Over 37 Killed In Two Coptic Christian Church Bombings In Egypt; ISIS Claims Responsibility

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At least 37 people were killed and more than 100 injured in two separate bombings at Christian Coptic churches packed with worshippers in northern Egypt one week before Coptic Easter, Reuters reports.

The first bombing, in Tanta, a Nile Delta city less than 100 kilometers outside Cairo, killed at least 26 and injured at least 78, Egypt's Ministry of Health said. The second, carried out just a few hours later by a suicide bomber in Alexandria, hit the historic seat of the Coptic Pope, killing 11, including three police officers, and injuring 35, the ministry added. In a separate explosion, one person has been reported killed in a bombing of the Tanta police academy.

Egyptians gather in front of a bombed Coptic church in Tanta, Egypt, April 9

Shortly after the explosions, ISIS via its al-Amaq news agency, claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The attacks are the latest in a series of assaults on Egypt's Christian minority, which makes up around 10% of the population and has been repeatedly targeted by Islamic extremists. They come just one week before Coptic Easter and the same month Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Egypt. The deadly bombing take place as the Islamic State branch in Egypt appears to be stepping up attacks and threats against Christians.  In February, Christian families and students fled Egypt's North Sinai province after a spate of targeted killings.

Those attacks came after one of the deadliest on Egypt's Christian minority, when a suicide bomber hit its largest Coptic cathedral, killing at least 25. Islamic State later claimed responsibility for that attack too. 

According to Reuters, CBC TV showed footage from inside the Tanta church, where a large number of people gathered around what appeared to be lifeless, bloody bodies covered with papers. Thousands gathered outside the church in Tanta shortly after the blast, some wearing black, crying, and describing a scene of carnage.

"There was blood all over the floor and body parts scattered," said a Christian woman who was inside the church. "There was a huge explosion in the hall. Fire and smoke filled the room and the injuries were extremely severe," another Christian woman, Vivian Fareeg, said.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Prime Minister Sherif Ismail are set to visit the Tanta site on Sunday and Sisi has ordered an emergency national defense council meeting, state news reported.

The spike in bombings marks a deadly shift in Islamic State's tactics, "which has waged a low-level conflict for years in the Sinai peninsula against soldiers and police, to targeting Christian civilians and broadening its reach into Egypt's mainland is a potential turning point in a country trying to prevent a provincial insurgency from spiraling into wider sectarian bloodshed."

Egypt's Christian community has felt increasingly insecure since Islamic State spread through Iraq and Syria in 2014, ruthlessly targeting religious minorities. In 2015, 21 Egyptian Christians working in Libya were killed by Islamic State.


"Of course we feel targeted, there was a bomb here about a week ago but it was dismantled. There's no security," said another Christian woman in Tanta referring to an attack earlier this month near a police training center that killed one policeman and injured 15..


Copts face regular attacks by Muslim neighbors, who burn their homes and churches in poor rural areas, usually in anger over an inter-faith romance or the construction of a church.

Pope Francis expressed his "deepest condolences" to all Egyptians and to the head of the Coptic Church during his Palm Sunday Mass before tens of thousands of people in St Peter's Square. "I pray for the dead and the victims. May the Lord convert the hearts of people who sow terror, violence and death and even the hearts of those who produce and traffic in weapons," he said.

In light of recent geopolitical developments, a military response from the US to the two bombings is likely.

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Stan522's picture

So, is there any reason to leave these ISIS members walking the face of the earth....?

Whopper Goldberg's picture

ISIS is controlled by USA/Saudi/israel

Stan522's picture

Modern day ISIS was perpetuated and used by obama as a proxy to oust Assad and Qaddafi. I am not so sure that is the plan now....

Belrev's picture

Denis Kusinich rips apart Trump's bombing of Syria. Says that it was a false flag attack. He should go after Saudi Arbia instead that attacked US on 9/11 and is spreading terrorism into Syria. Stop helping them take over another secular country.



limpinalien69's picture

Joo modus operandi - push for wars, promote vice, sew discord, divide and corrupt the population. Definition of Evil.

