Sweden Truck Terrorist Arrested; Bomb Found Inside Truck

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Swedish police have arrested the man they accuse of plowing a hijacked beer delivery truck into a crowd in central Stockholm on Friday, killing four people and wounding more than a dozen in what they called a terror crime.

After a five-hour manhunt on Friday, Swedish police apprehended the man who matched the profile of a person seen leaving the crime scene, but cautioned they had yet to ascertain whether he was the suspected perpetrator. Magistrates have until Tuesday to decide whether the suspect should remain in custody, and specify charges. “He is suspected of conducting an act of terror,” Swedish prosecutors’ spokeswoman Karin Rosander said.

Police in central Stockholm near the crime scene on April 08, 2017

"The person in question has been arrested as the culprit ... in this case the driver," police spokesman Lars Bystrom said of the attack, adding that the authorities were not ruling out the possibility that he had accomplices, although only one person had been taken into custody.

While police declined to comment on the identity or possible motive of the man, who was detained in a northern Stockholm suburb, the arrested suspect comes from Uzbekistan and is 39 years old, investigators said at a press conference. He was described as “a marginal character,” previously named in “security information” but not under any recent investigation. Officials did not provide any further information on the suspect’s identity or how he got into the country.

Police declined to comment on an earlier report by public broadcaster SVT that a bag containing a home-made bomb had been found in the truck used in Friday’s attack in Stockholm, but said that some sort of “technical device that should not be there” was uncovered from the driver’s seat. Investigators are not yet able to determine the nature of the device.

The Stockholm attack bears “clear similarities” to the March 22 Westminster attack in London, officials said at the press conference. Officials did not comment on reports of the suspect’s alleged links to Islamic State, but stated that the investigation team is screening phones and other electronic devices in his possession to check for possible links and potential accomplices. The officials did not make any comments on the matter, but stressed that they were in an “intensive part of investigation.”

People gather near the crime scene, near Ahlens department store on April 8, 2017,

the day after a hijacked beer truck plowed into pedestrians in central Stockholm

The attack might have long-term consequences as the authorities “cannot rule out that there are people who can be inspired by this,” said Jonas Hysing from Sweden’s National Tactical Council (NTR). “The main goal of the Security Service is to prevent future attacks and to find possible accomplices,” head of the Security Service Anders Thornberg said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack and police said security at Sweden's borders had been heightened and traffic restricted on the Oresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden.

The attack stunned Sweden, which has so far been largely immune from any major incidents of this kind. "I think it was just a matter of time, but still one doesn't think it will happen," Cecilia Hansson, a 25 year-old nurse, said. "It's still unreal when it happens this close."

As reported yesterday, the rampage took place on Friday afternoon, when a man hijacked a beer-delivery truck, and drove an estimated 500 yards through the crowded Drottninggatan pedestrian shopping street. The beer truck ploughed through crowds before ramming into the Ahlens department store. The driver escaped in the ensuing chaos, with people fleeing from the area.

As the WSJ notes, local authorities in the capital, where flags flew at half mast on buildings including the parliament and royal palace, said that 10 people including a child were still being treated in hospital on Saturday. Two adults were in intensive care.

The incident, which came a day after Sweden’s police, military and security services jointly practiced their terror-response capabilities, underscored the formidable security challenge posed by isolated attackers turning vehicles into weapons. It was the fourth major attack in Europe in less than a year in which a vehicle appeared to be used as a weapon of terror. In July, an attacker in Nice, France, plowed into revelers celebrating Bastille Day, killing 86.

According to Reuters, the attack was the latest to hit the Nordic region after shootings in the Danish capital Copenhagen killed three people in 2015 and put the country on high alert and the 2011 bombing and shooting by far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik that killed 77 people in Norway. Although Sweden has not seen a large-scale attack, a failed suicide bombing in December 2010 killed an attacker only a few hundred yards from the site of Friday's incident.

Swedish police said it was especially difficult to identify "lone wolf" attackers in an open, Nordic society. "It is very hard if it is a single individual who is not part of a wider conspiracy or a more organized planning," Anders Thornberg, head of the Sapo security police, told Swedish radio. "But we have to find these individuals as well."

Police in Norway's largest cities and at Oslo airport will carry weapons until further notice following the attack.

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E.F. Mutton's picture

Quick! Say something positive about Islam before feelings get hurt.  Because, priorities.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

i'd like to see Mr Stubb report from stockholms little mogadishu how safe it is there. fucking piece of shit.

johngaltfla's picture

Impossible. Don Lemon, Rachel Madcow, and Wolf Blitzer all said that the Trump worrying about Islamic terrorism in Sweden was a lie.

