A Bewildered Tucker Carlson Takes on Delusional Senator Graham Over Syrian Strikes

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I want you to watch this video, so that you know what you're up against. We aren't dealing with rational people. Here is the Senator from South Carolina, a man with great power in this country, telling Tucker Carlson with a straight face that taking out Saddam was a good idea. Additionally, he said taking out Libya was a good idea. Now he wants to take out Assad, because 'he's killing his own people.'

It's called a civil war, actually, and he wasn't killing anyone until American sponsored ISIS invaded his country.

For about a year, I've been blogging a lot of politics, hoping that Trump's message of 'America first' was genuine. I see now, much to my dismay, that's not the case. While some of you don't take issue with the Syrian attack, I view it as the rubicon that Trump crossed to be part of the club, one with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi.

This isn't about supporting Assad, but about setting priorities and properly analyzing risk. In many respects, this is much akin to trading. We place bets and hope that they work out. But any good trader knows that the monetary loss isn't the most important factor in a bad trade, but the time lost in hoping for a return.

How does destroying Assad help you? How does spending $84m on 59 cruise missiles help towards that elusive infrastructure bill?

It doesn't.

There will be plenty of true Trumpers out here to fulfill your need for partisan propaganda. I can no longer provide such a service, as I've decided that I don't trust the man anymore.

Anyone who placates filth like the man featured in the video below is undeserving of my valuable time.

Please listen to his words, interpret his rationale, analyze his cadence and body language -- and juxtapose that against Tucker's -- and tell me Graham isn't a dangerous person.

And here's the other side to the story.

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Paul/Gabbard 2020

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Two of the dozen or so sane heads in Congress.

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Graham is a real inbreed faggot who sounds like a moron who is making shit up as he goes along.

His lies don't even stand up to basic scrutiny and His lies put American lives at risk.

nah's picture

Everyone agrees the world is a better place


I wouldn't want to live there.


-Lindsey Graham

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Graham is the real dangerous faggot.  Shitty little jag officer now thinks he is a strategic genius when he is an ignorant, lying, incompetent war pig.

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The Great Con Game Part 2: Why?

We live under contagious maximum deception (war is peace), and only Divine intuition can open our eyes to reality behind deceptive appearances. Why is God doing that?

It is because the human mind is a terrible thing to waste, literally. If you waste your mind, you go to Hell. In fact, if you don't use your mind properly, you are already in Hell on Earth, and on your way to eternal Hell.

Satan doesn't want oil, money, and power. No, he wants your mind, and he can only get it if you waste it. How do you waste your mind? You accept lies because the truth is uncomfortable.

The truth is always uncomfortable. You can tell that it is the truth because it is uncomfortable. Your enemies give you the best clues. Dump your pride and take them. It will save your mind.

"Jesus loves you." Yea, right, so what's the Sermon on the Mount for?

No, you need to take one hard stand after another until you meet the Almighty, until you die, and then, hopefully, you will be fine. If you think that you don't have to worry about your future because you joined the right club, think again.

Satan's con games are everywhere, looking for recruits, anybody who wants to be comfortable with "reality," they've got the most soothing lies for you. Take the bait, and you're lost.

I'd rather stay in the Fighting Club, and die from too many concussions, with a peaceful mind.

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Armageddon: Battle Against Iran, Not World War

The Antichrist is hiding in Iran, and he is the King of the False Jews. Putin should know better.

The Antichrist is Satan's son from a Jewish mother. Muhammad pointed him out. Some Israelis are loyal to him. Rothschilds (also offsping of Satan) have extreme respect for the Antichrist because he is their superior uncle.

The Antichrist's first army was created by Khomeini in 1979. Their first target was Saddam, who, as Trump says, was better for Iraq and all of us than the Iran-loyal thugs ruling Iraq now. Saddam's successor has recently reached out to Trump in public.

The Battle against the Antichrist's armies will take place in Syria: smart Christians and smart Arabs against Iranians and their Muslim Brotherhood militias. It's a big battle, but it's not a world war. Putin will have to take the Christians side. Trump will win him over.

