ISIS Attacks US-Led Base In Southern Syria, As Assad Said To Use White Phosphorus

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With the US now engaged in military conflict with, and targeting Syrian army forces, what the Trump administration has (un)wittingly done is provide support to Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra and other terrorist forces, all of which have been engaging with the Assad regime in a fight in which the Syrian president has gradually seen the tide of war turn in his favor. At least until last Friday's US cruise missile attack that is. 

Which is why it should probably come as no surprise that, emboldened by US actions, moments ago the WSJ reported that Islamic State militants attacked a US-led coalition base (at least we now have official confirmation that there are US military bases in Syria) in southern Syria on Saturday, "triggering a fierce fight that required coalition airstrikes to repel, U.S. military officials said Sunday."

The complex attack began on Saturday when Islamic State fighters detonated a vehicle bomb at a base in al-Tanf, a town in southern Syria along the Jordan border used by American special operation forces and Syrian rebels working with the U.S. coalition, the officials said.


Between 20 and 30 Islamic State fighters, including some with suicide vests, then attacked the base, which is a staging ground and training facility for the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

As the WSJ adds, Coalition forces and Syrian rebels engaged in firefights with the attackers and then called in airstrikes to repel the attack, officials said.

Luckily, there was no word of any American fatalities in the attack, although next time the US forces on the ground may not be so lucky, and the resulting media storm would prompt a full reappraisal of Trump's action which by weakening Assad implicitly and directly is boosting the relative strength of the Islamic State.

The Islamic State attack comes as the U.S. military is deepening its presence in Syria as part of an intensifying campaign to drive the extremist group from its de facto capital in Raqqa. For weeks, the U.S. military has been strengthening its presence along the Jordan-Syria border, according to U.S. and Jordanian officials.

* * *

Meanwhile, confirming that the US is not nearly close done bombing Assad, on Sunday the Qatar-owned (the country which at long last hopes to have its gas pipeline cross Syria to Europe) Al Jazeera, reported that Syrian jets have bombed the town of Idlib using White Phosphorus.

One almost wonders what must have gone through the head of the Al Jazeera producers when told to report on such a story.

One thing we can imagine, however, is sequence of thoughts inside Assad's head: "Well, I just got bombed by the US and I will surely get bombed even more at even the slightest additional provocation that can be splashed across the front pages of western newspaper. So... yes, brilliant idea - I will use a banned, toxic substance - White Phosphorus - and hope it appears on all media channels around the developed world, just to make sure the next US airstrike aims right for my palace."

Sure, why not.

Expect to hear much more about white phosphorus in the coming days: it will be the "catalyst" for the next round of Syrian airstrikes. 

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WillyGroper's picture

"He is doing what he always does, navigating a bankruptcy."

perzactly.  said it many times.

he's gonna run'r fast n hard until the implosion.

then the real fun starts.

crossroaddemon's picture

I think it's much more likely he was in on it from the start. Seriously, do you REALLY think the deepstate left that election to chance? Really really? He wasn't elected, he was fucking INSTALLED.

crossroaddemon's picture

I think Trump has been installed to take the blame when things go south. I wonder what they offered him... I can think of a few possibilities.

grizfish's picture

She is unstable mentally and physically.  Needs drugs just to make an appearance.  

Requires a prompt screen with all the answers during a political debate.

general ambivalent's picture

Trumptards still making absurd apologies. It's like saying, 'My son forced me to beat up that boy's father.'

Billy the Poet's picture

"The devil made me do it." -- Flip Wilson.

Much funnier.

agNau's picture

Retards. Yo just like the snowflakes and their little Calf-horns.
A bitch slap in the head and they're on the ground crying.

tmosley's picture

Whining cucks and liberals continue to make any and ever possible attempt to avoid honest analysis.

Trump flipped his position 180 degrees in the meeting with the King of Jordan. If he were bought from the start, he wouldn't change like that. There is a reason, and I am speculating as to what it is.

Recall commenting on the night it happened that "someone must have mailed in Barron's finger". Threatening to destroy the dollar is probably right up there with that sort of threat.

new game's picture

got that sinking feeling, like the guy i'm bluffing turns up another ace. fuken eh...

thank my lucky stars i'm far removed from all this bullshit.

how far from the mushroom clouds does one have to be?

100 miles? 200?

Ignatius's picture

Israel fired white phosphorus on Gaza, so at minimum we know they have it.

If Syria used it they have FAR MORE reason to do so as they fight for their life/country.

knightowl77's picture

I can fking guarantee you that Everyone has willie be used liberally on any battlefield

stubb's picture

Well, no. Israel was fighting for its life too. And Israel is infinitely better and more worthwhile than a typical Arab shithole like Syria. 

QuantumEasing's picture


Israel is a contrived, illegal state. Founded by sociopaths on the corpses of millions in WWI and WWII.

The sooner it becomes common knowledge that Samson has no hair, the better.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

I remember when I was a kid back in the 50's how the only news ever coming out of the ME was conflicts between Israel and Palestinans. There has never not been this perpetual state of war since 1948--going on 70 years now.

