Swedish Police In Manhunt For Terrorist Truck Driver Who Killed Five

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Running Summary:

  • Stockholm authorities have confirmed that four people have died and 15 are injured, following the truck attack that took place outside Ahlens department store in the city. Swedish police have also confirmed one person has been arrested.
  • Police said on Twitter that the person arrested “may have links to the incident.”
  • Prime Minister Stefan Lofven says the truck crash 'is an act of terror' and asks people to stay off the streets
  • Authorities have released the following photo of a "person of interest" in today's terrorist attack.

* * *

Update 3:35 pm:  After conflicting reports over whether suspects were in custody, Swedish Police have now confirmed that they have detained a man who was ‘near’ the scene of the attack without providing further details on his potential involvement.  Police confirmed the detained man matched the image they released earlier today though they declined to comment on the identity or background of the person in custody.

At this point, Swedish officials have set up 'border controls' to check people leaving the country and police are working on the assumption that this was a terrorist attack. 

* * *

Update 2:15 pm: With no official arrests made, the Swedish police were hunting the driver of a hijacked beer truck that slammed into a building in downtown Stockholm, killing at least three people and injuring many others in what the prime minister described as a terror attack. Officers showed a man in a hooded sweatshirt they were pursuing. Disclosing few details, they said they don’t know if one person or several people were behind the attack according to Bloomberg. Security has been strengthened across the country, with much of the capital’s downtown cordoned off and rail services at the central station suspended.

* * *

Update 12:01 pm: In a press briefing, the Swedish police says that there have been no arrests made after the truck incident in Stockholm.   It said it can’t confirm number of casualties or injured after the attack; refers to hospitals, and added that it is not “not in contact” with truck driver, or drivers.

Other details per Bloomberg:

  • The police also showed the below image of a person of interest, tied to the place of the truck crash around time of incident.
  • The Swedish Security Service has activated the international network.
  • Police has strengthened presence throughout country
  • No incidents after truck attack
  • Sweden had no indicitions that attack would come, Military not called in
  • Police comments in media briefing on the Stockholm attack

* * *

Update 11:25 am: While reports that a suspect has been arrested have been denied so far by the police, moments ago a clip was released which allegedly shows the moment a terror suspect is wrestled to floor by Swedish police after attack. An arrest has yet to be confirmed, as SVT state television reports that the truck driving suspect is still at large.

* * *

Update 11:02 am: Another statement from the Swedish police, which said it currently cannot rule out that attack in Stockholm is an act of terror, given recent events in the rest of Europe.  The police refutes a previous report, and say that no one has yet been arrested. They also note that there are reports of gun shots from different parts of Stockholm, although police can’t currently confirm those.

They add that many people are injured, and there are also deaths and that as reported earlier, Stockholm’s central station has been evacuated

* * *

Update 10:26 am:  A video of the immediate aftermath from the attack has emerged:

* * *

Update 10:05 am: The Swedish Security Service says a ‘large number’ of people have been injured in the truck incident in central Stockholm. At least two people have been confirmed dead. The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven says one person has been arrested, according to Ekot. Newspaper Aftonbladet reports that the Spendrups truck that drove into people was hijacked, while Expressen says three armed med jumped out of the truck.

* * *

Update 9:58 am: per the latest reports, up to 5 people have been killed with one of the suspects reportedly in custody, while Prime Minister Lofven says that the incident is a "terror attack." As of this moment, all subway traffic in Stockholm has been shutdown.

* * *

Update 9:52am: according to Expressen,  three armed men jumped out of the truck that hit people at the department store. Additionally, Swedish police is urging people to stay away from Stockholm City.

* * *

In what appears to be the latest vehicle-based terrorist attack, a truck has rammed people on a street in central Stockholm, according to witnesses cited by Aftonbladet newspaper. The incident took place when a truck is said to have plowed into a department store, causing multiple casualties.

A worker at Ahlens department store said the truck drove into the store’s perfume department. He said an alarm went off inside the store and everyone was asked to leave the building, SVT reported.

A photo posted online shows the truck after it crashed into Åhlens department store, with the caption stating that the vehicle came from a direction in which trucks are not allowed.

