Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will "Respond With Force" If Syria "Red Lines" Crossed Again

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A statement issued on Sunday by a joint command centre consisting of forces of Russian, Iran and allied militia alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al Assad said that Friday's US strike on the Syrian air base crossed “red lines” and it would "respond with force" to any new aggression while increasing their level of support to their ally.

In the statement published by the group on media outlet Ilam al Harbi, the pro-Assad alliances says that “what America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well."

Earlier on Sunday the UK's Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, demanded Russia rein in Mr Assad (by which he really meant be willing to accept a new Syrian regime with a pro-western puppet leader, and one who is willing to allow the Qatar gas pipeline to cross the country on its way to Europe.

Fallon also claimed that Moscow is "responsible for every civilian death" in the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun and said Putin was responsible for the brutal killings “by proxy”, because it was the Syrian president’s “principal backer." The defense minister said the attack had happened "on their watch" and that Vladimir Putin must now live up to previous promises that Mr Assad’s chemical weapons had been destroyed.  His comments came after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson pulled out of a Moscow visit hours before he was due to fly.
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Finally, for those who are unclear about the core geopolitical tensions that are at the base of the long-running Syrian proxy war, the answer is - as so often tends to be - commodities and specifically natural gas, as we first explained in 2013, and as summarized in the following October 2016 article courtesy of Eric Zuesse (see also "Competing Gas Pipelines Are Fueling The Syrian War & Migrant Crisis")

The Oil-Gas War Over Syria (In 4 Maps)

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency, though government-run, is providing remarkably clear and reliable diagrammatic descriptions of the current status of the U.S - and - fundamentalist - Sunni, versus Russia - and - Shia - and - NON - fundamentalist - Sunni, sides, in the current oil-and-gas war in the Middle East, for control over territory in Syria, for construction of oil-and-gas pipelines through Syria supplying fuel into the world’s largest energy-market: Europe. Russia is now the dominant supplier of both oil and gas, but its ally Iran is a Shiite gas-powerhouse that wants to share the market there, and Russia has no objection.

Qatar is a Sunni gas-powerhouse and wants to become the main supplier of gas there, and Saudi Arabia is a Sunni oil-powerhouse, which wants to become the major supplier of oil, but Saudi oil and Qatari gas would be pipelined through secular-controlled (Assad's) Syria, and this is why the U.S. and its fundamentalist-Sunni allies, the Sauds, and Qataris, are using Al Qaeda and other jihadists to conquer enough of a strip through Syria so that U.S. companies such as Halliburton will be able safely to place pipelines there, to be marketed in Europe by U.S. firms such as Exxon. Iran also wants to pipeline its gas through Syria, and this is one reason why Iran is defending Syria’s government, against the U.S.-Saudi-Qatari-jihadist invasion, which is trying to overthrow and replace Assad.

Here are the most-informative of Anadolu’s war-maps:

The first presents the effort by many countries to eliminate ISIS control over the large Iraqi city of Mosul. A remarkably frank remark made in this map is "An escape corridor into Syria will be left for Daesh [ISIS] so they can vacate Mosul" - an admission that the U.S. - Saudi - Qatari team want the ISIS jihadists who are in Mosul to relocate into Syria to assist the U.S. - Saudi - Qatari effort there to overthrow and replace the Assad government: 


The second is about the Egyptian government's trying to assist the Syrian government's defense against the Saudi - U.S. - Qatari invasion of Syria, at Aleppo, where Syria's Al Qaeda branch is trying to retain its current control over part of that large city. The Saud family are punishing the Egyptian government for that:



Here is Russia's proposed gas-pipeline, which would enable Russia to reduce its dependence upon Ukraine (through which Russia currently pipes its gas into Europe). Obama conquered and took over Ukraine in February 2014 via his coup that overthrew the democratically elected neutralist Ukrainian President there:


In addition, there is the following map from


That map shows the competing Shiia (Russia-backed) and Sunni (U.S.-backed) gas-pipelines into Europe — the central issue in the invasion and defense of Syria.

On 21 September 2016, Gareth Porter headlined "The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a ‘Pipeline War’", and he pointed out some errors in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s account that had been published under the headline "Syria: Another Pipeline War". Porter argued: "It's easy to understand why that explanation would be accepted by many anti-war activists: it is in line with the widely accepted theory that all the US wars in the Middle East have been ‘oil wars’ — about getting control of the petroleum resources of the region and denying them to America's enemies."

But the ‘pipeline war’ theory is based on false history and it represents a distraction from the real problem of US policy in the Middle East — the US war state's determination to hold onto its military posture in the region. Porter ignored the key question there, as to why the US war state has a determination to hold onto its military posture in the region. Opening and protecting potential oil-gas-pipeline routes are important reasons why. Clearly, Kennedy’s documentation that the CIA was trying as early as 1949 to overthrow Syria’s secular government so as to allow to the Sauds a means of cheaply transporting their oil through Syria into Europe, remains unaffected by any of the objections that Porter raised to Kennedy’s article. The recent portion of Kennedy’s timeline is affected, but not his basic argument.