Years ago, Qatar and Saudi turned against the Muslim Brotherhood when they realized that Iran ran the MB.

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Just another reason to buy shiny pet rocks

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Imagine something as simple as a group of bumble heads with stolen or pilfered lethal gas jugs.
They mishandle or compromise a container while attempting to hide or store or sell,  for later possible misdeeds.
A leak occurs in one or all of them.

Some unsuspecting poor bastard gets too close too the proximity of leaking gas stored in a closed facility.
Within seconds he is overcome by his air ways and lungs on fire. Now the folks that come to aid the victim
are caught up in this invisible hellish scene as they try to assist. More come to see just what now has
become an area of panic and quick death as this gas escapes containment and remains inert and unseeable.

Within minutes it becomes a villages worst horrific nightmare. When word travels quickly that gas has killed
and continues to a danger it's not a time to sort out the facts. That is by far what poison gas attack does best.
Mass confusion of an invisible killer.  How many times in history, has over reaction, been the worst remedy?

When we most need for cooler heads to prevail....such nessessity is abandoned!  WTF ??

One ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure hands down everytime.  But Yet not exercised.

The new Admin solution is 10,000 mega tons of cure.   (shock and awe)   As in awe shucks all over again.

Remove the "T" from "Terror".....and what have you got?   "ERROR"!

I'm so fucking tired of the MISTAKES of entitlement brained assholes.

I cannot make sense out of the continuation of total fucking "NONSENSE"!

Google Frank Zappas "The Slime"  1976.  ( for the best ever point of view.)

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I so wanted Tucker to just expose Graham for his covert support of ISIS. I mean really! Graham all but admitted that his goal was to remove Assad and ISIS was helping accomplish that. Tucker should have asked how easy do you think it would be to eliminate ISIS if Assad was gone immediately.

Tucker: How long would it take to eliminate ISIS without Assad?

Graham: Trust me, it would be like a car running out of gas in a matter of days!

Tucker: I see. Who, senator Graham, has been putting gas in that car for all these years?

Graham: Uh, Uhh, Assad uh .......russian?.......(drops mic, runs out)

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I hope Gabbard runs for President in 2020. That would give the US their first woman presiedent and the first realistic one.

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Graham has to be one of the dumbest mother fuckers I have ever seen.

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Guy has mental issues. He is a fag and he is self loathing. Dangerous

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"...the Syrian attack, I view it as the rubicon that Trump crossed to be part of the club."

Says the guy who voted for 0bama becaise he was black, so that he could be part of the club of cool people voting for the first 1/2 black president.

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You realise if you get rid of Graham Nikki Haley will go for his seat

artichoke's picture

Yeah.  Why do we have such worthless neocons from South Carolina of all places?

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Is Tucker Carlson a Psychiatrist running online therapy ? I mean Lindsey Graham is deranged. It is like some religion with him. He is ga-ga. Clearly he things the US is going to become The One World Order and everyone will be serfs in a giant US Corpocracy strip-mining the planet

unemployed's picture

Al Queda and ISIS don't need no stinking permission from Trump to set off chemical weapons and then laugh their butts off at the US pretending to cruise missile Assad.

Robert of Ottawa's picture

I certainly hope Trump has been surprized, shocked and wizened byt the reaction of his supporters.

artichoke's picture

I read this morning (forget where) that the pro-Bannon reaction is Kushner's reason for wanting him gone altogether.  That could be nonsense, there are so many conflicting stories.

Velocitor's picture

So it starts by sending over military advisors... same as how American involvement in Vietnam began.

Sandmann's picture

Trotsky wanted Permanent Revolution. NeoCons are re-wired Trots who want Permanent War

nashville2's picture

100% bullshit. It is so easy - whoever is for something is all you need to know/ Trump has buried himself. Even people like Gary and Eric @ Red Eye have exposed themselves. Dangerous, dangerous times! Again, Assad had the support of 60% of his people in a democratic election. W/o American weapons, ISIS will fade into the herd and the war will be over.

koan's picture

Total fucking Graham Crackers....

koan's picture

Oh my, I do declare.

