Syrian Warplanes From US-Hit Air Base Said To Resume Air Strikes

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Just when you thought this day could not get any more bizarre, here comes Reuters with a headline, citing the infamous Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, that Syrian warplanes have taken off from air base hit by U.S., carry out strikes in Homs countryside.

Reuters adds that the Observatory, "a group monitoring the Syrian war using sources on the ground", said eight people had been killed in the U.S. attack on the airfield overnight, and added that the extent of the damage to the Shayrat air base was not entirely clear, but the Syrian warplanes had "done the impossible" in order to continue using it for sorties, the Observatory told Reuters.

Why is skepticism warranted?

Because as a reminder, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is the one-man run propaganda entity, controlled by Abdul Rahman, which emerged was responsible for the "chemical attack" YouTube false flag clip that nearly led to the 2013 airstrikes.

For more, read "Meet The Man Behind The Propaganda"

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One and un-done?

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This entire thing smells funny.

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haha "That'll teach'm!"

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I like my news fake and my propaganda popping!

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We need moar war. Says a "human rights observer".
Of course - what's not to like about moar war? Moar business for this a$$hole.

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Didn't the guy in Sweden kill more people with a single beer truck than Trump did with 59 cruise missiles?

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kill ratio vs. profit ratio.

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I am astounded at how many of the personalities I have respected have bought into the “Assad did It” narrative without a shred of evidence save some Internet pictures and video likely provided by the terrorists.

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Don't believe in this 59 number. Are you kidding? If fired on target, you could take out 5-8 air bases with those.
A show for the gallery before Killary, Schiff and McCain could exert real pressure.
The Russians understand that. seven old mig 23 in repair status are a small price to pay. The s300 and s400 were not engaged by design. After all, the Donald might have viewed the results of such Russian interference as a "small hands" statement from Moscow.

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If this thing escalates the next attack will likely involve the USN flinging 59 beer trucks against targets in Syria.

Reports from Syria show minimal damage to the airfield. The fact that flights are occuring today supports that view.

What we have is a US govt which fails to provide objective  evidence of the sarin being from other than a rebel stockpile.

Second, the vaunted US military may be a paper tiger when it comes to a showsown with a state other than one composed of goat herders, The results of this attack are objective evidence of that.

Third, the US military is still engaged in the longest war in US history against an enemy composed of goat herders.

And this is a state that proclaims itself a Great Power??

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Comtrend (not verified) sushi Apr 7, 2017 3:57 PM

|religion of peace ||l “”|””\_,_

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If the US had wanted to stop ALL FLIGHTS  departing said base they would have at least.......


These people must think we are SO FUCKING STUPID !!!!

And sadly they must be right .

Not looking good guys, not good at all.

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Hahahere that is brilliant.  Well done you. 

Please can I re-post this?

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The Guardian (another questionable news site ) wrote that in July 9, 2014 an Iraqi chemical weapons storage site was seized. CHEMICAL WEAPONS IN IRAQ  Were they talking about Colin Powell's WMD or were these CIA, MI6 or US banned items for "play" and fabricated attacks in the ME?

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That's the impression I got from this.It was a fireworks display.Putin didn't intercept.I don't think 59 missles were fired.

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"No planes" theory redux?

silvercity's picture

They probably fired 10 but Raytheon will get to replace 59. What's wrong with that?

BobEore's picture

All true.

But the distortions in space - by which an optically "MASSIVE MISSILE ATTACK" in the ONEMEDA news cycle turns into a popgun at the receiving end... appear to be matched here by distortions in time.... by design.

Because the entire premise of the thing is that Drumpf claims his attack was one of "surprise." Yet, when all of the actors are in on the game from the beginning... what we end up with is a "surplus of lies." This "event"/theatrical production, in other words.... duplicates the formula used in another Syrian Soap Opera Episode, from March, 2016...

when a "surpruse"*tm withdrawal from that place by Russia was announced. And as we all know... in hindsight, there was neither a 'withdrawal' nor a pause to the performances of all concerned. As I noted at the time - the affair was one of a negotiated pause between tel aviv and Moscow, by which some badly beaten up jihadi proxies of the pirate state could be withdrawn to safety. The discordance of that whole thing caused me to look closer at the time lines involved... and sure nuff,

I caught a major slip up in the text of the illustrious M Bhadrakumar's piece on the subject of March 14 - in which he wrote his prognosis on the 'withdrawl' with the dates in the text being a day before the events "taking place." Oh my.

