South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border

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While the catalyst is unclear, it appears the market dropped as headlines of further sanctions against Russia appeared and reports of China deploying 150,000 troops to its North Korea border.

According to Korean news agency Chosun, the "Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances." The reason: the prospect of "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.

More Google translated:

As the United States announced its independent North Korean behavior and moved the United States Navy's nuclear-powered Calvinus (CVN-70) carrier class to Singapore, the Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.


"The report said. It is because of the prospect of taking "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, just as the United States has launched an air raid on Syria.


Japan's Sankei Shimbun reported on the 9th that the Syrian missile strike in the United States shocked China, suggesting that the People's Liberation Army forces are moving toward the Yalu River, .


The newspaper said the video was also broadcast on the Internet, but the authorities removed the relevant information, saying the move was a medical and aft support unit for the Shenyang bulb (the northern light bulb)

Another possible catalyst is a report by Russia's interfax that Moscow is preparing for more sanctions, and has warned local air companies about a possible suspension of charter flights with Tu


Whatever the catalyst, the reaction is clear:

Dropping stocks below the levels right before Syrian airstrikes began...


The Dow is back at crucial support at the 50--day moving average...


Taking everything but Trannies back into the red for the day.

Gold is bid back over $1250 as USDJPY suddenly plunges.

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mavenson's picture

So if China will 'handle' NK, and Russia has drawn it's line in the sand, Trump is in a position where any kind of further moves puts the US solely responsible for whatever ensues. Other possibility is China has worked out a deal to let the US in on some action in NK... but why would they want or need that? Unlikely. They will more likely tell the US to F off, as did Russia, so the US can either focus domestically and eat their problems, or instigate further and give no question as to who is the asshole.

LKG's picture

Well said. At least Somedoby here is thinking

SilverBird's picture

Our country will "eat" nothing. Wake up from your eight year coma & smell the coffee. Don't think you know this president. The assholes are whomever thinks this administration will have it's legs in the air like Obama.

scatha's picture

Stock market runs on fake news and is itself a fake news. Where is Google Big brother to tell the truth and fack check those mofos.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

The FED probably owns half of google.

Joebloinvestor's picture

China will commence live fire excercise on all fleeing DNK oppression and doom.

China should just stomp a six foot mud hole in DNK and take out the fat little queer.

ogretown's picture

North Korea, almost totally underdeveloped. 25 million people, most of them very, very, very thin who are ruled by Sponge Bob - a man who is very, very obese. Loads of minerals waiting to be discovered, a long coastline facing the Sea of Japan. China is all about expansion and creating new consumers, while at the same time stockpiling resources. This might be the perfect time for China to annex North Korea, with the blessing of *most* of the main actors in the it would be under the guise of world peace.  Of course there would be rabid, war-thirsty nutbars like McCain who would want to nuke China for making the world just a little bit safer.

Laughing.Man's picture

China should annex North Korea since they practically run the place.  Another benefit would be the official end the Korean war.

nah's picture

Chinese war against the US is unreasonable.
They have islands and relationships to protect, global trade has been and continues to be a boon to the Chinese people.
Guess they are closing up shop on the world lol

just the tip's picture

if NK is such a problem, why hasn't the CIA dispatched their mercs?  why hasn't fatso barrell bombed his citizens?  why hasn't fatso used chemical weapons on this citizens? 

ok, no ragheads want to put a natural gas pipeline through NK.

but they haven't used any other langley formula driven optics.  maybe NK is a nut the CIA can't crack.  i may be rooting for NK in this fight.

while in korea, i always thought china viewed SK looking west, or to the east looking west or whatever the fuck the reference is, on their own contintent as an insult.  and they were not going to let anything happen to dear leader in order to prevent a common border.  i'm wondering if these 150K are not a personal escort for fatso to retire to some forbidden city in mancuhria.  rub is, so many in NK are in positions that will be lost, it's not going to be a simple one off action.

i'm wondering if the carrier group is the carrot and these 150K are the real stick.

mkkby's picture

Simple -- China is NOT going to let the US have a military base on their border.  Either they invade NK and rule it (unlikely), or they protect little kim.

SK is a US military base, and allowing that on their border is unacceptable.  Any further US expansion in their region is unacceptable.

This is how chess works, morons.  Stopping the US from further expansion is the goal.

SwiffFiffteh's picture

From "further expansion?" Yeah, look at us expansionists, all the way over on the other side of the globe trying to make Korea into the "58th" state as if Canada didn't exist, or Mexico didn't exist, or everything south of Mexico didn't exist....


