Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA's "Top Secret Arsenal" In Protest Of Trump Betrayal

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Last August, the intel world was abuzz following the news that a previously unknown hacker collective, "The Shadow Brokers" had hacked and released legitimate hacking tools from the NSA's own special-ops entity, the "Equation Group", with initial speculation emerging that the Russians may have penetrated the US spy agency as suggested by none other than Edward Snowden. The Shadow Brokers released a bunch of the organization's hacking tools, and were asking for 1 million bitcoin (around $568 million at the time) to release more files, however failed to find a buyer.

Attention then shifted from Russians after some speculated that the agency itself may be housing another "mole" insider. At the time, a former NSA source told Motherboard, that “it’s plausible” that the leakers are actually a disgruntled insider, claiming that it’s easier to walk out of the NSA with a USB drive or a CD than hack its servers." As famed NSA whistleblower William Binney - who exposed the NSA's pervasive surveillance of Americans long before Snowden confirmed it - said, “My colleagues and I are fairly certain that this was no hack, or group for that matter, This ‘Shadow Brokers’ character is one guy, an insider employee."

In a subsequent Reuters op-ed by cybersecurity expert James Bamford, author of The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA From 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America, and columnist for Foreign Policy magazine, he said that seemed as the most probable explanation, and that Russia had nothing to do with this latest - and most provocative yet - hack.

Since then, the Shadow Broker group, whose origin and identity still remains a mystery, disappeared from the radar only to emerge today, when in an article posted on Medium, the group wrote an op-ed, much of it in broken English, in which it slammed Donald Trump's betrayal of his core "base", and the recent attack on Syria, urging Trump to revert to his original promises and not be swept away by globalist and MIC interests, but far more imporantly, released the password which grants access to what Edward Snowden moments ago called the NSA's "Top Secret arsenal of digital weapons."

The article begins with the group explaining why it is displeased with Trump.

Don’t Forget Your Base


Respectfully, what the fuck are you doing? TheShadowBrokers voted for you. TheShadowBrokers supports you. TheShadowBrokers is losing faith in you. Mr. Trump helping theshadowbrokers, helping you. Is appearing you are abandoning “your base”, “the movement”, and the peoples who getting you elected.


Good Evidence:


#1—Goldman Sach (TheGlobalists) and Military Industrial Intelligence Complex (MIIC) cabinet
#2—Backtracked on Obamacare
#3—Attacked the Freedom Causcus (TheMovement)
#4—Removed Bannon from the NSC
#5—Increased U.S. involvement in a foreign war (Syria Strike)


The peoples whose voted for you, voted against the Republican Party, the party that tried to destroying your character in the primaries. The peoples who voted for you, voted against the Democrat Party, the party that hates, mocks, and laughs at you. Without the support of the peoples who voted for you, what do you think will be happening to your Presidency? Without the support of the people who voted for you, do you think you’ll be still making America great again? Do you be remembering when you were sitting there at the Obama Press Party and they were all laughing at you? Do you be remembering when you touring the country and all those peoples believed in you and supported you? You were those peoples hope. How do you be thinking it will be feeling when those people turn on you? Will they be laughing at you, hating you, and mocking you too?


TheShadowBrokers doesn’t want this to be happening to you, Mr. Trump. TheShadowBrokers is wanting to see you succeed.

The hackers then ask Trump whose war is he fighting:

 If you made deal(s) be telling the peoples about them, peoples is appreciating transparency. But what kind of deal can be resulting in chemical weapons used in Syria, Mr. Bannon’s removal from the NSC, US military strike on Syria, and successful vote for SCOTUS without change rules? Mr. Trump whose war are you fighting? Israeli Nationalists’ (Zionist) and Goldman Sachs’ war? Chinese Globalists’ and Goldman Sachs war? Is not looking like you fighting the domestic wars, the movement elected you to be fighting. You not being in office three months and already you looking like the MIIC’s bitch with John McCain and Chuck Schumer double dutch ruddering each other in the corner over dead corpses.

