ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack

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Having perhaps lost the support of much of his anti-war base, President Trump appears to have won praise from two new groups...

Even even more ironic, today is the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War One.

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Let's be honest, they always did.

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Oh my God Trump, what have you done? This was as suicidal a move as Assad gassing his own people - which is why I don't believe you were calling the shots. McMaster and the rest of the neocons have taken control.

I don't know what they have on you, or what they said they'd do to your family. But this madness must end right now. You need to let us know, and the American people will rush to protect you. I simply refuse to believe you'd be this stupid. In 2 days, a complete 180 on policy based on an obviously contrived attack. Something more is going on.

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He's right in there with the Neo-con-zio camp. You need to own up to it.

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"I simply refuse to believe you'd be this stupid."

Goes to show you never knew the man.

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Its not a complete 180 in 2 days.  This has been in the planning for weeks as US warships have been unusually stationed in the eastern Mediterranean for many days; while these ships may stay in the eastern Mediterranean they are not usually stationed there so many days. For example the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier has unusually been in the eastern Mediterranean for many days taking part in various exercises with numerous nations in the region.

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Can't wait to see how the pro-Trump alt media YouTube hosts either A) rationalize this or B) attempt to walk back their Trump-as-savior cheerleading...

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How about just looking at it for what it is.  Go to google Earth.  Look at the airfeild in the middle of bumfuck Syria.  He blowed up some runway and some fuel tanks.  He gave the Russians warning to clear out.  Do you think the Syrian troops just watched the Russians hop in their jeeps and drive off without doing the same?

Wake me up when something exciting comes from this.  Nothing burger.  So many whiners here.

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Would you be so nonchalant if it was your property in bumfuck wherever that was struck by missiles in the middle of the night? How would you take to being bombed by a foreign country?

Are you this fucking psychotic, no big deal? Makes you no better than those who launched the gas. 

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Should be Neocon -hu-abar

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Resistance is Gentile.

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You stupid American.

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Take your goop and shove it in your poop shoot you fucking asshole

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"You stupid American".
You don't have to repeat yourself. Just say "You American".

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The Middle East is thoroughly insane, delusional, evil, and parasitic.
The Islamic population is insane, delusional, evil, and parasitic.
A bag full of cats with firecrackers describes my image of the Middle East.

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And who the fuck turned it into that shit for brains?

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Mcain, grahm, ryan, suchmer, and ISIS back Trump wholeheartedly.  Nuff said....

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So many Trump hating trolls! I'm down voting all of you. I'm here informing you of my future action because that's how we real American Trump supporters roll. Perhaps you got too used to bending over the past 8 years? Where's that Russian spy ship now? How many ships will be buzzed by Russian now? You think Lil Kim will be testing any more missiles toward Japan? The adults are back in charge not the Neocons.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

A lot has changed in Syria in 3 years, now crawl back under your rock, a$$hole. Or is it just...troll?

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Judging by your're one to judge.

TheLastTrump's picture

Fucking A, the adults are in the building. A big shout out to Exhibit A Non-Corporate Entity, informerly known as Gollum.

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Feel better you got to swing your (trumps) bug dick around? Good. Now kindly fuck off you warmonger, you're helping nothing beyond your limp ego.

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Russia owns the US' ass in a middle east war. Even the Pentagon made that statement. This can't go on much longer, because the US is essentially bankrupt. Maybe bankruptcy can save some lives, because the US congress sure won't.

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Trump is likely getting played. 

My gut is betting shekels to matzoh that he's been recently compromised in some unforseen way. 

Otherwise he was just lying to us the whole time - but I really don't think he's that good an actor.

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The cunt was lying the whole time. Big regret I supported him.

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sniff sniff...but I voted for you & you BETRAYED ME... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my pussy hurts....



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It seems like you're under the impression that you're not as fucked as the rest of us. Careful to not trip over your hubris.

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He is covering his arse, he thought he was gonna be the big boss, now he finds out, that if he doesn't do what he is told, they will take everything from him.

The US president is just a figurehead, they killed the last guy who tried to actually govern America. They have lots of Lee Harvey Oswalds and Tsarnaev's to take the rap for their murders.

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SSDD. Welcome to the Fourth Reich. Trump made the classic mistake of surrounding himself with neocons and they are playing him like a fine violin. You really don't want your first job as a politician to be POTUS. A little experience in the swamp would have been nice - at least maybe as a governor or as a member of Congress so that you have a little prior experience in dealing with these deceitful neocon scumbags before commanding the US military.

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Do yourself a favor and research Sarin gas, with emphasis on its lethality and persistence on surfaces.

Then study the video clips of the scene.

Look for inconsistencies. There are many, which are not consistent with exposure to Sarin gas.

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!!BOOM!! and the next conspiracy theory utters a forlorn shriek as it's born agrim

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Ball is in Putin's court.  His response in the next few hrs is gonna be a tell.

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BREAKING: ISIS Attacks Syrian Troops Immediately Following US Missile Strikes

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Good, they should make hay while the sun is FUCKING SHINING doncha think?

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US artillery support from ship batteries

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50% of the US population voted against him , claiming he is not their president. Now the other 50% tells him to go fuck himself. So pray tell Trump is whose president ? Who is he representing ?

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no dari omigato arigato motherfucker, who are YOU representing?

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You with your 19 weeks here are representing a troll army. Oh wait, you of course have been following ZH since 2005 and only recently decided to join.

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try again.


Trump 27%

Killary 26%

The rest did not vote

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Hey byline Tyler Durden, why don't you go fuck yourself? Yeah go ahead, unplug me, I dare you.


That's a leftist/faux libertarian shill narrative. Just be honest and say YOU'RE UNHAPPY if that's the case, instead of shilling a REACTION YOU PREFER.  >>>"Having perhaps lost the support of much of his anti-war base,"


He said numerous times pre election- we're going to defeat ISIS. What did you expect that to ENTAIL EXACTLY, hmmmm?

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Now shit is starting to make sense....



Hey who was that that posted the Bulgarian/ Swiss server crap? earlier. If you're right this trollage du sockpupate at ZH is being done....BY ZEROHEDGE. ahahahaha

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...but these attacks help ISIS

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Everything helps ISIS.


There is no such thing as bad advertising when people are mentioning your name.


BRANDING. Which of course will be the next isisi death method.

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hmmmmmmm.... not attacking their main adversary on the ground would be start :-D :-D :-D