General McMaster Ties Himself into a Pretzel Trying to Explain Syrian Strategy

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The one thing the good General was clear on, however, was the fact that Russia needed to figure out what they're doing in the middle east. Clearly, the United States knows exactly what to do, which entails wars that never end costing trillions of dollars -- leading to the deaths of millions.

“What we’re saying is, other countries have to ask themselves some hard questions,” McMaster said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." “Russia should ask themselves, ‘What are we doing here?’ Why are we supporting this murderous regime that is committing mass murder of its own population and using the most heinous weapons available?’”
“I think, as you saw with the strike, that there has to be a degree of simultaneous activity as well as sequencing of the defeat of ISIS first,” McMaster said. “What you have in Syria is a very destructive cycle of violence, perpetuated by ISIS, obviously, but also by this regime and their Iranian and Russian sponsors.”
U.S. goals in the region, McMaster said, are “the defeat of ISIS” and “a significant change in the nature of the Assad regime and its behavior in particular.”


Watch the entire interview here. It's amazing to see the General try to twist his way out of illogical narratives into clear, concise, policy decisions. He was resolute on his options for N. Korea, towards the end of the interview, which, basically, entailed risking nuclear war in order to 'de-nuclearize' the N. Korea regime. I am sure the good folks living in Seoul and Tokyo are thrilled with U.S. meddling into Asian affairs.

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I have a huuuuuge headache! Diz

“Former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats confirmed as Director of National Intelligence“, March 15.

Coats is strongly anti-Putin.

Coats is anti-Iran and pro-Israel, a recipient of AIPAC funds.

Coats is strongly anti-Russia. See also this.

Trump has filled high offices of his administration with men and women who strongly believe in the neocon vision of U.S. world dominance. They want to remake governments and reshape countries. They cannot accomplish this as a rule because they cannot manufacture or impose the legitimacy that states require, but they don’t understand or accept this limitation. The U.S. winds up being a constant presence and partner in these futile attempts, constantly infusing resources of many kinds, constantly facing new problems, constantly involved in shoring up their creations. Ukraine is a recent example. Obama started that and Trump continues it: “Trump expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine: White House”.

Nikki Haley provides another example of this futile aspiration: “Getting Assad out is not the only priority. So what we’re trying to do is obviously defeat ISIS. Secondly, we don’t see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there. Thirdly, get the Iranian influence out. And then finally move towards a political solution, because at the end of the day this is a complicated situation, there are no easy answers and a political solution is going to have to happen.”

Her oversimplified road map is a recipe for another Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, not to mention Somalia, Yemen and Haiti. The so-called “political solution” involves a new government and a new state. That’s where the insurmountable or at least very costly obstacles come in. A state cannot be stable without acceptance by the peoples living there. That’s the origin of legitimacy and stability. It also has to be acceptable to its neighbors and stronger states that are nearby. In the case of Syria, that includes Iran, Russia, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel; also, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. What makes Haley and neocons think that they can construct legitimacy out of this when prior attempts have nearly always failed in other countries?

The ongoing U.S. attempt, through allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, to remake Syria shorn of Assad has created the long Syrian war, which has proven to be exceedingly damaging to the world. The U.S. vastly over-estimated the rise and power of a moderate democratic force in Syria and it vastly under-estimated the infusion of fundamentalist forces such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, financed and supplied by anti-Assad neighboring states with their own political agendas. The U.S. brought on only heartbreaking damage to Syrians by its efforts to alter Syria’s government.

Trump and his team now blunder into Syria even further in support of the neocon agenda, which time and again creates so much chaos that the Russians now think that “controlled chaos” is the U.S. goal. (See Lavrov’s remarks.) Chaos certainly is the result, controlled only by a continual and very costly drain on American resources: Empire first, America last.

There is an unsubstantiated rumor or tip from one source that one member of Trump’s neocon team (H.R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor) is suggesting as one option an infusion of 150,000 U.S. ground forces in Syria.

8:31 am on April 10, 2017 Michael S. Rozeff

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This whole situation is just dumb.  Either this was a "signal" and nothing more, and nothing will be done about it going forward.  Or it's the beginning of another quagmire.  But now you're in a corner.  You can threaten to act, but until you do, Assad is gonna call your bluff.  Now that they've fired the missles, they own this, whichever way it breaks.  Just dumb.

Wallace is good stuff.  Always enjoy his work.

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Would love to see Russia pump the price of gold to $2,000 in a hurry

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The problem as always is that the MSM is owned or in bed with the same forces that are the 'neocon' warmongers who are determined to destroy Syria.

Even Fox News is in bed with the idea of warmongering in the ME based on faked news (that Pompeo had briefed Trump was false flag).

