So Many Triggers

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Authored by Jeff Thomas via,

It’s not a story that’s likely to appear on the evening news, but it certainly should.

Deutsche Bank has announced that it will create more shares, selling them at a 35% discount. Existing shareholders have not been pleased and, in the first four days since the offer was announced, the value of existing shares dropped by 13% as shareholders began dumping them.

So why on earth would Germany’s foremost bank do something so rash? Well, in recent years, the bank has been involved in many arbitrations, litigations, and regulatory proceedings as a result of fraudulent activities, including the manipulation of markets. Having been found guilty, they presently owe $7.2 billion to the US Department of Justice and are now facing an additional $10 billion litigation bill. Unfortunately, the bank is already broke and, should Deutsche actually be able to sell the new shares, the $8.6 billion they hope to receive will still not save them from bankruptcy.

Business has also not been so good. They’ve lost nearly $2 billion in the last two years, instituted a hiring freeze, cut bonuses by 80%, and are facing a $2.5 million civil penalty to pay to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for failure to report transactions and, not surprisingly, have been downgraded.

The German government has stated that they will not bail out Deutsche and, indeed, under the EU agreement, they cannot do so. It’s safe to say that Germany’s largest bank will soon go the way of the dodo.

For those who don’t live in Europe, this may not seem all that significant. However, Deutsche is the bank that funds the euro system, which they can now no longer do. Further, Deutsche is ten times larger than Lehman Brothers, an American bank that famously went down in 2008, heralding in that year’s economic crash. (Ninety percent of Deutsche’s revenue has been from derivative trading, which is what brought down Lehman.)

Upon the collapse of Deutsche Bank, four major US banks would be expected to become insolvent in a matter of days. The ripples would then continue to spread outward into the economic system as a whole.

Now for the Bad News

For many years, I’ve made repeated reference to the fact that the Western powers have been headed south economically, repeatedly relying on strategies that would provide short-term gain but would ultimately create long-term pain. They’ve been remarkably consistent and steadfast in this trend and, at this point, Deutsche is merely the latest trigger that may bring down the system. The other potential triggers are as serious as they are diverse.

  • Recently, foreign governments have been selling US Treasuries back into the US market at the fastest rate in history (indicating their belief in a future devaluation of the dollar).

  • The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 was intended to legally end the possibility of quantitative easing. It did, however legalise the bail-in, authorizing banks to confiscate (steal) deposits. In other countries where a bail-in has been introduced, governments additionally seized pension funds, retirements, etc., often paying for them either with stocks in a failing bank or a bond, then defaulting on the bond.

  • The stock market is in a larger bubble than in 2008 and is overdue for a crash.

  • Bonds are in their largest bubble in history and are also overdue for a crash.

  • Derivatives, which triggered the last major crash, are now at a higher level than in 2007, indicating yet another overdue trigger.

  • Much of the world is moving away from the petrodollar, which is significantly responsible for the continued hegemony of the US dollar internationally. Many countries now routinely effect payment for fuel in other currencies.

  • Russia has recently announced the creation of its own SWIFT system (as did China not long ago), making it possible for them to effect international payments without the need to go through SWIFT in Brussels, which is largely controlled by the US.

  • On 15th March, the US hit its debt ceiling and can no longer legally continue to borrow money. It’s estimated that the money remaining in the Treasury will be exhausted on 1st June. After that point, if major money transfusions do not take place, the US government ceases to fund itself, its many agencies, and its entitlements. (There apparently is no plan in place that could provide sufficient funding.)

These are just a few select high points, and there are quite a few other triggers out there, any of which, if pulled, would serve to collapse the economy very quickly. And the list keeps growing.

The question is not “if” but “when.” In the end, it will matter little which trigger it will be, as, like a string of firecrackers, when one explodes, a chain reaction is set off. Therefore, anyone who is dependent in a significant way upon the government, financial institutions, and/or markets of any of the major Western powers is likely to understandably feel like the fellow in the photo above.

Are There Any Good News?

There may be, but only for those who are able to extricate themselves from the systems in the previous paragraph.

Those who remove their money from banks (both deposits and safe deposit boxes) may stand a better chance of not losing it.

Those who have a pension can expect to lose the income, but those who have an IRA or similar fund can transfer it into a gold IRA in a foreign country that’s less exposed to the Western powers.