Furthermore, any military strategist knows that the US war state is intimately connected to the U.S. oil-and-gas industries, including pipelines (oilfield services) as well as marketing (Exxon etc.). And Porter got entirely wrong what that connection (which he ignored) actually consists of: it consists of U.S. government taxpayer-funded killers for those U.S. international corporations. Here is how Barack Obama put it, when addressing graduating cadets at West Point, America’s premier military-training institution:

Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums. And even as developing nations embrace democracy and market economies, 24-hour news and social media makes it impossible to ignore the continuation of sectarian conflicts and failing states and popular uprisings that might have received only passing notice a generation ago.


It will be your generation’s task to respond to this new world. The question we face, the question each of you will face, is not whether America will lead, but how we will lead - not just to secure our peace and prosperity, but also extend peace and prosperity around the globe.

He was saying there that America’s military is in service to U.S.-based international corporations in their competition against those of Russia, Brazil, China, India, and anywhere else in which "rising middle classes compete with us". Those places are what Gareth Porter referred to as "America's enemies".

Economic competitors are "enemies". Obama thinks that way, and even a progressive journalist such as Porter doesn’t place into a skeptical single - quotation - mark - surround, the phrase ‘America’s enemies’ when that phrase is used in this equational context. On both the right (Obama) and the left (Porter), the equation of a government and of the international corporations that headquarter in its nation — the treatment of the military as being an enforcement-arm for the nation’s international corporations — is simply taken for granted, not questioned, not challenged.

RFK Jr. was correct, notwithstanding some recent timeline-errors. Syria is "Another Pipeline War", and Obama is merely intensifying it. (On 9 November 2015, I offered a different account than RFK Jr. provided of the recent history — the Obama portion — of the longstanding U.S. aggression against Syria; and it links back to Jonathan Marshall’s excellent articles on that, and to other well-sourced articles, in addition to primary sources, none of which contradict RFK Jr.’s basic view, "Syria: Another Pipeline War").

Another portion of Porter’s commentary is, however, quite accurate: America’s ‘Defense’ (or mass-killing-abroad) industries (such as Lockheed Martin) are not merely servants of the U.S. government, but are also served by the U.S. government: "the US war state's determination to hold onto its military posture in the region" is protection of the major market — the Middle Eastern market — for U.S. ‘Defense’ products and services. It’s not only America’s firms in the oil, gas, and pipelines, industries, which benefit from America’s military; it is also America’s firms in the mass-killing industries, that do.

To the extent that the public (here including Barack Obama and Gareth Porter) do not condemn the presumption that "the business of America is business", or that a valid function of U.S. - taxpayer - funded military and other foreign-affairs operations is to serve the stockholders of U.S. international corporations, the hell (such as in Syria) will continue. Gareth Porter got lost among the trees because he failed to see (and to point to) that forest.

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Yawn .. again ...



It is essential to the survival of the Jewish state that they remain the best looking horse in the glue factory.

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This is about the Petrodollar, and this sudden change of plans shows there is trouble for the dollar that is starting to be felt but not fully publically observable yet. Saudia Arabia is the original Petrodollar System's centre, so going against them will never happen.

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"... but not fully publically observable yet. " 

Only because the duped moronic males are asleep infront of their TVs, dreaming about being pegged by Kim K's stepdad dressed in an evening gown, while the females are dreaming of pissing standing up in the gym locker room. 

Honestly... short of mass social unrest/ civil war... can the US get any more fucked-up? 

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don't believe all that. you're exposed to too much MSM.


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Yes it can get worse. Meteor storms are in the forecast, just not the one for public consumption. Coastal areas are going to get sloshed. Unless Harrington, Anderson, NASA, IRAS, Voyager, Pioneer, and East Asian astronomical records are all part of a multi-millenium psyop; then something wicked this way comes. War is just to keep people's attention from noticing the increasing geophysical changes. Take careful note on the lack of coverage concerning rapid increase in earthquake activity, volcanism, surface level UV, radiation no-fly zones, magnetosphere changes, ocean temps, and degradation of air quality. It takes a geological event to heat a large body of water in short order. The earth's core is energized by events in space. It feeds on electromagnetic radiation sucked into the poles. We are heating up from the inside out. It will not take long for magma plumes to break out, once the excited dynamo has melted enough of the mantle. Much of the activity will first manifest in ocean rift zones. The crust is thinner there. The pieces of the puzzle are almost all present, perception and orientation are all that remains.