So, no matter what Trump does in the ME, so long as it is warmongering, the MSM will be 100% behind him, no matter how rediculous the lies.

Because there is no rational explanation for the USA's activities in the ME people like Mcmaster cant rationalise a purpose or policy for it.  But it doesn't matter the MSM don't care and will not call them out on goes bad on them and scapegoats are required....enter outsider Trump/Kushner.

The MSM will happily destroy Trump on the ME if it all goes very bad on them. As it turns out Trump is the perfect POTUS for the neocons, somebody they can happily sacrifice if it all goes bad on them.

And it will go bad, this will be Putin's reward to Trump, to give him a bloodied nose, and make it look that the USA has pushed too far too quickly, and things are about to get way out of control.

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The bullshit spin is hitting sublime stage.  This neocon war monger was the wrong guy for the job.  Trump fatal mistake for his flagging Administration.

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And now for a little commentary from the best talk news show in the world.

Why is it the best?

Because the heart easily resonates with pretty much everything that every one on this show presents. Heart resonates with truth and rejects lies.

Sad that this show is not an hour long of this kind of truthful, and real commentary. Sadder to think that Americans have to go to a Russian TV station for real truth. Everybody knows the US fake news is the worst in the world. Something the lame arse US fake stream ZIOmedia will not do is tell the truth about how these woars for thier bankster masters are started. Anyone with a kanoodle can easily differentiate the true news and the ugly nasty lies that people are sick and tired of on the fake news networks. Sick and tired of the pissants hyping the lies for moar woar for the ziobankster empire of dust.

Watch this and watch it regular for a greater perspective on the real news that US lame arse fake stream ziomedia will not tell you. If you value your mental health, turn off the TV drug ziomedia lies and dis/mis-information. It is as deadly as the radiation coming from your i-satan phone that is killing your brain cells.





UV Forecast Cities Map )






What you have in syria is a very destructive cycle of violence,perpetuatesd! You fucking piece of shit! Thats who. Not isiscia. Not assad. Not alciada. You the jooo dicksucker rodent stealing from us to fund your bullshit never ending war of aggression. Please kill yourself "general" fuckface.

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i see a time coming, where every american will be fair game and hunted mercilessly. 

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McMasters answers were very awkward to say the least. Was embarrased for the fella, clearly he needs to work on his bullshitting-spin technique.

Fucking remarkable how still nobody in the MSM is asking for the proof that Assad is responsible for the alleged chemical attack.

Chris Wallace should be ashamed to call himself a "journalist" after that weak excuse for an interview.

Where is the fucking proof!!!!!???

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General "Making NeoCohen's Great Again" McMaster

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I read everyone's posts and I appreciate the insight and the links and the calm insight.  My comment to Trump in case he is skimming ZH tonight is, sadly, much less innovative and remarkable.  My comment to you Mr. Trump is this:  I voted for you.  You have turned out to be a more-of-the-same fucking asshole. Stand up and be the man you claimed to be pre-election and stop ass-kissing the MIC and your loser son-in-law.


Wyoming working class American thinker.

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Agree 100%

Except for one thing,  quit supporting this fucking guvmint with your hard earned labor.

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Jesus H Christ I miss General Flynn.

because the new guy? the new guy is shit.

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H. R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence Reports to Trump, Wants 150,000 Ground Soldiers in Syria


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Go long body bags.

Since the military (Army) has been dumping experience soldiers from the Iraq-Afghanistan continuous deployments during Obama's last couple years, just who the hell is going to be this 150,000?   New recruits I guess. Trump's jobs program I guess.

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McMaster Plan for 150,000 American Troops in Syria

Mike Cernovich video...

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This a Lt. General? He sounds like Colleen Powell explaining weapons of mass destruction and the guy behind him looking around the room as if to ask.... Is everyone buying this? Then grins.

It's not Assads Government appearing weak, but ours ( weak minded).ouch!

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This cocksucker did not say what the us is doing attacking and invading a sovereign state? with his pitch he forgot to show the vile that colin powell used in his demonstration at the un to show how evil was Saddam that ended up by the us committing war crimes against humanity by killing a million people.

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Yeah we aren't suppose to remember any of that footage...

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Exceptional and chosen are labels placed on obedient fools.  Power degenerates.  Glory is a fake reward.  Will McMaster, McCain, Graham and Trump each, personally, lead charges into Syria?  Does this war have their God's blessing?  Did their God tell them to lie to begin this war?   Will Ivanka's Rebbe rise from the dead in Brooklyn as promised to rule the world?

Insanity before the fall. 

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I'm sure President Kushner knows what he's doing.


I do anyway.....hes deep throating the deepstate jooo cock. Thats what.

Sad im starting to agree with that worthless nigger bitch from cali maxine waters. IMPEACH HIM. NOW! I AGREE!