The post continues by exposing what the ShadowBrokers believe is the general mindset of Trump's support base:

Your Supporters:

  • Don’t care what is written in the NYT, Washington Post, or any newspaper, so just ignore it.
  • Don’t care if you swapped wives with Mr Putin, double down on it, “Putin is not just my firend he is my BFF”.
  • Don’t care if the election was hacked or rigged, celebrate it “so what if I did, what are you going to do about it”.
  • Don’t care if your popular or nice, get er done, Obama’s fail, thinking he could create compromise. No compromise.
  • Don’t want foreign wars, Do want domestic wars, “drain the swamp”, “destroy the nanny state”
  • Don’t care about your faith, you sound like a smuck when you try to say god things
  • DO support the ideologies and policies of Steve Bannon, Anti-Globalism, Anti-Socialism, Nationalism, Isolationism

In the article, the ShadowBrokers also touch upon what until recently was the primary topic of the daily news cycle, namely the whether Russia is behind this (and any other black hat intel hacking operation):

For peoples still being confused about TheShadowBrokers and Russia. If theshadowbrokers being Russian don’t you think we’d be in all those U.S. government reports on Russian hacking? TheShadowBrokers isn’t not fans of Russia or Putin but “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” We recognize Americans’ having more in common with Russians than Chinese or Globalist or Socialist. Russia and Putin are nationalist and enemies of the Globalist, examples: NATO encroachment and Ukraine conflict. Therefore Russia and Putin are being best allies until the common enemies are defeated and America is great again.

The report than goes on to suggest that the hacking group is in fact comprised mostly of former US spies: "President Trump, theshadowbrokers is offering our services to you and your administration. Did you know most of theshadowbrokers’ members have taken the oath “…to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…”. Yes sir! Most of us used to be TheDeepState everyone is talking about."

Then something changed, and the collective notes that "TheDeepState is being the enemy of the constitution, individualism, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With the right funding we can recruit some of the best hacker intel peoples in United States and world. “Unmasking” is being new buzz word, so we use. TheShadowBrokers is being happy to unmask anyone we considering to be an enemy of the Constitution of the United States."

Enemies like John McCain. Something doesn’t rub theshadowbrokers rite about Vietnam War POW who at every opportunity seeks to do violence to others via the proxy of young service men and women. If anyone should be being pacifist, slow to pick fight it should be being former POW. TheShadowBrokers is sure if we “unmasking”, Senator McCain, Magog itself might come out, many defense contractors, Saudi Princes, and possibly little Vietnamese boy he shares with Senator Lindsey Graham, not cool! Mr. Trump we know you are having DOJ and FBI, so why you be needing theShadowBrokers? You don’t, but theshadowbrokers is confused. Why haven’t you served search warrant to NYT, Washington Post, Goldman Sacks, Jeff Bezos, and all other Globalist for investigation and prosecution of treason, sedition, and un-American activities during a time of war? The

It was the conclusion to the post, however, that was most interesting - in it the Shadow Brokers urges Trump to be the "real deal" and has released the password to the NSA hacking tool binaries that made so much news last summer:

Mr. President Trump theshadowbrokers sincerely is hoping you are being the real deal and that you received this as constructive criticism toward #MAGA. Some American’s consider or maybe considering TheShadowBrokers traitors. We disagreeing. We view this as keeping our oath to protect and defend against enemies foreign and domestic. TheShadowBrokers wishes we could be doing more, but revolutions/civil wars taking money, time, and people. TheShadowBrokers has is having little of each as our auction was an apparent failure. Be considering this our form of protest. The password for the EQGRP-Auction-Files is CrDj”(;Va.*NdlnzB9M?@K2)#>deB7mN

Shortly after the blog post hit, Wikileaks noticed:

Even Edward Snowden got involved


As per Wikileaks, the released information include "browsable decrypted Shadow Brokers "NSA" hacking tools+docs files corresponding to password released today", and that "Hundreds of NSA cyber weapons variants publicly released including code showing hacking of Pakistan mobile system"

The github depository of the released code can be found here.

Other hackers organizations confirm, the key released by the ShadowBrokers has been verified:

Inside the NSA dump among many other findings, we find hundreds of NSA attacks on China, as well as penetration attempts in which the NSA "pretends" to be China so one wonders how difficult it would be for the NSA to pretend they are, oh, say Russia?

Additionally, today's revelation exposes hacking attacks on EU states, as well as Latin America, Russia, China, Japan and South East Asia.  Among the contents one also finds the hacking configuration for China Mobile, the world's largest mobile telecom company by number of subscribers (just under 900 million) and market cap.

Another example shows the NSA's EquationGroup tool (ELECTRICSLIDE) impersonating a Chinese browser with fake Accept-Language.