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Saudi Arabia and Israel are twins by birth

There would be no Israel without Saudi Arabia

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You have one point. But you still miss the most important and truest point.

The dominating part of the US deep State supports sunni wahabbi proselytism and sunni wahabbi terrorism.

The Saudis would never have dared financing worldwide wahabbism and terrorism if the US had not given them its greenlight.

The US has been using sunni wahhabi terrorism for decades, in fact at least since 1979 and the Afghanistan crisis.

This support is both useful for US destabilization schemes and the price to pay for the petrodollar system.

It is no mystery why prince Bandar was called Bandar Bush.

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Perfectly stated, nothing can be added!

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Dennis Kucinich has been batting a thousand, so I wouldn't doubt him, if I was even paying attention.

Frankly, my personal reasons --- besides the obvious ones --- for ignoring Syria, that proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran --- is that every single Syrian-American I have ever come in contact with during my entire life has been a complete jackhole.

'Nuff said . . .

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So it would appear but be realistic, the choice was Hillary.

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No worse than the previous hope and change cunt... grow up.

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trump the swamp i wish you a nice ass cancer you piece of neocon pedo shit

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Russia and Iran and Syria. The 3 most honorable countries in the world today. May God protect Bashar al-Assad, a rare human being in today's world.

‘Putin and Assad saved my life’
February 10, 2017
Flemish Father Daniël Maes (78) has been a witness to the “civil war” in Syria, but he says Western reports on the conflict in Syria are completely misleading: “The Americans and their allies want to completely ruin the country.”

"The Jews tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in which they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Muhammad."
Bashar al-Assad
"The disappearance of the Jews", The Economist (May 10, 2001)

Assad Hosts Massive Christmas Celebration in Liberated Aleppo

The Donald's daddy:
Fred C Trump

Soros backed Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in real estate venture with $259 MILLION:
George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

Dr. Duke had British author and activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about the prominent role being played in the Trump administration by first son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is being put “in charge” of everything from reinventing the government to bringing peace to the Middle East. Dr. Duke points out that Kushner, who is an orthodox Jew, has a close association with the Chabad Lubavich movement, which embraces a theology that elevates Jews to divine status while denigrating the goyim as beasts.

Kushner’s family has given large sums of money to Chabad Lubavich, and has been very active in its events. They also discussed the bombing incident in St. Petersburg, which is more evidence of the cultural enrichment white countries are benefiting from, among other benefits of vibrant multiculturalism.
Why Jared Kushner is a huge threat to the Trump revolution April 3, 2017

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Why don'tyou put up the ZH article you posted May 1, 2016 title of which says, "Seymour Hersh says Hillary Approved Sending Libya's Sarin to Syrian Rebels."

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Russia should have Iran attack Saudi Arabia, hit the oil terminals and Saudi funding for Yemen and Syria dry up over night, the House of Saud will be hunted by the very terrorists they supported all these years, and the Petro dollar ends.

I would love to see the media try and spin that. Send our American boys and girls to fight Iran over SA.

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If you voted for the Donald, you likely tricked yourself, if you have any idea about how US politics works.

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Tricked? hahahahaha. He was one of the swamplords all along.

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Obama said the redline was crossed and did nothing and the Arab world laughed at America because he was a weak leader

Now America has a strong leader and stands behind what he said this is part and parcel of a strong leader and making America great again

Now pussy people like you should go back and put your pink dress on and complain about what bathroom to use

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Flagged as #American-Embarrassment

tomcat415's picture

Obama said the redline was crossed and did nothing and the Arab world laughed at America because he was a weak leader

Now America has a strong leader and stands behind what he said this is part and parcel of a strong leader and making America great again

Now pussy people like you should go back and put your pink dress on and complain about what bathroom to use

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WOOF WOOF WOOF . At Russia and Iran. But train has already gone. The train of consequences arrives. Next station - Oblivion. Russians say: God isn't Jacob (a person), He sees who's in trouble, and also why. 

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Mike Cernovich says General McMaster at the NSC wants to send 150,000 ground troops to Syria.  He got rid of Steve Bannon and today got rid of KT McFarland.  They have something big on Trump for him to switch.  Pedophilia.  

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Why does it always have to be a red line? Can't it be something a bit nicer, like fuchsia?

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I think we are all angry. But I'm hoping for the best. He did warn Russia and Assad so maybe it was to stop media.

I do wish he'd rid himself of his son in law. That kid a beast.

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No they won't.  This is a game and Putin actually thinks ZH influences public opinion.

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He burned you so bad tovarich. Put some fresh red cabbage on it & take 2 aspirin.

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Yeahhh..... right in your mouth.

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19 weeks 6 days you paid troll

and very bad at it too

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Affirmative Action SJW in action

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If Putin sides with Iran, then he will go into the dustbin of history.

