ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack

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Having perhaps lost the support of much of his anti-war base, President Trump appears to have won praise from two new groups...

Even even more ironic, today is the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War One.

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There is no doubt now. Trump has been taken over by neo-cons. Can't twist it any other way.

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Was it blackmail, physical threats or the plan all along?

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""ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack""

Of Course, Now They Can Grow Unimpeded In Syria...

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Deep State pulled the strings all along

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Comtrend (not verified) mdr attitude Apr 6, 2017 11:27 PM

They even took the mummy out from the closet to convince Trump

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Leaves the Woods to Come Out and Warmonger

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I can see it now.....

Trump & Hillary at Olive Garden discussing  middle east strategy over endless breadsticks......

we're screwed.

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am I jealous of asma?

course not.

peeved maybe. but not jealous.

did I tell him to eliminate her?

not answering that.



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I hope the Chinese and Russias do a similar show of force.  Launch 10x the amount of cruise missiles at IS in a 60 minute window. Something truly Biblical. 

Make it very clear to Trump you will start the third world war if you keep this nonsense up. 

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Trump, as a newbie to all this geopolitics stuff.. or even any kind of politics, likely just put the Generals in charge like he would put a manager in charge of a hotel construction project.

He is going to be sorry he did that.

The Democrats will skewer him for launching  5 dozen Tomahawks because of some propaganda pictures and videos on the Internet.

At least he has some friends in ISIS.

And maybe the other good news is that besides ISIS and Al-Qaeda, Trump can now be best buds with McCain and Graham.


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Manthong - you nailed it. I had the same thought before he won the elections.

You cannot run a country like a private casino. It leaves me absolutey speechless watching a bloated ego run a government like a big family business. The danger was there and clear to see - but history gave us the choice between a warmongering #mafiabitch (who has demonstrated her blood thirst already) and a #bankruptcylocust.

What a shit choice, what a shit show, what a shit country.

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It's hard to admit you're wrong, so I expect the #EverTrumpers who have been infesting ZH to declare:

There's no way Trump could have done this without Putin's say-so! So they must have cleared it with him first... with the understanding that the Syrians would be warned beforehand so they could get their people out of the way! These "strikes" were just for show! Trump's really still an anti-interventionist! Yay The Donald!

This does all raise an interesting point. We're told Russia's SAM defences are superlative, so I'm guessing they could have downed the Tomahawks if they'd wanted to. So the Russians must have been informed beforehand.


i) Putin wants to keep Assad in line, so he said "go ahead! Hurt Assad... but not too much. I still want him to win, eventually."
ii) Putin said "oh no you don't" and the US said "Oh yes we do, and if any of the Tomahawks are downed, it's war" and Putin backed down.

Or Russia's SAM defences are shit, Putin wasn't informed beforehand, and the Tomahawks took him and Assad by surprise.

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BigJim, only a small nibble at the edges

ii) it's a bit of a tall call to go to direct war because an unmanned cruise missile like the Tomahawk is downed

reality, lately, looks like Russian warplanes downed by Turkish SAM batteries without Russia and Turkey going directly to war because of it, in fact, even relatively kissing up again, later, and proposing a shared settlement to this war

put it in the drawer of "unwritten rules of proxy war" -> no direct, serious fights between major powers

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Yes, but the Russians had crossed into Turkish airspace, so the Turks were - technically - within their rights.

I suppose you could argue the US' Tomahawk strike was entirely "extra-legal" and therefore if the Russians had downed them the US had no legal excuse to declare war on Russia, but it seems to me that the US has pretty much given up any pretence that what it does is legal.

So I'm very curious to know what was said behind the scenes.

Someone has suggested Trump knows it's a false flag, arranged the airstrikes with Putin, and will henceforth blame any further gas attacks on the rebels, saying "we punished Assad, so we know it's not him".

We shall see.

