Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will "Respond With Force" If Syria "Red Lines" Crossed Again

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A statement issued on Sunday by a joint command centre consisting of forces of Russian, Iran and allied militia alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al Assad said that Friday's US strike on the Syrian air base crossed “red lines” and it would "respond with force" to any new aggression while increasing their level of support to their ally.

In the statement published by the group on media outlet Ilam al Harbi, the pro-Assad alliances says that “what America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well."

Earlier on Sunday the UK's Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, demanded Russia rein in Mr Assad (by which he really meant be willing to accept a new Syrian regime with a pro-western puppet leader, and one who is willing to allow the Qatar gas pipeline to cross the country on its way to Europe.

Fallon also claimed that Moscow is "responsible for every civilian death" in the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun and said Putin was responsible for the brutal killings “by proxy”, because it was the Syrian president’s “principal backer." The defense minister said the attack had happened "on their watch" and that Vladimir Putin must now live up to previous promises that Mr Assad’s chemical weapons had been destroyed.  His comments came after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson pulled out of a Moscow visit hours before he was due to fly.
* * *

Finally, for those who are unclear about the core geopolitical tensions that are at the base of the long-running Syrian proxy war, the answer is - as so often tends to be - commodities and specifically natural gas, as we first explained in 2013, and as summarized in the following October 2016 article courtesy of Eric Zuesse (see also "Competing Gas Pipelines Are Fueling The Syrian War & Migrant Crisis")

The Oil-Gas War Over Syria (In 4 Maps)

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency, though government-run, is providing remarkably clear and reliable diagrammatic descriptions of the current status of the U.S - and - fundamentalist - Sunni, versus Russia - and - Shia - and - NON - fundamentalist - Sunni, sides, in the current oil-and-gas war in the Middle East, for control over territory in Syria, for construction of oil-and-gas pipelines through Syria supplying fuel into the world’s largest energy-market: Europe. Russia is now the dominant supplier of both oil and gas, but its ally Iran is a Shiite gas-powerhouse that wants to share the market there, and Russia has no objection.

Qatar is a Sunni gas-powerhouse and wants to become the main supplier of gas there, and Saudi Arabia is a Sunni oil-powerhouse, which wants to become the major supplier of oil, but Saudi oil and Qatari gas would be pipelined through secular-controlled (Assad's) Syria, and this is why the U.S. and its fundamentalist-Sunni allies, the Sauds, and Qataris, are using Al Qaeda and other jihadists to conquer enough of a strip through Syria so that U.S. companies such as Halliburton will be able safely to place pipelines there, to be marketed in Europe by U.S. firms such as Exxon. Iran also wants to pipeline its gas through Syria, and this is one reason why Iran is defending Syria’s government, against the U.S.-Saudi-Qatari-jihadist invasion, which is trying to overthrow and replace Assad.

Here are the most-informative of Anadolu’s war-maps:

The first presents the effort by many countries to eliminate ISIS control over the large Iraqi city of Mosul. A remarkably frank remark made in this map is "An escape corridor into Syria will be left for Daesh [ISIS] so they can vacate Mosul" - an admission that the U.S. - Saudi - Qatari team want the ISIS jihadists who are in Mosul to relocate into Syria to assist the U.S. - Saudi - Qatari effort there to overthrow and replace the Assad government: 


The second is about the Egyptian government's trying to assist the Syrian government's defense against the Saudi - U.S. - Qatari invasion of Syria, at Aleppo, where Syria's Al Qaeda branch is trying to retain its current control over part of that large city. The Saud family are punishing the Egyptian government for that:



Here is Russia's proposed gas-pipeline, which would enable Russia to reduce its dependence upon Ukraine (through which Russia currently pipes its gas into Europe). Obama conquered and took over Ukraine in February 2014 via his coup that overthrew the democratically elected neutralist Ukrainian President there:


In addition, there is the following map from


That map shows the competing Shiia (Russia-backed) and Sunni (U.S.-backed) gas-pipelines into Europe — the central issue in the invasion and defense of Syria.

On 21 September 2016, Gareth Porter headlined "The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a ‘Pipeline War’", and he pointed out some errors in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s account that had been published under the headline "Syria: Another Pipeline War". Porter argued: "It's easy to understand why that explanation would be accepted by many anti-war activists: it is in line with the widely accepted theory that all the US wars in the Middle East have been ‘oil wars’ — about getting control of the petroleum resources of the region and denying them to America's enemies."

