It Took A War For Trump To Win CNN's Approval: "Trump Became President Last Night"

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For CNN, it took a war and pointed, globalist "rhetoric" for Trump to become President of the United States.  Per CNN host Fareed Zakaria on "New Day" this morning:

“I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night.  I think this was actually a big moment."


"Candidate Trump had said that he would never get involved in the Syrian civil war.  He told President Obama you can not do this without the authorization of Congress.  He seemed unconcerned with global norms."


"President Trump recognized that the President of the United States does have to act to enforce international norms, does have to have this broader moral and political purpose.  President Trump realized, as every president has for many decades now, that they have inherent legal authority as commander-in-chief and they don't have to go to a pesky Congress every time they want military force."


“For the first time really as president, he talked about international norms, international rules, about America’s role in enforcing justice in the world.  It was the kind of rhetoric that we've come to expect from American presidents since Harry Truman, but it was the kind of rhetoric that President Trump had pointedly never used either on the campaign trail nor in his inaugural."


"So I think there has been an interesting morphing and a kind of education of Donald Trump."


Of course, CNN's 'approval' will undoubtedly cost Trump a lot of voters...

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Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

I LOL'd, and then I was sad. Very sad.

WTFRLY's picture

JOO WORLD ORDER GETS WHAT IT WANTS. WW3 is officially hot now

nope-1004's picture

How only 5% of the globes' population is allowed to pick and choose who to bomb is just downright amazing.  Nothing will change until the other 95% grab a pitchfork and designate a few lampposts.
This has to stop.  This WILL stop!

Friggin' tired of political and media lies.

Another corrupt bag of shit in office.

curbjob's picture

General Dynamics stock rallied 1% today on expectations of an increase of Tomahawk orders .


^^ that is what America has become. 

Manthong's picture

If CNN is for it…

If McStain is for it...

If Grahamnesty is for it …

..then you know it is bullshit.

imaginalis's picture

I can't see Trump being such an idiot like this unless he was shown a video of him doing something awful.

Or did he meet the aliens.





Franklin Mint Chip's picture
Franklin Mint Chip (not verified) imaginalis Apr 7, 2017 6:22 PM

Fuck CNN and fuck you too Trump you stooge!

Mtnrunnr's picture

"Trump became a neocon last night." There I fixed it for you! (SIDE NOTE: Trump was a neocon well before last night, you fools)

Poopy's picture
Poopy (not verified) Mtnrunnr Apr 7, 2017 6:29 PM

The 'nazi jew run media only gives accolades to republicans when they do the work of the jew owned FED.


When both parties agree, THE JEW RUN FED WINS, AND AMERICA LOSES....every single time.

J S Bach's picture

As if we needed any more proof as to whose side CNN is on.  They're not even liberal... just plain old pure-bred jewy.

Mtnrunnr's picture

I would personally say that the term liberal denotes pure-bread bankster power. so does the word 'conservative'. that's the problem. the problem has nothing to do with abortion, gay rights, or what the nuclear option. They use those to distract us. but point well taken. I hate about 70% of what CNN says. I also hate about 80% of what Fox says 

NoDecaf's picture

The good news is that when this shit goes full kinetic, CNN and most other war whores will die in the mushroom clouds.

The bad news is that they will die too quickly because they all deserve a slow cancerous death.

The_Juggernaut's picture

He blew up one shitty airfield and now they are no longer trying to destroy him.  Seems pretty shrewd.

TeamDepends's picture

Yet more proof that Leftists are the bloodthirsty warmongering devils. There is nothing conservative about war.

aurum4040's picture

Hey it got them to shutup about the russian bullshit, its exactly what i and others who are 'incompetent' strategists said would happen. And at this point I approve. Trumps a genius. In one small move that will amount to ISIS removal, no war, and Russia not doing a damn thing - he changed the whole picture inside the US. Fucking brilliant. You naysayers will soon grow up and realize what the real world is about. 

fx's picture

Could be true. Or trump is really fuckin' stupid. The next weeks/months will tell.

However, if CNN continues to praise Trump then we are all fvcked, that I can tell you.

DEMIZEN's picture

from far it looks like a pretty retarded move but then again - thats how it looks when you run out of good options. I am a patient boy, i wait, i wait...

Dave Thomas's picture

LOL Trump is onboard with La Kosher Nostra, ZIO_TEAM IS GO!

Got The Wrong No's picture

Think about this.

No one is talking about Russian Hacking, Susan Rice, Pizzagate and Satanic Hillary any more.

All it took was a false flag and a useless missile strike. Russia was warned in advance, so you know Assad was also.

This will not start WW3. He showed some strength to North Korea and China.   

Mission accomplished. MSM and all his dissenters are now calling Him President Trump.  

Now, maybe he can get down to the business of running the Country.

European American's picture

You're close.