Helicopters are circling above the area, a witness told SVT. Footage posted on Twitter shows panicked pedestrians fleeing the scene.

NBC Eyewitness Maria Nathalie was in the department store at the time of the incident. "People started running down the stairs when the fire alarm started," she told NBC News. "And when we came down to the bottom of the building all we could see was a lot of smoke and there was someone who helped us get out on the other side of the building.

There is an unknown number of injured people in the incident, media reported citing Towe Hägg at Stockholm police. Swedish police have said that the Truck incident may be terror related.

Three people have been killed in the incident, Sveriges Radio reported. There were unsubstantiated reports of shots being fired, SR said.

Lifeless bodies were seen lying on the street, several witnesses told Expressen.

Martin Svenningsen, reporter on P4 Extra, is on the street: "I saw at least three dead, but there are probably more. It's a complete mess here."

A witness told Aftonbladet says: "I saw hundreds of people ran, they ran for their lives... I turned and ran well."

Many ambulances are on scene

According to Aftonbladet, a police car is driving around central Stockholm, shouting “warning, terrorist attack” through the loudspeakers.

Live Feed:

According to police, the incident took place at 14:53 local time.

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"Religion of Peace"

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How long does the horror continue until we pass common sense truck regulations ?

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Let’s launch a bunch of Tomahawks into Stockholm. Them brute Swedes must be punished!  ;-)


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Well, this is all going according to plan.

Good job, useful idiots of Stockholm.  Enjoy the Trojan Horse you've subjected onto your countrymen.

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Remember everyone ... we have to remain tolerant. 

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I am waiting for the Swedish Burkini Team beer commercials.

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False Flag to camouflage Trump's missile attack in Syria.

Can't believe so many here are that gullible about so-called "Terrorism".

They're all of Israeli-US origin.

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i am sure the terrorist will be diagnosed with s.th. that could have been prevented with better integration and health care, in other words, he is innocent.Or he was triggered by the numbers of females not wearing a hiqab. Again, our fault.

Keep on diversifying.

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Another victory for Trump and team ISIS.

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Europe is finished.  Better get ready to decide what color of black you want your headscarf and face veil to be idiots.

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Move along nothing to see here. This kind of thing is not happening in Sweden quoth the Lemming.

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I'm waiting for a Swedish snowflake to apologize to the poor terrorists for the microaggressions they've suffered and for the Swedish people not being sufficiently cooperative road-kill.

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I thought the Progressive Swedish Police can protect their own.

Isn't that why they are putting females on the front line? To offer themselves as peace offerings.

VIDEO – SWEDEN: Muslim Migrant Refuses to be Arrested, Beats 3 Female Police Officers


Looks like this muzzie didn't bought it. Maybe they smelled of pork(ing)

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Just remember my Swedish friends…

Your diversity is your strength.

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Comtrend (not verified) Manthong Apr 7, 2017 3:58 PM


|religion of peace ||l “”|””\_,_

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he he he, that's a great video!

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Religion is the only mental disease protected by law

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Barbara Lerner Spectre is cheering on "Team Multiculturism".

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Will the Swedish media be swinging over to Norway to get Anders Breivik's opinion on this and other recent incidents?

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He's too busy with the lawyers trying to get the latest Playstation. The barbarians of the Norwiegian penal system have violated his human rights by having him one generation back (for serious).

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Saw that.  Seems laughable.  The world has gone mad.

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How does your theory account for the fact that the actual actors involved are inevitably Islamic?

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truck crash right across the street from the Kebab House - how ironic.  The truck missed !


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-"The buck, I mean the truck stops here."

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nope. not of the intolerant

that's the Paradox of Tolerance, according to Karl Popper, the philosopher that is so often used by damn Soros to hide behind


Philosopher Karl Popper defined the paradox in 1945 in The Open Society and Its Enemies Vol. 1.

Less well known is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.

He concluded that we are warranted in refusing to tolerate intolerance: "We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant."

meditate_vigorously's picture

When you find a paradox, it is evidence that the question was wrong. So it is the concept of "tolerance" in this context that is false.

This makes sense, because it offers a binary choice for complex interactions, so it fails logically.

