Assad Accused Of Dropping Incendiary Bombs In Idlib Days After US Strikes

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When we reported on Sunday night that ISIS forces had attacked a US-led base on southern Syria, we also pointed out that according to an unconfirmed report by Al Jazeera, the Assad regime had used the banned substance of White Phosphorus to attack rebel forces in the town of Idlib.

We further said that it would be an odd action for Assad to take, knowing full well the eyes of the world would be on him, and once pictures of the deadly substance are splayed across the front pages of the world's newspapers, it would only prompt further strikes against Assad, this time perhaps on a "decapitation" nature, focusing directly on Assad's presidential palace. Finally, we predicted "expect to hear much more about white phosphorus in the coming days: it will be the "catalyst" for the next round of Syrian airstrikes."

One day later, the white phosphorus is now, predictably, headline news, and we can add one more term to the pre-war dictionary: incendiary bombs, because that is what - at least according to the popular one-man propaganda operation run in the UK by Abdul Rahman, is what was used by Syrian or Russian warplanes in Syria over the weekend, just days after Trump launched 59 cruise missiles into Syria.

According to Reuters, which together with the gated Times of London picked up on the unconfirmed story, "Syrian or Russian warplanes dropped incendiary bombs on areas of Idlib and Hama provinces just days after a deadly gas attack in the region, activists and a monitoring group reported on Monday."

Well, make that one monitoring group: the same one which back in 2013 was responsible for the creation of the original YouTube video showing the "false flag" sarin gas attack, and which - unlike in 2017 - failed to provoke a military attack by the Obama regime.

For more details on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the man behind it, Abdul Rahman, read "Meet The Man Behind The Propaganda"

In any case, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights - whose information gathering network is seemingly better than that of any other newswire in the region - said Russian jets had used an incendiary substance called thermite in bombs they dropped over the towns of Saraqeb in Idlib and al-Latamenah in Hama, further south, on Saturday and Sunday.

There were some discrepancies and conflicting narratives, as always happens in the early stages when a new propaganda narrative is set, but hey: white phosphorus, thermite bombs, it will all look the same on the front page of the USA Today at the end of the day. 

Indeed, as Reuters notes, "a rescue worker in Saraqeb said warplanes had dropped phosphorus bombs there, but he had not heard of the use of thermite. He said use of phosphorus was not a new development. "It's normal, these are often used," said Laith Abdullah of the Syrian Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, a rescue group working in rebel-held areas."

That's ok, let's assume both were used for real shock value: that will practically guarantee another military strike against Assad.  After all, that's the whole point.

Videos posted on social media purportedly from Saraqeb on Sunday showed flaming materials hitting the ground and spreading large fires; and since by now it has become clear that any video of unknown origin is sufficient to serve a "proof", the plot of the white phosphorus/incendiary bombs was immediately latched on to by those desperate to be in good standing with the mainstream narrative.

Meanwhile, the Observatory said thermite had first been used in the Syrian conflict in June 2016 by the Syrian government.

And just to make the even more "credible", the objective "Observatory", operating out of the UK, reported the Syrian warplanes allegedly deploying the thermite took off from the same air base less than a day after the U.S. attack and carried out air strikes on rebel-held areas.  Just in case the US really need an incentive for a follow up strike...

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Who do the Syrians think they are defending their homeland?

Syria can't drop bombs in Syria, only the USA, France, Israel, etc, can drop bombs in Syria!

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Though shalt not kill but if false idol govt says its ok...well god agrees.



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I'd like to point out again, that since Assad is winning this war it makes absolutely no sense to do something like this.

The Juggernaut's picture

This is another False Flag event

FrozenGoodz's picture

This couldn't have happened because we shot some bottle rockets at runway and you can't repair ... wait

Pinto Currency's picture

Listen to Robert Steele talk about Israeli false flag air force operations



Israeli military confirms the use of white phosphorus bombs in the Gaza Strip

eforce's picture

Trump said he's do it again, Putin/Iran dare him... I think I need to start making a bunker.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Pentagon is crying because their "stealth" F-22s are being painted by Russian radar in Syria:

TheLastTrump's picture

source, Russia Insider.....


some of you people never met a piece of Russian propaganda that you didn't believe....



the adults will fix what you've broken, carry on

11b40's picture

Nice try, but check the sources again...You consider yourself one of the adults in the room?  Adult propagandists busy lying us into another war on the path to lay waste to another ME nation.

According to a Pentagon correspondent for the Stars and Stripes, 'US aircraft being tracked while they violate a sovereign nation's airspace' really annoys the Defense Department a lot. 

