North Korea Condemns America's "Unforgivable Acts Of Aggression"

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In an ironic twist given that many consider Trump's actions a symblic show of strength to China's Xi, Reuters reports that North Korea said on Saturday U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian airfield on Friday were "an unforgivable act of aggression" that showed its decision to develop nuclear weapons was "the right choice a million times over."

The response by the North's foreign ministry, carried by the official KCNA news agency, was the first since U.S. warships in the Mediterranean Sea launched dozens of missiles at a Syrian air base which the Pentagon says was involved in a chemical weapons attack earlier in the week.

North Korea joins a small group of nations critical of Trump's airstrikes... Russia - Iran - Brazil - Belarus - Bolivia - Venezuela

Diplomatically isolated North Korea considers Syria a key ally.

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

Title: North Korea Condemns America's "Unforgivable Acts Of Aggression"

My Response: Good North Korea, glad your concerned. Straighten up and fly right or YOUR NEXT!!!

By the way North Korea, I hear you PERSECUTE, IMPRISON AND TORTURE your citizens for their beliefs.(Voice of the Martyrs)

Maybe, just maybe, this is your wake-up call.

America now has a President who means business (unlike OBOZO). You too have crossed "The Red LIne".

Winston Churchill's picture

I think its now obvious what Xi's response to Trump was:fluck  off.

Don't be surprised if little kim is let off his leash.

Time to short everything S.Korean IMO.

El Vaquero's picture

Except China wants the Koreas united under South Korea's government.  This is from some diplomatic cables that were leaked to Wikileaks around 2010.  Kim Jong Un is a nutter, and apparently, China isn't too happy having him as an ally.  

NotApplicable's picture

Lil Kim is a lot more valuable now, as it's a brave new world out there.

beemasters's picture

Not only North Korea, but many other nations would be considering nuclear weapons too when they see Trump could issue a strike order based only on unverified photos.

Now Israel would offer nukes secretly to those nations as they did with South Africa.

El Vaquero's picture

Not really.  He's a nut job and he's in China's backyard.  A united Korea would be a short period of chaos, then a bigger trading partner for China.  After the US neo-empire comes tumbling down, they'll still be in China's backyard.  

Winston Churchill's picture

After watching ZATO creep up to the Russian border, thats not a tenable option anymore

Their puppet controlling the whole penisular, maybe not little kim,accidents happen. after rollong over the border.

I don't think anyone realises how badly Donald pissed off Xi, he has to regain "face" back home or be deposed now.

its a matter of Xi's personal survival as well.

Musum's picture

"Kim Jong Un is a nutter, and apparently, China isn't too happy having him as an ally."

He's a "nutter"? Or just dealing with the hands he's been dealt?

It would seem rational that China would prefer a Korea under a SKorean regime. It enjoys international prestige unlike the North. SKorea is already in China's orbit in terms of foreign trade. When the pesky Americans stop interfering in NE Asian geopolitics, ties between SKorea and China can only strengthen.

El Vaquero's picture

The leader of the country is pretty much the only fat guy there.  You might be able to find a few other higher ups that are a bit tubby, but for the most part, his people are skinny and he's a fatass.  That says something.  

Anteater's picture

Have you seen El Dumbo lately? Bet he's  a size 44. Gotta be a little right foot in those great big drawers!

chairman mao's picture

What "business"? I think china and kim would love it if trump decides to squander more american blood n treasure in the mid east

1777's picture

I thought he was going to go after ISIS....

GUS100CORRINA's picture


I look forward to your response?

Remember this is the SAME GUY who would torture his own MOTHER for a night with a whore?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Yeah, unlike Trump, who tells you one thing then does the opposite.

Hey, wait a minute...

GUS100CORRINA's picture





NoDecaf's picture

are you a bot? because those are some pretty canned responses you got there.

BarkingCat's picture

So you do not believe anything that legacy media tells you but you believe them on North Korea.


You might want to check your circuit boards. I think there is a short somewhere.