Mr.Sono's picture

They will get lost on the way.

ne-tiger's picture

Fuck that brain dead punk anchor

CheapBastard's picture

Egypt used to be an excellent tourist destination before Hillary+cia forced the Arab Spring on them.

Now too dangerous.

ne-tiger's picture

Now that US of A showed its support, camel riders have to do more deed.

Is-Be's picture

One monotheistic death cult attacks another monotheistic death cult.

Odin joins Shiva.

Arnold's picture

No worries.

Shiva comes.

Is-Be's picture

You bring Kali and I'll bring Loki.

It starts. 


Arnold's picture

Let's see...
Hmong strategy?
Congo Caper?
Panamanian perfidy?
Cuba catastrophe?
Grenada Gambol?

Never One Roach's picture

The killers are moderate McCain-backed tearrists or extreme radical Hillary/Soros-backed tearrists?

What brand and color were their sneakers?

TuPhat's picture

Trump has shown that he still supports ISIS.  Bombing of Christian churches brought to you by President 'in the swamp' Trump.

nathan1234's picture

Not just controlled. Created by them. As to the Saudis. They are cryptos. Wish i could send u some details

Laddie's picture

ISIS was trained and armed by the USSA.

Why would Israel be devoting massive amounts of resources to assisting ISIS terrorists?

London Daily Mail

Under cover of darkness, an Israeli armoured car advances down the potholed road that leads to Syria. As it crests a small hill, the driver picks up the radio handset and tells his commanding officer that the border is in sight.

He kills the engine. Ten heavily-armed commandos jump out and take cover, watching for signs of ambush. Then five of them move up to the 12ft chainlink fence that marks the limit of Israeli-held territory.

On the other side, on the very edge of Syria, lies an unconscious man wrapped like a doll in a blood-drenched duvet. The commandos unlock the fence, open a section of it and drag him onto Israeli soil.

The casualty – who doesn’t look older than 20 – is losing blood fast. He has been shot in the intestines and the liver, and has a deep laceration in his left ankle.

After putting him on an emergency drip, the commandos stretcher him back to the armoured car and head back to Israel.

But this wounded man is not an Israeli soldier, or even an Israeli citizen. He is an Islamic militant. And his rescue forms part of an extraordinary humanitarian mission that is fraught with danger and has provoked deep controversy on all sides.

Almost every night, Israeli troops run secret missions to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.

Israel insists that these treacherous nightly rescues are purely humanitarian, and that it can only hope to ‘win hearts and minds’ in Syria. But analysts suggest the Jewish state has in fact struck a deadly ‘deal with the devil’ – offering support to the Sunni militants who fight the Syrian ruler Assad in the hope of containing its arch enemies Hezbollah and Iran.

There is no doubt about the danger involved. Many of the casualties rescued by Israel belong to Salafist groups who harbour a deep-seated hatred of the Jewish State. It has also been reported that some may be members of Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian group affiliated to Al Qaeda that has kidnapped scores of UN peacekeeping troops in this area, and has massacred Christians deeper in Syria.

It is unclear how the two enemies arrange the rescue. All that has been disclosed is that word reaches Israeli forces that casualties have been dumped at the border, intelligence establishes that it is not a trap, and the commandos are sent in.

In the three years that Israel has been running these operations, it has saved the lives of more than 2,000 Syrians – at least 80 per cent of whom are male and of fighting age – at a cost of 50 million shekels (£8.7 million).

William Dorritt's picture

You forgot ISIS's best customer and supplier, Turkey


Turkey manufactures US anti tank missiles

Whopper Goldberg's picture

Notice how quickly ISIS attacked after the USA launched cruise missiles on Syria.

The USAF is ISIS ' Air Force.

