An Unhinged McCain Calls for More War in Syria, Says Russia is Guilty of War Crimes

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John McCain was on Face the Nation today, getting his neocon on, discussing the next steps that needed to be taken in Syria -- dealing with Assad.

He approved of the President's strikes -- calling it a good 'first step.' But, he wants MOAR -- accusing both Syria and Russia of war crimes, in addition to blaming Assad for the rise of ISIS. You cannot make this stuff up.

"And I think it was important. But it is now vitally important we develop a strategy, we put that strategy in motion, and we bring about peace in the region. And that obviously means that there has to be a cessation of these war crimes.
John, dropping, using chemical weapons is a war crime, but starving thousands of people in prisons is also. Barrel bombs which indiscriminately kill innocent civilians, precision strikes done by Russians on hospitals in Aleppo are war crimes as well.
So there’s a lot of war crimes that are taking place. And another area -- aspect of this that I do not agree with the secretary is that you have to just concentrate on ISIS.
We will take Mosul. We will take Raqqa. And we better have strategies as to how to handle those places once we have won it. But they are not disconnected from Bashar al-Assad and the al Qaeda and the war crimes that have been taking place.
You can’t -- to a large degree, Bashar al-Assad, by polarizing the Syrian people, have also given rise to ISIS and al Qaeda. So they are both connected. And I believe that the United States of America can address both at the same time. We can walk and chew gum.
We have the capability to do both. And, yes, we want a negotiated settlement, but the only way that that will happen is if it is not in their interests to continue what they have been successful at for over eight years. And that is why I thought, symbolically and psychologically, the president’s action was very important, but now we better follow it up. And, by the way, we should have cratered the runways."

Seemingly ignoring the fact that ISIS and US backed 'rebels' in the region are responsible for the majority of civilian deaths in Syria, McCain carried on as if Assad was merely bombing civilians and not actually in the midst of a long, drawn out, civil war -- which was started by ISIS. McCain wants the U.S. military to set up a 'safe zone' in Northern Syria.

"And also, when you see these crimes that are being committed, they are horrifying. John, I also believe that a grieving mother whose child has been killed isn’t too concerned whether it is a chemical weapon or a barrel bomb. He is still slaughtering people. And we may stop the chemical weapons.
But we have also got to stop the other indiscriminate, inhumane war crimes that are being committed as well. And that means, obviously, trying to set up some kind of safe zone, so that these refugees can have a place where they can be. And, also, that would help with the refugee flow issue."

In response to President Trump's strike on the Syrian airbase, McCain thinks we should've done more.

"Well, I think the fact that we acted was very important, and I support the president’s action.
And I have been told that there was some recommendations to take out all six places that the Syrian air force operates out of. But now that they are flying again, basically, within 36 hours is not a good signal.
But I would point out, taking out their -- all their support facilities doesn’t let them fly with any consistency. But it -- the signal that they are able to fly almost right away out of the same facility indicates that I don’t think we did as thorough enough job, which would have been cratering the runways.

And somebody will say, well, then they can fill in the runways. Yes. And we can crater them again too."

Has it ever dawned on McCain and the other neocons in America that maybe, just maybe, Russia would respond to our attacks on their ally, in an effort to protect Russian soliders on the ground? Has the concept of 'mutually assured destruction' gone by wayside somehow -- the ultimate quagmire which has kept America out of a war with Russia for the past 70 years?

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Lavada's picture

John McCain for years has been known as a paid agent of the Globalist Jacob Rothschild.

McCain is the best lobbyist the military-industrial complex has in Congress.

I said to many years ago that the best thing that could of happened to Johnny Boy was as that he would have perished in Vietnam as a POW. Now Johnny has turned out to be a real POS. A piece of schitte.

Nam Marine's picture

Someone better shut this traitor up !

herbivore's picture

What country was responsible for these war crimes?!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/napalm2n-1-web.jpg

herbivore's picture

Someone needs to ask him: "Sen. McCain, did you support the dropping of the chemical weapon called napalm on Vietnamese villagers? Did you drop any of it yourself? Was that a war crime, and if not, why not"?

MrBoompi's picture

McCain can't chew gum and kill people at the same time, so he chooses to kill.  There will be no peace until eveyone he doesn't like is dead.  There will be a "negotiated settlement" only when the enemy is totally defenseless and has a gun at his head.  This is the way an empire conducts foreign policy.  And let's get this straight once and for all, when the empire indiscriminately kills people it is in the defense of everything good and right.  When the enemy indiscriminately kills people it is a war crime.  

laomei's picture

Someone please shoot this fucker, or just send him back home to nam.

deplorable nation's picture

Quit destroying airplanes McMumbles.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

McShitStain is not just a willing mouth-piece, he also gets his cut of the pie. This fact must never be forgotten, making his actions even more reprehensible. In short, McShitStain is a mouth-piece for hire. Now here's a fact. McShitStain not only whores himself for Hillary's wars, he whores himself for Trump wars. this view of Left vs Right is for idiots. No offence my USSA friends, but Europe doesn't produce a McShitStain type character. The USSA openly has politicians serving and doing the bidding for foreign entities, with no absolutely shame. Fuck the USSA political system of corruption and gross hypocrisy.