Those who own stocks and bonds can choose to liquidate them and invest the proceeds in real estate and precious metals in a country that’s less likely to be affected.

Those who live in an affected country can expect to be facing, at best, civil unrest following a crash and, possibly, riots or even revolutionary activities. But those who secure alternate legal residency and/or a physical address abroad may be able to step away from the fray before it impacts them directly.

At this point, the writing is most vividly on the wall. The degree to which the individual is spared the effects of the coming debacle will depend directly upon the degree to which he has removed himself from the system beforehand.

*  *  *

The truth is, the world’s financial systems are sick and dying. For years, governments and central bankers have kept these unstable institutions alive with little more than economic witchcraft. Now they’re quickly running out of spells… We are now on the cusp of an unparalleled global economic meltdown. This looming disaster will be far worse than the 2008 financial crisis. Many people will lose everything. The good news is you can take concrete steps to “opt out” of the chaos. New York Times best-selling author Doug Casey and his team put together this urgent video with all the details. Click here to watch it now.

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Donald Trump (not verified) Apr 10, 2017 6:01 PM

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Maybe we'll make a documentary about these characters.

Meawhile there's one about Assange:

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Wait a minute, somethings wrong here...

Russia has recently announced the creation of its own SWIFT system (as did China not long ago), making it possible for them to effect international payments without the need to go through SWIFT in Brussels, which is largely controlled by the A. The privately owned Federal Reserve B. International Banksters C. Jews D. All of the above

fixed it.

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Donald Trump (not verified) Mr. Universe Apr 10, 2017 6:09 PM

Would you mind be so kind to ad BRICS into that equation?

And soon Iran might join them.

No wonder zionists foam at the mouth whenever they hear about Russia and it's new deals.


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Who's the poor bastard in the foto?

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Donald Trump (not verified) Lucky Leprachaun Apr 10, 2017 6:03 PM

Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr.

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If all of this is true, perhaps that's why they need a large scale or even global war.

Death throes of a giant.

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Boom, Boom... thud.

Oh, it was you?

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These triggers have been sitting there ticking for 10 years...the only info needed is what day week or month one of em blows

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Be careful not to farff too loudly in elevators.








Extra Credit.:

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Not sure where one can go to sit this one out. Most everything is interconnected. If China, et al, have a plan B that doesn't include the US then I could see various countries around the world that might be OK after a short period of time. The US is cooked either way, primarily because of the arrogant nitwits in congress who are clueless outside of running their own personal graft. They'll fuck up any plan B put in front of them.

I would be a bit concerned if I was an expat in any of these countries and received my income in US dollars. Not sure that conversion is going to work out in their favor for much longer, hard to say though.

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Everything you wanted to know about "THE TRIGGER" but were afraid to ask!...

Larry Summer's making Glass Steagall "disapper" 1999...

2008 $700 billion bailout with "more printing" for GM & Pals followed by "Frank n Dodd", followed by ZIRP QE1... QE2.... QE3... QE4...

ALL "DONE" 2012!!!

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I love it. To hear these guys tell it, NOW is the perfect time to leave a country where you can buy food cheap, live cheap in the boonies, and buy guns out the go to Exotic Foreign Locales where the natives don't know you, likely envy you, possibly hate your guts, usually leaving you defenseless, paying for your new lifestyle in a currency that they themselves say is a dead man walking.

Sounds like a plan. A plan concocted by an imbecile with a death wish.

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Man, you said it!  Where else are you going to go, where the locals aren't goingto drag your bloddy body through the streets and cheer about it?

In America, you at least have a fighting chance!  If your not a puss, you can at least defend yourself.  In other countries, the bad guys only have the guns; there, you get to have your fiat stolen, your wife raped, children enslaved (cops likely in on the take) all while your tied up and get to watch.... because CITIZENS IN FOREIGN LANDS CANNOT OWN FIREARMS.

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Apr 10, 2017 6:55 PM

Let it crash.  Then we can reset without jew treachery/deceit.

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So...I guess we're in for a very very unhappy ending to what's been up to this point a fairly enjoyable ride.  If that don't beat all.

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I just look at the author and see "Internationalman" and so I know its not worthy reading.

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