We are in the process of further exploring the disclosed data, and will present any notable revelations in due course, however we find it quite interesting that now that the "rogue" element in the intel community appears to have given up on Trump, they are bypassing the president and taking their war with the "deep state" directly to the people.

Finally, a rhetorical question from Julian Assange on today's revelations:

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Dark star's picture

Why do you think half of them failed to work.??!!

Winston Churchill's picture

I'll keep repeating it as I did last summer:

"Power grows from the barrel of a gun".

Either pick them up and start  using them or lay back and try to enjoy assraping for eternity.

CH1's picture

Shooting is a big time FAIL. It's what they thrive on!

If you want to hurt them, there's one big answer: STOP OBEYING THEM.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Well.  This is one way to try to put an end to it.   Chop the head off the CIA and NSA lol.


I am afraid there is more to come.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Surely the most important confirmation here is that these sick fucks (and we already know they are sick fucks) McCain and Lindsey Graham are also pedophiles. This is not really that surprising since there are many sick fuck pedophiles on the Hill in DC.


"John McCain ...little Vietnamese boy he shares with Senator Lindsey Graham"


#pizzagate in both parties

MsCreant's picture

little Vietnamese boy

I wish someone would publish proof of THIS!

That would do it.

You'd have us mothers on the war path, and nagging our men to get up off their asses too. The USA have become a lot of bad things, but we are not that.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Missy, the Podesta emails were loaded with clear examples of sick, perverse and twisted shit committed by these evil fucks.

Completely ignored by the MSM and American public.

UselessEater's picture

Podesta's choice of artwork alone should have him in jail. At least one painting in his house is obviously of a little boy being tortured. Used to be that stuff wasn't tolerated for a moment. Now everything is tolerated...except questioning the WW2 narrative with hard scientific evidence.


Article VC removed:



hardmedicine's picture

hear hear..................((( HAMMERING MY BEER STEIN ON THE LONG PLANK TABLE!!!!)))


I don't care about no stupid code!!!! Where are the pictures of McCain and Graham in compromising positions.... Release the real evidence so we can drain our own swamp!!!

quark's picture

Yes... the shadow brokers are indeed fellow travellers in the cause. 

I stepped off the trump train when he decided to throw in with the establishment over the freedom caucus. I remain open to supporting individual initiatives, but believing that he was the one to lead a real reset in the fight against the globalist order is over. 

I went from "never trump"er... to "maybe he is listening to the right people"... to "he is doing what he said he would, for better or worse"... and back to a newver trumper. No chance I vote for him again.

Rand2020 or back to boycotting the elections. 

When it all burns, we will get what we collectively deserve. Let me know if I can strike the match that lights the fire....

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

When you boycott elections you have things like Maduro taking total control of congress.   At least vote for the minority party to keep things gridlocked and at approximate parity if nothing else

TheReplacement's picture

Consider the proof of USG criminal activity that was released in the archive listed above.  Consider that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider there will be more leaks with even more damning evidence of even more heinous crimes.  Consider that half the voting population of this country actually wants and takes pride in what has been done in their name.  There is no clean end to all of this.

Would you really want Rand Paul or any decent human being to be the one to step into the fallguy role for all of the shit that is going to come down on this country?


MrSteve's picture

the classic: for if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

Omen IV's picture

Extremism in defense of liberty is NO vice

The man said in 64'

Neochrome's picture

Oath of citizenship to US:

"that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;"

Nope, no mention of  loyalty to Deep State, Hydra, or Neocons. 

Koba the Dread's picture

That's the same oath that everyone in the military take, every lawyer in the country and every elected official. How quickly they forget.

_ArC_'s picture

Thats a lot of upvote! Do I see? 100+

dark fiber's picture

In what way?  Get it through your head, you and the rest of the statist scumbags.  The government is not the country, and the nation is not the fucking state.  In fact the interests of the two are usually conflicted.

holdbuysell's picture

Bingo. Put another way, the people are the sovereign. The government's only purpose is to protect the sovereign and their inalienable rights. That's it.

TwelveOhOne's picture

What, creating these hacking tools?  Or sharing them?

djsmps's picture

It's not treason if you believe it

noguano's picture

Lol that was a question on Jeaporday last night.  "Which sitcom had the phrase "its not a lie if you believe it"   Disappointed in Trump.  Should change his name to George HW the III.

TheReplacement's picture

It may be careless or reckless but unless you have intent, it is not treason.