It was only a couple of months ago that I stumbled across a piece with a familiar sounding name in a Russ0-phile media outlet... blaring away like PCR about bad Merika/noble Rus.... and sure nuff if was MK, with slight change up to the author name. Another famous writer - this one a former distinguished Indian ambassador to Moscow... caught up in the ONEMEDIA war for hearts n minds. Takeaway... nothing to see here! No news... only staged "events."

Those who remain transfixed by the daily news-cycle – an intravenous drip of concocted events – need become aware that we have entered an era truly post-reality. Eradication of the real has been achieved, it is no longer a pending goal. You can therefore be sure that the American, Syrians, Saudis, Turks – yes, eve the Iranians – were well apprised of the Russian move before it happened. And that they are working according to a script by and large written in Tel Aviv. No less than the farce of the American Presidential Election season, this middle eastern theater of the irreal will now consist of daily soundbites delivered to whatever segment of the audience they are tailored to deceive. There's “news” for all tastes and persuasions! “Analysts” of all descriptions to 'inform' you of whatever you wish to hear. Except the real.

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"The runways were not a target," SecState Tillerson says Admin knew the runway was 'very thick' & easily repaired within hours" -T Rex

I kid you not. Perhaps they should have used barrel bombs. They seem quite effective so says the lying MSM.


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Maybe because he actually was responsible?


But no, that couldn't be- because then you'd have to admit this clusterfuck of idiocy was all fuckee from the beginning.


Tons of Russian/Syrian cock gobblers running around here.

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Last time the neocons chewed on their false evidence for too long, until they could no longer carry out the post false-flag attack. This time, even though the replayed the exact same script, they rushed to punishment before anyone could ask a single question. I found out about the gas attack itself mere hours before the supposed retaliation.

I also watched Trump's teleprompter feed.

Is it just me, or did he look weirdly uncomfortable? Obama was the teleprompter king - darting between the left and right screen like a pro, never missing a beat. Trump, on the other hand struggled and was even squinting when going from line to line.

"Even beautiful... (long pause)... babies". He said.

Do they have Trump's teleprompter running at quarter speed? It certainly feels like it.

Bob's picture

He reportedly struggles with reading per se.  Worse than Dubya, according to people who've worked with him. 

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

That is probably why they are winnng.

Real wars are about ideas and DNA, not money.

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Tomahawk Missiles. Very bad. Raytheon. Failing company. Very bad. $1.4m each Too expensive! They don't work! We'll have to look at that contract. Disappointed!

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Oooh we finally found out Trump's ZH handle.


Right away, we'll get right on soon as you remember that you work for us now.  


Mr. President.

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Absolutely the best comment I've read all week. 



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Russia says only 26 hit targets. The rest went where? 40% accuracy. At a million a pop thats 33 million up in smoke. They found US quality very low.

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Yesterday was the anniversary of "The Great War". Today was the anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. Just remember that prohibition did have exemptions for a certain religious group....

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"Come on down to Crazy Jared's all-new Baghdad missile dealership, at the corner of Hussein and Mohammed, where our deals will blow you away!"

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The Rabbi hole goes very deep. 

Giant Meteor's picture

From the looks of it this morning, runway(s) left fully operational it appeared to me anyway ..

Jim Sampson's picture

That really was some weak ass pussy shit though...  23 of 59 hit.  Top of the empire anyone?

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Trump prematurely ejaculated his payload. He didn't mean to and he's really sorry. He'll be better tonight. Really.

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think about bea arthur naked on a cold day and baseball

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"I swear, baby, this kind of thing never happens to me!"

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that just gave me a raging hard on

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It seems that despite first impressions Trump fired a blank or a big one just across the bow.  It is getting strange indeed.  Unless he has some crazy plan to expose the deep state and the neocons, this thing is getting stranger and stranger.

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Some reports coming out that the other 36 were hit with SAMs.

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Question; How many Union made Tomahawks does it take to blow a light bulb ?

chunga's picture

The other 36 destroyed his presidoncy, literally overnight.

He got the the benefit of many doubts for 12 weeks and now he's done.

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you guys are flat out idiots

Chupacabra-322's picture

S-300's can target and intercept 12 missiles.

The USA fired 59 Tomahawks and 36 were downed. My guess is 3x S-300's achieved a 100% intercept rate.

The Russians will now flood Syria with S-300's.

Their S-400's are no joke.