First Images Of Aftermath Of "Inefficient" US Missile Strikes Emerge

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Russia’s Rossiya 24 news channel has revealed the first footage from the Shayrat airbase, which the United States hit with a volley of 59 Tomahawk missiles after an alleged “chemical attack” in Idlib earlier this week.

Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said "the combat efficiency of the US strike was very low", adding that only 23 of the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles reached the Shayrat air base in the province of Homs and as the following images suggest, they were not as damaging as some may have hoped...

Runway, taxi way, parked jets weren’t damaged as a result of U.S. airstrikes, Interfax reports, citing Russian Defense Ministry.

However, there was some significant damage...

Additionally, Russia says Syrian air defense systems will be bolstered after 6 jets and the radar system was destroyed in the airstrike. 4 Syrian military are reported dead and 2 missing after strike.

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Trump goes full Neocon, let the games begin.

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Somewhere right now a bankster is smiling.

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OMG, that russian reporter made my heart flutter and my torpedo go into ramming speed...

And no wedding ring either.

I'll move to russia just for that alone, fuck national pride...


And... oh yea. The attack was probably a half-hearted attack. All show no go... A VERY expensive fireworks show...


Still, fuck trump.


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Just saw the anemic jobs report and the reason for the air strike becomes quite clear...

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Check out the puddles of molten metal in the last pic, that was one sriously hot explosion/fire!

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probably just aluminum; melting point of 660

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This is so fucking stupid that I'm genuinely wondering if this was only done to appease the neocons while negotiations with Putin go on. Kinda "Hey guys, I'm sending a bunch of badly aimed shit over to a pointless target, move anything important while I deal with these neocon warmonger assholes." Or is that stupidly hopeful and this really is as dumb as it looks?

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Just happened to get 4 Russian jets and no Syrian jets. You know the propaganda from both sides is deafening.

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"According to the US Department of Defence's annual budget, a single Tomahawk missile costs $1.59 million.

Combine that by the 59 missiles the US ordered to be fired off two warships in the Mediterranean Sea, and you're looking at a bill of around $94 million."

$94m...that could have been better utilized.

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Each cruise missile is said to contain about 500 ounces of pure silver.  Say goodbye to about 30,000 ounces of pure silver that Trump just vaporized and are now gone forever.

just sayin'...

Keep on stackin', bitchez

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Vaporized.....We talking about 911 now?

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paizan (not verified) Sheeple-49 Apr 7, 2017 8:27 AM

Israel did 9/11 and pushed Trump to do this stupid act.

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Looks like you’re going to need more than a lousy 1000 pound warhead to do much damage to those hardened hangars.

NBFD, it’s just another $100,000,000 replenishment order for Raytheon.

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So the USAF has released targetting videos of this epic failure, yet they have not released the targetting videos of their supposed numerous hits against ISIS. All very fishy.

Maybe if we can find where the 35 or so cruise missiles ended up we will find the patch of sand the USAF has been pounding all these years.


From these photos I'm not sure that $100,000,000 worth of damage done was done. So who came out ahead in all of this?  Other then Raytheon.

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They're cruise missiles.  They don't blow through the top of the hardened hangar, they fly in through the side and blow up the shit under the roof.

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I've heard they can stop at traffic lights and then turn left or right.


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bob_bichen (not verified) paizan Apr 7, 2017 11:48 AM


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59 missles?

Where's the fucking destruction? The massive holes? Demolished runways? I want my fucking money back!


Russia says less than half of the missles hit the air base. Where did the others go? Lost? Assads ass?

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I read a twitter feed last night that there were a bunch of missiles shot down by the Russians/Syrians.


So less than 1/2 survived against a lower tier adversary?  Penta-bros; you have been focused on bombing dirt farmers for so long you have no idea how behind you actually are.  

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

That's what I'm wondering; we fire 59 missiles and only 23 make it there. Where are the other 36 missiles? That's a pretty terrible success rate, North Korea tier, will the US government be getting a refund on those defective missiles?

QuantumEasing's picture

Was trying to remember the exact amount. Thank you for that. sir.

Fucking ridiculous waste.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

So maybe that molten metal in the last pic is AG?  j/k that shiny is gone.

BurningBetty's picture

Even Jamie Dimon agrees with your assessment! Who would have thought!

scaleindependent's picture

When you have QE and the petrodollar expense is not an issue.

Scuba Steve's picture

Meh, everything has an expiration date.

peippe's picture

quite true, 

those tomahawks were going to need to be broken down for scrap if not fired soon.

the propellant sours after awhile, thank god for sarin gas!


SmittyinLA's picture

The Chinese guy was supposed to be intimidated at Trump lighting his cigar with $94,000,000,000.00 worth of tomahawk missiles, not notice 94M diversion from R & D to neoconservative indulgence and making war with the last secular state in the region.