Right Mr. Comey?

QuantumEasing's picture

Well, to be fair, all the other presidents have done worse.

I say we give him one more chance.

Tiger Rocks Dale's picture

The man is actually entertaining the idea of putting NUKES in South Korea.  The only person who would consider this rational military policy would be Kim Jung Un...I want off this ride! It's like he's taking crazy pills. 

QuantumEasing's picture

That is absolutely a non-issue. Threatening to put fake weapons somewhere is way better than hitting a sovereign country with cruise missiles.

He needs to go one step further and order a public test of a random warhead pulled from inventory. The public needs to be clamoring for it.

The chain of custody of the warhead needs to be closely monitored from storage to shot. The telemetry needs to be extensive, and include a mass spectroscope. If he encounters resistance, fire the fucker and get it done. When the test fails (as it most assuredly will), pull and audit every single one of the "warheads." When they are all found to be duds, everyone involved needs to be in jail for life, at the very least.

Unwinding the lie of Newks will unravel the power of the MIC, the Deep State, and the Zionists in one go.

The credulity of the public is astounding- in 71 years, not a single "nuke" has ever been used in combat? Not a single accident? Occam's Razor says this is impossible. How many trillions of dollars spent on these "weapons," and absolutely ZERO public oversight? How is this ok? In what diseased, delusional mind would this be acceptable?




Unwind the lie.

ETA: I did not downvote you.

TwelveOhOne's picture

I'm with you.  Lots of lies in this realm.

QuantumEasing's picture

I appreciate it.

Nice to know there are still some open-minded souls out there.

This issue has the power to destroy the Deep State utterly, in a way not previously possible. It de-fangs them.

It needs to be hit relentlessly.

keep the bastards honest's picture

Quantum if you support the Evil Empire checking warheads is the correct thing to do.

If you agree with many americans who dont want invasion and war on other copuntries, then you shut up. Already somewhere someone is helping to cut down on neocon wars and deaths.

QuantumEasing's picture

So, let me get this straight:

By verifying that Newks do not, in fact, work (public, audited test), I am supporting the Evil Empire?

By showing that their entire basis for control is based on a huge lie, I am supporting the Evil Empire?

By removing the biggest source of fear and control they have, I am supporting the Evil Empire?

Just want to make sure I have that correct before lambasting you for being a warmongering Retard of epic proportions.

QuantumEasing's picture

Wow, quite a few Deep State supporters out today...

To answer you more directly, Raffie:

Trump's actions were quite likely treasonous.

But if you were referring to the hacker's actions as treasonous, FOAD.

LibertarianMenace's picture

A little rebellion now and then, is a good thing, you don't think?

Miss Expectations's picture

The do what are called "controlled burns" where I am...usually when it's dry and windy and then it gets out of control and everyone acts surprised.

WarPony's picture

And hard drives with nuclear weapons secrets go missing (Clinton & Los Alamos).

QuantumEasing's picture

These need to be found. All the Newkulur data needs to be made public.

Expose the lie.

cherry picker's picture

Treason against who?

The government committed treason first against the people it is working for.

The people are standing up and saying enough is enough.

The people are going to do what Trump promised and will not deliver.  Drain the swamp.

NSA, CIA and all the other organizations including military and the Commander in Chief are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Back them if you want.

I'll stay on God's side.

Sportster2005's picture

The U.S. Federal Government is a private de facto government. It is not a lawful de jure government.

Omen IV's picture

Trump had committed Treason of his base

The Puppet as POTUS !

chunga's picture
The Khan Sheikoun Show Was Trump's Production


The "chemical attack" at Khan Sheikoun was fake and a show, though some people in there were probably real victims of war. This video for example, of doctors and patients in emergence rooms was theater, taken over a longer time period. The main presenter was a well-known Takfiri but with links to British services. The whole show was perfected, by specialists one would think, to fit for U.S. screens. The male "victims" were clean shaven, despite living in al-Qaeda land. They even had two blond "Syrian" kids in there (vid) to convince the racists that "revenge" was needed.

Urban Roman's picture

I doubt that those two blond "children" were human at all, dead or alive.

I think they are a couple of those super-lifleke dolls that some people are making just now. Their skin is too perfect for them to be dead humans...

QuantumEasing's picture


HowdyDoody's picture



QuantumEasing's picture

Well played.

The sharks were a nice touch.

petroglyph's picture

The truth is anti-Semitic