But the ‘pipeline war’ theory is based on false history and it represents a distraction from the real problem of US policy in the Middle East — the US war state's determination to hold onto its military posture in the region. Porter ignored the key question there, as to why the US war state has a determination to hold onto its military posture in the region. Opening and protecting potential oil-gas-pipeline routes are important reasons why. Clearly, Kennedy’s documentation that the CIA was trying as early as 1949 to overthrow Syria’s secular government so as to allow to the Sauds a means of cheaply transporting their oil through Syria into Europe, remains unaffected by any of the objections that Porter raised to Kennedy’s article. The recent portion of Kennedy’s timeline is affected, but not his basic argument.

Furthermore, any military strategist knows that the US war state is intimately connected to the U.S. oil-and-gas industries, including pipelines (oilfield services) as well as marketing (Exxon etc.). And Porter got entirely wrong what that connection (which he ignored) actually consists of: it consists of U.S. government taxpayer-funded killers for those U.S. international corporations. Here is how Barack Obama put it, when addressing graduating cadets at West Point, America’s premier military-training institution:

Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums. And even as developing nations embrace democracy and market economies, 24-hour news and social media makes it impossible to ignore the continuation of sectarian conflicts and failing states and popular uprisings that might have received only passing notice a generation ago.


It will be your generation’s task to respond to this new world. The question we face, the question each of you will face, is not whether America will lead, but how we will lead - not just to secure our peace and prosperity, but also extend peace and prosperity around the globe.

He was saying there that America’s military is in service to U.S.-based international corporations in their competition against those of Russia, Brazil, China, India, and anywhere else in which "rising middle classes compete with us". Those places are what Gareth Porter referred to as "America's enemies".

Economic competitors are "enemies". Obama thinks that way, and even a progressive journalist such as Porter doesn’t place into a skeptical single - quotation - mark - surround, the phrase ‘America’s enemies’ when that phrase is used in this equational context. On both the right (Obama) and the left (Porter), the equation of a government and of the international corporations that headquarter in its nation — the treatment of the military as being an enforcement-arm for the nation’s international corporations — is simply taken for granted, not questioned, not challenged.

RFK Jr. was correct, notwithstanding some recent timeline-errors. Syria is "Another Pipeline War", and Obama is merely intensifying it. (On 9 November 2015, I offered a different account than RFK Jr. provided of the recent history — the Obama portion — of the longstanding U.S. aggression against Syria; and it links back to Jonathan Marshall’s excellent articles on that, and to other well-sourced articles, in addition to primary sources, none of which contradict RFK Jr.’s basic view, "Syria: Another Pipeline War").

Another portion of Porter’s commentary is, however, quite accurate: America’s ‘Defense’ (or mass-killing-abroad) industries (such as Lockheed Martin) are not merely servants of the U.S. government, but are also served by the U.S. government: "the US war state's determination to hold onto its military posture in the region" is protection of the major market — the Middle Eastern market — for U.S. ‘Defense’ products and services. It’s not only America’s firms in the oil, gas, and pipelines, industries, which benefit from America’s military; it is also America’s firms in the mass-killing industries, that do.

To the extent that the public (here including Barack Obama and Gareth Porter) do not condemn the presumption that "the business of America is business", or that a valid function of U.S. - taxpayer - funded military and other foreign-affairs operations is to serve the stockholders of U.S. international corporations, the hell (such as in Syria) will continue. Gareth Porter got lost among the trees because he failed to see (and to point to) that forest.

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aurum4040's picture

I think the escalation between US and Russia is smoke and mirrors. Trump and Putin both know what they have to do to keep order while keeping those who want war slightly amused believing they (Putin and Trump) are at each others throats not a moments notice before WWIII. At the same time, if we truly cared about ISIS, we'd be fighting along side Russia right now. What happened to the father of ISIS and crushing them? If Trump is the real deal he is obfuscating his real intentions, backing the MSM off the Russia bs, backing McCain and Graham off, all while McMasters plans to send 150k troops to Syria to exterminate every single ISIS fuck right after they feel emboldened by Trump bombing Syria. The Syria tomahawk bombing was nothing but a message - we just have to figure out how to read it. 

TrajanOptimus's picture

They are not mutually exclusive. Syria is all about control of hydrocarbons to Europe. Has been since almost before Israel even existed. This is not one theory over another, both are true.

Although Russia will betray Iran the day they want to ship their oil to Europe. Until then, the Russians are just emptying Iran's pockets.