Ghordius's picture

when I find a paradox, what I really find, most of the times, is... human weakness. most of the times, a lack of understanding, or an unwillingness to understand. (I can present you a few examples out of the most common logical/mathematical paradoxes, if you want, and how they are founded on exactly where the human mind fails to understand it's surroundings. time and space are often involved)

the concept of tolerance is sound. meanwhile, the concept of tolerance as a form of kindness, stretching the hand for peace, is simple

if you slap my hand away, and then proceed in an intolerable attack... tolerance ceases versus the attacker, while not for the bystander

some here do not like Popper's conclusion because they are intolerant themselves, and so try to make the concept of tolerance go away

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Tolerance has its limits. The limit has been reached a long time ago as far as Islam is concerned. My ancestors came from a country that had all but been obliterated by the Ottoman Turks. Impalement, beheadings, outright genocide were perpetrated by this Islamic state. 



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do the criminals that did those things... still live? or do you plan to bomb let's say seven countries full of their descendents for the sins of their forebears? further, is the son of a criminal... a criminal, too? his wife? his daughter?

tolerance to the innocent / tolerant. no tolerance to the criminal / intolerant. them, they belong to... justice

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Tolerance, must be reciprocated by all involved. If not, its practice will result in the destruction of the tolerant who persist in their tolerance after being attacked by an intolerant party. Reality has consequences.

We are being conditioned to live in constant chaos, so that we will welcome a global police state to keep us "safe".

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That is the total truth


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When DynCorp wants to disappear a do-gooder, they often send the wife and children into human trafficking rings so as to end the bloodline.  At least that is the USA solution to the dilemma

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Has the religion that gave cover to the slaughter become more tolerant? Smoke over that paradox.

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Popper was and is scandalously overrated. His core product was the principle of falsification, a triviality among serious students from the first semester. Without any idea about how science really progresses he nonetheless felt like lecturing the scientists of the world about what was the right "method" to follow in oder to gain insight. He was and is extremely popular among those method-apparatschiks inside and outside the science scene. 

Start here: https://www.amazon.com/Three-Dialogues-Knowledge-Paul-Feyerabend/dp/0631...

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Is it the dead who are perpitrating these atrocities we're seeing in this day and age?

That should answer your question.

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Ghordious and mr meditate Vig!
Congrats on one of the best Te Te Te's in 4 yrs of observing.
Meditating more is good. Hard to start, painful to sit. Not quantifiable in outcome but subconscious knows it's usefulness!!

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throw a burka over the intolerance, call it Religion and stick your head in the sand. That's the current modus operandi.


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April 7, 2017

Trump Report Card:

Grade: F  Subject: Middle East

Grade: F  Subject: Defeating Warmongering NeoCons

Grade: F  Subject: Russian Relations

Grade: F  Subject: "Health Industry" reform.

Grade: F  Subject: "MIC" reform.

Grade: TBD  Subject: Tax Reform

Grade: TBD  Subject: Border Security

Grade: A  Subject: Deportation of Criminal Illegals.


Whelp...at least we've got one subject to point to as evidence that Trump was a better choice than Hillary...

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How long before Trump sees a video on CNN of children crying as their parents are deported and he then decides to reverse his deportation plans?

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Soon to quite would be my guess based on his recent behavior. A sighting of Jeff Sessions is also rarer than bigfoot which would also indicate such.

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What is the logic behind these attacks, exactly? Make the people who take you in hate you? Why? To force a cleansing, to make all the Arabs all go back to the Middle east? I understand picking easy targets, but what is wrong with having a go at the western governments, if you want to make a statement about western policy?

I am not finding all these attacks credible - the logic behind them seems to be purely  to make the population afraid, and no other purpose: makes me think they are created by the western governments, not the Jihadis. As a Jihadi, how does your cause benefit, by driving a truck into a crowd? Are there not more effective uses of limited manpower? Or are they just not very bright?

Many questions, and few answers. Time to prune some trees - at least I get sensible conversation from trees. Enjoy your afternoon - I'm sure everyone in Stockholm is having lots of fun - not.

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As Christian fanatic, "how does your cause benefit" by blowing up abortion clinics?

As Catholic fanatic, "how does your cause benefit" by running a global pedophile ring?

They're all doing "Gods Work"; "God" is on their side...when "God" is on your side, everything you do "benefits your cause".