Now we have Nosferatu as the longest running Israeli leader ever. There is no chance that this state of war will end while he is still in power. I hope the Israelis vote him out.

grizfish's picture

I agree that Syria is becoming an "Arab Shithole" now that ISIS has killed off all the Christians......and the Jews have fled to......guess where.

hestroy's picture

Ok jootard. Now try another joo fairy tale you little nazio fuck.

The Ram's picture

They obviously write these articles for the non-military trained. White Phosphorus, aka, 'willie peter,' or 'wp' was used throughout every US war since WWII, and perhaps WW I (I am not sure).  It has a variety of uses, including marking targets, blinding a target such as a tank, or burning shit (like flesh).  It's not new, it's not a chemical weapon, and its definitely in use by the US for every weapon from the 60MM mortor to the One Niner eight artillery piece.  How ridiculous this assertion.  Looks like Trump has definitely joined club neocon.

veritas semper vinces's picture

US used 2 nuclear bombs on 2 cities -how many civilians died for no reason ,just to test the weapon and show USSR that we have it

US used WP,agent orange in Nam

US used depleted uranium and probably CW in Faluja(Iraq)-see the horrible children malformation at birth

Did I miss anything?

QuantumEasing's picture

The US used 66 B-29s filled with jellied gasoline and magnesium powder in canisters on Hiroshima (according to the AP, on August 5th). No "newk."

The flight was originally targeted on Imabari (which had ceased to exist as of April 1945). Redirected to Hiroshima. This is a matter of historical record:

The photo of the "fungus cloud" is an obvious composite to anyone with even a quarter of a brain or photographic acumen:

Nagasaki suffered the same fate, unknown flight of B-29s (the AP had presumably been alerted not to spill the beans for that one).

How many civilians died in the firebombings of over 60 Japanese cities? Who cares that it wasn't "newks," I am sure that is scant comfort to the thousands who died or lost family members to the napalm-fueled firestorms.

The only countries that have been "Newked" (with "Depleted*" Uranium dirty weapons) are Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

(*thanks to Jimmuh Carter and his asinine/criminal restrictions on fast breeder reactors, "depleted" means 5% of the nuclear fuel potential has been spent. If current high-tech next gen breeder reactors could be built, nuclear fuel could be completely burned, leaving ZERO waste. Thanks Carter, you fuck.)

Removing the spectre of Nuclear Destruction from the world should be the number one goal of intelligent people.

And doing it before the Deep State can use "Total Nuclear Disarmament" as an excuse to further their agenda (it is their planned exit-strategy).

J Jason Djfmam's picture

It is a chemical that is being used as a weapon.

Why we draw a line between chemical nerve agents and other chemical weapons,

I'm not sure.

Is it the difference between solid and liquid state? Semantics?

Truther's picture

FUCK YOU TRUMP, You're a fucking Traitor.

I can't believe it, he actually broke the record flip flopping. Then again, his intent was to take us all to the cleaners anyway.

Winston Churchill's picture

"The art of the Steal' is what some of my clients call his book.

You got conned, again.

booboo's picture

You showing up to your job each day on time with you tidy uniform implys you are selfishly looking out for your own interest. Voting implys you want someone powerful enough to further your self interest. The game absorbs the player while deluding them into thinking they are special and fly above the fray. Get that mud outta your eyes bub.

WillyGroper's picture

or a fart.

but i repeat myself.

tmosley's picture

All communists deserve to die.

Being Free's picture

Just waiting for the video post to social media by a 10 yo syrian girl about how her house and family were consumed in the fires of hell.

QuantumEasing's picture

While holding her adorable cat.

Coldfire's picture

+1 for the Wag the Dog reference.

land_of_the_few's picture

While the White Helmets stab her in the heart with a syringe like Dr Josef Mengele and accidentally kill her whilst pretending to put in an adrenaline shot for their camera.

"Abspritzen, Herr Doktor!"

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

Colonel Cassad has a great piece today on the "Crisis Actors Awards in Syria" It's really har dto believe the lengths these assholes will go to to create more war.


techengineer's picture

I'm starting to think that Trump is not in control... 

Billy the Poet's picture

We're learning a lot from the Trump presidency if you read between the lines.

crossroaddemon's picture

I don't get why it was a necessary step. Nothing is becoming apparent here that hasn't been obvious for at least twenty fucking years.

Billy the Poet's picture

Not everyone is a smart as you are. Millions of not so bright people are learning lessons that you knew when you were six months old. But even though they are incredibly stupid compared to you they still have a right to live and learn.

Unless Lord High and Mighty You says otherwise, of course.

Lanka's picture

Trump is finding out that he is not in control and the CIA et. al. have put him on "need-to-know" basis and he is unaware of many things.  Above all Trump wants to live, and wants his family unharmed.  So one can consider that Trump is now compromised, until further notice.

GUS100CORRINA's picture


It is clear from your many comments that you are very disappointed with recent events. I have seen many who have similar views. I do understand your perspective and I too am frustrated. But much of what we are seeing is a result of 16+ years of misguided America foreign policy that has created a real mess in the Middle East Theatre. In fact, under Obama, America dropped over 12000 bombs on Syria alone in 2016 and over 100,000 bombs for the last 5+ years in the Middle East.

