Swedish Police Pelted With Rocks While Arresting Terror Suspect In Migrant "No-Go Zone"

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On Friday, Sweden became the latest European target of terrorism after a man plowed a hijacked beer delivery truck into a crowd in central Stockholm, killing five people and wounding more than a dozen (we covered the situation here:  "Swedish Police In Manhunt For Terrorist Truck Driver Who Killed Five").

And while such attacks typically tend to unify populations in the common goal of hunting down, capturing and punishing the responsible assailants, that sense of camaraderie apparently doesn't apply in Sweden's so-called "no-go zones" which have become home to 1,000's of migrants flooding into Europe from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa.

According to the Daily Mail, rather than help police arresting a suspect in Friday's horrendous attack, migrant residents of the suburb of Rinkeby apparently decided instead to pelt the arresting officers with rocks.

Police officers responding to the Stockholm terror atrocity were attacked by a gang of youths who pelted them with stones last night, Swedish policemen have said.


The attack happened last night near Rinkeby, part of the 'immigrant no-go zone' that gained notoriety when President Trump referred to it in a controversial speech in February.


It is thought that the officers were taking part in an operation to arrest a 17-year-old and his mother at an address linked to the 39-year-old prime suspect.

Meanwhile the attack was confirmed by Abdallah Ahmed via social media:

'During the night my colleagues were exposed to stone throwing in [the suburb of] Tensta, in the middle of an ongoing terror operation.


'Some people will never learn,' Abdallah Ahmed, a police officer, said in a social media post.


'To terror I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: go to hell. My thoughts go to those affected in every way.'



Of course, Rinkeby is the Swedish town that drew international attention back in February after Trump highlighted it as a prime example of the unintended consequences of allowing 100,000s of migrants to flow into Europe.  In light of Trump's comments, independent journalist Tim Pool decided to head to Stockholm for a first-hand look at the "crime-ridden migrant suburb" of Rinkeby.  Unfortunately, upon arrival Pool didn't get to do much investigating before arousing the suspicion of a couple of masked men who proceeded to follow him through the streets eventually leading to his prompt police escort out of the city out of fear for his crew's safety.

Pool sent out the following tweets about the incident saying that around 2:30 in the afternoon "several men started masking up" and following his crew which prompted the police to escort his team out of town with the warning that “it would get really dangerous if we don’t leave Rinkeby.”

This '60 Minutes' crew got a similarly "warm welcome" from a couple of migrants when they visited Sweden on February 19th with the express goal of discrediting Trump's comments.


In conclusion:

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dark fiber's picture

Hey Donald speaking of fake...

vato poco's picture

well, yes, that *IS* unfortunate. 

still n all, however, those men will always have the comfort and peace of knowing no one thought they were being racist. and THAT'S what's really important, after all!!!!!!

Laowei Gweilo's picture

I use to PK online with some Swedes in Diablo...

They always were a bunch of feckers.


Similar to Germans, too sensitive to political correctness to defend their closest nationalism.

aurum4040's picture

Why dont the Swedes just napalm the no go zones and be done w it? Fuck these migrants

Zero Point's picture

Why did those racists not bare their heads to the rocks, to attone for the racist treatment of enlightened middle eastern people.      SARCASM

outsider9's picture

"enlightened?" "racist treatment?" they should go home if they are so enlightened by their moon god and star and the rock they worship in mecca. Tribulation is coming for all who reject the one and only true God Yahueh and His first begotten Son Yahshua.

StackShinyStuff's picture

Only when they start shooting these goat-fuckers will things change

847328_3527's picture

STOP the welfare and bring in the troops. Everyone thought NYC was out of control with crime until Giulianni put police on almost every corner and arrested hundreds. Then the streets were [magically] safe again.

Well, safe at least until another liberal left wing welfare King democrat was elected then crime returned.

Manthong's picture

Don’t those Swedish Police understand why God invented bullets?

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Only when they start shooting these goat-fuckers will things change

change? what about the tribe moving them in?


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Mareka's picture

A Belgian colleague described the same response when their police went to Muslim neighborhoods to investigate the airport bombing.

Police were attacked by rock throwing mobs.

Is-Be's picture

Racism was a term invented by Trotsky to define people who wouldn't buy his International Socialism schtick which posited a struggle between Capital and Labour.

It is a faux sin.

Jesus said " Thou shalt not be a Racist"

Figure it out for yourself.



Cruel Joke's picture

"The majority of trucks in Sweden are peaceful. 

The majority of trucks in Berlin are peaceful. 

The majority of trucks in Nice are peaceful.

The majority of cars in London are peaceful.

The majority of cars in Melbourne are peaceful.

The majority of cars at Ohio State University are peaceful." 


And whatever it is it's got nutt'n to do with Islam, fo'sure.


Ghordius's picture

Was he speaking about the British tabloid called Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk)?

The "source" of this story?

when I whip up a search engine, and I type "biggest Daily Mail..." the very first suggestion of the search engine is... "... lies"

10 Egregiously False Stories In The 'Daily Mail' - Listverse

The Daily Mail timeline of shame – updated | Pride's Purge

How the Daily Mail escaped censure for its false immigration story ...