Richard Whitney's picture

Term limits! Term limits!

If you want to get rid of McCain, Graham, et al., the most effective way is with term limits.

You are kidding yourself if you think that some entrenched senator, one who has marshalled plenty of elitist support and $$$, is going to be turned out of office by the voters.

Term limits rids us of these vermin AND all potential/future vermin.

Term limits would also prevent these corrupt politicians from enriching themselves by selling their office the way Hillary did.

Turning the soil regularly will also give the voters a chance to measure a wide reange of future presidents. 

Term limits is a win-win for the people and the country. The only losers are the corrupt lifers.

MickV's picture

Term limits on Federal Congressmen requires a Constitutional Convention (Constitutional Amendment), as no limits are described in Art. 1, US Const. I do not trust these current Congressional scumbags to have their way with opening the Constitution for any changes. NO WAY.

Berspankme's picture

Raytheon had a 100 million night. They spread the spoils around DC to back these permanent whores.

Hammer of Light's picture

Term limits is a great idea in time... but an ex-spec ops team is a much faster way to remove a few of these mass murderers masquerading as politicians. Graham, McCain, they need to be killed, all zio israeli neo-con artists, killed, all in the deep state who are pushing this madness and creating all these false flag attacks, killed. We need a MAJOR reset born of necessity to happen fast before these people murder literally a half billion or more from their complete insanity. To literally not kill them off is madness.

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I don't see what it has to do with Zionism.  I am coming to be a Zionist, the Jews need a homeland with some reasonable borders.  I don't see McCain or Graham helping.

Is Assad threatening to invade from the Golan?  Whatever comes in after Assad goes is much more likely.  Assad is keeping problems at bay, as far as I can tell.

Graham calls the king of Jordan an ally.  Why?  Jordan is where the damned Palestinians draw their hidden support, and Clinton signed a treaty saying Jordan no longer has to be involved in taking them back.

Hammer of Light's picture

Israel is the PROXY STATE of Rothschilds - learn how they bought the state in 1948 - all else stems from there. Learn who and what these people are. Know the enemy of humanity. A good read for you if you're an intellectually honest reader....

William Guy Carr - Pawns in the Game 1953, then after you read this, look very closely at history since then. These are the greatest destroyers of humanity and the single greatest slave masters. Their only products are debt and death. KNOW what you're looking at and learn to discern this, all of it will reveal itself to you. It's a bit complex, but it will come to you if you're diligent in your pursuit.

Ace006's picture

I don't want to read garbage about killing people. Take it somewhere else.

Hammer of Light's picture



Ever read the book - The Art of War by Sun Tzu?

The main tenet of the book - KNOW YOUR ENEMY

How on earth are we going to ever get back from the fallacy of price discovery where we have legitimacy in the markets when we have mass murderers in our government who have literally hijacked us all?

There's not going to be a market or markets or anything remotely alive after these maggots have murdered off half the general population due to their madness, insanity, pathological motherfucking insanity you pathetic rube.

KNOW YOUR ENEMY - Kill the enemy so that billions live and can get on with our days - BILLIONS of peoples lives are in the balance you stupid twat and these people in government mean to create an event that murders half the planet that much is perfectly crystal clear. They'll murder a half billion or more and call it policy - I CALL IT MURDER because that's what it is on its face.

Ok genius... do you fully understand and know the term "democide" it's called death by government.

McCain and Graham were part and parcel to NIN11, they were involved. THEY SHOULD HAVE THEIR THROATS SLIT IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT for their complicity as well as the entire Bush clan and that deranged diseased Cheney. A murderer is a murderer no matter his title of profession.

Once these Israeli neo-con artist operatives of the deep state burn up half the fucking planet, your dumb ass if you're still alive will be reduced to nothing but a butt hurt cucked shivering in the corner whimpering fucking little  squealer about your next meal and how I wish things used to be the way they were? Are you that fucking daft?