After all, it is the "religion of peace".....

Stan522's picture

No, religion of piece......

InjectTheVenom's picture


>>>>  "Truck" terrorist  OR

>>>>  "Radical Islamic" terrorist

beemasters's picture

Hmm...Uzbekistan. Could the agenda focus be slowly pivoting towards Russia? Next MSM headline: "Putin Ordered Truck Terrorist."

847328_3527's picture

The terrorist can't be from Uzbekistan. Has to be Fake News.

Everyone knows Sweden only took in "Syrianwomen and children" and "Syrian doctors, lawyers and engineers..."

Has to be Fake News them claiming he is a young unemployed Uzbek.

Plus, CNN and swedish PM confirmed the other night Sweden "has no immigrant problems" as Trump "falsely claims."

Has to be Fake news.

beemasters's picture

I think we've seen all terrorist acts have been faked. If they were real, there'd be politicians targeted/killed by now.

Al Gophilia's picture

islam, an international death cult of State.

TuesdayBen's picture

When Mo & Co. come at me in that commandeered beer truck, I intend to pull out and hold up a 'c0eXiSt' bumper sticker I carry with me for safety reasons.

MillionDollarButter's picture

Let's face it, there is only so much altruism one can stand before they lash out like this.

CheapBastard's picture

The PM of Sweden and CNN Fake Newsters screamed that Trump was a liar for saying Sweden has tearrist attacks.

Unfortunately, no one calls them out except maybe Tucker carlson when the Fake News CNN and MSNBC lie. It's  a sad day.

However, if you want some fun, go to youtoob and watch Carslon interviw war monger Graham on Apr 7, 2017 and watch graham contradict himself several times while Tucker laughs at him.

Free Spirit's picture

"The PM of Sweden and CNN Fake Newsters screamed that Trump was a liar for saying Sweden has tearrist attacks."

At the time PM was right. We did not really have any previous significant terror attacks on swedish ground. And why should we have such attacks ?  We do not belong to the warfaring western countries in ME and thus should be left in peace.  I agree fully with PM:s statement at this point of time.

However the situation has changed rapidly. I suggest the reason is the US administration and the US deep state that has no respect for international law or for international manners at all it seems. International illegal killings have become standard. And I´m not talking only about US drones that keep raining down killing many more innocent civilians then real "terrorists".  I suggest that You consider the possibility that terroristgroups affiliated with CIA or other special US intelligence groups is behind the teror attack in Stockholm recently. And I believe this could be the motivation:  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/04/07/world/middleeast/world-re...

As You can see in the link above SWEDEN is named together with China for NOT supporting Trump´s attack. In fact our foreign minister, Margot Wallström, who has a seat in UN secirity council, just about 8 (?) hours before the terrorattack in Stockholm said that the attack on the Syrian airport “raises questions about how this could be compatible with international law.”  In other words she dared to criticize Trump´s bombings thus taking the same stand as Russia in this matter: That international law must be followed.

I believe it´s likely that this was the reason that the terrorists struck only 8 hours later. 

The terror attack seems to have been done by a professional terrorist that has a lot in common with a soldier. He may be able to wait for his orders for years and when he receives them he acts within hours of his orders, if necessary.

If I´m right in this matter then indeed it is a terrible world that the US admin is responsible for. A world when anybody may be killed illegally and where a whole peaceful country like Sweden may be haunted just because our foreign minster dare open her mouth and - like Putin - take a stand for international law. Well, I believe she did the right thing. The reason I really believe that Sweden was hit by a terrorist group allied with USA is that I don´t see any other possible reason for the attack. And because the attack was in direct connection with Trump´s attack as well as with Wallström´s obviously controversial statement. 

I also thik we will have more terror attacks in the near future. Just imagine how many "sleeping" terrorists the previous US regime under Obama made us import into Sweden. 160.000 refugees year 2015 alone. If one in every thousand refugees is such a "sleeper" that means 160 terrorists arrived here only in 2015. Thus Wallström better watch her tongue better in the future ....

goober's picture

Just curious, do the many rapes count as terrorism or have all the men simply gone sterile or gay ? And whats up with young women being raped and then supporting their rapist as the victim ? Just curious how all that works in a legitimate society of thinkers ? We here in USA are quite ignorant and antiquated.

Free Spirit's picture

Just curious, why is it that here on ZH the commentators very often are unable to focus on the relevant points for discussion in the article ?