IranContra's picture

Uncomfortable Truths

It is naive to frame it all as Sunni versus Shiite. It's much more complex than that.

Without ISIS, Iran would not be in Syria "saving Assad." In fact, Assad initially resisted Iranian presence in Syria threatening his authority.

Without Dubya, Obama, and the neocons, Iranian militias and terrorists would not be in Iraq.

Putin says ISIS are guns for hire. He started wiping them out and asked Turkey to cut them off, which Turkey did. Then Putin suddenly made a U-turn on eradicating ISIS and starting singing the neocon song: "ISIS is forever, forever,..."

Why? It is because striking ISIS means exposing Putin's beloved ally Iran's complicity with ISIS. Russian generals repeatedly told Putin: Iranian militias in Syria refuse to fight ISIS! They take Russian arms and give them to ISIS.

So ISIS remains Putin's excuse for military presence in Syria, in complicity with Iran. Shame on him!

Greater Israel is an ugly idea. Greater Iran is equally ugly. Both nations expect a false messiah. Israelis don't recognize Jesus as the Messiah, they expect the "real one" to come as they build up Greater Israel. Israel is a militaristic cult.

Iranians scream "death to America, the Great Satan" and they worship their own messiah whom they call the Mahdi / AlQaem / TheHiddenImam, and who ordered them to create Greater Iran by exporting Khomeini's "Islamic Revolution" to Mecca and all the way to Morocco. This "commandment" is in the Iranian constitution. Why did Obama help them with that? Iran is a militaristic cult, too.

These are realities, not illusions.

Who cares if Israel thinks that Trump is helping them? He told Netanyahu to hold off on settlements and compromise. Trump is not serving Israel.

Suicidal terrorist cells strike Christian in Egypt. Who are they? And why?

There are such sleeper cells here in America, protected by liberals: The Muslim Brotherhood. They will strike if their headquarters in Iran is not destroyed. Trump knows that, and has no choice but to confront Iran everywhere.

They have invaded us under deceptive liberal pretenses. They are here in America, and we need to neutralize their headquarters: Iran.

Herdee's picture

$30 Trillion please.

Hannibal's picture
Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons.

The Western media refutes their  own lies.

Not only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons, they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret “US-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime”

lanceelliott's picture

Yes, even that neo-libral U.S. poodle, Canada, knows the secret the Fake news here refuses to report.

Berspankme's picture

For fucks sake somebody buy mcstain a set of toy soldiers for him and lindsey to play with on sleepover nites

Snaffew's picture

toy soldiers?  methinks McCain prefers cranking the arm on his 1970's "teenage growing barbie' and whacking off with one hand while nesting a bundle of grenades between his legs...the man is sheer crazy.

perkunas's picture

I'm too old for war, so at best I would work in a bomb factory, making lots of $$$ unlike now, I have no job and no $$$.

It wouldnt take long to own somthing like a house or farm. Governments tend to give you interest free loans, on a farm, in war time. Put your money in war bonds and bomb stocks and retire.




Ali Tarpate's picture

The meme that he's a sawed-off little runt needs to be spread on social media. It drives him absolutely insane.

See here - John McCain - the total fuckup (long, but interesting):

Fireman's picture

Johnny Insane McCain is all the proof that one needs that USSA is a befuddled raving geriatric asylum where the loons reign supreme. This geriatric skull and bones needs to be quickly shunted into a dark corner and left to rot behind the curtains.


Onward to the grave McCain; it is all that is now required of this war criminal piece of filth.

Conax's picture

The devil keeps this bastard alive and in power.

Nobody else would lift a finger to do either.

Consuelo's picture



"Has it ever dawned on McCain and the other neocons in America that maybe, just maybe, Russia would respond to our attacks on their ally, in an effort to protect Russian soliders on the ground?"


Yes, it has.


(26) years since the raping of Russia's assets and an equal amount of time for a morbidly obese U.S. to become inebriated with the hubris of being '#1', and it sorta clouds the mind - know what i mean...?  

SharkBit's picture

Curious Jonny McPsycho.  Is using drones to kill innocent women and babies, beautiful, helpless, little babies, a war crime?

aqualech's picture

His preoccupation with eliminating Shiites doesn't make any sense if you don't know that he is a direct paid employee of Saudi Arabia.

Snaffew's picture

McCain's proclivity for war was incensed by his capture as a POW so many years ago.  That broke him mentally and physically.  he is quite literally insane and has proven to be easily programmed and reprogrammed by the Viet Cong and now the MIIC.  This man needs eternal sleep like no one does.

aqualech's picture

Either that or the Saudis are paying him to hijack the US military for their own purposes.

PhiBetaZappa's picture

AZ - Constitutional Carry - big thumbs up.

Motherfvcking nutter McStain  - big thumbs down.

IranContra's picture

Iran is the root of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, and neocons would never restrain Iran. They want to expand it. This is the difference to Trump.

veritas semper vinces's picture

You make as much sense as McCain

aqualech's picture

That's really ignorant.  Different religions.  They are fighting each other.  You been channeling Graham?

