ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack

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Having perhaps lost the support of much of his anti-war base, President Trump appears to have won praise from two new groups...

Even even more ironic, today is the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War One.

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You don't defeat ISIS by bombing the Syrian government military, which is trying to defeat ISIS. I say we focus on the Eskimos. They've been getting away with too much for too long.

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I wrote earlier that Trump was roped in because Obama had screwed up so spectacularly:

  • Russia had started commanding supremacy in the ME (perceptions are everything, especially among medieval clannish societies such as the Arabs are)
  • ChiComms had started talking about putting boots in the ME

These were the most intolerable developments from the point of view of Israel.  Plus, Obomba was overtly humiliated at the tarmac in China like no POTUS ever before anywhere on earth.  This was nothing short of a direct insult to a preeminent oligarch's empire.

As for Trump's 'credentials',

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In the next few weeks if there is not an all-out US attack on ISIS then it would be proof that ISIS hasn't lost its usefulness as a tool for regime change in Syria.

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ISIS launched an attack subsequent to the US artillery support

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Study the clips of the cruise missile ships.

High on the starboard side is the US flag. On its portside is what looks like an ISIS flag.

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The two superpowers (and a third emerging one) embroiled in 5000-year old blood-feud between two related tribes neother of which had any great military-economic significance throughout history

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Syria contains the world's oldest and longest continually inhabited city. It is the foundation of Christianity and they are being destroyed by US-UK-France

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The British rodents are terrified at this prospect. They are trying to cling on, as best they can, to any part of the Syrian heartland. This is why the canard of CW in Idlib was created. All evidence points to a joint British-Saudi-Turkish plan to isolate Syria even more and to drag the U.S. into another costly and wasteful overseas adventure.

The bombing at Khaan Shaykhoon was conducted properly. The terrorists, under British slime limey command, deliberately placed Turk-manufactured Sarin gas inside a weapons warehouse sure to be bombed by Syrian bombers. When it was bombed, the gases were released killing over 70 citizens including women and children. This crime by the British slime should not go unanswered. 




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Putin already replied to the Syrian intervention in but reply not mentioned anywhere else by media.

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The crooks could not play Obama in 2013 but this billionaire idiot falls for this false flag.

The Sarasin came from Turkey and was delivered to AL NUSRA, that was disclosed by a Turkish journalist, and the CIA apparently knew it.  

Israel is certainly also involved.

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Obama also fell for the false flag attack, it was British intelligence that told Obama the truth, that it was a Turkey/Qatar false flag, using British mercenaries.

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Actions always speak louder than words

So Trump was part of the great plan all along.

Create divisions and tension in society by getting him elected, then on with Plan A. Although I have to admit I wasnt expecting a ramping up so fast.

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Trump is really a dumb fuck.

Liberals/democrats will hate this as much as they did yesterday, but he alienated people who voted for him.

So now he pretty much pissed off everyone.

Amateur hour.

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ZH i love the irony pointed in this article.It is telling much and stupid world people can't connect the dot yet.

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Trump will do whatever he can to prolong the IOU petroscrip Saudi Mercan I$I$ backed blood-spattered toilet paper dollah. The chosenite bankster filth in the sewer lines of Wall St and the war mongering merchants of carnage and Pentacon Kill Industries are all that is holding up the Potemkin Village (idiot) "economy" of USSA Murder Inc. Trump is already dead in the eyes of ordinary USSANS that wanted change and got Obummer reloaded.


Onward to the implosion of hubri$!

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Hey folks you don't think a little thing like losing an election would stop the timeline or the script, only wardrobe.

This attack on Assad in support of ISIS was scheduled for a Hillary button pushing, so what if a bad haired buffoon presses the button, the show must go on!!

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Oy vey, how dare you goyim to oppose the establishment of Greater Israel. 

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Oh fuck Trump bombing anything. 

What's important is that the people keep score. Trumps not your saviour. Truth is.

What won out in the last election was that a little more light shone through. 

You mistook Trump for your own reflection. Trumps not powerful. You are. We are.

If people really want things to change they need to harness the clear potential and power of  decentralization, like in information and currencies, and use that to support their beliefs. There is no saviour nor great man. There never has been and there never will be since every man is mortal and just as flawed and baised and limited as you.