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Anything Kristol approves is surely rancid!

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The People are by omission endorsing a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress.

The single greatest mistake of the once relatively decent Republic.

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If Haley isn't a Neocon apologist I'll eat my mouse. In fact I believe she is so biased as to be a threat to any peace in the Middle East.  ..McMaster on the other hand. I am not sure what he is..I know Bannon is against this current pantomime and the Russians have decided they won't play along. Peczenik for the first time is not convincing me of the strategy he believes is behind the volte face on I am with Savage on this..the Neocons are pushing to take over and unless Trump comes to his senses he'll end up with the entire Bush 43 cabinet up his Mar a Lago!


They took over a long time ago pud boy. Wake the fuck up.

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Haley is a "Christian".  Jesus always hated Muslims - even though they didn't even exist until long after he had died.

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General McNamara McMaster.

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Trump. How can you be so stupid to fall into this trap set by the globalists you swore to defeat? If you don't wake the hell up we are all going to be dead.

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Could be The horse head placed in  his bed?

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Everyone go to the hardware stores and buy up Roundup.  Then head out to Trump's golf courses and write him a message he might be able to understand. 

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President Trump, the swamp you are looking for has moved with you to Mar-a-Lago.  Did you not think that your son-in-law would be loyal to Israel, and therefore support ISIS?  The leopard does not change his spots.  The sooner you get back on the wagon, the better.

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Dual citizen and key PNAC (New Pearl Harbor) architect William Kristol approves.  That's good enough for me!  

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So, we learn.

Give thanks too.

If one stops learning, even the hard way, there is something wrong. We are not progressing the soul which means, we are not advancing and that, means death of the soul, or the end of the trail.

Be thankful if you're on the trail of learning...

Time truly tells all things.

Mankind is angry because of the lack of truth.

That comes from the fear of not knowing.

Many we all do have our thots and opines, but the truth will always come through.


Reason for all things, is the explanation of Thoth.


What the people have just about ran out of.

Tired of the same old shit show.

Tired of being lied to.

Tired of endless woars.

Fearful of the future.

Struggling and hungry on the edge of going bananas.

Scales of sanity easily tipped.

Add intense upticks in rad counts that do affect the brain and body in coo-coo ways.

Stay calm, breath, protect the body from sun, and consume good foods.

One day at a time?


Here is sum clarity from AJ with an interesting report from Mr Mike Cernovich.:



Extra Credit.:


From this link.:



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Readers Digest version of your post: "merica, either ur with us or ur with the terrorists."

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Apr 9, 2017 7:06 PM

Taking bets on which false flag they are going to use.  So 9/11 was pretty big, and they'll have to go bigger won't they?  And perhaps a series of escalating murderous events in America, Gladio style, leading up to The Big One.

These motherfuckers are psychopaths.  They will kill us all if they get a chance.

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Of course they will kill all of us, they are psychopaths caused by being satanists, their minds are only on power and money.

First they construct a market crash engineered by the gov.banksters causing the middle class to lose alot of money back to the banks, then we lose our homes due to the real estate bubble caused again by the financial engineers, as we move along you will become homeless and penniless in a nation your forefathers worked so hard to build into a once great nation.

No more great nation, it is a cesspool of illegals and inbreds designed also by the financial engineers to steal any money left in a paycheck, if your lucky enough at this point to have one.

Oh by the way, fuck you trumpy boywhore.


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Not sure what will happen in terms of a false flag on the Syrian side of the equation, but I'm pretty certain that when it's Lil Kim's turn (which, with the sailing of the Vinson carrier group, will be a week from Friday), I'm pretty sure the North Korean false flag will be a nuke exploded in a West Coast port.

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That would not be a false flag.

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You might be onto something.

What goes around comes around.

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not one word about investigating to see if their fundamental premise that Assad is responsible for the "sarin" gas attack. 

everything McMaster said was based upon that possibly false assumption. their entire Syria strategy is based upon another potential lie. wtf??!! another attack on a sovereign nation under false pretense--again???!!!

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Hahhahahaha, there is NO Strategy! All you have is McCain and his loverboy, Linsey, touring like Hope and Crosby!

On the Road to Homs (2017, Warner)

"Our two bumbling idiots pass out explosives and WMDs to their ISIS buds, who then turn around and hold the two gay senators hostage!"


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Commendable analogy!!! Does lady linsey ride her camel side saddle or western? 

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"Achmed! SLow the camel down! My Linsey has a deleicate constitution."
"yes, effendi."

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When the twins made their run through the Baltics, Graham constantly had his hands in his pockets playing with himself.

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Lemon Party?

FYI, don't do an image search on that. The goggles will do nothing.