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Smells strongly of a rope-a-dope.  The same people who just one year ago wanted to see more blood spilled in Syria will suddenly be antiwar again.

Shortly, we will find out the gas attack was a fraud and that will dovetail quite nicely into the extant anti Trump narrative.  He could have and should have waited.


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But you all thought Trump was going to make Big changes and fight the deep state. You all were praising him for his words. 

giovanni_f's picture

yes - I am "guilty" as well. I admit. My reasoning was that Hillary had already shown her blood thirst and that she would stop at nothing when it would come to start a war for Israel or because John McCain jerks off when he watches people die.

Like many, I gave Trump trust in advance (or better: hope) hat he would stick to his words (which most of us noticed  were and are inconsistent and contradictory). 

From this day forth: Trump, FUCK YOU! You are a peace of SHIT!

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Biblical, Third World War, and you cheering for all that. Lacrimatus est Iesus

Smedley's picture

And the best part is how PHONY the whole thing looks, Trump lost my support!


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He had tribe people on his campaign all allong. He was involved with them all his life. He would never get elected if he was not Kosher certified. Just ask Ron Paul.


Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

two things are necessary pillars of perpetually excessive Jewish Power:

1) Holocaust Myth Preservation
2) 9/11 Myth Preservation.

these support the inability to speak of excessive Jewish/Zionist power and influence because the former buttresses 'Jews as Eternal Sacred Victim' while the latter myth obfuscates Israel's hand in, not forcthe first time, killing Anericans - with help from Americans, including many ZioJew traitors like Perle, Feith, Libby, Wurmser and of course Sith Lord Cheney... whose kidnap and enhanced interrogation would settle quite a bit...

I think it is impossible to attack 1.

But 9/11 and the Israeli connection to it...

becomes easier to convince people when they learn of The Lavon Affair, King David Hotel bombing, the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty...

And Jew terrorism and ethnic cleansing in founding Israel and the 'racist' way they treat their Palestinian helots now.

Jews are an evil people, and have been regarded as such since before Christ **taken as a whole** that is, precisely because their religion is at its heart a Supremacist, megalomaniacal ideology.

David Duke is to whites what Orthodox Judaism and Zionists are to jews.

But only he gets called a racist. Only he is accused of jew hate by documenting the jews' hate...

Think on that - pointing out the supremacism and hate in Jewish texts, or uttered by rabbis results in *you* being accused of 'anti-Semitism.'

Belief is a tool - that is Black Magick at its best, as indeed the entire corpus of the Torah ( yes, Torah) is in fact... it is a book of magick, and it is a Beast.

Read, if only one thing, Hoffman's book, and note that Jewish writers own words are the best evidence

ditto reading the ****Torah's**** passages on usury and world conquest:

Or, reject, prior to consideration, any evidence that Global Zionism, emanating from the Torah ( and Talmud - but primarily and primordially the former) *might* just be about world conquest.

Or... you can take the red pill.

Do you worship the Creator?

Or do you worship a book written by a tribe calling itself the chosen, rightful rulers of the world?

Take the blue pill... and you will continue believing that Israel is sacred and holy no matter what it does and that you will go to eternal bliss after you die. Your world will make perfect sense to you, and the book you worship will seem to provide and predict every answer.

And human beings will suffer and die and be enslaved but you will be certain that this is all part of an all powerful, merciful, loving Creator's plan...

And when you are judged, if not before, you will come to understand how terrible Good is.

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The Torah and the prophets are the only good things in Judaism. For 2k years God's chosen people are the elect believers in Christ.

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Bottom line is this. Dems and MSM shut up about Russia/Trump BS. Assad is out, Qatari pipeline through Syria to Europe is in. Russia pipeline is out. US gets more assurances of cheap oil imports for years to come, Europe will get the gas they need. ISIS gets crushed once Assad is out. Russia does nothing at this point because they wont attack US first. Everyone hates how it's done but we just protected our interests in MENA. Either way, people hate America, it doesnt matter what we do. We might as well try to retain what we have. One day China and or Russia and or both will try to dethrone us, it doesnt matter what we do. Again, we might as well keep what we have and take what we can get. Its a fucked up world my friends, that will never change. 