Tara Copp ?@TaraCopp

DOD says US, coalition jets still getting painted by Syrian/Russia air defense systems & remains a concern

12:22 PM - 10 Apr 2017

What are we talking about here? S-300s, S-400s, or maybe just boring ol' Russian radar? It doesn't matter — the point is that it is very concerning


Simply outrageous. It's almost as if Russian forces were invited to operate in Syria, while the US invited itself to the party — in violation of every basic tenet of international law. 


But what exactly does 'painted' mean — aside from 'Russian war crimes'?

We consulted with a trusted RI source who, once upon a time, worked on US military fire control radar. Here's his take:

Painted refers to radar beam crossing over something, like a paint brush. Most combat aircraft have a detection system that listens for radar. When it receives a signal, it analyzes it (frequency, pulse width, frequency changes, etc.) as well as the direction and intensity; it puts that all on a small screen in the cockpit so the aircrew knows it is being looked at, tracked or fired upon. You can tell if you are locked on and if a missile was fired on most anti aircraft systems.

So there you have it. 


Here's a fun take from the always-great Moon of Alabama:



Moon of Alabama @MoonofA

They are now flying F-22 over Syria and still get painted?
DOD finally admits that F-22 stealth is a sham? 

1:16 PM - 10 Apr 2017
U.S.-Led Force Reduces Attacks on ISIS in Syria After Airstrike

The precautionary move comes as commanders assess how Syria and Russia will respond to last week’s American missile strike on a Syrian air base.

mc888's picture

Stars and Stripes has been official .mil propaganda rag since WW2.

You're complaining that RI is reporting on it?

Go back to your communist indoctrination safe space, millenial dipshit.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

As I posted before when oil was at $46 or so that the wall street guys around Trump would want a back door bailout on their rig financing loses by warmongering and oil is now 53 or so. Congratulations. Recall the loans now and short oil and you will come out ahead Mr. Cohn and co.

detached.amusement's picture

 I'll bet we'd get a good chuckle if you enumerated what you consider to be propaganda vs not propaganda.

Care to entertain us?  LOL

fleur de lis's picture

Yes, the Israelis use white phosphorus with wild abandon.

Did they generously donate a supply of it to the Syrian serial killers?

How would the Syrians get their hands on it unless someone gave it to them. 

No way would the Israelis allow either Assad or the psycho rebels to keep a stash of it without permission from Tel Aviv.

Did the CIA, Mossad, MI5, etc., send advisors to show the Syrian serial killer morons how to use it?

After all, is there anyone who really belives that a gang of bad tempered, trigger happy, serial killers have the brains and self control to handle little things like sarin and white phosphorus?

There were more than enough videos filmed by the ISIS serial killers themselves, showing off their battlefield skills with complex guns only to jam them in the heat of the fignt and shoot each other.

This was yet another false flag set up by Western psychos to justify the destruction of Assad.



11b40's picture

White phosphorus is not illegal to use on enemy combatants, but it is illegal to target civillian populations.

Since these terrorists don't wear unifiorms, who is to say what/who the target was?  We sure as hell used a lot of it in VN....napalm, too.  Burned is burned, dead is dead.

Additionally, the Geneva Conventions only apply in a limited way to civil wars.  Look it up.

wren's picture

59 Tomahawk Missiles at $1.4 million each = 82,600,000

While our police keep incarcerating the same addicts over and over again and the jails letting them right back out, they end up breaking into more homes and stealing more stuff to support their addictions, while addicts beg for treatment but can't afford it, while our border still needs a lot of work to keep out the cartels, I can think of other places $82.6 million could have been spent. On prisons (not privately owned), on treatment programs, on border protection. But who cares that we have people dying here in the US when people are dying in the Middle East.

America First! Obviously Trump forgot about that!

Is there a world war on the horizon? I still think cooler heads will prevail. Actually, I think that everyone will bow down to the US bullying them and Big Oil, the Corporate Elite, and the Military Industrial Complex, and there won't be a war. All the while Monsanto will keep requiring our farmers to buy their genetically engineered seeds and Big Pharma will continue to convince everyone that they have a brain disorder and milk us for meds that we don't need.

I'm so glad we pay our politicians to set policy to kill us, while the Elite pay our politicians to kill us. Money well spent?

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

It does not matter if illegal or not the US said so and is backed by the ethically challenged largest military in the world by far. /s

Manthong's picture

Aw c’mon…

Assad didn’t do that.

Putin did.

Never One Roach's picture

...and Bush killed over a million people based on his WMD lies and Soweeto bin Bama just baout as what?

And then there's Hillary killing about 300,000 people in Libya.

Where's the MSM outrage?

Manthong's picture

Interesting thought…

Every American President since Reagan has killed more innocent people than Putin.


TheLastTrump's picture

Oh but there were WMD in Iraq....still were in 2014...but of course you don't care because then your stupid little leftist meme would be all brokee.