Bad Attitude's picture

Muslim Community Leaders Warn Against Backlash from Tomorrow Morning's Terrorist Attack.

Forward (over the cliff)!

SoDamnMad's picture

According to statistics from Belgium, Muslims will NOT report suspicious activities of fellow Muslims to police.  Thay are all in it against everyone else. 

CheapBastard's picture

Obama said it's, "just a cultural misunderstanding" not a terrorist attack.


Obama and Hillary still refuse to say the words, "islamic terrorist."

goober's picture

It was reported that after questioning he may be released as the stress of any questions may be more than he can handle as well a gesture of good faith to the Islamic community. He did complain about the lack of government sponsored white women who wear alluring clothing not being plentiful in his community and that is under negotiation as well as legitimizing rape and man boy love.

I have no problem with any of it for one simple reason ? When these asshats get enough of their own stupidity and suffer enough from it, they will simply do something about it and not until. Same exact thing is true here in USSA today. Phck em, they created their own misery, so deal with it until you have had enough. Until then make sure you do and think as you are told !




X- x3's picture

The swedish private investigator Ole Dammegård has studied all of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, many using cars, trucks and lorries.

Quess which (((religion))) shows up doing the filming/direct eye witnesses???

It ain't islam ......it's.....dots....dots...connecting the dots.....

It ain't mormons either
......it's.....dots....dots...connecting the dots.....


((( )))


A Man of Wealth and Taste's picture

I, for the one,strongly condemn this act of unidentified nondenominational secular extremist criminality.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Sorry about the kuffars who got whacked but please - NO ISLAMOPHOBIA!

Is-Be's picture

Abandon the three Semitic Death Cults.

The time is now.


Tactical Joke's picture

I generally like Christians but I just can't get it. I tried, I really tried, but it just doesn't resonate with me. Tiwaz, Badb, Lugh, they resonate with me, though I'm actually a deist and don't believe in a "personal" god, and I certainly don't believe in Yeehaw or Allan.

silverer's picture

Not to worry. Just an aberration. Nothing the press can't handle.

Bank_sters's picture

Send more!  Multiculturalism is working!

Omen IV's picture

Swedes deserve everything they get

10 more events would be amusing and then a psychological test for the population to explain why they hate themselves

Pork Rind's picture

If Trump had a son....

Grumbleduke's picture

is there a bombing campaign in Uzbekistan we don't know of? What is he fleeing from? You pesky americans, that's where the other cruise missiles aimed for Syria landed?

RattieNomNom's picture

my name BOORAAT! I like uuuu!

Dilluminati's picture

Stuff a sweedish suppository up every peasents ass that is a GPS unit, orrrrrr keep out foreigners.

hmmm bet you the Sweedes get ass burned on this eventually


Giant Meteor's picture

It was bound to be one of the Stan's ...


whitedragon's picture

On 19 March 2011, a multi-state NATO-led coalition began a military intervention in Libya, ..... Sweden was the only country neither a member of NATO nor the Arab League to participate in the no-fly zone.

They had it coming. 

Every civilian death leaves behind family members or sympathizers who will work their entire lives to exact revenge. 

Miss Expectations's picture

...the arrested suspect comes from Uzbekistan and is 39 years old, investigators said at a press conference.

He was an Honor Student attending Stockholm's multi-cultural Middle School.  School authorities admit that his beard should have tipped them off and that he did look a bit older than 13, but then added, "puberity hits these Ubekistan migrants fast and hard." 

SoDamnMad's picture

Please, can you tell me the source of the quote?  Unbelieveable

Gotta get me more ammo. So many 13 year olds running around the streets who know how to drive beer trucks. 

Stan522's picture

Sure EU.... invite more muzzies into your countries.... go ahead and sicken the minds of those who get raised up with islam... Try and figure out how to adapt to some of you just getting wiped out by these crazies.... Hope you don't find yourself on your knees, wearing an orange jumpsuit with a giant knife tucked under your chin... You can put up with this... It doesn't matter..... Keep them coming in and keep ignoring the one single common denominator.......

Islam is incongruent with a western society....


Dilluminati's picture

While some would cling to the facts of climate change without any understanding of what the weather will be tomorrow (like california) there are those who still fail to connect Islam with slaughter.  The false choice of intellectual consistency, the desire to be fair and noble, simply dismisses the fact that it is indeed incompatible with western society.  

