South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border

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While the catalyst is unclear, it appears the market dropped as headlines of further sanctions against Russia appeared and reports of China deploying 150,000 troops to its North Korea border.

According to Korean news agency Chosun, the "Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances." The reason: the prospect of "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.

More Google translated:

As the United States announced its independent North Korean behavior and moved the United States Navy's nuclear-powered Calvinus (CVN-70) carrier class to Singapore, the Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.


"The report said. It is because of the prospect of taking "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, just as the United States has launched an air raid on Syria.


Japan's Sankei Shimbun reported on the 9th that the Syrian missile strike in the United States shocked China, suggesting that the People's Liberation Army forces are moving toward the Yalu River, .


The newspaper said the video was also broadcast on the Internet, but the authorities removed the relevant information, saying the move was a medical and aft support unit for the Shenyang bulb (the northern light bulb)

Another possible catalyst is a report by Russia's interfax that Moscow is preparing for more sanctions, and has warned local air companies about a possible suspension of charter flights with Tu


Whatever the catalyst, the reaction is clear:

Dropping stocks below the levels right before Syrian airstrikes began...


The Dow is back at crucial support at the 50--day moving average...


Taking everything but Trannies back into the red for the day.

Gold is bid back over $1250 as USDJPY suddenly plunges.

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bigsexy's picture

According to news anchors, it is the famous General Sum Ting Wong leading the troop movements.

Bubbette's picture

I thought it was Wu Kiki Diki

Nam Marine's picture

We better get our Troops home from over seas. We may need them here.

brokenspoke's picture

I beleive we have about 2 million military veterans. Many trained and armed, and willing to protect the homeland.

indygo55's picture

We have plenty of troops here at home. They just are no longer in the military. You don't forget the training that quick and there are a lot of them. And they have guns. Lots of guns. 

me or you's picture

What Americans are looking it's to slow the Silk Road.

thebigunit's picture

North Korea HAS BEEN a stalemete, but what's changing is that the NORKS are getting real nukes and people believe they are crazy enough to use them.

I don't think the U.S. has any good military options.  North Korea has thousands of artillary pieces within range of Seoul.  Within a few minutes of any U.S. action, much of Seoul could be rubble.  Plus, I think the U.S. military overall is weak and depleted.  Sixty percent of the Navy's F-18's are unflyable.

I think China is worried that something bad is about to happen in North Korea and is putting troops on the border to keep potenial North Korean "refugees" in North Korea.

Someone in the "news-o-sphere" even suggested that possibility of North Korea nuking Beijing. Maybe THAT'S what China is worried about. After all, Kim Jong-Un IS crazy.

farflungstar's picture

Could also just be the crazy guy act to keep would be usurpers from the throne and would be attackers at bay. Young Fat was educated in Switzerland, doubt he is crazy unless insanity is hereditary. 

Executing people with AA guns is how you keep order in NK - you make the population and military terrified, while outsiders think you're nuts and had better not attack them or it will come at a heavy price. 

thebigunit's picture

There's a paradox that people don't often appreciate:

It is impossible for normal people to tell the difference between someone who is crazy and someone who is smarter than they are and doing something they don't understand.

Nonetheless, Kim Jung Fatso doesn't impress me as smart, so I DO believe he is crazy.

roddy6667's picture

There is just one problem with "what you think". You get all your "information" about Kim and NK from the American media. So of course you believe what the government wants you to believe.

SwiffFiffteh's picture

There are high level defectors from NK who categorically state that KJU is fucking insane.

roddy6667's picture

Defectors are the least reliable sources of information. First of all, they are illegal immigrants.
They need to paint a picture of insanity, depravity, and genocide to make sure their plea for asylum is accepted. They are often also working a book deal and making the talk show circuit. They have many reasons to lie.

thebigunit's picture


Defectors are the least reliable sources of information.

Left-wing internet bloggers are the least reliable sources of information.  They just make up things so their narrative gets clicks.

paint it red call it hell's picture

Must be there for the kimchi...

romanmoment's picture

This is all over-blown, nothing will happen.  

Dre4dwolf's picture

Trump and China probably made a deal to decapitate North Korea.

Thats the only logical explanation.

you dont mobilize 150,000 people for no reason.

sinbad2's picture

Trump and China probably made a deal to decapitate North America.

Thats the only logical explanation.

you dont mobilize 150,000 people for no reason.

Last time this happened that cowardly scumbag General Douglass McArthur almost had to desert his men for a second time.

Thinkpad's picture

Exactly when they met the agreed to work together to rid the world of Nkorea threat. Xi was informed about Syria I'm sure he didn't care and China daily lauded his visit and how he invited Trump to China later in the year that Trump accepted. They are trying to force NKorea into ceasing his nuclear threats. No one wants a wild card with nuclear capabilty that refuses to cooperate with the rest of the world and threatening the powers that be on a daily basis.

