ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack

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Having perhaps lost the support of much of his anti-war base, President Trump appears to have won praise from two new groups...

Even even more ironic, today is the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War One.

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Why the fuck does anyone think we need a POTUS????  

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Because "normal" people are status quo faggots. 

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      not Bohemian   wrong association

      Dr Porsche was born German Bohemia

      My also nearby   Swabian/Boii is half my ancestory


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Who benefits from the Tomahawk strikes?


ISIS and Al-CIA-duh. That's who.


Is anyone as non-surprised as I am?

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     chine rare earth sellers

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The company that sells Tomahawks benefits.  Also I think what ever paving company that will eventually get the contract to repair the giant holes in the Tarmac of the airport that was evacuated.

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Tool seems to be working for me lately.

Excerpt from Sober:

I am just a worthless liar

I am just an imbecile

I will only complicate you

Trust in me and fall as well

I will find a center in you

I will chew it up and leave

I will work to elevate you

Just enough to bring you down


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You never liked him.  Good call.

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Desperation and fear drove support for Trump.

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You trolled the hell out of us. Compassionate of you not to gloat now. Also, it's just fucking sad for so many reasons. 

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Nope. I hate all politicians equally as soon as they're elected. But up to them taking office, they have one single utility: boot the incumbent out. This serves a few benefits like not allowing a party (eg. Dems) to get deeply entrenched for too long and not letting pensions and benefits for politicians build up too much as it is expensive for the nation.

Did I say I hate all politicians? Well, Nigel Farage was ok, but he never really had a position as a politician that ruled people, he led the opposition.

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I did not vote for him or Hill. I did defend him. I did hold out hope.

There is still 5% of me hoping this is theater, and no one got hurt. He is losing us fast.

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I like Tool.  Great live shows.

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Trump from Hero to Zero!
Dumbass!!! WTF!!!

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Is it the real donald trump?

Ms No's picture

Shit ISIS is so happy about Trump helping them with this dangerous mission that they might just send him a box of freshly harvested clits next week.  After they are done getting treatment in Israel for their wounds, of course.

He is not going to do shit about coal.  We probably wont get a wall and if we did his buddies Kushner and Soros would just ship them around it anyway.

I hope Russia lights ISIS up.  Blow them to shit! 


flaminratzazz's picture

Ahahaha freshly harvested clits..

Lol that was killer.

Ms No's picture

In the light of ISIS being brought into the country I'm coming down with clit paranoia.  At this rate we will have to bring the chastity belt back just to keep our parts.  We could have clit raiding parties pop up any minute.  If you aren't wearing a black sheet then you are screwed.  I feel like I need a gun, taser, Chinese stars and a trident at all times.  They already need those things in Europe. 

I don't know what reality we are even in right now.



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Well, the Pizzagate thing has expanded and engulfed the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an excellent thing.  Trump is fighting an uphill battle and trying to get MB labelled as a terrorist organisation.  I hope he does, that opens up a whole tool kit of things to get those fukkers who are embedded in our government....out.

1500+ arrests so far nationwide in the last thirty days re" Pizzagate" and not a whisper on NATIONAL news.  Literally hundreds of kids rescued.

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I am glad they are doing something but I worry they are just getting low level shit.  If these psychos get their global order no little boys butthole will be safe.  Child trafficking has absolutely exploded.  I remember hearing the term constantly in the oilfield and wondering if they were labeling regular pimps as traffickers.  No, these were actually abducted humans being whored to death.  They have let this become enormous, the agencies have to be involved.  Phoenix is really bad too.  The politicians and cops are in on it. 

It just blows my mind how cliche comic book character evil this is.  We live in a comic book and the Empire is winning.  Shit, even the Empire never raped any kids.  It's more like the Predator but with added rape before being skinned and hung in trees.  Hopefully the good in man becomes active soon.  Shit, what kind of luck is that?  We live in a cliché comic book horror syfy reality but there are only supernaturally evil villains.  What the flying fuckity fuck?  I want my entrance fee back. 


unsafe-space-time's picture

isis is islams self destruct button. Just let it be. And shoot them at the border. 