Like neanderthals at the ballet, they do not belong.

whitedragon's picture

The argument Dilluminati presents is the same as saying democracy is slaughter because democratic countries dropped atomic bombs, used chemical weapons, and invaded other countries.

It is prima faciae false.

If it were true, you would be up against a 1-billion strong standing army of Muslims who have orders to kill any kafir on sight. But you're not. So while i am racist and hateful, i would never spread such idiotic and false ideas as what you posted.

Stan522's picture

In your argument, you take Dilluminati's argument to the extreme. Your premise is because not all muslims participate in the jihad of killing kafir's (non-believers), then islam is not to blame. If you study "jihad" you will find muslims can participate in it four different ways.... by the knife, by words (lying), by money (funding) and by writing.

Yes, not all muslims use the sword (truck, gun, bomb, etc.) to wreak terror, but just about all terrorists happen to be muslim.... Go figure!

whitedragon's picture

An inconvenient fact is that 90% or more of the victims of terrorism are Muslim.

Jihad is a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam. 

For what Stan522 said to have any merit, he would have to convince the audience that Muslims are the enemies of Islam.

We have the same goals. I want to live with white people only. I want us to stop bombing their homes so they can stay there and we can send them all back. 

Dilluminati's picture

Blacks commit more violence on blacks than whites, it doesn't change the fact that it is violence.

When you look at the lady justice she is blindfolded and holding scales, she is not interested in your color but instead your deeds.


or she might be just up for some kinky sex..

nah she is holding a sword because freedom needs to be protected from those who in their inner souls, to their heartfelt beliefs believe in Shriah 

whitedragon's picture

A military fact is that we cannot win a war against 1 billion people without heavy losses.

And as much as I prefer to live in a white community, if it means some of my family died in the struggle, it’s not worth it. We have to learn to live in the same world.

Israel is working… many Jews move there, and away from us. Israel's emigration rate among lowest in developed world. We can do the same thing with the Muslims and the blacks… if we stop dropping bombs in the Middle East and make it a place they want to return to and a place where we can with good conscience deport the rest.


And we cannot stop dropping bombs so long as we believe we must fight a war against Muslims, which is militarily unwinnable. 

Dilluminati's picture

Funny.. but I told somebody recently about a dead end situation: look I wouldn't do well at Auswitch, I'd get off the train and say: "I smell smoke".  If you want to capitulate your freedoms thats fine with me, but don't suggest I do so, they're my freedoms and I'm using them.

Thank you

Surrender monkeys historically don't do well.

Stan522's picture

Yes, Sunni and Shia.... bitter enemies, but only held together by their religion AND their HATE for Kafir's. You are ignoring the simple fact that progressives/socialists/multiculturalists/marxists are importing islam into Europe, the United States and other western countries. Islam is more than a religion, it is a theology and politics wrapped up into a nice little package and sold to the western world as the religion of peace, all-the-while it slowly becomes the dominant culture wherever it settles into and spreads until Sharia law becomes the official law.

This slow conquering of Europe and to some extent the United States has an end-game of islam taking over. Today's Liberal does not see this. Liberalism creates a weakness and a vacuum that allows dominant cultures to take over like islam.

Yes, bombing muslim countries, taking out the leaders of the colonized muslim countries (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq) is an insane move that only leaves behind a vacuum and allows fundamentalist to fill the void. However, importing them into western societies only to become the dominant culture is also insane, but then again.... Liberalism is a mental disorder.

I really don't care what color skin my neighbor has. It doesn't influence my decision one bit.

Dilluminati's picture

Agree 1000% the idea that I think somehow importing them by the millions is sound for western society, and the actions in their nations are connected could not in fact be further from the truth.  That is the logical fallacy of cause and affect.

Arguably muslims have as much right to western cultures as say Israel does to Palenstine.

It doesn't end well my friends and these people are fueled by religious zeal as they mow down children who hopefully were small enough to escape spinal or TBI.


whitedragon's picture

Thanks for talking about this. Socialism is a great evil. Socialists hurt me much more than the random act of terror commited by Muslims. Every year, if i don't pay the socialists, they very clearly threaten me with kidnapping or death if i resist. That is much more terrifying than the tiny chance of a sandmonkey finding me. 

Socialism is the greatest evil because ideas like socialism cannot be defeated with deportations or violence. The only way is hard work of educating each person who wields the right to vote. 

If there is one fight worth fighting, it is the one against socialism, because it can be bloodless.

I am sure the socialists harness the rage against socialism and direct it at the Muslims, who by comparison, are a smaller problem. The great distraction.