Han Cholo's picture

Who knows, that 150K could be to stop a flood of NORK's flowing across the border into China once Kim is taken out along with the top brass. Besides which, just taking out the head, the NORK's need full on de-programming. They are by and large brainwashed and it is going to take a couple geneartions to fully bring them into the fold; assuming humanity lasts that long at this pace..

Hannibal's picture
Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons.

The Western media refutes their  own lies.

Not only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons, they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret “US-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime”

SwiffFiffteh's picture

Hah. So an article claiming the Obama admin trained Al Quaeda in the use of chemical weapons, so that the rebels would deploy said weapons and the admin could blame it on Assad as a pretext to attack....but when chem weapons were used and it was widely blamed on Assad, Obama did nothing, which is kinda bizarre if the whole point was to set up a false flag.

Hannibal's picture
Syrian War Report – April 10, 2017: US Deploys Forces At Syrian-Jordanian Border

"The US military is reportedly concentrating troops and military equipment at the Syrian-Jordanian border. Local sources said that about 20 US Army armoured vehicles (including battle tanks and artillery pieces) carried on trucks were spotted in Al-Mafraq. US troops were allegedly accompanied with the Jordanian Army’s 3rd Division. The US Special Operation Forces, the UK Special Operation Forces and units from.."

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Vetstoday makes Alex Jones look prescient. Find more believable sources.

hooligan2009's picture

Ponders how large the number of people in how many countries the US can directly manage

US population 324 million


Iran 80 million

N. Korea 25 million

Iraq 38 million

Syria 19 million

Libya 6 million

Ukraine 42 million

That's the odd 210 million - might add Russia's 147 million (don;t mention China's 1,382 million) - conflcit those with europes 500 million and pretty soon you are talking serious numbers.

who knows, maybe the shia will overthrow the house of saud (population 34 million) or maybe turkey will go full shia as well -f it's not more than half way there already (population 80 million

might need some more tomahawks..well times 3 in case they dont work


SwiffFiffteh's picture

Nah, for those kinds of numbers we just throw atoms at 'em

nah's picture

Should China flex its commitment to a one Korea policy? Settle as a arbiter of great authority regional security that the US in its own capacity cannot produce.
Decades of entrenched military doctrine is worth a good deal less than natural ability.
A unified Korea sponsored by a regional anchor of security such as China would help cement the roles of a rising power China increasingly claims for itself and its neighbors.
Authority, presence, and security in the southeast Asia region is an honest question with near weekly launched long range missiles in contempt of the same.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

America's greatest achievement was winning WWII on two fronts in four years.

Little did we know that we would be condemned to build obsolete aircraft carriers,

fighter plans and submarines endlessly, in a Karma Wheel of self destruction,

until we consumed our last borrowed dollar.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

The Cotton Gin was America's greatest achievement. 


Or the Henry repeating rifle.

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

We were all taught in school, America won the war. But think about it. Hitler sent the majority of his forces east Russia.

Russia beat those troops.

rejected's picture

It was the Chinese that kicked the US Army's ass out of Korea back in 1950. The 'General' managed to get half of it back before being recalled by Mr. Truman for trying to make nice with the Nationalist Chinese of Taiwan. Then like now there was an agenda to allow the Reds to take China in order to have a credible threat of war so the MIIC could make their profits.

I just imagine President XI didn't care much about being in America talking to smiling Mr. Trump while Russia's ally was under attack.

You want body bags, Mericano's,,, mess with the Chinese you can have your body bags. Nuke the N.Koreans and they'll nuke back...... even more body bags.

Okay, America, just keep throwing your weight around. There are many people in this world that wouldn't mind seeing that weight being shoved up your ass.

SilverBird's picture

It's not too late for you to run over there with your lube you know. Lots of gutless wonders who mistook the usurper-in-chief as legitimate will be flying out of the USA. Let us know how well your COEXIST sticker works for you in Justin's Akbar heaven!

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Which great country do you currently reside?

Battlefield USA's picture

Which ever way this plays out, N. Korea has 13,000 artillery pieces pointed at S. Korea. While it is extimated that they could all be taken out in 5 days, in those 5 days, millions of S. Korean's will be dead and injured if Kim decides to lash out. The DMZ will be obliterated. This does not include the 200,000 N. Korean Special Forces whose sole purpose is to infiltrate S. Korea and sabotage critical infrastructure. And this is just the short picture.

Franktastic's picture

NK is not going anywhere (Chinas proxy country)...that is Chinas buffer zone to keep NATO off their borders.


If anyone is going to take over NK, it will be China doing the takeover.

hooligan2009's picture

i agree.

that leaves a premptive move by NK as the biggest worry, before they get "absorbed" as a Chinese province.

logical-different's picture

I doubt that the Chinese are shocked about the events in Syria. The Americans have been at it in the Middle East for over 20 years with sanctions and murder of millions of Middle Eastern people. Now we have the refugee problem courtesy of Americans, EU and Britain.