11b40's picture

Put up or shut up.  Where is your proof?  If there were in WMDs in Iraq that we could prove were there in 2002, bet your ass we would have known about them.  Every neocon and intel agency would have made very big deal out of it.

You are busy trying to sell a boatload of shit to people here who know better.

TheLastTrump's picture

Says you, I've heard different.

evoila's picture

even if true, doesn't matter since these are the same crap the US/Saudi use in Yemen, and israel used in Lebanon.  What's good for the goose...

TheLastTrump's picture

That's "thou shalt not murder". Dumbass.

HRClinton's picture

It's their own damn fault that they did not buy Incendiaires from the US or IDF. 

Amazon would've air shipped them for them to the desired address, using their drones. Free for Amazon members. Credit cards and PayPal accepted. 

Dominos will do same for after-party Pizzas. Be sure to use discount coupons on phone app.

I love the smell of crony Capitalism in the morning. Smells like... Usury.

SHADEWELL's picture


Every Cuntry should be allowed to use nerve gas on infant children to "defend" their "cuntry"

That fucking animal Assad, will pay for these crimes, maybe his teeth can be ripped out with a pliers one at a time, before locking him in a room, then filling it with Sarin gas


Whopper Goldberg's picture

Hey fucktard

Remember baby incubator story in Kuwait?

Never happened.

Gullible fucktards like you are a dime a dozen in your country,.

Jäger's picture

The Zio- trash has been using lies for years- remember the "Huns Raping Belgian Nuns" BS to get us involved in WWI? 

SHADEWELL's picture

evidently you welcome the gassing of infant babies, yes siree you are some "hero" propgandist, Putin is not getting his $14k worth of propaganda out of your carcASS

Whopper Goldberg's picture

When the Jews burn kids alive with White Phosphorous they actually have tail gate parties to watch.

And the USA govt and media does NOTHING

TheLastTrump's picture

You keep posting that. I don't think it means what you think it means.

SHADEWELL's picture

How does Kuwait change anything currently happening in Syria, with Ruissia implicitly allowing it to happen. do tell we await your response, or do i need to post in pictures in order for your brain stem to comprehend?

Whopper Goldberg's picture

I suggest you STFU you goddam piece of shit Americunt trash

The USA/Israeel has killed well over 20 milliion innocent people around the globe since 1960.

You are pure lying brainwashed FILTH 

But that is what happens when you are spawn of a crack whore nigger mother.


TheLastTrump's picture



keep going Shade, you got under his filthy skin a loooooong time ago

TheLastTrump's picture

I guarantee posters like you could care less about children. It drips from your words.

Whopper Goldberg's picture

When the Jews burn kids alive with White Phosphorous they actually have tail gate parties to watch.

And the USA govt and media does NOTHING

TheLastTrump's picture

You keep posting that. I don't think it means what you think it means.

SHADEWELL's picture
Boston Globe Report Sarin Gas By  GLOBE STAFF  APRIL 07, 2017



It rapidly fills the air around you. Within minutes, it will kill you. But you can’t see it, smell it, or taste it.

Specialists say those are the signs of an attack by the banned nerve agent sarin, suspected of being used in the bombing that killed scores of civilians this week in northern Syria. That attack prompted the US strikes on a Syrian air base Thursday night.

The first signs you’ve been exposed to deadly levels of sarin gas come within seconds as your eyes become itchy and tears suddenly begin to stream from them.

At the same time, you start to salivate uncontrollably, drooling and frothing at the mouth.

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Your vision blurs as your pupils constrict. Your nose starts to run as mucus flows into your upper airways, and you begin to sweat excessively.

You vomit and soil yourself. Your heart rate either speeds up or slows down. Confusion and exhaustion start to set in.

Your muscles weaken and start to twitch. The convulsions quickly become more and more violent.

If there are children around you, perhaps your own, you witness them suffer the same symptoms. Because the chemical’s effects overwhelm their smaller bodies at a faster rate, you might watch helplessly as they die.

Paralysis strikes your lung muscles at about the same time as the heavy flow of mucus and saliva clogs your bronchial tubes and fills your lungs.

You cannot breathe.

Finally, you suffocate and die.

“It’s a pretty demeaning way to die,” said Rudy J. Richardson, a toxicology professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. Your body loses control of a cascading number of voluntary and involuntary functions, setting them into overdrive until your body can’t handle it, and then “everything just pretty much shuts down.”

And it all happens within a couple or several minutes, depending on the concentration of sarin gas that you are exposed to.

“It’s really, really fast from exposure to death,” said Laxmikant S. Deshpande, a neurology professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine. “Sarin is extremely potent. It is one of the most lethal compounds that’s out there.”

The Turkish Health Ministry has said that the poison that killed and injured scores of people, including children, in Syria this week was sarin gas. In 2013, hundreds of people in Syria were killed in a sarin attack.