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Sources? Or is this fake news?

TheLastTrump's picture


Ms No Clit??


That would explain a lot.

Ms No's picture

You can't find the clit and that is why nobody likes you and you are lonely.  There are plenty of other possible causes for your mental retardation but nobody cares to speculate about it.

Fap fap fap fap


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Leave isis alone. They are destroying Islamic countries. They are a the tumor of islam. They will impoverish and cannibalize the middle east. It's the only population control they have. Nuke Mecca and blame it on Israel.

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Don't you think this guy was groomed from the first for this? I wonder. Maybe all the Anti-Russian stuff was a smoke screen to throw Russia off, while the USA prepared for Final showdown with Al Assad.

Trump is an idiot. I think he will be used very well by the Neo-Con-Zio faction.

I think this has all been by design.

His supporters, and even those (like myself) who voted for this piece of filth out of fear of Hillary, NEED TO OWN UP TO the mistake they have made.

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Too little, too late, friend.

Ms No's picture

Now would be a great time for something to come out of the Ukraine and strike Crimea.  Russia cannot lose Crimea.  Last time they hit him during the Russian olympics.  I would expect Turkey to do something extremely stupid as well.  They are going to set Assad up where he has to shoot down a US jet or false flag him, again.  If they want this war they will get it eventually.

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Word has it Ukraine is just about ready to ask Russia to rejoin.  They be broke ass about now.  It's their best option.  Stranger things have happened.

Duc888's picture


That's a lot of cratering for an airport.  Seems he lobbed a few over there to appease the Chickenhawks but if you look into it.... he cratered an airport.  Makes no sense. Militarily what did this accomplish?  Nothing. 


Gonna be interesting to see BDA on this.  Maybe some missiles were getting close to their expiration date or something.  Getting close to their "sell by" or launch date.


This was a political missile strike.  Look at it.  Seriously.  Trumps "answer" was one step away from doing nothing.

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Cmon. HRC would have been worse. Let's not let this cognitive dissonance get too far out of control.

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Right now, it looks like the only benefit we got from actually voting for the piece of shit clown, 

is that we don't have to hear Hillary's voice on a regular basis.


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RUMP lost alot more than just his "anti-war base".  

TheLastTrump's picture

you lost your nutz when you agreed to be paid to troll nonsense on the internet


and frustrate good people who simply wish to find honest discourse

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The clown and the bitch are the same after all. Both are demented. 

Fake Trump's picture

All American are being conned. LOL. Actually Trump and Hillary are in bed with each other while Obama watching and Bill Clinton is getting a BJ. 

In the meantime, Isis etc are praising the president.


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Betcha Assad will be looking for a new job in Tehran by Monday.  Syria has more factions fighting then the NFL. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

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Like obama and hillary before him, trump would be gone and Assad would still be president of Syria.

Goldennutz's picture

Assad is a WEEBEE!


Bush, Obama, Hillary, Trump.


Assad says We still Be here.

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Fuck Trump!  Prison for all war mongers.  

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Will alex jones still support trump? We'll see if Alex has any integrity. He will lose much supprt if he continues to support the Neocon fraud Trump. 

quax's picture

lol -  alex jones and integrity in the same sentence!

Thanks for the comic relief!

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switch sides much, douche?

quax's picture

It's amazing how much the world changes around you if you just maintain your position. Donald moved a lot, I quite like it. 

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Alex's new Washington branch head said something like "We must always stand together with Israel because Israel is protected by God". I stopped trusting Infowars from that moment.

And yesterday Alex told Paul Craig Roberts "The Chinese communists are the enemy" and Paul responded "I don't think so. That's just what the deep state wants you to believe".

China wants to build capitalist economic ties with Africa, Asia and the world. The only export of the US is iPhones, GMO monster food and death.

Paul Joseph Watson and others should go independent.

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ISIS supports ZH Headlines!