Any guesses who the Chinese are more concerned about. If those troops are the offensive variety they are there in case the Americans decide to challenge the North Koreans. The North Koreans have been a buffer zone for China over the years. The Americans would not do too well should the fanatical North invade South Korea in a preemptive move. Seoul Korea would fall in mere hours. A retired South Korean officer once told me that the north's plan should there be war is to fire thousands of rockets ahead of a massive attack on the ground. It would be relentless. Much like the Nazi blitzkrieg during WW2 but far worse.

The Chinese know this and would be there as backup should anything go wrong. What people don't realize is that this could and officially be the start to WW3. The American plan to control the world will be in its final stages, but will it be final? I think not.
It will be the first time United States will suffer horrendous losses within their country. Ever since World War Two the United States have never fought a large ground war. The tenacity of North Korea, China, Russia and yes India will be too large to handle.
Will the nuclear bombs fly early? The debt of the states will eventually stop their expansion tactics and of course Trump's attitude will have everyone perplexed.

In.Sip.ient's picture

If anyone bothered to listen to NK, they

would quickly discover, that they INTEND

to fire small tactical nukes FIRST. 


They'd be looking particularly at US military targets 

in SK, as well as US military bases or naval formations

in range...  they seem to be of the opinion, that

a nuke attack on offshore US military targets

would amount to a fait accompli that the US could

NOT realistically respond too. 


Think about it.

All US military targets are not in the US, but any

targets  the US might want to respond to are within NK.

Since any attack there necessarily ( particularly a nuke

attack ) means civilian collaterals, the OBVIOUS NK

response becomes target CONUS...


This whole mess devolves rapidly from there...


Remember a certain  ancient China man who said;

the greatest victory is the battle NOT Fought???


Thinkpad's picture


By AN BAIJIE in Beijing and CHEN WEIHUA in Washington | | Updated: 2017-04-10 10:00


Talks between President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida last week have set a constructive tone for relations between the world's two largest economies, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Analysts said Sino-US relations are expected to make progress while maintaining stability as the two countries have a wide range of common interest

During the talks, the first face-to-face communications between Xi and Trump, the two presidents reached consensuses after spending a total of more than seven hours in deep discussion in several sessions, Wang said.

The talks took place against the backdrop of mounting uncertainties, given tensions that have been rising in trade, maritime issues and the Korean Peninsula.

Both sides agreed that the meeting, which has drawn worldwide attention, "was positive and fruitful," Wang said, adding that the meeting has set a constructive tone for the development of China-US relations, and helped set the direction for collective endeavors.

The two presidents shared their state governance thoughts and domestic and foreign policy agendas, and the meeting increased mutual understanding and built good working relations, according to Wang.

Xi invited Trump to make a state visit to China this year, and the US president accepted. Wang said they also agreed to remain in close contact through meetings, phone calls and written communications.

The two leaders exchanged their opinions on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and other regional and global issues. Both sides agreed to expand cooperation at multiple levels in order to make contributions to world peace, stability and prosperity, according to Wang.

The meeting of the two leaders has achieved the expected goals of enhancing understanding, building mutual trust and highlighting consensuses, Wang said.

Su Ge, head of the China Institute of International Studies, a leading think tank in China, said that the meeting has not only facilitated the smooth transition of China-US ties, but also marks a good start for the progressive development of their relations in the new era.

For large nations like China and the US, disagreements are natural, and the key is how to handle them, he said, adding that the two countries should uphold the principle of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and cooperation for win-win results.



SwiffFiffteh's picture

Well that's going to be totally ignored. The narrative is "Trump is dumb" and "China is about to kick the U.S. in the balls.

In.Sip.ient's picture

Given the flip flop in DC, and NO, I don't

think this is just Trump... although he did

allow it...


The rest of the world now sees the US as erratic

and unreliable.  Among that "rest of the world"

is Russia and China.  AND if you think they don't

both have ALL their ICBMs programmed for US

targets AND on a hair trigger... think about it...


... not too hard and not too long...


sheikurbootie's picture

The surprising move would be for the US to leave South Korea on it's own.

The Chicom troops are on the border very routinely and frequently.  Their purpose is to STOP the illegal border crossing of the starving NK's.  It's their version of Mexican's.

The guy that posted about 13,000 arty pieces pointed at Seoul is correct.  Seoul would be in ruins before 13,000 dug in arty pieces could be destroyed.  To anyone who's witnessed an arty barrage of 155mm howitzers, it's devastating.  That's with a dozen tubes.  13,000 would be annihilation.