I'm sure he was both scared and impressed.

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Left up to Donald he would clearly use this money to bolster the economy in Florida, mostly through the golf holidays he takes their each weekend.  Well on second thought, he would use the money to bolster his resort in Florida.


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LOL, somebody downvoted you!?!?!?

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Are US cruise missile vulnerable to Russian EW countermeasures, is that why so many didn't reach their target? Very bad bang for buck.

scraping_by's picture

Yes. Drones are only for blowing up civilians, and now a real military has had practice against cruise missles. The next batch will likely fall out of the sky halfway to their target.

pods's picture

Congrats Trump, I am now officially more aligned with Russia than my own nation.

Won't be a tear shed when our boys and girls come home in a box. 

We couldn't fight these wars if nobody signed up.


stocker84's picture

Dude, don't write stuff like that... You are talking directly to Trump and we all know he follows your posts.




What a pod!

Can you be any more out of touch with this world?


It's so funny to me...

Dear Trump...

Yours truly,


On zero message board!


pods's picture

Trump isn't smart enough for ZH. He's on Twitter.

As for me being out of touch with this world, well, thanks. I don't want to be IN touch with a world where diplomacy is carried out with missiles, and there is no critical thinking as to why a guy would gas his own people right when he is not only winning the war to topple him, but the biggest warmonger on the planet announces they are calling off the dogs.

So, thanks again!


Jim in MN's picture

In my estimation this has cost Trump at least half of his Independent support.

The Dems aren't exactly riding to the rescue.

So he may now get into truly dangerous levels of public support, like 20% in favor.

If he's no more popular than Congress (about 15% support) there won't be much he can do anyway.

Jimmy Carter Presidency, here we come.  

Sucks.  The whole fucking thing.

Sorry, must use Twitterese:


cro_maat's picture

I don't think that either Trump or Congress care about public support. Trump is the head of the USSA corporation. He has a board of directors and banker shareholders that he has to worry about.

scraping_by's picture

Trump can always gain more political support by the Dems making BLM and homosexual grooming part of their platform. Look for DNC insiders pushing for more orientation support in the public schools, and more sensitivity sessions for random white people.

curbjob's picture


Jimmy Carters approval rating was 34% with a disapproval rating of 55% (Dec 1980)


by contrast;  George W Bush had an approval rating of 34% with a disapproval rating of 61% (Dec 2008)


Any chance of MAGA is going to require sticking to facts ahead of partisan feelings and a  thorough understanding of the exponential function. 


curbjob's picture

Carter,  now there's a guy who was politically assassinated by the MIC and AIPAC.

I'm always amazed at how harshly he's treated by libertarians  ?

Last president to significantly pay down the debt.

Raised interest rates aggressively and drove down Vietnam War debt fueled  inflation.

A true austerity president, "don't be a cuck snowflake, turn down your thermostat and pull on a sweater. "

Closest we've come to a non interventionist since WW2.

Last significant chance at a Palestinian state.



... and yet Carter is constantly regurgitated as the worst  America had to offer  ?

Yuefo's picture

I'm with you. Carter bashing has become the default position even by younger folks who don't have the slightest idea what he was about. It's a meme at this point.

stocker84's picture

Thank you for the civil reply. I apologize.


Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Hey faggot - just about everyone understands rhetorical flourish when they see it.

Native Hebrew speaker, are you, or just a fuckin' jabroni surrounded by socks you came in and left strewn around mom's basement floor?

Whoa Dammit's picture

You're not alone. Almost 36,000 comments on the Breitbart story covering it & 99.9999% are Trump supporters no longer. About 6,000 comments going the same way on InfoWars. In a smaller sub-story, Alex Jones tried to support Trump's Syrian attack, and even his groupies turned on him for it.

chiaroscuro's picture

My hope would be that all disenchanted former Trump supporters would take a minute to send an email to the White House to let Trump know exactly how they feel.

Giant Meteor's picture

Probably being moth balled or were in reality David Blaine cardboard cut outs ..

Anythng is possible ..

Jim in MN's picture

At least we got that no-fly zone the globalist scum has been perspiring over....


....oh, it's the US that can't fly there.....


Nice work.

emersonreturn's picture

russia was invited into syria, why is trump there? bombing russian jets---if it was supposed to be about blowing out mossad/cia/headchoppers chemical weapons dump?

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There is a lot that doesn't smell right here. I'm beginning to think that this was a diversion away from the Russian Hacking BS. The MSM and the War Hogs seem to be for this move. Trump needed to get past that and at the same time he showed that he was decisive. The damage done in the pictures is a joke, the Russians were warned, so you know the Syrians were warned. My personal opinion is that a deal was made with all player and Syria will be divided and Assad will get to stay in power for now. Let's see how all this plays out.