Ethics in the News - Media Lies and Brexit - Ethical Journalism and the ...

Daily Mail writes more lies and misinformation about cannabis. This one is very interesting

Wikipedia bans the Daily Mail as a source for being 'unreliable' | The ...

Fake News : The Greatest Lies Ever Told - TruePublica

How A Fake Viral News Story Wrecked Three People's Lives - BuzzFeed

and... TAH DAH !!! read what Russian Times (RT) has to say about the Daily Mail's... cavalier attitude versus facts:

Top 10 Western lies about Syrian conflict — RT Op-Edge - RT.com (yes, you have to take the sources apart, those lies were repeated across the whole British MSM, but, interestingly... most started in the Daily Mail)

nope, not serious. the Daily Mail is a rag in drag, it sells sensational stories camouflaged as journalism, but actually just entertainment

are you being entertained? are you prejudices safe and comfy? then go out and consume a bit more, be a nice lamb

Dodgy Geezer's picture

The Daily Mail is a target for false accusations from the left...

Ghordius's picture

on ANY side of ANY political divide you'll find some liars

meanwhile, the Daily Mail is one the biggest liars on the Right, in the UK

but go on, find some untruthful accusations about the Daily Mail for us to share

X- x3's picture

STOP bein' a paid troll-Ahole gordieeoo.


MOSSAD & HolyhoaxWood are behind/directing ALL of the *TRUCK ATTACKS*!!!



*Stockholm attacks and possible upcoming events | Ole Dammegard with Jim Fetze*


Published on Apr 7, 2017

Professor Jim Fetzer of The Real Deal interviews Ole Dammegard on the recent attacks in Stockholm and discuss some of the potential upcoming events. Clues point to possible chemical or biological false flag / staged attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark over the next 48 hours, coinciding with the date of the Nazi occupation during World War II.



Use your brain people!

Do you have 1?


Fireman's picture

Sweden is a sick joke. They should just arm the migrant hordes and let them put the gender confused tattoed and pierced politically correct libtard locals and leftist political scum out of their misery for once and for all. This slow ongoing destruction of a once sovereign nation is too sickening to behold.


Stockholm Syndrome is destroying everything it infects except the rat carrier of this ISlam virus.

Is-Be's picture

Another triumph of the Semitic Death Cults.

How long before my people join the dots?

The Semitic monotheism is naught but a triune of Death Cults.

If it was morally sound to destroy the Japanese Bushido code, then it is twice as moral to rid ourselves forever of these lethal Memes.

Monotheism was invented by Akhenaten in ancient Egypt FFS. And it is still striking fear into our hearts?

Die already, you fetid zombie.

c2nnib2l's picture

Listen Sweden is a very tollerant place, and their police is giving great example to the rest of the world. Just have a look at this police officer at the gay parade ?




and here. This is COOL ! 


surprised ?

Paper Mache's picture

WHAT THE FUCK??? Those are Swedish cops? Those prancing Nancy boys are the only thing protecting ordinary citizen's from the invading Muslim hoards? Jesus H Christ!  

Do they really not have any idea how Sharia law deals with homosexuality? Every single one of those people would be shot, beheaded, or shoved blindfolded from a high rise building. 

And those so called cops are the front line? God help Europe

RattieNomNom's picture

No free benefits for you anymore, Achhhhmed!?

Marcecamb's picture

What is happening here in Europe is not an accident. Thankfully for them, Mr Soros and friends are protected from the mess they are creating. As for the rest of us, get ready for a roller coaster trip. WW3 is on the way.

SoDamnMad's picture

Don't forget Barbara Lerner Spectre and her (Jewish love for multiculturism. Hey Barbara, why isn't Israel taking in some of these refugees you produced?

Mementoil's picture

Quick! blame Israel, blame the Jews!
Say anything to distract public opinion from the impending Muslim invasion.
Good job, Ahmed.

Is-Be's picture

But most of all, Blame all three alien death cults.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Quick! blame Israel, blame the Jews!
Say anything to distract public opinion from...

-Kalergi plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan
-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan
-Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list http://www.karlspreis.de/en/laureates
-Soros professional rapefugee smugglers http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-04/something-strange-taking-place-...
-Barbara divörsity Lerner Spectre

You are welcome.

tuetenueggel's picture

USrael will be wiped out some day. They don´t understand but they´ll suffer.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Don't forget Barbara Lerner Spectre and her (Jewish love for multiculturism. Hey Barbara, why isn't Israel taking in some of these refugees you produced?

because Israel does not play that divörsity role in the Kalergi plan. They are  the only ones chosen by god himself.

ALL acording to plan...nothing to see here, it is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel Jew-worshippers...

check also:
-Kalergi plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan
-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan
-Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list http://www.karlspreis.de/en/laureates
-Soros professional rapefugee smugglers

-Barbara divörsity Lerner Spectre
"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre

tuetenueggel's picture

and as usual, USA started it again.

zero_wedge's picture

FUCK THEM UP. Roll in like Robocop and destroy those troglodytes. If they throw a rock, they get a double-tap in return. Fucking a.

tuetenueggel's picture

shoot everyone with a rock in hand. No not in his hands, but lethal into head.