Seoul's population is 10 million.  I'd guess 1 million casualties.  Stupid idea to put their largest city with in range of a KNOWN hostile neighbor.

firefightergr's picture

The end of K-Pop is near.

Megaton Jim's picture

...........And the world will be better for it!

SilverBird's picture

You may not like it, but this is exactly what is required to restore our standing in the world. Two terms of that wormy traitor destroyed an entire generation, ruined our country, and gave billions, yes BILLIONS to THE ENEMY for bombs, mosques, chemical weapons, hookers, whatever. Our president surgically bombed an airfield in response to an atrocity WITHOUT CREATING CASUALTIES. Putin deliberately ignored this situation like the petulant bitch he is, because our former potus "led from behind", or as we call it in the real world, TOOK IT UP THE ASS. Now this duplicitous Putin wants to side with IRAN & N Korea. just like Obama, Podesta, & the Clintons. It plays into Soros' globalist agenda. Time for the snowflakes & entitlement parasites to suck it in and grow up. Conscription and discipline are EXACTLY what America needs. Grow the fuck up, or move to Trudeau's jihad-in-progress.

rejected's picture

Today's Mericans conflate respect with rabid dog syndrome.

Respect has to be earned. Once earned there are no better relationships.

Rabid dog syndrome just pisses people off.

Tzanchan's picture

So you're volunteering you kids to be drafted and sent off to fight exactly whom? Assad? Alawites? ISIS? Iran? Hiz B'Allah? Al Queida? Al Nusra? Ahrar ash-Sham?Al-Tawhid Brigade? Liwa al-Haqq? all in Syria....  

North Korea?

The president just took an act of war against Syria with no declaration of War by those cocksuckers in Congress the vast majority of who are Chicken Hawks anyway.

doc333's picture

Whom?????  Anything Muzzie ---- it's the Crusades, baby. And by the way, you're a cunt

rahrog's picture

Keep it up. Please. People like you (warpig scum) are driving the libertarian SECESSION.




earleflorida's picture

fuuny fact about the chinese civil war was that chiang kai`shek during his power reign until 1948 treated the koreans better than the chinese.

his own breathren were treated as a sub-culture with the japs early-on in 1939 running the show.

oh, how mao hated this man who fled to formosa with all china's gold to pay for america's protection during 38 years of marshall law.

lastly,.. china could care less who runs the north as long as they bow to peking,...

lastly-last, this was russia's gift to the korean's fighting for independence with china's blessing {(1904-05 Russo-Jap War [bloody sunday][peasant revolution]} that brought about the 1917 revolution)!

atthelake's picture

If you have oil heat, now would be the time to stock up. In war, there are severe shortages.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Maybe if we test there EW and nuclear missile silos with our "armada of ships", "stealth fighters" and EMP "technology" something fun and interesting might happen?... Like 150,000 crack troops in China preparing for the worst?!!!

And LETS TRY IT OUT AFTER "WE PISS OFF" the most significant nuclear superpower in the Middle East that is aiding a sovereign Nation and ally of more than 60 years that has had over 40,000 of it's own countrymen leave over 5 years since NATO has bombed the shit out of it killing more than half a million since 2011 using a false pretext of chemical weapons as an excuse to launch an indiscriminate missile attack with out an inquiry or investigation???!!!

Another innovative approach to foreign policy by the demented lunatics wandering the halls of the Pentagon and Langley THAT OWN "YOU"... That don't even believe they can "WIN ANYMORE" AND ARE SUICIDAL!!!

thebigunit's picture


using a false pretext of chemical weapons as an excuse to launch an indiscriminate missile attack

The "use of chemical weapons" in Syria was real.  That's the problem.  And ever since WW I, people and nations HATE chemical weapons and are willing to do anything to stop them.

That's reality, and you can't change that reality.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


You're absolutely correct on that one. I meant "what you meant"


Ledfether's picture

China has been moving assets back and forth like this for a long time.

This is reported as an alarm...for stocks? The stock market is schizo and runs around with its hair on fire every time a gnat hits a windshield in a traffic jam.

Is this not why we are told ad nauseum to diversify stock assets in to mutual funds and ride the long game?

I could not care less of some day traders and hedge funds lose money because they sit around rolling dice looking at graphs and cable news to make their decisions. Usually, for every gambling loss, there is also a some point. Call it "yin/yang" or Karma, but both come around in circles.

So, release that clutch on your pearls. Losing WW3 would be worse than the portfolio issue for the vast majority.



hooligan2009's picture

a lot of people will be dead in the long run ... :)

those that aren't stand a better than even chance of enjoying only part (half?) of the capital they think they own now.

optimator's picture

Notsofast, traders and hedge funds will be out before you even know why.