You have God like expectations of a fellow man. You're a fool.

Progress is made a million small decisions at a time. You don't understand your own power because you can't think in terms of a million tiny bits. You think in terms of grand finals and grand gestures. Single seminal events. That's not what progress is. These are simply milestones and markers.

What really matters is you. A million small decisions at a time.

So the problem here is the lazy herd. Believing they can delegate their greatness to some other individual or another. Thats why they're never saved by their saviour, always sorely disappointed, disaffected and dillusioned.

The great power and change you want is not out THERE. It's within you.

If you want revolution put down your gun and pick up your phone. Know what you're buying and from whom.

Vote with your dollars and your sense. Literally put your money where your mouth is.

Channel your funds.

That's where the change you seek lies. Tis no lie.

Its costs a boatload of money to put a vessel that big into waters that deep and launch fire bombs into the sky.

So if you want it to stop, stop giving them your money. Opt out.

Disavow the system that makes this stupidity possible.


That has you paying the man. 


The state is not your friend.

Not in it's current state anyway.

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Trump directive is to refer to ISIS and Al Qaeda as "men and boys" from now on, so please no more references to "terrorists"... 

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The author of "The Art of the Deal" doesn't appear to be interested in negotiation. I would have thought he would have a head to head with Assad, given his claim to be a great negotiator.

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The time for sanctions is here.

Sanctions against the USA.

All citizens of the world who want their voice to be heard should boycott all American goods and services, beginning right now.

We need a list.


We should let our politicians across the world know that there will be consequences for supporting Trump's actions when it is time to vote.

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What American goods? You think they will stop buying our debt?

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Haha, that is funny and backs up the false flag nature of it. 

What I am wondering is if the dumbocrats will jump on this to impeach this pumpkin coloured fuck. I am sure they support the strike but that probably won't stop them from using it to go after him. Can't say I will be upset if they do. To hell with this dbag. 

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Drain the swamp, stop paying your taxes...

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Seven days in April. Trump is cucked, pwned by warmongering globalists.

31 Mar 2017 White House backs off regime change, McCain furious, launches a scheme.
01 Apr 2017 Dr. Shajul Islam in Khan Sheikhoun receives shipments of gas masks.
03 Apr 2017 Journalist feraskaram01 tweets about chemical weapon attack a day before it happens.
04 Apr 2017 Alleged chemical weapon bombing occurs right on schedule.
05 Apr 2017 Steve Bannon removed from NSC.
06 Apr 2017 US bombs Syrian air base in retaliation for chemical attack.
07 Apr 2017 ISIS and Al Qaida praise Trump's bombing of Syria.

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The Art Of The Double Deal.

Count Chancellor Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk's picture

The Judeo-Christian Al-Qaeda and the ISISraeli Children of God are getting GASSED OUT of their bunkers.

Now Playing Missile Roulette.

#SIGINT: "Child of God"

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It figures. Of course ISIS and all the other terrorists loved it. Fewer Syrian government aircraft to harass their operations. Next, we hit the Eskimos for drilling too many holes in the ice, causing excessive loss of the ice sheet and threatening world environmental stability.

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Assad to his generals and contractors:
We need to upgrade the aircraft bunkers and runways, and get rid of few obsolete aircraft. Can you guys think of a way to save some cost on the demolition?

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Isn't it great, President Trumps is now supporting ISIS ... for the benefit of the extremist Israelis of course.

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Dialog With Syria
Trump: Assad, you can stay if you cooperate with us on containing Iran.
Assad: Iran is my ally.
Trump: Missiles.

Dialog With Iran
Iran: We are a peaceful nation.
Trump: You are HQ of Antichrist, ISIS, neocons, and World War III. Get out of Arab countries.
Iran: No deal.
Trump: War with Iran and its global assets

Dialog With Russia
Trump: Cooperate with us on containing Iran.
Putin: Iran is our friend.
Trump: Stay out of our fight with Iran.

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Al Qaeda is arabic for MOSSAD. This is Clinton grade despicability.

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Rat Tillerson is heading to Mopscow next week so don't expect any retalitation by Putin before that meeting. Yes, I could be surprised.

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The Arabs of the Middle East's genome has too much camel and goat DNA to think logically.