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Iran is the root of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, and neocons would never restrain Iran."


???? McCain isnt the only nut around here

northern vigor's picture

The fucking MSM keep giving this asshole airtime. They know he is a lying cocksucker, but know he will provide the spin that their editors need. 

They are all part of the deep state. Get out the guillotines. 

Voice of insanity's picture

Are the people of Arizona as bat-shit crazy as their senator?

Consuelo's picture



Bat-shit Bamboozled...?   Or, Bat-shit intellectually LAZY...?    A touch of both I suspect.   

Baron von Bud's picture

Arizona always votes Republican for everything. McCain rides that trend. The legislature has lots of Mormons. The state ranks a hair above Mississippi in public education. Teacher salaries were CUT this year. The money is diverted to charter schools in nice neighborhoods.

Consuelo's picture



 There are a lot of 'well-meaning' folks in Arizona - who, if a tad more open-minded about the Truth of things, would likely vote much different, and much more Constitutionally-minded.   Of course, this is the case in most Republican States, not just AZ.

Berspankme's picture

A lot of old people only trust other old people. A lot of old people in AZ

tuetenueggel's picture

They must be. Who else elected this human turd ?

Hannibal's picture

Trump Humilated: Syria Shoots Down 34 of 59 Cruise Missiles, Russia to Upgrade System Soon

Russian ECM crashes Tomahawks into Med, others shot down

DuneCreature's picture

Interesting article. .... Gordon makes my head hurt a little but that's just me. ... He can come up with interesting intel before he goes all UFO (Unidentified flailing object) on his audience sometimes.

I don't know about the common core math in the write-up. .. My calculator says 23 + 34 = 57 not 59.

Duff can be a couple of Tomahawks short of a full launch pattern on occasion.

Live Hard, Gordo May Have Taken A Couple Of Cruise Missiles Home To Sell Them On "VT Home Defense Weapons Friday", Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Jdhank's picture

Weekend RecaP;

IS blows up two Egyptian Coptic Christian churces on Palm Sunday....scores of Dead and maimed.

IS plows a Beer Truck through Swedish pedestrians...scores of Dead and Maimed.

IS attacks a US-Jordanian training facility in the Syrian border.

The Syrian military attacks IS throughout Syria.

The US attacks the Syrian military.

Does anyone (not named Hillary or McCain) see any logic in that?!?!?

Weakening Syria's military only strengthens IS.





veritas semper vinces's picture

Al Sissi was here and looks like he was not ready to kiss Jewmerica's ass,so few days after that,the terrrist attack.

The PM of Sweden said at UN that there is no real proof Assad did the CM attack-so boom ,ISIS attacks Sweden

US-Jordanian training facility attack is conviniently located for US invasion.

We are waiting now for a terrrist attack in Bolivia who made fun of Colin Powel and the Iraq invasion at the recent SC at UN(but maybe see eye ayyy does not have "help" there?)

Reaper's picture

Evil incarnate.  His wake is death.  Beginning on the Forrestal with 137 dead.  WWIII would be his finale.

Neochrome's picture

It was said that something is fundamentally wrong with people who witnessed horrors of the war firsthand, yet advocate war every chance they get. One of them was also Bob Dole who commented the finding that it wasn't Serbs who caused marketplace massacre with "It doesn't matter, they are responsible for the war so it is their fault." McStain adheres to that "logic" as well. They are people with whom you cannot reason nor talk. They are the hatred personified. When you talk about "evil in the world" it is them. You don't fight them with reason, but Holy Water and Fire. The fact that he is so "influential" in politics just tells you how broken and wrong this system is. Trump's promise of draining the swamp is recognition of this fact, but it just doesn't go far enough nor it even works the way Trump is doing it. Term limits would help, but it would also empower the deep state. It is clear that the only option left is a true revolution and building a new system from a ground up and on a different, just foundation. 

Berspankme's picture

Self loathing little sawed off fuckstick. He knows he was a songbird and he hates himself so everyone else must pay

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"It was said that something is fundamentally wrong with people who witnessed horrors of the war firsthand,"

its more than that.

One should never put your trust in anyone who has been tortured. It changes them in ways that those of us who have not experienced it cannot even imagine. Its the same reason you dont let victims of crimes determine the guilt or sentence of the accused.

Berspankme's picture

My dad landed at normandy and saw many many casualties. He was seriously wounded himself. Kindest gentlest man I have ever known

indio007's picture

So when is Russia or anyone else going to assassinate this asshole?

John McCain is a clear and eminent danger to anyone that doesn't want to die in a nuclear fire.


DuneCreature's picture

It isn't just McCain. ... There is a whole tribe of crazies behind this.

John McCain is like the vicious junkyard dog the Ass Wipes Inc family has chained up in the front yard barking and growling at anything or anyone passing by.

Just taking McCain out won't come close to fixing the problem.

Live Hard, Beware Of The Dog But Be Very Afraid Of The Dog Owners, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Internet-is-Beast's picture

LOL "Beware of the dog but be very afaid of the dog owners"