Russians do not care about the Jews. If the Jews took out the Saudi's they would be doing Russia a favor.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

You are projecting your sick American attitude. The Russians are a reliable ally and trading partner. Why the fuck else would the criminal US government try to isolate them? They stand by their allies through thick and thin unlike you yankee filth. They will not abandon their ally AS YOU CAN PLAINLY SEE IN SYRIA, BUT THEN DENY IT. I'll fight along side them against you if I get the chance.

Oh, and fuck you all by the way.

bearwinkle's picture

Bring it bitch! BTW, fuck u 2. Asshole.



Yog Soggoth's picture

Did you ever just once think that it is both? Yes the pipeline theory is proven, and destabilization of certain components of the middle east are in the end game leading to greater Isreal. As far as Libya goes 

Stealing the oil, gas and sovereign wealth of Libya  Quaddafi was about to indroduce a new gold dinar. The rest of Africa was thinking the same thing. Are we getting rock bottom oil and gas from Libya? Yes, and we can control the supply to meet demands, thus keeping the prices higher when needed using the local warlords against each other.
bob_bichen's picture
bob_bichen (not verified) sincerely_yours Apr 9, 2017 11:13 AM

"sincerely_yours" <<<  CHRONIC "blblicism,com"  SPAMMER!!!

HowdyDoody's picture

Russia is in Syria to kill the terrorists there rather than have the US/CIA unleash them on the RF once they are done in Syria. That is Russia's national security concern. From recovered passport evidence, they have already eliminate ~4500 from various parts of the RF alone.



Matchless's picture

Considering is one of the only countries in that region actually worth a shit you are dullard beyond compare.  Not pro Jew at all, just anti stupidity. 

Ofelas's picture

Read " A Strategy or Israel..."  by Oded Yinon

Iraq, Libya, date followed by the letter, suppose to end with Iran


me thinks, it ends now


Blankone's picture

And one of the reasons Iran is being set up by Putin. Here he has Iran once again issue threats against the US about actions in Syria (not about actions against Iran).

Russia twisted the arms of Iraq, Libya and Syria to give up chemical weapons for russia's support. These were the published concern of the US powers and a key "justification" for an attack. Each time, once they gave up those weapons Russia sat back and watched the US attack and did not respond or protect. Russia clears the way for the attacks.

Russia made Iran give up it's enriched uranium. Now Putin is getting Iran to the forefront in making threats to attack the US. Putin is setting up Iran.

paizan's picture
paizan (not verified) Blankone Apr 9, 2017 9:35 AM

O jeez, dude. You're so confused. Setting up Iran? Putin? Come on. Are you working for the Mossad or something?

chubbar's picture

Putin is invited into Syria and is protecting a sovereign nation with a democratically elected president from an invading army. That used to be the job of the US because those were the principles by which we supposedly lived by.

The US acts surprised by the fact that Assad and his invited protector Russia, would act to counter an invading army, one that is invading becaue of  what looks increasingly like a false flag gas attack.

I hope to see millions here in the US marching on Washington to stop this madness which may bring us to nuclear war. Fucking asshole neo-cons and now Trump is no better than Hillary in that regard.

Md4's picture

We have claimed Russia was responsible for a lot of shit these last several years.

Never any incontrovertible proof.

Now, this twit UK foreign minister levels seriously provocative charges of Russian responsibility/culpability for Tuesday's gas attack...before any legitimate investigation produces actual facts to substantiate this claim.

The charge might be true IF Assad did it, AND used chemical weapons Russia certified previously disposed of. NO evidence of either necessary element has been presented, although blame is being assigned as though both were facts already established.

In my view, this jerk, and OUR government, had better take Putin seriously.

Putin's stack is about to blow, and without evidence of our allegations for so many of our charges, it's not hard to understand that.

Sooner or later, we're gonna get our nose seriously bloodied messing with Russia.

Maybe that's what it's finally gonna take...

Victory_Garden's picture


What is mind blowing is, after being told ALL are slated to be ELIMINATED, LIKE THAT MEANS EVERYONE ON EARTH, why does this shit show go on and on and on, day after freakin day after day and yet all people do is TALK about it, instead of rising up to STOP THE MADNESS of the money-god freaks that WANT TO KILL US ALL.

