South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border

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While the catalyst is unclear, it appears the market dropped as headlines of further sanctions against Russia appeared and reports of China deploying 150,000 troops to its North Korea border.

According to Korean news agency Chosun, the "Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances." The reason: the prospect of "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.

More Google translated:

As the United States announced its independent North Korean behavior and moved the United States Navy's nuclear-powered Calvinus (CVN-70) carrier class to Singapore, the Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.


"The report said. It is because of the prospect of taking "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, just as the United States has launched an air raid on Syria.


Japan's Sankei Shimbun reported on the 9th that the Syrian missile strike in the United States shocked China, suggesting that the People's Liberation Army forces are moving toward the Yalu River, .


The newspaper said the video was also broadcast on the Internet, but the authorities removed the relevant information, saying the move was a medical and aft support unit for the Shenyang bulb (the northern light bulb)

Another possible catalyst is a report by Russia's interfax that Moscow is preparing for more sanctions, and has warned local air companies about a possible suspension of charter flights with Tu


Whatever the catalyst, the reaction is clear:

Dropping stocks below the levels right before Syrian airstrikes began...


The Dow is back at crucial support at the 50--day moving average...


Taking everything but Trannies back into the red for the day.

Gold is bid back over $1250 as USDJPY suddenly plunges.

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FreeShitter's picture

Ive been told these mushroom clouds are going be yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge, yuuuuuuuge im telling ya

NugginFuts's picture

They're gonna be amazing! They'll be beautiful, I gotta tell ya. You just won't believe how bigly big these mushroom clouds will be. 

Bay of Pigs's picture

If accurate, I don't believe China has done anything like this since the Korean War.

Probably nothing, right? (Sarc)

Omen IV's picture

so in 24 hours they can mobilize 150,000 troops - give them a week and it could be 2 million.


and the US is playing games with these people  -  whether they support US effort or not in Korea  - the world is not the way Washington DC sees it and much more dangerous to unseen risks with US missteps

Volkodav's picture

        chines can mobilize much greater 24 hour





Snout the First's picture

Didn't the Chinese invade Vietnam back in the late seventies?

HRClinton's picture

Mushroom cloud? You mean... WORSE than Fukushima?

yogibear's picture

Even WWIII could not force stocks to go down these days.

Central Bank algos bid up stocks no matter what.

In fact WWIII would ramp up defense stock. As long as the exchange computers remain powered up.

Nothing can cause stocks to crash anymore.

NugginFuts's picture

Hmmmm let's see.... if a company's product is made in China and we are no longer receiving said product from China, how does that company still make money?

GiveMeStrength's picture

It's a good point, but the only obvious answer is to sell that product elsewhere.

spanish inquisition's picture

Cue passenger plane shoot down in 5..4..3...

donefuhkingaround's picture

war will continue until morale improves

FreeShitter's picture

Wage growth will continue to suffer until the sheep improve their morale!

ipso_facto's picture

C'mon it's only civilization on the line.  What a fitting catalyst, North Korea!

Masaix's picture
Masaix (not verified) Apr 10, 2017 11:02 AM

Sadly, I think regional nuclear conflicts will be needed to wipe out the current problem of overpopulation in the world.

yogibear's picture

That's what Bill Gates was hoping for. Wiping out billions in a week.

Manipulism's picture

His euthanastic daddy would be in tears of joy.

hongdo's picture

Help em out.  Buy yourself some rat poison.

tmosley's picture

There is no overpopulation, just a pitiful underutilization of thorium and nuclear "waste" that could be powering indoor farm skyscrapers. There is enough energy available to convert the entire 3D crust into living and growing spaces, and colonize the solar system besides, and that is just from what is in the crust and FISSIONABLE. Once we crack fusion, the Hubble volume is the limit.

HRClinton's picture

Full Type I civilization, Mr. Kardashev?  

And you thought I knew Jack. 

My Jewish son-in-law says that his People are aiming for being the Overlords of a Type I civilization, and then evolving to becoming gods in a Type II. Others see themselves as gods already.

What do you ZH and your people see yourself as?  Offgrid Peppers?  Sounds exciting and bold.

Ghordius's picture

+1 and a standing ovation, tmosley

LawsofPhysics's picture

If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts we would all have a merry Christmas...