McCain and Lady Graham are blowing you kisses.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"So you do not believe anything that legacy media tells you but you believe them on North Korea."

Indeed, the NK bogeyman was created along with Iranian one after the fall of the berlin wall. The cold war needed to continue. The deep state needs bogeymen. It creates them so that it  can fight them.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

Most amusing...As soon as Trump colludes w/ the Joo Neocons, U.S. Cybercommand Bot's start working doubletime on Zero hedge!

Too bad Mr. Trump has lost approximately 3/4 of the fan base that got him elected (including myself), by betraying the trust which true patriots had in him...

What 'trust' am I speaking of, one may wonder?

In a nutshell, the trust that he was NOT a candidate or President ordained by the deep state to be the RIGHT WING VERSION OF OBAMA; GOING BACK ON HIS PROMISES TO THE NATION...
In record breaking time, nonetheless...

To begin with, his being more concerned with his own situation regarding illegal spying by U.S. intel than that of the U.S. as a whole in regards to the massive pilfering of info. from the hard drive of every computer & phone owned by every business, man, woman & child in this country...
Not one word from Mr. Trump regarding the problem w/ Intel agency's working further to bring the U.S. farther down the path of totalitarian regimehood through such actions/ violations of the 4th amendment of the constitution; just for starters...

"Lock her up", "Drain the Swamp" & MAGA?
Now appear to have been purely political rehtoric spouted for the purpose of achieving ascendancy to the throne now vacated by the Liar Obama...

Sorry to say, Mr. Trumps new preoccupation with Middle East 'regime change' now appeaers to be taking the place of 'MAGA'...
'American First' is starting to look like 'Israel First' more & more every day.
Only 2.5 months into this new regime...I would refer to it as a Presidency but unfortunately it's now beginning to look more & more like 'The Donny & Sheldon Adelson Show'...

Got Goldman Sachs? Got Kagen? John McStain's humor & that faggot Linsey Grahm's humor certainly seems to have improved as of late...Along w/ the Clintons & the Dem's bent on 'Collusion w/ Russia', funny as that seem's to have dissapeared almost overnight along w/ the issue of trump being spied on; but HeY!
If it's no longer Donnies problem, it's no longer Americas problem, right?

We'll see how far he get's politically w/ Joo Kushner & his daughter in control of White House Foreign Policy; those kid's even donated to Hillary's campaign for Presdient, WHAT?
Check it out:

Hillary's STILL out for his blood along w/ Schumer & the rest of the 'other' idiots; & Trump losing most of his U.S. & international support base to please the Rothschilds foreign policy whims is not only stupid & self-destructive, but is now assuring his failure politically & is also has demonstrating to his 'previous' supporters that he is indeed just another deep state plant; at best.

Proxy war/ war with Russia through Syria?

Good luck, Donny, you're certainly going to need it.

Seems to me you were warning Obama & Hillary regarding involvement in Syria numerous times over the last 4 years on twitter; & now you wanna' Mamba w/ Putin?

What kind of retardation have you lowered yourself to now, Donny?

Stupid is as Stupid does. That about say's it all.


How many coreign countries does Kim have troops in? How do you think the US would react if half the Korean navy was parked just off our coast? Sure Kim is a nutcase but he has no history of any aggression outside his bordors.

keep the bastards honest's picture

Is that correct? americans  say that about everyone they attack.

Point is NK was named as a target after (and probably before) 9/11. No central bank. So NK started this depserate nuclear activity  to protect themselves. Look at what happened ot Iraq. If they had WMD and nuclear they would have been ok.

Anyway its all bullshit NSA etc have direct access to the electronics of the NK  missiles rockets etc and change their paths.

Anteater's picture

EMP = Extremely Mentally Pauperized

keep the bastards honest's picture

The world is watching as america is expected to implode in the next few years.  Just a matter of staying safe for a bit longer.

Once the dollar collapses or somesuch there wont be money to support ISIS/Al NUSRA and looney clooney.

mofreedom's picture

I am certainly pissed at having these tin pots in the news every day of my life. Wipe them off and let's move on. They are a plague.