Or, what makes all these puppets continue to serve their master whose master is satan/lucifer when THEY KNOW THEY TOO ALONG WITH THEIR FAMILIES WILL ALL BE DEAD RIGHT AFTER THE REST OF THE WORLD IS KILLED OFF? Heck, isreal has already triggered an ELE by doing the fuckushima sneak attack that is slowly killing most of America now. Talk about japanese revenge. Just another tool of the rothschilds empire of dust to kill America, China, and Russia. Member, mankind's ONLY HOPE for long term survival is the unification of ALL CHRISTIAN forces around the world and joining together in the War On Evil to defeat this bankster money-god wickedness that seeks to kill everyone off by pitting everyone against each other for THEIR GAINS. Not the world's.

If all the people who love peace and true prosperity were to rise up while they can still do it, the world history might be changed.

As it is, the train is still headed off the cliff and now the gangsters are shooting at it on it's way down.

Meanwhile, ring ring ring(i-satan phone)...duhhhh....yesssss Master?

Sad dayz for earth when satan/lucifers minions run amok and no one cares to stop the Greatest Shit Show of the millennium.





Extra Credit.:

If you have not seen this movie, watch it now. Download it quick before it disappears. Sorry for the poor quality and small cut screen. One can certainly track down a better copy, but this one will give the viewer a picture of what the future could bring.:


Gardentoolnumber5's picture

"It is not possible to penetrate fully behind the veil which hides the intimacy of the relationship of the Money Trust and the Munitions Trust. But the veil has been lifted enough for us to realize that The Bloody Traffic is closely wedded to the Banking Traffic." Fenner Brockway

"A subject which requires more investigation than has yet been given to it is the relationship of the armament firms to the banks. There is a closer relationship than is usual with ordinary industrial concerns; first, because Governments are the buyers of armaments and less wealthy nations frequently require loans for the purpose, and second, because the Governments of the wealthier nations often wish, for political reasons, to direct and facilitate the purchase of arms by smaller nations and guarantee loans for this purpose.

This four-party arrangement between the armament firm, the bank, the small purchasing nation, and the sympathetic Power has great advantages, especially for the armament firm. Let us see how it works out.
The armament salesman convinces the Government of a small nation that it should buy arms. It has no funds for the purpose. The armament firm therefore approaches the bank. The bank wishes to be certain that the interest on the loan will be paid, so it approaches its Government. The Government sees an opportunity of bringing the small nation within its sphere of political and economic influence. The guarantee is given.

Thus the armament firm gets its order, the small nation gets its armaments, the bank gets its interest guaranteed, and the Great Power gets an ally which is useful immediately as a sphere for economic development and which, as a political supporter, may be exceedingly useful in a time of war for military purposes.

Sometimes the initiative is taken, not by the armament firm, but by the Government of the Great Power; sometimes by the Government of the small nation. In either case the benefits are mutual."
-The Bloody Traffic by Fenner Brockway

Matchless's picture

So gassing your citizens is acceptable?  False flag or not that's real messed up.  


Here's the biggest issue and it started with GWB, nation building and making the middle east into a giant suburb where everyone has a Walmart and blows all their money every weekend is not what these people want, or least we shouldn't act like what America has everyone else wants.  Destabilizing Iraq was incredibly stupid and now the region is on fire because of it.


None of this is pro Jew, what it is however is pro big business and teh people who have the money and power really want the opportunity to make even more money.  This means goods need to pass through the middle east without issue.  Everything going on right now is all about money and who makes it. 



Winston Churchill's picture

No, Crimea is basically useless as a port without Tartus on the other side of the Bosphurus.

The Russian fleet could be blockaded inside the Black Sea with little effort.

There is no one single correct answer as usual in geopolitik.

Grave's picture

notice how the proposed pipeline goes through thracia which is european land invaded and occupied by turks

when the time comes, muzis will be pushed out of entire southern europe and tsargrad (aka byzantium, constantinople) will be liberated for good.

earleflorida's picture

assad is an alawite (a shiite sect) and a minority in a kurdish/sunni nation.

think saddam in iraq as a sunni minority where the poppulation was 70% shiite & 10% kurdish.

this is mesoptamia (the lavant = iraq [kuwait] and syria (the lebanon-syria before lebanon annexed was just syria) post wwI (ottoman empire todays turkey)

think of the area as shiite dominated with the south-eastern parts of Saudi Arabia as shiite and yemen (split)!

the persian gulf was a demarcation by the british (an a lesser french N. Africa). the arabian peninsula is all sunni, whereas the levant & original upper/lower mesopotamia also referred to as asia minor in some context) with egypt being the centrifuge/cornerstone (egypt always being a homogenous society having great tolerance for all religion and culture).

