Postal Service Suspended In Swedish "No-Go" Zone Because It's "Not Safe"

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Last night we noted that, rather than help police arresting a suspect in Friday's horrendous terrorist attack in Stockholm, migrant residents of the suburb of Rinkeby apparently decided instead to pelt the arresting officers with rocks.  Of course, the incident was just one more example of the unintended consequences of Sweden's 'open border' policies and a direct contradiction of arguments from senior Swedish officials that would suggest that the influx of migrants hasn't made towns like Rinkeby any less safe. 

That said, less than 24 hours later, the Swedish postal service has been forced to suspend service to Rinkeby after declaring the area "unsafe" for workers.  So if the no-go zones in Sweden are simply 'fake news', as the mainstream media would suggest, perhaps they should give the 'all clear' to Rinkeby's postal workers who are refusing to even go outside. 


Here is more on the situation from MITTI:

The reason is that it is not considered safe for postal staff to deliver the mail at some locations in the area.


It's been messy in the area and therefore a protective stop to ensure the safety of our staff, says Maria Ibsen, press officer at PostNord.


She says that they currently do not know how long the protective stop will continue. But the dialogue with several parties and hope to be able to solve.


Björn Schenholm, property manager at Einar Mattsson, who manage the properties in Hjulsta, estimates that about 120 households affected by the stoppage.

Of course, we don't suspect you'll read about this service interruption from any MSM outlets as they're too busy fulfilling their obligations to suppress 'inconvenient' facts that may hinder their pro-globalist agendas.


That said, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven did tell a Swedish news agency that he was "frustrated" by the news that last week's terrorist attack was carried out by a migrant who wasn't even supposed to be in the country.  It's a small admission but the first step is admitting you have a problem. 

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That darn Trump is right again.

ACP's picture

PostNord is the name of the post office?

They couldn't be more right about that...Sweden is definitely Post-Nord.

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Sweden just needs to establish more safe spaces. Easy.

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If you like your Sharia law, you can keep your Sharia law.

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How are the poor people in those areas going to receive their fat welfare checks?

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Yep, just like the "no-go" zones around Paris where law enforcement will not go.

This is another example of wussie euroweeie gov'ts giving in to the Muzzies who will not ever assimilate.

Hey, euroweenies, how about growing some balls and going in there and taking your country back!

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Hey... psst.... hey... Swede  males... psst... (no one's lookin'... it's safe to look this way... no, don't worry, no one can see you... I promise...)  I know it's stating the obvious, but... PROTECT YOUR FUCKING WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Real reason to stop mail delivery is cannot find postal carrier that is can pronounce "Hjulsta".

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Soon there will be a muslim postal service. 

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"She says that they currently do not know how long the protective stop will continue. But the dialogue with several parties and hope to be able to solve"


Thats fucking hilarious. Good luck with that "dialogue". "Will you guys stop attacking the postal workers and allow them to deliver your mail/welfare checks, and maybe start to assimilate?" "No, we won't. And don't think this absolves you of your duty to deliver us our mail or we will riot. Now get out of our neighborhood before a dozen of us fuckstart your face"


Thats about how I see that going. They are truly fucked over there. They can't even deliver the fucking mail to these neighborhoods, and they STILL keep importing more of them.


kbohip's picture

They can't protect them.  They made the YUGE mistake of making them their leaders.  The women did what women do.  Invite and try to make friends at all costs.  The consequences of that to a country are devestating.  

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Now that Sweden has it's own Gaza maybe they can make it easier for Israel and take all of the Palestinians. Keep those "beautiful babies" happy.

Imagine how fast Sweden will be taken over by jihadis once there is a critical mass.

Bobbyrib's picture

That is probably the point, unless they have direct deposit.

SoDamnMad's picture

FedEx will deliver using an MRAP with a M249 on top.  "When it absolutely, positively has to get there, we open fire"

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Really? I didn't hear him bawling over ,this beautiful baby,!

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The Orlando Shooter was Muslim.
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The September 11th, 2001, airplane hijackers were Muslims.
Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
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Where ever they go, you end up with... Gimmegrants, crimigrants, jihadigrants and rapeugees !!!!

vato poco's picture

irrelevant hate facts. means nothing. noticing all that stuff is raciss.

RattieNomNom's picture

no no no... it cant be..  ach..

Dutch Knight's picture

Islam is not the problem. The wrong genes is the problem

Free Spirit's picture

Yeah, he´s right about what has happened or will happen in Sweden. Sometimes he gets confused and has a problem to differentiate between what has happened and what will happen but his info seems to be very accurate. No wonder, since he´s getting the exclusive information straight from his pals in Syria. 