Once exposed to the chemical, the odds of survival are slim.

You would need medical help to arrive quickly. Their ability to reach you would be difficult.

Because the man-made gas is heavier than air, it settles quickly and can take sometimes several hours before it clears away, especially in confined areas or if there is little wind.

A person would have to have head-to-toe protection and a special mask to safely enter an area where sarin gas had just been deployed.

Holding your breath wouldn’t matter. The nerve agent would absorb into your body in other ways — through your eyes, even through your skin.

“It is a nasty, nasty chemical,” Deshpande said.

“There’s really nothing you can do,” Richardson said.

If by some miracle, medical personnel were able to reach you, you might need repeated doses of medication to try to counteract the symptoms and could be on artificial ventilation, perhaps for weeks.

If you survive that, you might be left with permanent brain damage.


Matt Rocheleau can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @mrochele.


Stay updated, right in your news feed.
Lurk Skywatcher's picture

"Because the man-made gas is heavier than air, it settles quickly and can take sometimes several hours before it clears away, especially in confined areas or if there is little wind.

A person would have to have head-to-toe protection and a special mask to safely enter an area where sarin gas had just been deployed."


" i need to post in pictures in order for your brain stem to comprehend?"

Can you show those pictures? You know, the ones showing those brave unprotected White Helmets rushing to the aid of the children suffering from Sarin and yet not falling over dead too?

You are so fucking stupid you just destroyed your own position when trying to enforce it.

I guess you are just speaking from experience.

"If you survive that, you might be left with permanent brain damage."

Laddie's picture

HH I am sure you remember GHW Bush bombing Iraq in was it 1981, somewhere around there, and in fact Saddam was RIGHT, Kuwait was SLANT DRILLING and stealing Iraqi oil. But the teenage female got before congress and the whole nation was watching as she told of Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and then taking the incubators back to Iraq.
Then GW Bush, a foul as swine as has ever existed, said Saddam had WMD. Well Saddam bent over backward and allowed in UN Inspectors and more and all they did was feed Iraqi defense information back to GW Bush and the rest of the Criminal Enterprise.

Bashar al-Assad is a decent guy, YES he is TOUGH, but in today's world a man has to be tough. He is a very spiritual man. As an Alawite he celebrates both Christmas and Easter. It may be the only true version of Islam extant. He is a WHITE MAN, with a beautiful wife and lovely children. He is an ophthalmologist!

Bashar al-Assad & Family Photo

The EVIL that is the Enemy of Humanity, these BLOOD SUCKERS are responsible for the destruction of the Middle East when they STOLE the land of the inhabitants of the area for over a thousand years, the Palestinians, and since, they have DESTROYED olive groves that date back to the time of Christ.

And they have LOOTED us:
In 2003 the cost of Israel to US Taxpayers was THREE TRILLION DOLLARS!

They are the originators of the BIG LIE TECHNIQUE, which they blame on a man who CONDEMNED it and said it was THEIR technique.

Peter Hitchens on #GasHoax: “Assad is Not Insane”

Something is Not Adding Up In Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack

Frankly we were SUCKERED by the Tribe, I guess I just wasn't cynical enough. I thought he has 3 adult children and 2 of them married THE ENEMY, well now we know we cannot vote our way out of this. I recommend all readers check out HH's article on getting a bit of an arsenal set up.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

My bet or hope anyways if it was anything it was the Russians using thermobaric bombs. Trump the assklown ( who I have fully supported but needs to give his fukking head a shake ) obviously fell for the oldest trick in the book ( a bazooka joe comic disguised as an intelligence report ). This is on his stupidity. HE should have known better.


Now he's on the balls of his feet and the neo cons and the media are moving in for the kill. If he doesn't diffuse this bomb, and quick, the BEST CASE scenario will be a limited exchange of fire ( which I hope results in a coalition ship and or plane(s) going down ). Then the west backing the fukk off.

Sanity Bear's picture

they can drop bombs that give a big hug to everyone in the blast radius...

MaxThrust's picture

"Syria can't drop bombs in Syria, only the USA, France, Israel, etc, can drop bombs in Syria!"

Its funny how we sometimes miss the most simplistic of explainations.

Only the MIC controlled countries are allow to drop bombs on other people, their own governments are not allowed.

Its a bit like the prohibition of Nuclear weapons. Only the countries with large millitary industries can have nulcear warheads because if others were to get then, conventional arms sales might dry up.

The geneva convention bands the use of a hollow point rifle projectile because it causes too much damage when it strikes the soldier. Of course an artillary round is harmless to said soldier so is allowed.

Deathrips's picture

The public is programmed to repeat whatever like Parrots. This is a dangerous time when there is mob rule and the mob is regularly programmed by Zios.


Leave Syria Alone You filthy zionists.