mosul was always the 'center-of-gravity'... and this is why turkey is so fucked up today? it was home to the kurds and various religious sects. attaturk wanted mosul to remain in turkey but the british refused. Why? iraq was now Btitish Petroleum [BP], 100% protectorate with puppet shah.

think the bagdad railroad and kuwait which was originally iraqs, until the british later bifurcated iraq once again.

now back to assad. assad could never make peace even if he wanted to. this is mission creep. he'd be gone by assasination or a coup shortly after signing a MOU! yeah, he could go to paris, but not londontown, nor would he be welcomed in manhatten living amongst the jews. he's got to stand his ground as does iran and russia (china is 100% behind iran and russia...-- so don't believe the bs coming out of DC regarding Xi and Trump.

Never One Roach's picture

Odd that a Sovereign nation wants to protect itself from being destroyed.

My guess is China will soon be drawn into this either via Trump bombing NK or they enter directly in Syria.

bob_bichen's picture
bob_bichen (not verified) sincerely_yours Apr 9, 2017 10:55 AM

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE CLUSTER FUCK OF SPAMMERS WE HAVE HERE!!!  It's the whacked out "biblicism,com" SPAMMER, with just a few of his multiple "invisible friends" in conversation with himself!

*****RE:  stizazz (old log-on) and "sincerely_yours" {new log-on, many have been banned} and "paizan"  <<< the "biblicisminstitute,com" SPAMMER who spends hours in his mothers woodshed "talking to himself" with an ENDLESS series of log-ons and TAINTED LINKS TO HIS VIRUS- MALWARE- and TROJAN-LITTERED website of whackodom.

ZH USERS MAY wish to send an email to and request that BOTH these spammers, in all their multiple personalities, be PERMANENTLY BANNED and their CONTENT REMOVED!!!  (copy and paste your list from following)


••• biblicism,com whack-job log-ons  (many have been banned)








Yippee Kiyay


SumTing Wong

King Tut

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

"War seldom ventures but where wealth allures."

simulkra's picture

Other factors. Erogan's attempt to regain the Ottoman Empire. Pretext and disembarking point for the Islamic invasion of Europe. Libenstraum for Israel. Globalist delight in Christian slaughter. Lots of different fingers in the pie.

Ofelas's picture

"Libenstraum for Israel" like this one, "traum" means dream and "Liben" sounds like "Lieben" which is Love, so Lovedream for Israel? 



simulkra's picture

Other factors. Erogan's attempt to regain the Ottoman Empire. Pretext and disembarking point for the Islamic invasion of Europe. Libenstraum for Israel. Globalist delight in Christian slaughter. Lots of different fingers in the pie.

Half_Irish's picture

It's complicated.  Lots of players from what I'm reading.  Here's one thing.


Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump

remain calm's picture

We need to send all new rep to Wash every election until they understand they work for us.

Wulfkind's picture did that work out for ya with Tramp ?

I thought you sent him up there to Make America Great Again "

Once's that working out for ya ?

bearwinkle's picture

Working out pretty well. We got a drop in illegal border crossings, a new conservative supreme court justice, H-1B being fixed, rolled back epa horseshit, fake global warming being taken out back and shot. Not to mention the fun everyday of seeing the MSM shitting its pants. I think this so called attack by Trump was simply him showing there is a new sheriff in town and he ain't taking any shit. Also, a freeze in government hiring not to mention some big time cuts coming.



Never One Roach's picture

While illegals flood across the border and tearrist land at JFK and welcomed by Schumer, trump's wasting money and time interfering with other sovereign nations survival and NONE OF OUR BIDNIZ.

Nuts or what?! Very possible he had a nervous breakdown from all the pressure.

bearwinkle's picture

Let me reply has succinctly as I can - Fuck you. Zero Hedge has now dropped into the shithole of the intertubes. I am done reading this shit for over 5 years. Fuck all you dickheads may you burn in hell.


NiggaPleeze's picture

Let me fix those for you:

  • We got a drop in reported illegal border crossing
  • a new faux conservate supreme court justice that will firmly uphold the flagrant lie that the Constitution protects gay marriage, abortion, and corporate speech (with money === speech)
  • H1B being tinkered with
  • rolled back some minor epa horseshit for show
  • fake global warming being taken out back and shot.
  • Not to mention the fun everyday of seeing the MSM radicalizing its Communist Millenials.
  • I think this so called attack by Trump was simply him showing there is a  different lying war criminal in town and he ain't taking any shit except from his Jew masters like Jared and from them he likes it shaken, not stirred.
  • Also, a freeze in government hiring not to mention some big time cuts for anything benefitting his supporters coming in favor of the MIC and Israel.
bearwinkle's picture

Fuck you nigga ass fuckface. You probably have and IQ less than most others on here like 70%?