Raffie's picture

Need the military to PURGE an CLEANSE the NO-GO zone.

Ghordius's picture

which military? the Swedish, I presume?


but go on, give the link of something that is reporting on this "no go" and "no postal service" thing in Sweden that is not re-publishing it from assorted sites known for lots of... humbug

if you don't believe me, whip up your favourite search engine and note how, after a few related websites... nobody at all is reporting on something Sweden itself seems to be completely oblivious about, yet

while you do that, note how this specific nexus of websites seem to be more and more related to each other

have a good day

Lorca's Novena's picture

Is the video of the truck running over innocent white children also "fake news". Are the people living there doing skype and jootube videos only CGI?

Mr. Universe's picture

While I would agree it is almost impossible to tell up from down right now and that the propaganda is freely flowing, uh there is an issue here...

nobody at all is reporting on something Sweden itself seems to be completely oblivious about

Yeah, that's the plan. The police don't report or do their job, the media ignores it, and the government covers it up. You are surprised we don't hear about it? Go back to putting your head in the sand, everything is awesome.

CaptainObvious's picture

Yeah, let's import a bunch of 7th century bloodthirsty honor-killing raping mooching religious fanatics into our egalitarian Scandinavian paradise.  What could possibly go wrong?

techpriest's picture

I think the "egalitarian paradise" is what kicked off the insanity to begin with.

bruno_the's picture

What could go wrong? FALSE FLAGS. Critical thinking disabled .. 

Bad movie script. And you eat it (or pretend to).

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Sweden needs to go postal on the race invaders stat.

Lore's picture

I'm inclined to agree. The people must cut through their statist programming and see things as they are. And it needs to happen very soon, before too many migrants become established, else the globalist psychopaths will have created another failed state and ruined a once-proud and beautiful people.

Every last one needs to be deported.  Send them to Merkel.  She likes them. 

vato poco's picture

burn them out. drive em into the sea. all of them.

nothing else will work. time to harden your hearts, swedes. and frenchies. and krauts. and dagos. etc etc

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just place a call to mr trump

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Fuck Sweden, their chicks have square faces and smelly crotches.

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Mrs Pickled Herring Crotch does not like being made fun of.

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Fuck Sweden, their chicks have square faces and smelly crotches.


I don't know about Swedish girls, but I can tell you first hand about Norwegian woman. (I was there only three months.) They eat a lot of fish and grains, and not much in the way of red meat.

This means they don't have much body odor.  My girlfriends were typical in that they didn't even use deodorant, because no strong odor.  They would laugh at me when I used deodorant. Consider that it is cold, so that is another thing to keep the B.O. down.

You would think fish would make their pussy smell and taste fishy, but that is not the case.

There are many beautiful swedish women, the reason they are acting out is because they have been "liberated" with the vote and womens lib.  White men gave them that. Stop worshiping women and giving them everything they want. 

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The ridiculous swedish pussy government shows it quite clear:

women belong into kitchen or bed.

Nowhere else.

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You should join MEDLBILLS and all hardline patriarchy misogynistic males in Middle East, that's where you will find like minded cavemen to live with.

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Misogynistic males belong in Middle East or in the sea.

Nowhere else.

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The problems are Globalist Socio-Fascism and Islam, not "women."

But go ahead and keep trying to poison the well. ZHers can spot a schmuck.

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wow. are you serious with the women stuff or are u dicking around?


im asking because intellects dont really say shit like that...

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"Women also need to vacate the work force - they are not happy in a mans world"

Who give you the right to say if women is happier now or before? What gives you the right to say that world belong to men?

In the cavemen time, the world maybe men's but in modern society cavemen like you have no right to be here as you are extremely unhappy because we women are happier with choices. Modern first world society exist because of rights that's given to all citizens of the say society, we don't hold back half of our members like those 3rd world countries in Middle East.

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It is your conception of nice chicks, who would not date with you for some unspecified reason.

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Islam is incongruent with Western civilization.... The only recourse is to remove them all and let them live among themselves back in the 7th Century....

MrSteve's picture

What we have here in Sweden is a clear demonstration of

the rule of flaw.

tuetenueggel's picture

Your politicians ordered exactly what you got.

Any complaines pls directly to them + your pussy government.

SantaClaws's picture

"postal workers . . . are refusing to even go outside."  A literal translation of PostNord must be "Fort Apache."