Stan522's picture

You don't just think they saw this date on a calendar and perhaps planned it....?

youarelost's picture

Everything is a conspiracy . Het with the meme

Whopper Goldberg's picture

Conspiracies are real. its called planning and happens all the time.

chimchim's picture

Yep, I'm pretty sure that DT checked w/some of the guys hanging out over with the big shot isis peeps. Just a secure phone call to his besties over there right?
With clearance from mahout, he went ahead and launched strike?

True Blue's picture

Big shot ISIS peeps -like their leader -Abu Al-Baghdadi? This Al-Baghdadi -seen schmoozing with -who is that? John Fuckstain McCain? Nah, no conspiracy here; move along.

Mementoil's picture

A conspiracy is much more than "someone plans something".
A conspiracy by definition is the cooperation of seemingly unrelated organizations, especislly in an illegal way.
Planning a legitimate operation is far easier than conspiring to commit an illegal operation, because a conspiracy has to be kept secret from people WITHIN the orgainzation (for fear that they will leak it) as well as from people outside the organization. 

TuPhat's picture

They waited until they were sure they had Trump's support.  Now they know the US will support them as they spread death everywhere.

SafelyGraze's picture

"usually in anger over an inter-faith romance or the construction of a church"

if they would just stop with the interfaith romancing and the churchifications, then maybe they wouldn't have to worry so much, duh

also if they would just go ahead and convert


Is-Be's picture

And what religion did we abandon to join these Death Cults? 

 Light is not found in a dark cave and Life is not found in death


curbjob's picture

"So, is there any reason to leave these ISIS members walking the face of the earth....?"


Israel demands that half be left  as a hedge .. ya know, to conscript new recruits for those dry spells when the US misses wedding parties.

Cursive's picture

As long as we have blood thirsty neocons and the corporate interests who profit from conflicts and wars, there will always be a "reason" for ISIS or a similar proxy.  President Eisnehour, a former general no less, warned us of the military industrial complex and yet the American citiznery lives on, oblicious to it.

Stan522's picture

I 100% agree the USA's bloody hands in creating al qeada and ISIS, but at some point in time, that madness has to end and those two groups must go away. The big fat question is Trump the guy who will end it and make them go away...

We'll see....

king leon's picture

It's easy to make ISIS to dissapear, just bomb langley.

Caleb Abell's picture

Don't ask trump.  Ask Ivanka.  She sets foreign policy with her tears.


BrownCoat's picture

You US-inspired terror theorists are sooo funny. Look, the US may have been duped into taking action on behalf of terrorists, but the US did not create Islam or Islamic terror. 

king leon's picture

If Egypt wasn't an ally of Syria/Russia she is now

Wulfkind's picture

The Religion of Pieces strikes again.

BrownCoat's picture

ISIS is just the name du jour. Muslim Brotherhood, Al-quaida, whatever. They all have one thing in common - violence and Islam which is a violent religion.

evildimensions's picture

Don't worry. I'm sure another candlelight vigil will solve the problem. /sarc

Pacificism is a bankrupt philosophy.

techpriest's picture

The funny thing is, the Coptics were there for centuries, so what is causing all of the violence just now?

cossack55's picture

Well, lets just light-up another 59 Tomahawks to hit say.....Cairo Intl., of which, about 31 will actually find land.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

A Tomahawk is just a really fancy Roman candle!  And it stimulate the economy, too.  Murrika!

curbjob's picture

Personally I think the whole exercise was more a display about those that missed.

Joint chiefs of staff with monogrammed Raytheon Rolex's will be imploring a tanned Congress (from that week in the Caymans sponsored by United Health) that the US desperately needs a new missile program ... "mushroom clouds" will be mentioned 57 times.

chunga's picture

High ranking anonymous officials expect the next cruise missile attack will be directed at states that willfully violate fEderal marijuana laws.

"We must swanp the drain" - Jumpin' Jeff Sessions

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St. Breivik, pray for us.