Problem solved.

Mementoil's picture

Soon to be seen in Sweden: armed terrorists roaming the streets of no go zones freely and unchallenged, because the police simply can't go there. The terrorists declare these areas as part of the Caliphate, to be governed by Sharia law. Next they will claim that these parts of Sweden were always Muslim, from time immemorial, and that the Swedish police is in fact a colonial army trying to invade and conquer their land. They will appeal to the UN human rights committee, which will find their claims to be justified, and condemn Sweden for its aggression towards a neighboring country.  

vato poco's picture

where the fuck are the swedish "men" while all this is going on? you know, those guys who used to be Vikings? are they all too busy squatting to pee to be bothered with stopping inbred 80IQ animals from destroying their country and raping their sisters? is that it?

Is-Be's picture

Please don't say that

 I'm in enough pain.

Unlease the bloody Kraken damn it.

Ghordius's picture

"where the fuck are the swedish "men" while all this is going on? you know... "

well, they have a problem. those Swedish men... are in Sweden

now, if you aren't, and you read every day the British Daily Mail or the US Breitbart... you get mad

but the poor blokes in Sweden have their own lying eyes telling them a completely different story

it's those eyes, really. lying bastards, those eyes

imagine that: the Swedish government denies that there are "no go zones" in Sweden. can you imagine this incredible thing?

and, even worse, most Swedes nod about this government position. again, they believe their own lying eyes

Mementoil's picture

So why don't you take your next summer holiday in Rinkeby, and report to us how safe and wonderfully multicultural it is this time of year?

Ghordius's picture

because it's an ugly, boring, tedious low-income neighbourhood full of crime (for Swedish standards), including a few gangs of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East, mostly preying on other immigrants and refugees from the Middle East?

what for? would it convince you of anything? your worldview could be changed if you would go to Rinkeby, perhaps. but I doubt it

when I go to Sweden, I have to go to Stockholm, most of the times. yes, the very place where recently a truck driver killed some people

safe? Stockholm is still a very safe city, nevertheless. tourism booming, plenty of Indian families visiting. don't believe me, check on the tax receipt statistics from tourism, they are up 23%

note, in all this, that both ZH and Breitbart don't talk about no go zones, they talk about "no go zones" in Sweden

if you were a slightly bit more skeptical, you'd ask your self why that "" business, perhaps

RovingGrokster's picture

I thought Vikings were Norwegians and Danes?
(I know it's more complex, but making fun of those peaceful multiculturalists)

Juliette's picture

'To terror I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: go to hell.

'To Moslems I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: go to hell.


There, fixed it for you!!!

Is-Be's picture

And take all the Semitic desert cults with you.

Leave us in peace


Cruel Joke's picture

'To Moslems I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: DRA ÅT HELVETE!

There, fixed it for you!

Hell BTW, is a place in the middle of Norway. Please, no muzzies needed or wanted.


The name Hell stems from the Old Norse word hellir, which means "overhang", "cliff cave". The Norwegian word hell can also mean "luck". The Old Norse word Hel is the same as today's English Hell, and as a proper noun, Hel was the ruler of Hel. In modern Norwegian (and Swedish) the word for hell is helvete.

Troy Ounce's picture

So if you're a punk running a Torrent site like Pirate Bay the full Swedish police force will crack down on you and you will go to jail for a long time for sharing information.

If you look like an immigrant and try to murder a police officer by throwing stones the officer complains on social media.


Shue's picture

ikr, EU Liberalism is awesome.

Shue's picture

Fuck the Swedes. Those imbeciles keep voting for the same Turds that gave Muslim African Apes and the wonderful EU. Suck it up arse wipes.

Altesh's picture

Swedish democrats is the biggest party now. Most swedes are very aware of the situation. You got to live here to understand the totalitarian supression of different opinions. Dissent is the most hineous crime in Sweden. It's what the politicians fear more than anything. That's why police crack down extra hard whenever there is a chance of public uproar.

It's a three pronged way to supress people. First you have the media which is pretty much owned by two big families (and all the media pretty much copy paste the same articles with the exact same political statements), then you have the violent left that uses everything from violence to hacking to expose every dissident. The media work with illegal hackers to expose people and then paint their faces in the newspapers risking the destuction of that persons life. Not only losing their jobs but having their families attacked by leftists. Then finally there are the police/judicical system which are very bad at solving crimes and crimes such as rapes/robbery/assault are given very low sentences. 

There were an exposure earlier this year of a famous dissident. He had media coming to his home and people were talking about that they should rape his wife to teach him a lesson. 

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

It's a three pronged way to supress people. First you have the media which is pretty much owned by two big families...

JEWISH families?

tuetenueggel's picture

Only once used guns the terror would be finished. All muslim are weak and only strong in larger groups. If you face one of them they turn and go running. Sandniggers.

Animal Lovers's picture

Obviously, you've never taken a beating. You will if you have anymore talks to yourself like that. Doesn't matter the group characteristics.