Yukon Cornholius's picture

The tin pots are the only real freedom-fighters. They certainly occupy a lot of the (((Red Shield's))) time and money.

GUS100CORRINA's picture


Lets have an intelligent discussion or are we dealing with a 6th grader?

NoDecaf's picture

do you know what he means by "red shield"?


Bubba Rum Das's picture

"Lets have an intelligent discussion or are we dealing with a 6th grader?"

Ha ha...Pretty goddamn funny... Talk about the Neocon calling the Libtard a retard!

Arnold's picture

the flood gate has opened.

I have a tough time separating sincere opinion from paid troll accounts.

The up/down voting, one of the few left, is great.
But as I mentioned at the time of the ZH format change, a avatar list of voters, such as the old disqus, would sort things out.

No doubt the ZH IT guys already do this. To add it as public as a trial would be interesting.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Whatever happened to "America First" Gus?  I thought you guys voted for Trump so that he'd stop wasting money (like $1.6m per Tomahawk for example) on foreign bullshit that doesn't affect our lives and start helping people who need it right here at home?

Danedog's picture

The US with the largest prison population in the world, torture as a policy and indefinite detention as at Guantanamo, has the track record to be able to judge other countries.  North Korea does not rise to the level in the US, but they are close.  We here in the US are governed by a very sick lot and crazy like the ruler of North Korea.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Not only that, but read up on the history of North Korea. What the allies did to them as we withdrew from the Korean War pales in comparison to Dresden etc

Free Spirit's picture

"North Korea joins a small group of nations critical of Trump's airstrikes... Russia - Iran - Brazil - Belarus - Bolivia - Venezuela"

In this link You will see that there was one more country that like Russia criticized Trump because he did not follow international law

Well, we got hit by an Uzbek terrorist only 8 hours later after our female foreign minister´s statement in support of international law. I don´t think the terrorist give up their lives for nothing and they have no real reason to attack Sweden since we are a peaceful country and as such not really involved in the western ME wars. Therefore the terrorist must have been paid. I certainly hope that the swedish police has the balls to investigate the attack for tracks that possibly lead back to the same terrorist groups that work with USA and it´s arab allies in ME. 

I remember Trump´s statement on TV.."Hey, look what happened in Sweden last night. Sweden ! Who would have thought that ?"  And nothing had happened for many years but immediately after his statement "things" have really begun to happen here. 

Now Trump criticizes us for bringing in "all those refugees" from his wars in ME but allow me to point out to You that it was very much the US  administration under Obama that encouraged us to bring them in. 

It seems to me problems is all we get for cooperating with USA. 

If USA refuse to follow international law in the future then - no matter how many terrorists the former US president made us accept into our country - we should use our position in the security council to block and criticize Trump for his many international crimes. I fully support our foreign minister´s statement and want to point out to You , that international law is a red line that for very good reasons may not be crossed.

flaminratzazz's picture

as long as chuck norris is still alive we have nothing to fear

Karl Marxist's picture

And dat l'il chink be correct.

flaminratzazz's picture

I suspect China could put a hellova hurt on NK if they see fit.

Salzburg1756's picture

Thanks to Trump we are now The Evil Empire. It did not take him very long. What a jerk! SNL can now attack him all they like.

flaminratzazz's picture

Now of course the latest is that Russia was behind the gas attack..This shit is getting ridiculous.

Total retards running this country..

New World Chaos's picture

Open letter to President Trump.  Hope he still has a few people who read ZH.

I voted for you in the hope that you would stop mass immigration, fight globalization, fight corruption, bring back jobs and shut down the shadow government's insane push for WWIII.  Your first two weeks were glorious.  I thought you were truly going to make America great again. 