Cutter's picture

But, but, but, the Neocons said the world would shudder at the sight of our missiles ????

This is the big, modern, Neocon lie. Neocons, and the geopolitically uneducated, believe that the world, specifically China and Russia, are petrified of our military might, and by firing missiles, and threatening war, we will scare them into submission. It's a ridiculous premise, but our entire foreign policy and alliance structure is based upon it.

But China and Russia aren't scared, and while they respect our military superiority, our strength isn't nearly so overwhelming that that they will not pursue their own national interests. They cannot match us, but they know they don't have to. War is a competition of national will, not just military might.

Did the North Koreans and Chinese have more military might than the US in the first Korean War? No, but they won (at least in terms of denying us owning the North.). Did the Vietnamese have more power than us militarily in Vietnam? No, but they won. Does the Taliban have more military might than us? No, but they have essentially won. We just haven't acknowledged it yet.

So why would truly powerful nations like China and Russia be afraid they cannot win? They know that all they have to have is a greater will to win. They don't have to win every engagement, they just have to win enough and make the cost high enough to convince the American people it's not worth it.

In the Korean War China sent 300,000 soldiers across the border to send us in a rout fleeing to the South. Of the 326,000 US troops deployed, 36,000 were killed and 103,000 wounded. And the American people had had enough. Korea wasn't worth the cost. And we agreed to an armistice, without gaining a single inch of North Korean territory. And this was the greatest generation that had been steeled In the battles of World War II. Not the millenial generation, seeking their safe spaces.

Today's American people had had enough in Iraq after only 5000 casualties, less than just the number of missing in the Korean War. I'm not minimizing those casualties, every single one is a tragedy. But there is simply no comparison between the casualty count of modern American wars and the wars of previous American generations.

A war in Korea will make Iraq look like an afternoon stroll. North Korea today is far more capable than the North Korean army of the 1950s, as are the Chinese. There is no way, today's American people sign up for north of 200,000 killed and close to a million wounded. If the greatest generation wasn't up for it, this generation will force an end to hostilities long before we even hit a tenth of those numbers.

So the PRC placing such a force on their border, should tell the President, that his Syria missile strike exacerbated the situation, it didn't "scare" the Chinese or the Russians.

And if he keeps pushing, this Neocon principle of military intimidation will be exposed for the falsehood that it is. And we will be in a war that will quickly lose the support of the American people and the President and the Neocons will get flushed from the pages of history.

But many brave Americans will have died, or been wounded, trying to uphold this ridiculous Neocon idea.

The President is making a big mistake listening to the Neocons, but I fear he won't realize it, until it's too late.

Evil Liberals's picture

Our troops will be tested when trying to fight in red high heels. But they will die happily knowing they were inclusive.

hooligan2009's picture

you should not overlook the possibility of an invasion of the US mainland, or activation of sleepers already here - that would make islam terrorism on US soil look like a pillow fight.

indygo55's picture

Lots of pretty tough, pissed-off, trained, experienced and ARMED dudes here in the states man. The sleepers might get a few in the beginning but after a week or so they would be skidmarks. 

Stormtrooper's picture

Where are you going to find 200,000 Americans that can pass a drug test to enter the military?

atlashernia's picture

Ask them no questions, they'll tell you no lies!

Besides we aren't dealing with the "Pro-America" Nationalist (campaign) Trump Administration anymore.

We're dealing with the "We are the World" Globalist Trump Administration.

Different as night and day.

You'll love it!


atlashernia's picture

Ask them no questions, they'll tell you no lies!

Besides we aren't dealing with the "Pro-America" Nationalist (campaign) Trump Administration anymore.

We're dealing with the "We are the World" Globalist Trump Administration.

Different as night and day.

You'll love it!


Black Star Ranch's picture

Badges? We don' need no steenking badges...LOL You guys are talking like we'd run a land war into NK. Pshaw. Trumps not a "grunt" kinda guy. Let the Chinese do it. The other choice is to turn NK into a parking lot with a WalMart and western values and free iPhones movies. This don't have to be hard.



indygo55's picture

It wouldn't be hard. All ya gotta do is send in some printing presses and start cranking out a few trillion dollars. Whoops, I forgot! They're already doing that. 

SwiffFiffteh's picture

Or just blanket the nation with broadband signals and supply drops of handheld devices ready to go. If the NK citizens get online it will be over for KJU soon after

Black Star Ranch's picture

Chinese might be moving peeps on the border to move in and take care of chubs locally. We weren't meant to do anything of any importance in Syria other than to open China's eyes. Let 'em see it's a different ballgame in 'Merica now.