We have mass murderers running our nation into the ground and they are murdering millions right now - RIGHT NOW you stupid fucking dildo! MURDERING MILLIONS _ HAVE MURDERED MILLIONS AND ARE GOING TO MURDER BILLIONS if not stopped. You got my early morning coffee all riled up and believe me Mr, I'd bitch slap your pathetic faggy mouth if I could, people like you make me want to vomit you're so fucking ignorant of any shred of intellectual honesty let alone common decency in humanity.

Get this straight, every day McCain and Graham and many others in our government are alive MANY DIE for their pursuit of madness while hiding behind the farcical masquerade that they're politicians when they're truly psychotic madmen.

Just exactly whose side are you one? The murderers or humanity? There is a time coming very rapidly that you will be forced to choose a side or you will die, simple as that. History is most definitely repeating and this time it's an end game for humanity at work here.

These criminals in government are leaving NONE of us any choices. How the fuck can I make good investments when there is ZERO price discovery reality because it's all a fucking charade of lies and deception? How's that for some early morning intellectual honesty you cucked rube!

As for McCain and that faggy psychotic Graham, they're the price discovery mechanism for the MURDER and DEATH Trade.

P.S. I still want to smack you mouth like a ignorant bitch outta be. Now run along there Twinkie and find some play-doh to sort out your intellectual bitch slapping this morning.

prymythirdeye's picture

Great stuff The_Real_Fly.  Really enjoy your contributions

veeger's picture

serial killers tend to be very delusional , examples ; manson , dahmer , bkt , green river ,mccain , mattis , sherman , lincoln , stalin ,nuttyyawoo .....

artichoke's picture

Who are bkt and green river?

blindman's picture

and l.g., what a sick unit.
a representative of many sick and doomed units.
get it? doomed by that sickness that possesses
their representative unit, we have become that
doomed population here. mere compost for the sick
and doomed we are. l.g., what a tool and demon
of the church of evil and stupidity. in america
they build political parties on that type of
insanity, do you see it?

blindman's picture

l.g., is he made from the pink puke that
was pushed out and deep fried in the manufacture
of fake food, mcnuggets? it presents that
way. mcnugget war mongering of old with a
sauce of pedophilia. that is what i sense
when i walk in that door. who could eat
in such an establishment?

indio007's picture

Tucker kicking ass again.

The chain of logic justifying fighting Assad ends with "Iran said death to Israel."

I don't need much more of a confession.

geo_w's picture

I like Tucker but he totally sold out on the Graham interview. It didn't even qualify as wiffleball, let alone softball.

indio007's picture

That was business decision. He still got gave him the rope , and Lindsey hung himself.

Old Poor Richard's picture

Graham and McCain: Making ISIS Great Again

secretonfire's picture

Graham needs a good proctologist with lots of sharp tools, who can permanently remove Graham's pathological problems. McCain needs to go too. Bad cases of terminal BS.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

maybe it was just my blaring gaydar detector distracting me but - Graham made absolutely no fucking sense at all. You look at him, McInsane, Polosi, Waters, Feinstein, Shumer etc etc - we're fucked.

dogismycopilot's picture

There are a lot of smart people here at ZH.

Some of you should think about running in 2018.

Otherwise, we are all fucked as far as I can tell.

Reaper's picture

The USA ueber alles.  Graham, McCain and Trump will guide the world.  Thousands of our troops in countries around the world will enforce our politcal corrects.   Trump changes his mind after watching Al Queda directed videos.  Putin, China, Iran and any other disobiedent lands quake in their sandals?  Or, they refuse to make a deal with a capricious bully. 

Reality: The world is a jungle.  An animal attacking others which are not a direct threat to them will be eventually be seriously injured or die.   The large old bear has avoided confrontations.   The same applies to Street Fighting or war.  https://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/streetfighting.html

How many will die for the glory of Trump, McCain, Graham et al.?


Beans's picture

The Jew has truly mastered the art of deflecting attention away from his acts of depredation. As a bonus he scores new markets and territories plus gets to see his adversaries kill one another for reasons they know not.

InTylerWeTrust's picture

War veteran Tulsi Gabbard always sounds so much more sensible than war junkie Lindsay Graham.

Old Poor Richard's picture

She fought war. Graham fetishizes war.