Get back to us when we "crack fusion"

Good to see an optimist, but technology development is expensive AND resource intensive.

I'd be happy to simply see humanity making better choices with the resources it has access to now...

Unfortunately, moral hazard and entropy are a real motherfucker.

Adahy's picture

Hahahahaha! We have learned enough from modern science to know that none of that is going to happen. You will get fusion power when you get warp drives and teleportation, *chuckle*
This is it. This is what we have to work with. Take care of it or perish. Good stewards and all that.

Gentle-Giant's picture

Maybe you get lucky and it will in your region.....

Masaix's picture

Highly unlikely. It will probably be in the regions of Middle East and North Korea. After this, there would be widespread disease, lack of water and food, and increased conflicts for a while. Then we can rebuild the system with a more solid understanding.

neversink's picture

It will end humanity!!!!!

HRClinton's picture

Is that so bad, if we can't end man's perpetual inhumanity to man and nature?

If we refuse to evolve and are hellbent on wrecking the planet, then it's time that the sky gods, Skynet/ AI or our nukes end us all.

The sociopaths at the top are far worse than the psychopaths at the bottom. One is a lot easier to prosecute and convict than the other, as you might have learned. ("Lock her up!")

SwiffFiffteh's picture

Yes, if everyone dies, it will be fucking bad. JFC.

Your "solution" to "man's perpetual inhumanity to man" is for man to cease to exist?

"Look how they keep killing each other, it's so terrible! They all need to die"


As for "man's inhumanity to nature", don't make me laugh. When it comes to pure destructive power, we can't hold a candle to nature. Nature is a system where everything is eating everything else, all of the time, interspersed with the occasional mass extinction event.


Adahy's picture

Balance and destruction are two different things.
You should spend more time in nature.

GiveMeStrength's picture

If 10% of the populace own half the money, then why are 15% of the global populace starving?


Unlimited wants - Limited Resources / Greed = War Quotient.

Consuelo's picture



The 36 Strategems.


"Make a sound in the East, strike in the West..."

serotonindumptruck's picture

Was unfamiliar with this. Had to look it up. Thanks.

I personally like:

"Hide a knife behind a smile."

SwiffFiffteh's picture

But there is also:


Befriend a distant state and strike a neighbouring one

chicken_goose's picture

If this is true Gold should gap up to at least $1500 right now. It's way undervalued atm given all this geopolitical risk.

order66's picture

It dropped because there were sellers at the upper end of current value. Nothing more.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Why throw reasonable logic at an emotional issue.   Those of us who refuse to bring emotion to the markets will be the best preppers,

Bay of Pigs's picture

Sellers of paper by algorithms controled by CB's, their surrogates like JPM, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and the ESF. There, fixed it for you.

Atomizer's picture

¤¤ indeed true. ¤¤

Sickening. Should of voted for Hillary if this was the plan. Curruption, MIC, and CIA wars. Trump is no different. I really worked so hard to sell up on my own dime. What a mistake. 


Your a discrace in Syria bombing. Let me repeat, a fucking discrace. You didn't take out one ISIS terrorist. 

Snaffew's picture

"Stocks slide"...why did they go up in the first place?  Body disposal companies are about to IPO

small axe's picture

going to be hell to pay when the Seals take out Archduke Kim Jong Un

LawsofPhysics's picture

Not if the Chicoms do it first...


interesting times.

Snaffew's picture

Seal team 6 comprised of 5'2" Americans disguised as North Koeans captured at border and forced to clip Kim Jong Un's toenails with rubber balls strapped to their mouths...Film at 11

HRClinton's picture

Godspeed to 5'8" Francis X from Burns OR, on Seal Team, on USS Carl Vinson.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Interesting, maybe Trump made a "deal"...

Snaffew's picture

"Do you have any hearts?"...."Go Fish!"

adampeart's picture

Maybe Trump and Xi secretly agreed that the little fat man being put in the grave would be the best option of mutual benefit.

mkkby's picture

Morons, NO WAY China is threatening Kim.  China is PROTECTING him.  China asserts regional dominance and is not going to allow the US another base ON THEIR BORDER.

Recent history -- Trump attacks Syria and brags to Xi over dinner.  Trump moves carrier group to NK.  China moves troops to border.

Chess game -- China takes Senakai islans.  China defended NK with blood in korean war.