Cutter's picture

I know, good ole 'Merica going to kick some Chinese ***.  I grew up in this kind of environment, I get it.  But I did grow up, and learned about the world in the process.  China has 4.6 million active and reserve forces, to our 2.5 million.  And here is the real kicker, 19.5 million reach military age in China every year, compared to our 4.2 million.  And lest you think we can just nuke em, they have 300 nukes of their own, with the ICBMs to deliver them to the US mainland.  Those are a lot more intimidating numbers than 59 cruise missiles. 

SwiffFiffteh's picture

China has terrible QC standards, their metals purity tolerances in particular are atrocious. I doubt half that hardware they claim to have will even work properly.

Numbers of troops is very nearly meaningless in terms of predicting outcomes of conflicts. China has 4.6 million greenies. Warnoobs. We have 2 million veterans. Our military is battle hardened. China's has been solely for propaganda posters so far.


I do not want war with China, or Russia, or anyone else. But I don't think they have a chance at winning provided our military is left alone to do its job.

Cutter's picture

"Quantity has a quality all its own," Joseph Stalin.

And I would estimate less than 10 percent of our 2.3 million active and reserve forces are "battle hardened." The vast majority have never seen combat, just like Chinese forces.

Not disputing our forces are better trained and better equipped. We are the best in the world. But no US military commander will want to go into a battle with a 2 to 1, or even greater, inferiority.

We can put a hurt on the Chinese, but we cannot beat them, if your definition of victory is US boots in Beijing.

grunk's picture

Does the Geneva Convention spell out bathroom policies for transgender POW's?

northern vigor's picture

everyone shares the same pole to sit on, and trench. 

David Wooten's picture

The Chinese troops could be there just to make sure there is no spillover after the US invades, to do the job of removing Jong themselves, or to prevent US or anyone else from doing it.

Time will tell.

thebigunit's picture

Mostly plausible theory, in my opinion.

Except for the U.S. invasion part.  The U.S. is not going to invade.

There will be an "internal" North Korean resolution, probably with Chinese fingerprints.

whatsupdoc's picture

I trust China is offering the NK regime some carrier-killers for free ... just to see how they work.  Add to that some ICBMs they may like to test on Washington.


OKUSA's picture

If we EMP'd NK would that kill their ability to strike at Seoul et al?

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

they're like the Amish of Asia, they don't need a watt of electicity.

Victory_Garden's picture


They serve tacos in mexico.

Dow jonsey hit 33,000 kazillion nothing digits on a computer.

ISREAL BOMBS THE WORLD for rothschild bankster empire of dust.(not new)

President Trump fired mcmasterbater, pribus dummyium, lyan o'ryan, and all the other assorted incest insiders of the DC swamp...hires thousands of non-jewish outsiders from the middle of Also breaking...a new presidentially sanctioned position has been created to head all US depts and agencies called The Office of Christ in which are gathered a large forum of Philosophers from around the country to set the US agenda for the rest of the future. This Office of Christ will work harmoniously in conjunction with others from around the world, each country having its own Philosophers in their Office's of Christ also.

A computer forecast has 100% guaranteed prosperity and equality for all. Freedom rings all over the world and the evil money-god freaks were harshly dealt with so as to rid our planet of the zioevil satanic/luciferic scourge forever. There were no punishments handed out, just certified death of all evil planet wide.

The World Rejoices in the freedom from evil that kills children for no good reason at all.

Nothing new at 11.





So Mote It Be.




SwiffFiffteh's picture

I do believe you are ill, sir

Steve Kasian's picture

"The northern light bulb" -  Really? Are you effing kidding me? What a bunch of garbage. ZeroHedge is obviously Fake News shite. Nothing in this article but misinformation and laughably ridiculous things like the northern light bulb. lol

Go get a degree in journalism, for pete's sake.

robertocarlos's picture

They are probably looking for a date.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Kim is going to marry Dennis Rodman... the Chinks are there for the wedding...

TuesdayBen's picture

Military stuff not my thing.  So, question:  Why have the Chinese left their North Korean nutjob neighbor alone all these years?

RafterManFMJ's picture

Philosophy of Metrics posits that the whole Syrian thing was a distraction for a sneak attack on Korea by the US, S. Korea, and China.

Would the Chinese not be suprised if THEY got a few EMPs detonated by NKorea above their country?

SwiffFiffteh's picture

It benefits China to have NK play the role of the "crazy asians" on the world stage. China looks fairly benign in comparison. Reasonable, even.

Archive_file's picture

I live in San Francisco. Today I saw 2 fighter jets and one large military cargo type plane fly overhead at a very low altitude heading northwest. Unusual activity. The two fighters were flying right next to each other in tandem.