "Ace Ventura", when he has a massive blowout in the bathroom, comes out, and then proclaims loudly, "DO NOT..GO IN THERE!"

Lostinfortwalton's picture

What would Assad have to gain? Looks like a bombing mistake of a storage depot or a false flag. I never thought I would have an open mind as to my country being complicit in such an act. The fact that Nikki Haley rushes to the floor of the UN holding up photos of dead children to get the maximum political advantage is beyond repulsive.

Sick Underbelly's picture

Thank you.  

When I read about Haley's actions, I instantly saw Powell and his lame-ass "display". 

It is so damned scripted, it's almost predictable.

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I think you'd better do what he says, Mr. Kinney.

GreatUncle's picture

If she is found to be wrong she needs to be hung for an attempted subversion of the truth to justify a war better than any other dictator or tyrant in the world.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Not me! In fact, I just got through posting a Washington Times article on this very topic...along the lines of "Where is Putin's Nobel Peace Prize?"