That would be "Zionist Jews". There is a slight difference.

NidStyles's picture

All Jews are Zionist, their entire belief system is based around the end of diaspora and the bringing of their messiah. That is what Zionism is, that belief system.

ThuleNord's picture

Guilty by association.

Anyone still think the nazis were the bad guys now?

Notice the irony in that Syrian "gassing" false flag.

Tiwin's picture

Exactly as Ive been saying all along

"liberal bias' media hah

Mtnrunnr's picture

around the time of Clinton the economic problems became so severe that anyone in power has been breifed that any deviation will spark WWIII or the greatest economic disaster ever seen and they will be to blame. after the first 2 months of honest attempts to do positive things every president has realized the bankers are correct and they fold. there. is. no. way. out. now. the reason Trump isn't the answer is that in order to fix this massive mess we will have to entirely redo the system, forfitting all debt related assets (houses, mortgages, anything but gold and hard assets) and Trump the billionaire has more of that blood money than even I can imagine. there is NO chance he will put our interests first (if he does I will worship him like a the man-god he is).

nightwish's picture

I've been saying watch the liberal media to see if Trump cut a deal. If he plays ball, the left will back off. Exactly whats happening.

Gorsuch gets pushed  through as well. 

Trump is owned. We lose.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

But in fairness, they are correct. There has not been a single president in the history of the USA that did not engage in a war or some military action. Not a single one. In that sense they are correct; he became president last night.

beemasters's picture

Trump abandoned his people and became CNN's president overnight.

Jim in MN's picture

Someone should cut I mean Sharpie marker 'My President' into their smirking, perspiring foreheads. 

Or is that too extreme?

e_goldstein's picture


Like they do to cows.

Dr.Vannostrand's picture

Or just maybe just Hope and Change 2.0

Why are so many people in shock? Did you really believe selections matter or this billionaire had your interests at heart? Roy boy-fucking Cohn was his mentor. 

ImGumbydmmt's picture

He didn't have to do anything awful.

 The film is the standard incomng presidentail "Zapruder Film Briefing"

and the rundown of the addresses and names of everyone he loves, children, wife, parents, grandchildren.

Same breifing every new president gets.

Oswald did not rattle off three bolt actions shots out of a rickety old Carcano surplus rifle with pinpoint precisions on a high descending slope over 100 yards away at a moving target in just over three seconds.

No effing way.

I would love to see the top 3-Gun competitiors in the nation try that with their own $2,500 High Spec AR-15 and a $3,000 scope, and match the time elapsed between shots and the same accuracy Oswald was accused of.

Could he have got off one shot, of course.

The Zapruder Briefing Trump Got i sure enlightened him to the tenuous nature of his position.





Zero_Ledge's picture

Many have reproduced Oswald's accuracy with the same rifle. But you'll never believe it.  Sad!


giovanni_f's picture

Fascism - that's what it is. Unbearable pain and nothing you can do about it except wating for the next election, paying your taxes and hoping that they won't Waco- or Ruby-bridge you in the middle of the night.

We are, Gentlemen, in deep, deep shit. IT has arrived and there was little we could do.

Mtnrunnr's picture

I've been fucking screaming it from the top of my lungs since fucking Trump, Hillary and Cruz were our choices. they were ALL fascists. we got so goddamn hyper-partizan that anyone with a 10th of a brain or a fascist could win. but keep yelling at the fucking Dems Zerohedge. keep yelling.

curbjob's picture

I'm  known as a cynical fuck,

however I have faith that eventually the people will win.

My mantra is "the best way to bring down a fascist regime is to make them act like a fascist regime" and I'm slowly gaining confidence that the next time the natives get restless (next questional police shooting with out the benefit of a wetsuit in the WH ?), this administration is going to come down hard .. like Kent State hard.

Interesting times .. the irony is that everyone born after 1945 has been extremely optimistic in their expectations of living out a life in a world free of calamity. 



Pigface's picture

Wait for the next election?  And then what???

chunga's picture

Stand by for fake approval polls with tRump at 100%.

Son of Loki's picture

Well, at least he kept his promise to repeal and replace Sowetocare, and also got the tax break for the middle class passed.


...oh, wait a second...

political_proxy's picture

Not all hope is lost, we have a Goldmansux Cabinet.

1980XLS's picture

RTN makes the missles


LLL is the deep state

awakeRewe's picture


No big damage

26 out of 59 missiles did not hit target.

Phony strike - Putin and Trump high 5 ing.



political_proxy's picture

"The" target.

What was their true target? 

ersatz007's picture

It WILL stop.... and then another set of psychopaths will take over. 

therealestg9's picture

They have picked up the pitchforks as you say, if pitchforks are the same as AK47s and rocket launchers. Unfortunately these people are the same ones that you call "terrorists".

political_proxy's picture


You must be high. 
< 1% is far more accurate.