Publicus_Reanimated's picture

Hush, don't disturb the snowflakes in their safe space.  They're still crowing over Flynn's scalp and the AHCA vote and they think they did something meaningful by filibustering Gorsuch.  If you point out to them how badly they are losing they might actually do something effective instead of grandstanding and begging for donations.

Wulfkind's picture

Working out pretty well. We got a drop in illegal border crossings, a new conservative supreme court justice, H-1B being fixed, rolled back epa horseshit, fake global warming being taken out back and shot. Not to mention the fun everyday of seeing the MSM shitting its pants. I think this so called attack by Trump was simply him showing there is a new sheriff in town and he ain't taking any shit. Also, a freeze in government hiring not to mention some big time cuts coming.




Yeah....didn't we get ALL of that under Bush or were SUPPOSED to ?

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (full name: Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (S. 1348)) was a bill discussed in the 110th United States Congress that would have provided legal status and a path to citizenship for the approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States. The bill was portrayed as a compromise between providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and increased border enforcement:

it included funding for 300 miles (480 km) of vehicle barriers, 105 camera and radar towers, and 20,000 more Border Patrol agents, while simultaneously restructuring visa criteria around high-skilled workers.


Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ( the man who made Obamacare legal by calling it a tax. )

John Glover Roberts Jr. (born January 27, 1955) is the 17th and current Chief Justice of the United States. He took his seat on September 29, 2005, having been nominated by President George W. Bush after the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist.  

He has been described as having a conservative judicial philosophy in his jurisprudence.


The MSM was going crazy over Bush for 8 years over such things as 9/11....Hurricane Katrina....the Financial Crisis.....his general retardiness.


So....tell me again....bearwinkle....exactly WHAT is it that Trump is doing or SAYS that he is doing that George W. Bush hasn't done already ?   And was shown to be a failure and a liar ?

Just like Trump.


bearwinkle's picture

Hey how about a nice an gentle FUCK YOU asshole I am done with this site may ALL of you have a very shitty life, what I expect most of you sorry motherfuckers do now.


nunyabidnez's picture

Well, we'll see from here forward, I've lost faith in Trump.

spiral galaxy's picture

Agreed bearwinkle. 100%!! Meanwhile, ZH seems is becoming infected with lib trolls from MSM or ??? To undermine the site or ??? Note that any lib drivel immediately gets 10s of up votes.

rockstone's picture

Yeah. That's right. We're all Lib trolls from Rachel Maddow. It's not because some asshole launched 59 tomahawks into WW III, didn't repeal O-care and now it seems he won't be able to lower taxes.

Yeah....we must all be lib trolls.

SheHunter's picture

Careful about the honesty Rock-S.  You'll be called a spammer.  Didn't you get the memo? Dissenting voices no longer tolerated on ZH.

Future Jim's picture

I was pretty sure before when I wrote:

03/03/16: Trump is a Ringer

11/19/16: The Globalists Chose Trump

Since then, it should have become clear to everyone that Trump is NWO - just like pretty much all leaders and governments.

Since then:

  1. He immediately met with the CIA, kissed their ass, and told them they would get anotehr chance to get the oil in Iraq.
  2. Netanyahu praised Trump as the best Friend Israel has.
  3. Trump attacks Syria just like Hillary and Obama were desperate to do (and based on the same kind of lie), but everyone rebeled, so Trump did it fast before people had time to rebel.
Yog Soggoth's picture
  1. "He immediately met with the CIA, kissed their ass, and told them they would get anotehr chance to get the oil in Iraq."   He did meet with the CIA, and only a small portion of the employees showed up. We are already getting the Iraq oil, so why would we need another chance at it? Iraq owes many countries besides the war reparations. Kuwait has told them to pay the rest at a later date. Saudis absolved theirs. We are deeply involved with building up the infrastructure as is S. Korea, China, Japan, Jordan, and many other countries.
BetweenThe Coasts's picture

TERM LIMITS! One term in office and out; with no special health insurance coverage and no pensions either. One term only means no reelection fundraising needed, so who needs the lobbiest's money anymore? Chance of this happening: ZERO. Fuckem all forever.