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The Torah is at the heart of their supremacist ideology.

detached.amusement's picture

lol, that's just the candy looking exoteric side for the most part


better when the vigor side of meditation comes as the spark of yang from deep yin

detached.amusement's picture

 Impossible to attack #1?

although that newspaper clipping is inflated and the official #s of the time were ~520k.

rest of germany grew at ~2.2x over the next 10,

but of course the census of jewish #s stops in the mid 30s for 8 years or so.

maybe that's how they grew at an explosive 11x rate in that 10 years?


Anteater's picture

"She's been through enough, already, and we honor her service." The Red Donald,

on the 100th Golden Jubilee Centennial of Red Bolshevism's extirpation of

40,000,000 Russian Orthodox Christians, the REAL Holocaust.

Manthong's picture

got a link?

I would like to validate that 40MM figure.

aurum4040's picture

Yeah its a little something called WWI through WWII. Russians were the only reason why we won WWII - 30 million died. Yet they made it to Berlin before we did. 

meditate_vigorously's picture

How do you feel about the 6MM figure? That one kosher to you?

AlexCharting's picture

Trump said he always want to use element of surprise in warfare.... few can say they were not surprised by last days events. 

QuantumEasing's picture

"ISIS, Al Qaeda..."

Just say CIA. Fewer syllables for the same organization.

Freddie's picture

Thanks to ZH for not being a sellout.  Breitbart, Conservative Treehouse, FreeRepubic are Jonathan Pollard-Bibi-Soros true blue patriots tonight.

curbjob's picture

On the contrary,  ZH is fighting to retain  ad revenue as the Trump  proctologists retreat to their  safe space between Hannitys ass cheeks. 

aurum4040's picture

Trump will be viewed as a genius when all is said and done. This is where the tide turns. Downvote me, I dont care. But the MSM will be off Trumps nuts on Russia, ISIS will get crushed in due time, and we will not go to war with Russia over this we all work together to get ISIS out.  Amount of refugees will not increase much - most already left. Assad is just the causality of this whole thing. Wait and see. 

meditate_vigorously's picture

Obama had a lot of useful idiots who supported him until the end, too.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

ISIS has already moved to Europe, the next Califate. So it's meaningless to say ISIS will be crushed. They are here to stay.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"ISIS will get crushed in due time"

If you believe that, then you believe we are white knights bringing democracy and they hate us for our freedoms. ISIS is our baby

Déjà view's picture

Mr. T & Mr. Diego garCIA...


detached.amusement's picture

if Trump doesnt know he was trolled on this one,

then he'd better be the one doing the trolling

it gets harder to say that with a straight face with each passing day, unfortunately

meditate_vigorously's picture

That suddenly becomes plausible, based on new evidence. It appears to be the most likely scenario. Only Russia must not have that, most likely not the CIA. That leaves 3rd party mercs, China, or Mossad. Considering Trumps jewish connections and family, Mossad would be most likely.

meditate_vigorously's picture

If you pay a bunch of people 6 figures for decades to do nothing but think about social engineering, 40 hours a week, what do you think the result would be?

One World Mafia's picture

"Was it blackmail, physical threats or the plan all along?"

Think back to the first televised primary debate with Trump getting most of the air time and Rand the least.  Trump is a neocon's neocon, a psychopathic liar.

IProtectYou's picture

The election campaigns were written by a Hollywood script writer, that should be obvious to anyone by now.

Hillary played the villain, Trump the hero and Comey the sourcerer who turned the table with his magic.

soulcalibur's picture

Unfortunately, I'm starting to belive it. I'll wait to see what happens next, and keep making up my mind