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I just amended Your avatar into "US-IDIOT"

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I don't think that Putin will risk a world war for the sake of Iranian expansionism. Assad would be an idiot if he clings to Iran. He doesn't need Iran.

Get Iran out of this equation and then the US and Russia can figure out how to resolve the stalemate in Syria.

The only reason chaos persists is that Iran is involved. Iran is the mother of chaos and confusion, always was.

Why should Iran be in Syria and Iraq? The neocons and Obama invited them. Why?

Would you want Canadian troops helping law enforcement in Seattle or San Francisco? Of course not, and Canadians are US friends.

Iranians/Persians always hated Arabs and invaded them. In Iraq, Iranians kill Iraqis with a drill into the brain, slowly. Iranians hate Arabs more than Israelis hate Palestinians.

Putin is an idiot for allowing Iranian presence in Syria.

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Oy vey   ... Another piece of propaganda from Tel-Aviv

I guess Sabbath is over and your busy week in the office just started


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You're a fool, Iran is a keystone of the new silk road project.Look at an atlas sometime.

Iran is slated for full SCO membership at this June's meeting and membership of the mutual defence pact

that runs alongside it.

Putin and XI are not going to abandon Iran,full stop.

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No. Revelations reveals Iran & Russia working together to fight against Israel. For the first time in history they are, now. They are completly destroyed, along with all their buddies like Turkey & Syria. Damascus will be a ruin.


This is not the dustbin of history, this is the summation of HisStory.

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Oh dear. Another dispensationalist revisionist of what the Book of Revelation says. Interpreting the Bible according to the views of a man (Scofield) who was of questionable character himself (lied, forgery, theft).

These self-styled intepreters forget to think of the issue of relevance when reading what John wrote in the 1st century to existing churches (7 of them) in Asia Minor.

BTW - as soon as someone calls it the RevelationS, you know they don't even read the title of the book carefully. It is 'The Revelation (no 's') of St. John the Divine.

IranContra's picture

Armageddon: Battle Against Iran, Not World War

The Antichrist is hiding in Iran, and he is the King of the False Jews. Putin should know better.

The Antichrist is Satan's son from a Jewish mother. Muhammad pointed him out. Some Israelis are loyal to him. Rothschilds (also offsping of Satan) have extreme respect for the Antichrist because he is their superior uncle.

The Antichrist's first army was created by Khomeini in 1979. Their first target was Saddam, who, as Trump says, was better for Iraq and all of us than the Iran-loyal thugs ruling Iraq now. Saddam's successor has recently reached out to Trump in public.

The Battle against the Antichrist's armies will take place in Syria: smart Christians and smart Arabs against Iranians and their Muslim Brotherhood militias. It's a big battle, but it's not a world war. Putin will have to take the Christians side. Trump will win him over.

Years ago, Qatar and Saudi turned against the Muslim Brotherhood when they realized that Iran ran the MB.

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How do you waste your mind? You accept lies because the truth is uncomfortable.

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Well Trump shoot some more missles into Syria and watch our ships get sunk, and put all Americans lives at risk of destruction. Seems like a good plan for a fucking gas pipeline.. Why your at it lets go blow up N Korea and go to war with China to you nit wit..

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Trump did not surprise Putin with the missiles, he called Putin and told him it was going to happen. If Putin had the balls he could/would have responded right then by telling Trump he would attack the US if missiles were fired. Putin did not even try to shoot down the unmanned missiles themselves. (Shooting down the missiles would not have even been an attack on US forces.)

When the US strafed Syrian forces for over an hour Putin had planes in the area and still did not respond. AFTER the attack Putin made the same threat of "next time".

So does this "next time" threat by Putin have any substance? Do not know but Putin's past actions have damaged his credibility.

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Exactly....Pooty Poot is mouthing off like a Russian version of Donald Tramp.  It's all for show for the Russain people back home.

Now.....that said....I don't support our Bankster run country just because I call bullshit on Pooty Poot.  In my humble opinion, we are ALL pawns ( Russians and Americans and all people ) on a chessboard played by thugs who do business and kill for banks.

EVERYTHING.....and I mean EVERYTHING in your life....every man, woman and child on this planet revolves around the exploration, the extraction and secured transportation of ENERGY.

And CHEAP energy at that.  Oil...Natural Gas....Coal.  Without this global supply chain of energy input sources we would not have the 24/7 on demand power we need for modern human life.

Without the above.....your magical iPod, flick of a switch near Utopan world would revert to candle lights iin your house and wood burning for your stove.

And World Wars will be fought for the remaining stores of that magical energy and we have run out of sources for the "cheap" energy.

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At this point I do not think Putin is just mouthing off, because this whole deal is about energy my friend, just like you said. Mankind is on the brink.. "We are so fucked, hard wired to self destruct.." Metallica