All of the above aside, I have a few questions for you:

1. Where does the GOD of the Bible fit into your worldview?

2. Do you think and believe that the GOD of the Bible is in control of all events?

With regards to #2 above, let me give you a prophecy from the Book of Isaiah in the Bible regarding Syria:

Isaiah 17:1-3 (NIV) {Written 2700 years ago.)

A Prophecy Against Damascus

 1 A prophecy against Damascus:

“See, Damascus will no longer be a city

    but will become a heap of ruins.

2 The cities of Aroer will be deserted

    and left to flocks, which will lie down,

    with no one to make them afraid.

3 The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,

    and royal power from Damascus;

the remnant of Aram will be

    like the glory of the Israelites,”

declares the Lord Almighty.


I look forward to your reply. Thx.

skepsis101's picture

Are you joking?  

You sound like the Likudnik I met in Panama a few weeks ago with the curls hanging around his ears and the heavy full-length black coat in the tropical summer with matching black top hat in the lobby of my hotel. . . telling me how because of something written 2500 years ago in HIS big black book (the color black seems everywhere with these folks) "that GOD promised US our 'eretz Israel' from the Euphrates to the Nile, and so it shall be, even if we have to incinerate the planet with the Sampson option to get it"!!!!

I think it might be best to just put that little black book on the shelf for awhile, and really ponder a bit.  That's my reply to ancient prophecy!





skepsis101's picture

You are more correct than you realize.  It is ALL bullshit!!!!  Go outside and kiss a drop of rain.  It may help to wash away some of that sin.

Volkodav's picture

    It nothing  about Israeli's you are thinking...

    Scripture is to the Ten Tribes Israelites

QuantumEasing's picture

It amuses me how SkyGod believers somehow think their religious brainwashing was not compromised from the very start.

For example, the victimhood of the poor downtrodden Zionists was established from the get-go:

The evil Pharaoh enslaved Moses and his people. Unfortunately, Moses *WAS* the Pharaoh. The Hebrews invaded and took over the whole shebang. For PR reasons, they made sure the record showed they had been downtrodden to justify their excesses. Sound familiar? *CoughHoloHoaxCough*

Any group of people calling themselves "God's chosen people" are collectively sociopaths, and need to be treated as such. Scorpions sting anything that comes near.

Christianity is a wholly contrived offshoot of Judaism, derivative and dumbed-down for the goy, with mostly pagan filler. Even more so Mohammedianism.

There is no "salvation" in blind belief in a contrived dogma. I feel badly for those duped into putting all their eggs in this basket. But hey, I'm not responsible for what you believe.

grizfish's picture

Couldn't have said it better myself.  Bravo for you QuantumEasing.  I admire a man who thinks for himself and doesn't allow others to lead him around.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Thinks for himself? You can barely pass through a university without being fed this Marxist pablum until it becomes second nature. This polymath has undoubtedly no acquaintance with the history of these religions and their evolution. Just another example of learning by osmosis.

QuantumEasing's picture

Aspiring polymath. But am flattered regardless.

And my mental immune system rejects Marxism/Leninism/Trotskyitism with the same vehemence as Skygod worship.

And I have quite a bit of experience with all three Abrahamic religions, to the point of being conversant in Aramaic, Latin, and Greek.

The evolution of all three branches of Talmudic Sun-God (Amen-Ra/Set-An) is characterized by obfuscation, manipulation, and outright lying. The above will not be found in any institution of "higher learning," and involved actual reading, of primary sources no less.

I up-voted you, btw, since it is clear you are a thoughtful seeker.

It is tempting to presume I am simply another lock-stepping IYI.

lurker since 2012's picture

I visited he promise land in 92 and went to visit the wailing wall and the same thing happened, for a quick 20 shekels, a lighting fast tour and a pray  to fulfill all my dreams, what a con. Anyway all religions never contemplate that this reality is 13. 6 billion years old. A thought experimenter as Einstein would say, go outside this week at night, contemplate that the light hitting your retina and them being processed by your brain is hundreds of million years OLD. So when we were apes the universe was already old, I wonder what god was doing then, waiting for fish to crawl out of the sea?  Evolution and Astro physics put religion in it place. 

lurker since 2012's picture

I visited he promise land in 92 and went to visit the wailing wall and the same thing happened, for a quick 20 shekels, a lighting fast tour and a pray  to fulfill all my dreams, what a con. Anyway all religions never contemplate that this reality is 13. 6 billion years old. A thought experimenter as Einstein would say, go outside this week at night, contemplate that the STAR LIGHT hitting your retina and them being processed by your brain is hundreds of million years OLD. So when we were apes the universe was already old, I wonder what god was doing then, waiting for fish to crawl out of the sea?  Evolution and Astro physics put religion in it place.

HAd to put in Star light

QuantumEasing's picture

+1 except for the OneMug reference. He was a complete Zionist douche, and not particularly intelligent.

All else is completely right on.