For the next two months, the swamp creature mafia fought back.  You did chop off a few of the weaker tentacles but mostly you tried to play 11-dimensional chess even as they dragged you under.  I prayed for you.  The bubbles stopped.  I clung to the hope that you would use your special power move and come blasting out of the swamp, sending the swamp creatures flying.  Now you come blasting out of the swamp... as a zombie!

I don't know what they threatened to do to your family.  I don't know what they got on you with their spying.  I don't know all the intricate lies the intelligence agencies are telling you.  I hope you didn't cave to their relentless conspiracy to grind you down emotionally to the point where you only want to be loved, even if it's fake love.  But one way or another, they control you now.  Because you're smart enough to realize that Assad's alleged gas attack was probably a false flag, just like the last one, and in any case another war does not serve America's interests.  You said this in your old tweets.

The shadow government will ensure that any intervention benefits their pet terrorists.  War will spread.  Peace will become impossible.  Millions more will die.  The refugee crisis will get worse.  Europe will be fucked into the ground.  Eventually, the shadow government will get the war with Russia they have been itching for.  They need WWIII to shift the blame for the inevitable financial collapse and get people begging for their satanic world government.  They need to wipe out half a billion white Christians who might resist.  You were supposed to destroy the satanic cabal, not join them!

The left will always hate you.  The neocons will never like you.  The Fed is going to pop the biggest bubble in history and all the talking heads will blame the crash on you.  The passive-aggressive Ivy League pencilnecks will never stop sabotaging everything.  The intelligence community will sucker you into more wars for Israel.  Your base will turn against you for failing to stop this treason.  Then the left will come back stronger than ever, they will let in all the dregs of the third world, promise them a free ride on our backs, and demographics will ensure that America will be a corrupt commie shithole NWO puppet forever.

You know this deep down inside and it pisses you off.  The old Donald Trump remains, smouldering.  Your last chance is to release the Kraken - Pedogate - and rally your base in a Hail Mary pass to take America back.  Your base could do Occupy on steroids.  Think about it.  While this is happening, purge all the RINOs, Goldmanites, neocons and dual citizens, except for Bannon.  This combo is your special power move.  Your window to use it is rapidly closing.

p.s. The Goyim know.

DingleBarryObummer's picture

He was bailed out by rothschild in '90 when he was overleveraged.  He sold his soul long ago.

Giant Meteor's picture

Loan, money laundering, Soros, RICO .. Worked out between the parties  ...

1777's picture

The pieces do fit together, don't they?

Giant Meteor's picture

"Tattaglia is a pimp. But I did not know until this day, that it was Barzini all along."

Sebastion's picture

"one will offer a meeting and guarantee your safety, that is when you will be assasinated"

Anteater's picture

You must be a hoot in Fantasy Football.

While Trump was allegedly attending Wharton, my roommate and I were living in a dump in the Village, writing term papers for those  rich  preppie f'cks, while Trump was busy full-time spending his days working for Daddy evicting fixed-income seniors from rent-controlled housing, and his nights disc-dancing with nubile teens at Club 54, despite his draft-dodging bone spurs.

"Avoiding STDs was my personal Viet Nam!" The Red Donald, a bunko scum bucket even long before he ran as a faux-Populist.

Nobody is going to save US from MIC-FED. We will all be jobless and homeless long before they give up their pensions for life.

any_mouse's picture

The US draft ended in 1973.

Ho Chi Minh took control of all of Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975.

Studio 54 opened in 1977.

Hope your term papers were better organized.

begintowin's picture

Just Trump? So you're giving Obama, Shillary, Baby Bush, Bill the Rat and Papa Bush a pass?

We've been the Evil Empire for a lot longer than that, at least since the psychopaths in the U.S. Congress decided to let the Executive Branch make war on other countries when he wanted.

Anteater's picture

Remember Grenada! America's greatest victory! Total humiliating defeat of the enemy by Reichsfuehrer Reagan!!

Remember Panama! America's 'two-fer' victory! Total humiliating defeat of the enemy by Reichsfuehrer Bush Sr!!

And Americans were right there, roasting weenies and waving flags. It just doesn't get any better than this!